Star Odyssey Chapter 1845: Cause

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“So what, the Rennes Group are all pirates, hand over your things.” As he said that, several cultivators caught up with the man who was running away. They easily caught him and chopped him off with a long knife. The man’s face turned pale, ” Don’t kill me, I’ll hand it over.”

“It’s too late”, the blade fell without hesitation, and with a bang, the long knife suddenly broke, and the broken handle could barely pass the man’s neck. If he moved forward even one step further, the man would be killed with one strike. .

The person who took action was shocked and looked around, “Who is meddling in other people’s business?”

Lu Yin walked out of the void, his steps gentle, and the strong wind swept across. All the cultivators around him were blown away by the irresistible force. Fortunately, Lu Yin’s attack was not heavy, otherwise they would have died.

Those who can hang out in the universe sea are not simple people. Through Lu Yin’s action, these people easily judged Lu Yin’s strength. They did not dare to say any unnecessary words and fled directly. They were very decisive.

The man escaped death, panting heavily, looked at Lu Yin, and hurriedly thanked him.

“You’re welcome, just take what you have in your hand as a thank you gift,” Lu Yin said calmly.

The man hesitated for a moment, then stretched out his hand and said, “It’s yours.”

Not far away, the cultivator who was obviously with the man was unwilling to give in, but did not dare to say anything. Lu Yin’s strength was beyond their imagination.

“I took your things, and this is your compensation.” With that said, Lu Yin dropped the hundred cubic star energy crystal marrow and disappeared.

With a pop, the hundred cubic star energy crystal marrow fell into the sea. The man was shocked for a moment, and then hurriedly picked it up.

“Boss, so many star energy crystal marrows? That’s enough for us,” the cultivator not far away said in surprise when he saw it.

The man swallowed his saliva. Originally, he wanted to sell the thing when he got it. In a place like the Universe Sea, it would be good to be able to sell dozens of cubic star energy crystal marrow, and he might not get a penny. He was snatched away. I didn’t expect that the person just now was so generous and directly gave him so much crystal marrow.

“Second brother, we have met a noble person,” the man said dryly, suppressing the ecstasy in his eyes, and hurriedly put away the crystal marrow and “let’s go.”

“Boss, why do I feel that the person just now looks familiar? I seem to have seen it somewhere.”

“I also think it should be a big shot. Don’t worry too much. It has nothing to do with us. Just leave quickly to prevent those people from chasing after you.”

On the Sky Arrow Chapter battleship, Lu Yin appeared, with his hands open and the corners of his mouth curled up, with a bit of surprise.

The quicksand of fate, he did not expect to meet the quicksand of fate in the universe sea. What a fate.

Hai Dalu looked at the thing in Lu Yin’s hand and was surprised, “Is this, playing on the quicksand of fate?”.

Lu Yin said, “Good luck.”

Hai Dalu praised, “I have only heard about the quicksand of fate, but I didn’t expect to see it today. Alliance Leader Lu is really blessed with a great opportunity.”

Lu Yin put away the quicksand, “I’m collecting these things. If you know where there is quicksand, tell me and you can make terms with me.”

Haidalu smiled and said, “If I knew, I would definitely tell Alliance Leader Lu. I really have something to ask Alliance Leader Lu for help.”

“Oh?” Lu Yin glanced at him. Since he boarded the ship, the rest of the people, including the captain, have stayed away from him. Only this person approached him, and it was obvious that he had a purpose.

“I wonder if Alliance Leader Lu still remembers Zhang Chiting?” Haidalu whispered.

Lu Yin’s eyes changed and he suddenly turned to stare at Haidalu, as if he was meeting him for the first time

, “Are you from Jiyin?”.

Haidalu nodded, “I wanted to say it the moment I saw Alliance Leader Lu, but I always hesitated. Yes, I am from Jiyin.”

Lu Yin really didn’t expect that this person was actually from Diyin, the Diyin organization. He first learned about it from Huo Qingshan. Later, he knew a little about the Diyin organization, but not much. , I only know that this organization is for the earth and for the ancient surname.

In Tree Starry Sky, he also learned that there was a hidden underground organization because of the six-point fusion of the dice. Compared to the Fifth Continent, the hidden underground organization in Tree Starry Sky seemed to be more powerful. There was always a layer of fog about this organization. shrouded.

He already knows the significance of having a unique surname in the fifth continent in ancient times, but what about the Earthly Hidden Organization? What about the ancient alliance with unique surnames? What does it mean again?

“Since I am from Diyin, please ask me to help as much as Zhang Chiting did,” Lu Yin said.

Hai Dalu sighed, “It won’t be long before the earth will experience the extinction of civilization again.” He looked at Lu Yin solemnly, “We are useless and can’t help the earth. The only one who can help the earth is you, Alliance Leader Lu. Please, Help the planet”.

“Tell me everything you know about Diyin,” Lu Yin said calmly.

Haidalu did not hesitate and told everything he knew.

Hai Dalu’s understanding of Diyin was the same as that of Huo Qingshan and Zhang Chiting. These people had no idea about the origin of the Diyin organization or what was on Jupiter, which disappointed Lu Yin.

“How many people are there in Diyin now?” Lu Yin asked.

Haidalu smiled bitterly, “I know about a dozen people, with me as the leader, and I don’t know how many others there are. Our organization does not have unified management. Some people enter Jupiter, some go out to explore, and some If we stay on Earth and Alliance Leader Lu wants to use Diyin for his own use, I can only say that it is meaningless.”

“By the way, there is something that Alliance Leader Lu should know. I took Zhang Dingtian, Bai Xue, Xu San, and Shiwu Zang away.”

Lu Yin was surprised again, “Did you take it away?”

Haidalu nodded, “When the earth ended, I originally wanted to intervene, but there were too many people entering the earth, not only people from the Dayu Empire, but also people from the White Night Clan and the Mavis Clan. It was simply unbelievable. I think When you arrived at Alliance Leader Lu, you turned the tide and saved the earth, and saw Zhang Dingtian and the others leaving.”

“I followed you to the Dayu Empire. When you, Leader Lu, were studying at the Starry Sky War Academy, you took away Zhang Dingtian and the others. They had no future in the Dayu Empire. At that time, I didn’t know how far you could go, Leader Lu. Today’s status, otherwise there would be no need to take them away.”

Lu Yin understood that Haidalu was the realm of enlightenment, and it was easy to take away a few people from the Dayu Empire. The only one who could stop him was Immortal Yushan, but Immortal Yushan was disguised as a hunting realm at that time, so it was impossible for him to take action.

“They are all good seedlings. I want to take them to the universe to experience. Zhang Dingtian was still in the vast continent of the Falling Star Sea, Bai Xue was placed in the outer universe, Xu San took them to the universe sea, and Shiwuzhang was placed in the outer universe. In the inner universe, I firmly believe that people on earth will not fail so easily, and they will have their own opportunities.”

“Because of you, Bai Xue was controlled, Xu San almost died, and Shiwuzhang disappeared. Only Zhang Dingtian was lucky. He received the inheritance from Taixuan Dojo and joined Zhongshan Dojo,” Lu Yin said lightly.

Haidalu’s eyes were bright, “This is enough, as long as one person climbs up.”

Lu Yin shook his head. He had different ideas from Haidalu, but he couldn’t be said to be wrong.

The earth is the most ordinary planet and has no ability to bring them opportunities, let alone resources. It is not easy for him to cultivate from an ordinary person to the realm of enlightenment and to travel in this cosmic sea. His thoughts are also different from ordinary people.

“Leader Lu, you have also lived on the earth for a period of time. If possible, please save the earth.” Haida Lu solemnly requested again.

Lu Yin was curious, “You didn’t reveal your identity before, but now you say it, why?”.

Haidalu’s eyes flashed, “Because you gave that person money.”

“Is it because of this?” Lu Yin was surprised.

Haidalu said in a deep voice, “I walked out of the earth and walked step by step to the state of enlightenment. What I experienced during this process is unimaginable by ordinary people. I have never received support from anyone, and it is difficult for me to experience family, friendship, and seeing each other. I have experienced countless hypocritical people, and I have also experienced the most desperate moments. I think I can judge people very accurately. Leader Lu, you saved that person’s life, but you are still willing to exchange the star energy crystal marrow for the quicksand of life. Let me see your As a human being, at least you have a bottom line.”

Lu Yin was funny, “Is this a compliment to me?”.

“I’m not qualified to praise you, I’m just telling the truth,” Hai Dalu said.

With the identity of Diyin, the relationship between the two has become closer. Lu Yin has never regarded Diyin as a threat. The earth is his second home.

In fact, there are many planets in the universe that are trying their best to protect themselves when they enter the cultivation civilization. Basically, each cultivation civilization planet has its own organization, hoping to unite and have a place in the universe, but unfortunately most of them can’t. .

The Dongjiang Alliance is a different kind of alliance, a union between territories, while the Diyin Alliance is an alliance within the planet.

“After passing this upside-down sea, we have entered the permanent area where the Rennes Legion is stationed,” Haidalu said, pointing to the wonderful scenery ahead.

In front of the warship is not the endless sea, but two seas, which seem to be upside down. There is a ship sailing, and the moment it touches the upside down sea, the whole ship also turns upside down, which is very strange.

When we came here, there were more boats around and there were many small islands around.

“The Wren Grand Army controls most of the Space Sea, and protects the people, ships, and islands in those areas. They will also receive resources accordingly. The closer they are to the Upside Down Sea, the more lively they are. Many people come here specifically to do business in the Upside Down Sea. There is no need to worry about safety issues here, it is all the responsibility of the Rennes War Group…” Haidalu introduced.

Lu Yin praised that it was really lively. These people were not afraid of the existence of the Rennes War Group. Obviously, the Rennes Group was more popular here.

Entering the Inverted Sea, the warships of the Sky Arrow Chapter also turned upside down, and then sailed into the blue sea.

Just as we sailed into the sea, the sky suddenly changed, and red raindrops fell, making the entire sea look red.

No one takes shelter, this kind of red rain is very common.

The arrival of Sky Arrow Chapter attracted the attention of some people, but no one stopped them. They arrived not far from the battleship of Rennes Chapter smoothly.

When they arrived here, Captain De and others greeted Lu Yin and wanted to leave.

The corners of Lu Yin’s mouth curled up, “There are more guests on the ship. Even if you want to leave, you have to say hello to the guests.”

Captain De and others were shocked, guest? They noticed nothing.

“Regiment, leader, behind”, someone was frightened.

Captain De suddenly turned around. The red rain dripped as usual, but encountered some obstacle behind him. After dripping, it slid to both sides, forming a human shape.


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