Star Odyssey Chapter 1843: Wutian inheritance

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What Lu Yin wants to know most now is where he was captured before. That place Xia Ji didn’t want him to know. It must be related to his clone and must not be known to him.

Lu Yin recalled the scenes he had experienced, drew them, and decided to make predictions when he encountered the Caixing Gate. Once he confirmed the place, he might know the location of a clone of Xia Ji and his identity.

Putting down his personal terminal, Lu Yin looked around, stood up, moved his neck, and then jumped up into the star source universe, looking for people. He wanted to determine his position. Of course, he did not necessarily need the elders to pick him up. , as long as you don’t encounter an extremely powerful person.

However, in some places personal terminals cannot be located.

It was raining. Lu Yin stood on an isolated island, staring blankly at the raindrops in front of him. Is this rain?

Countless thin threads dropped down, absorbing the surrounding star energy, and then exploded violently, turning into raindrops and scattering on the sea. From time to time, thin threads fell into the seabed and then exploded, and then many fish corpses floated.

This was the first time Lu Yin had seen this kind of rain, and it reminded him of a place – the cosmic sea.

Only the phenomena of sea and sky in the universe are the strangest.

After confirming that he was in the Universe Sea, Lu Yin planned to contact the eldest sister and the others.

Although he is extremely powerful, the cosmic sea is very big and he doesn’t know what he will encounter. Lu Yin is sure to cross it, but it will take too long. It is better to contact the elder sister and the others and ask them to point out the route, or come and pick him up directly. There is no need for him to trouble the elders. He also wants to reunite with his eldest sister and the others.

In the distance, a black spot appeared, then got closer and closer.

Lu Yin’s eyes lit up. It was a warship. It looked very big. There were people on the bow to resist the strange rain. His cultivation was not weak and he had reached the enlightenment state.

He put down his personal terminal and did not plan to contact Sister Tou and the others for the time being. He could follow the battle group to determine his position.

Not long after, the warship approached the island and stopped.

Through the rune numbers, Lu Yin saw clearly that the person with the highest cultivation level on this warship was only more than 300,000 enlightenment realms. The light realm was not as good as him and could be easily controlled. Of course, it was not ruled out that someone could hide his cultivation level.

It is not easy for anyone to be able to wander in the cosmic sea. Lu Yin did not intend to appear immediately.

As the warship moored, cultivators stepped off one by one, “There is no one on it, it’s just an island.”

“Many islands float in the cosmic sea every year. Some islands come from the bottom of the sea and may carry many ancient things. Look for them quickly.”

“Stop dreaming, will such good things happen in our turn?”.

“You’re just dreaming, be careful if the leader hears it and he won’t be happy. Our Sky Arrow Chapter is no worse than anyone else, so why can’t we get our turn?”

“Haha, let’s drink first, keep warm, what a **** weather it is.”

Lu Yin leaned on the stone wall, listening to the conversation of those people, Sky Arrow Chapter? He remembered that the most powerful competition ever invited people from the Sky Arrow Chapter to participate. His archery skills were quite good. He heard that he even went to the Sword Sect to show off his power, but one of them was defeated by his own hands, and the other was defeated by Liu Shaoqiu. Participate in the competition.

In addition to the four battle groups in the Universe Sea, the Sky Arrow Battle Group ranks high among the other battle groups. No wonder there are more than 300,000 warriors in the Enlightenment Realm with a combat power of over 300,000. This kind of strength is enough to become a subordinate battle group of the Rennes Battle Group. The leader.

“Nate, use the field to see what’s on the island. No one else is ambushing you and you don’t know,” someone suggested.

A young man nodded and the field was released. This person was Nate, who had lost a battle with Liu Shaoqiu in the Third Hospital. At that time

We were high-spirited, but now, we are much more mature and talk less.

Nate’s field swept across the island, spreading into the distance, passing Lu Yin, but found nothing.

After a while, the Enlightenment Realm cultivator standing at the bow of the ship boarded the island and said, “I’m so tired. This **** weather was sunny even an hour ago.”

“Deputy Commander, Commander, haven’t you considered it yet? Do you want to join the Rennes Legion? I heard that several Legions have joined,” someone whispered.

Everyone else looked over.

The deputy captain shrugged, “I didn’t know, the captain didn’t discuss it with me.”

“If you ask me, it’s better not to join forces. Although our Sky Arrow Legion is not strong, we still have the ability to protect ourselves in this cosmic sea. Don’t provoke anyone without provoking anyone. If the Rennes Legion looks for trouble, At worst, I’ll give them a confession,” someone muttered.

Many people echoed, “How good it feels to be free.”

“But I hope to join the Rennes Grand Army, which is guaranteed.”

“I also think it’s best to have protection.”

Listening to the discussion among the group members, the deputy group leader barbecued leisurely.

At this time, a man appeared at the bow of the ship, and all the members were silent, “The leader is out.”


The man jumped down, came to the side of the deputy leader, sat down, picked up the barbecue and ate it, “Why are you arguing? We’ll wait until the Rennes War Group starts trouble. If you can’t avoid it, you can take refuge. If you can’t avoid it, If we open it, we can develop freely.”

“Captain, have you ever thought about leaving the Universe Sea?” someone suddenly said, and many others suddenly started to get noisy, “Xiao Jiuzi, what are you talking about, leaving the Universe Sea? This is where our sky arrow battle is. The foundation of the group.”

“That is, never leave the universe sea.”

“Leaving the cosmic sea, we are nothing. The reason why the forces in the inner universe are afraid of us is because we control part of the routes to the new universe, otherwise they would not care about us.”

The group leader threw away the bones and wiped his mouth. “Stop talking nonsense. The decision is in my hands. It’s none of your business. I’ll eat your flesh.”

The members stopped talking.

Lu Yin leaned against the wall and looked up at the sky. Among the four sea groups in the universe, only the Corps and the Rennes Group were left. The Corps was mysterious and few people could talk to it. He checked specifically, but couldn’t find anything. Useful information, these people can’t join the corps even if they want to. If the Rennes Legion really wants to dominate the universe sea, they can only join.

Thinking about it, Lu Yin flashed and appeared beside the group leader, picked up the barbecue, put it on the fire, and turned it leisurely.

No one noticed it for a while.

Many of the group members were either drinking and bragging or practicing, but no one noticed him until someone exclaimed, “Lu Yin?”

Beside Lu Yin, the captain’s hair stood on end, looking at Lu Yin who was turning the barbecue as if he was a ghost, when?

The deputy captain and the other members of the Sky Arrow Chapter looked at each other in disbelief, Lu Yin is actually here?

Lu Yin still turned the barbecue, “Sorry, I was just passing by.” He looked at the group leader and smiled, “I didn’t scare you.”

Nonsense, I thought I had seen a ghost. The leader cursed in his heart, but did not say it out loud. The Rennes War Group, the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, and Lu Yin are all in the same line. They are no strangers to Lu Yin. This person is famous. They are cruel and ruthless, but they are extremely powerful. It is said that they can deal with the Star Envoy with their Enlightenment Realm cultivation, which is not something they can fight against.

“Why did Leader Lu come to the Universe Sea?” the leader asked dryly, surrounded by,

Many members stepped back and stayed as far away from Lu Yin as possible, their eyes full of alertness.

Lu Yin put down the barbecue, “I was just passing by, I didn’t expect to meet an acquaintance.” He turned to look at Nate, “Long time no see.”

Nate’s eyes flickered, not knowing how to answer.

“I remember there is another one called Zero, where is he?” Lu Yin asked.

Nate’s eyes darkened, “He’s dead. He died when the Sixth Continent invaded the Cosmic Sea.”

Lu Yin nodded and said nothing more. Death in war is normal.

The atmosphere was silent for a while. The leader wanted to say something, but he really didn’t know the purpose of Lu Yin’s visit.

“By the way”, Lu Yin suddenly said, looking at the leader of the Sky Arrow Chapter, “Please take me to find the Rennes Chapter, I should be lost.”

Everyone in the Sky Arrow Chapter is confused and lost?

“Lost?” the leader was surprised.

Lu Yin said helplessly, “Yes, I’m lost. You should not be far from the Rennes Battle Group.”

“It’s far away,” the group leader said.

Lu Yin smiled and said, “That’s good, just take a look at the scenery of the universe sea.”

The group leader and deputy group leader looked at each other, not knowing how to refuse, and they seemed to have no confidence to refuse.

Soon after, the Sky Arrow Chapter set sail and headed in one direction.

Lu Yin was very curious about the warship. The material of this kind of warship was not simple. It was a bit slippery and the sea water could not stay on it for too long. He squeezed it hard and it shattered with a click.

“Leader Lu, please be careful.” The leader panicked and shouted hurriedly, while the rest of the Sky Arrow Chapter stared.

The warship is their capital for survival in the cosmic sea. Without the warship, there will be no Sky Arrow Chapter.

Lu Yin quickly apologized.

When he boarded the Sky Arrow Chapter, he no longer had to worry about how to join the Rennes Chapter. Bored, he checked the Internet and stood up suddenly. How could it be possible?

I saw a big title on the Internet, ‘The legend reappears, Wutian inherits, who can compete with it’.

Wu Tian inheritance? Lu Yin looked around hurriedly, and after a while, he put down his personal terminal with complicated eyes.

In the legends of the fifth continent, I have never heard of the word Wutian. Wutian, Death, and Destiny are all legends in legends. Not to mention ordinary people, even powerful people at the level of Star Envoys may not listen to them. But now, the words Wu Tian have appeared on the Internet.

Originally Lu Yin thought it was a coincidence, but after looking at it, he realized that it was not a coincidence. The Wu Tian here is the Wu Tian in the legend.

In the cemetery, by chance, someone obtained the inheritance of Wu Tian. It is not clear who that person was. I only know that the moment this person landed in the cemetery, the entire cemetery shook, and the stone tablet condensed in the void turned into a stream of light. In the man’s mind, this scene happened to be photographed by someone else, and the moment the person who filmed it saw the stone tablet, the word Wu Tian appeared inexplicably in his mind.

The person who took the photo was only in the hunting realm, and there was no way he had ever heard of the legend of Wutian. These two words suddenly appeared, like resonance between heaven and earth. Coupled with the scene of receiving inheritance, everyone believed that someone was in the funeral garden. Obtained the inheritance of the legendary Wu Tian.

The legend of Wutian has also been dug up by some scholars who studied ancient documents. Although there are only a few scribbles, it brings out the value of this ancient inheritance, ranking it with the God of Death.

Nowadays, the Internet is abuzz. Countless people want to enter the funeral garden, and they may encounter inheritance by chance. Some people compare Wutian inheritance with Lu Yin, stating that Lu Yin obtained the legendary Death inheritance and became his peers. Your Majesty, this arouses the determination of some people even more.


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