Star Odyssey Chapter 1846: Floating

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Captain De’s expression changed and his tone was low, “May I ask who boarded the ship?”.

Under everyone’s gaze, a figure gradually became clear, “Sky Arrow Chapter, do you want to join our Rennes Chapter?”.

Captain De saw this person clearly and was extremely wary, “ghost”.

The person who came was none other than Ghost, a member of the Sister Tou mercenary group.

The ghost stared at Captain De, “You haven’t thought about it yet? Leader doesn’t have much patience. How about asking the eldest sister to come out and talk to you?”

Beads of sweat dripped from Captain De’s forehead. His appearance was rough and arrogant, but in fact it was just a cover-up. Because of fear, he brought Lu Yin to the upside-down sea. Now facing the ghost and the terrifying elder sister, he was equally afraid.

Haida stepped forward and said, “Brother Ghost, we are here to **** the leader of the Lu Alliance.”

The ghost didn’t seem to hear his words and only stared at Captain De.

Around, everyone in the Sky Arrow Legion had ugly expressions. They didn’t know how it would develop. Do they have to join the Rennes Legion today?

Haidalu looked at Lu Yin for help.

Lu Yin smiled and said, “Uncle, let’s forget it for today. Let’s talk about it later. Anyway, we are in the universe and can’t escape.”

The ghost retracted his gaze and looked at Lu Yin. His originally cold eyes became warm and said, “It’s good that you’re fine. The leader is very worried about you.”

“Let’s go” Lu Yin said.

The ghost ignored everyone in the Sky Arrow Chapter and stepped out, returning to the Wren Chapter warship.

Lu Yin turned around and smiled at everyone in the Sky Arrow Chapter, “I’m sorry to trouble you all along the way.” Finally, he took a deep look at Haidalu and said, “See you soon,” and with that, the figure disappeared.

After Lu Yin and Ghost left, Captain De breathed a sigh of relief and “returned”. He had no intention of paying homage to Shang Shengren. Shang Shengren was a domineering person. If he asked him to join the Rennes War, Group, he had absolutely no room to refuse.

Hai Dalu was in a complicated mood. Listening to Ghost’s tone, it didn’t matter to him that the Sky Arrow Chapter would join the Rennes Chapter sooner or later. The moment he confessed his identity to Lu Yin, he was destined to be used by him in this life, even if He looked down upon Jiyin.

Di Yin and Lu Yin are really destined.

The warship of the Rennes War Group was larger than the warship of the Corps. The moment Lu Yin boarded the ship, everyone looked at him with respect, admiration and admiration in their eyes.

Everyone knows Lu Yin’s identity, knows the brilliance he created, and even more knows that he is the crown prince of the Rennes Group.


There was a loud noise, and the red rain rolled back in the sky. The upside-down sea trembled, and the water boiled. Everyone’s heart trembled, and they looked in the direction of the Rennes Battle Group in horror. At this moment, the entire sea was pure, except for the warship. , became the center of the universe.

Lu Yin raised his head, and the loud noise came from Shang Shengren’s domineering sword. As the loud noise spread, an invisible force swept towards him. It was the domineering power of Shang Shengren, unparalleled domineering, not spiritual. Qi Shen, field and fighting spirit are an invincible aura formed over many years by practicing Overlord Slash.

Faced with this momentum, ordinary star envoys trembled. They went to Holy Rain and did not cultivate anything else. With Overlord Zhan Zeng, he fought against Ji Qiang and Jie Mie alone, making the willow leaves fly and the flowers flying. He suppressed the cosmic sea and ordered the pirates. Don’t dare to disobey.

As this domineering force swept across, Lu Yin paused, smiled, and continued to move forward.


There was another loud noise, like thunder from the sky, tearing the earth apart, causing the hearts of everyone who heard it to stop, and their breathing to stop suddenly. Lu Yin raised his eyes, stepped on his feet, stepped on the ground, and superimposed the force to oscillate the airflow, the same Make a loud noise that stops those breathing

People recover.

Those people’s faces were pale and they were breathing heavily. What’s going on? Is it crazy to go to St. Rennes? Is he going to kill everyone?

Even the people in the Rennes War Regiment are afraid at this moment. If it is later, they don’t know whether they will stop breathing and die.

The next moment, they looked at Lu Yin not only with respect and admiration, but also with worship. It was Lu Yin who restored their health and saved them.

Suddenly, a huge figure rushed out of the cabin, raised his sword high, and slashed hard, pointing directly at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin’s pupils shrank sharply, his star energy turned into a sword, and he slashed diagonally from bottom to top.

There was a loud bang, the swords intersected, starting from the battleship of the Rennes War Group, the void exploded in all directions, turning into torn black lines and spreading, the sky and the earth were torn apart everywhere, as if broken The mirror of heaven and earth.

Every black line that tore through the void accurately avoided people and objects. Such a terrifying impact did not affect anyone else at all.

Everyone kept retreating and looked at it in shock. No one could get close to that battlefield. It was the battlefield for the Star Envoys. Looking at the Rennes Chapter, only Liu Feng, the leader of the Thunder Sword Chapter, was qualified to join, but he could not You may not be able to escape unscathed.

Lu Yin, an enlightened person, actually has the strength to resist the leader?

They thought too much. Lu Yin naturally did not have the strength to stand up to Saint Ray’s En. This was just to go to Saint Ray’s to build momentum for him and establish his image in the Ray’s War Group. In the final analysis, a war group like theirs Respecting strength, he wanted to tell everyone that Lu Yin was the strongest person after him.

In the sky, the red rain dissipated and the sky was clear again.

An angry voice came out of the cabin, “You almost killed me, can’t you be more gentle, do you think anyone can resist the sword?” It was the eldest sister who spoke.

With that said, the eldest sister walked out of the cabin. This time, she became a charming beauty with an elegant temperament but full of foul language.

Lu Yin stared blankly, not knowing how to sheath his sword for a moment.

Shang Ren’s sword flipped over, swinging Lu Yin Xingneng’s sword away, and put away the sword, “I know it.”

The eldest sister glared at him angrily, then stared at Lu Yin, her eyes narrowed, “Xiao Qi, are you trying to spar with the eldest sister?”.

Lu Yin was startled, and quickly dissipated the long sword, showing a flattering smile, “Sister, your hair is beautiful again, congratulations, when will it be finalized?”

“Damn it.” The eldest sister came to Lu Yin and grabbed him. “Have you been wandering recently, and you actually had an arm-wrestling with the half-ancestor?”

Lu Yin grinned, “No, I was attacked by surprise.”

“Half Ancestor needs to sneak attack you?”.

“I’m awesome”.

“It’s really floating.”


“Are you refuting me?”.

“Don’t dare”.

On the deck, many people from the Rennes War Group averted their eyes and did not dare to interfere. Here, the eldest sister is the one who should not be provoked.

The eldest sister dragged Lu Yin into the cabin, where the ghost doctor, Sister Fei, Yao Zi, and Brother Hao were all there.

“Where is Captain Liu Feng?” Lu Yin asked, rubbing his head as he spoke. The eldest sister was so ruthless.

He went to St. Ray’s and took a sip of wine. “I’m going to the cemetery. I want to give it a try.”

Lu Yin said solemnly, “The burial garden is not easy. If possible, let him come out quickly.”

“We know that the burial garden is a good thing for the ancient bloodline, but for others

People may not be good, even those with ancient surnames may not all have ancient blood. It’s a pity that Liu Feng didn’t listen and insisted on giving it a try,” Sister Fei said helplessly.

Liu Feng, the leader of the Thunder Sword Chapter, is a member of the Liu family of Sword Sect, but he left the Liu family because of different ideas.

At the beginning, the Sword Sect Liu family did not expect that he could actually break through the Star Envoy after he left. When he found out, he regretted it and wanted to recall him again, but Liu Feng refused. What he wanted to do most was to find the Beyond Ten The swordsmanship of the three swords can hit Jian Zong in the face.

This seems to have become the obsession of many people, not only Liu Feng, but also the sword sect himself who wants to create his own fourteenth sword to surpass the thirteen swords.

“What’s going on with Xia Ji?” Shang Shengren looked at Lu Yin and asked, his expression more serious than ever before, with a strong murderous intent deep in his eyes.

The rest of the people looked at Lu Yin, Xia Ji, and the Half-Ancestor. It was unbelievable to think that they would attack someone in the Enlightenment Realm.

Lu Yin shrugged, “He wanted to get my technique, but I plotted against him.” He said proudly, “He must have been injured.”

Shang Sanren raised his eyebrows.

The eldest sister was very unhappy. She waved her hand and gave Lu Yin a slap on the head, “Can you hurt the half-ancestor? You don’t care about the situation when you brag. Who here is not a human spirit.”

Lu Yin was speechless. He had really hurt Xia Ji more than once. The first time was poison, and the second time he stained his clothes with blood. But no one seemed to believe him.

“Escape is a fact,” Brother Hao said solemnly, “Not everyone can escape from the Half-Ancestor. Looking at the stars in the universe, who dares to say that he can escape from the Half-Ancestor’s nose? The leader can do the same. Less than”.

“Not bad” Sister Fei responded and looked at Lu Yin with admiration.

Shang Shengren rolled his eyes, “One day I will kill that old boy.”

The feud between the Rennes Group and Xia Ji is not small. The eldest sister mercenary group was expelled and hunted down. It was Xia Ji’s instruction. During the battle in the Universe Sea, Xia Ji wanted to destroy the Rennes Group and start a war. , all of them are Xia Ji’s pawns, which makes Shang Shengren always hold his breath.

Now Lu Yin was attacked by Xia Ji again.

New grudges and grudges, if possible, the Rennes Group will definitely destroy Xia Ji without hesitation.

“Then how did you come to the Universe Sea?” asked Yaozi.

Lu Yin shook his head, “I don’t know. When Xia Ji captured me in a place, I entered the ruins of Daoyuan Sect while he was not paying attention to seek rescue. When I came out, I was attacked by someone. When I woke up, I was in the universe. It should be It’s Xia Ji who doesn’t want me to know where he was caught, as that place may involve his secrets.”

The eldest sister snorted coldly, “His secret is nothing more than clones. That old boy practices the method of nine clones, and he doesn’t know how many clones are hidden outside. The Xia family is really troublesome.”

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed, not wanting to let himself know that it was related to the clone and that it was in the new universe. Could it be some giant creature? Recalling that there are only a few behemoths in the new universe, could it be that Xia Ji has a clone in one of them? Or should I say, all of them?

This is where it gets tricky.

Lu Yin was lost in thought, while Sister Fei and others discussed the matter of the Rennes War Group. They had nothing to hide, and Lu Yin was one of them.

Not long after, they dispersed one by one.

Lu Yin was left alone at Saint Ray’s En, “What do you want to do to the universe sea?”.

Lu Yin pondered, “What should we do?”.

Shang Shengren smiled casually and said, “To unify the inner and outer universes, the next step will be the cosmic sea.”

Lu Yin looked at Shang Shengren and asked, “Does the Universe Sea need me to worry about it?”.


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