Star Odyssey Chapter 1832: New directors

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Four votes to four, this is a bit of a stretch.

And this is also the reason why Mr. You was dismissed first by three or two, which would be a disastrous consequence for Nanyuan. If Mr. You were still there, there would be no need for nonsense in the five-to-four vote.

Zijing, Yang Ji, and Si Hong are not hostile to Lu Yin, but abide by the principles of the council.

From this vote, we can see who firmly supports Lu Yin.

Nanyuan did not expect that Old Man Mikami would be so supportive of Lu Yin.

As for Xin Jiao, he is not surprised. Xin Jiao represents the cosmic sea, and the controller of the cosmic sea is the Rennes War Group. If Xin Jiao does not side with Lu Yin, she will end up like Mr. You. This is also Xin Jiao politely rejected Lu Yin, but had to support Lu Yin. Mr. You’s fate was to remind her.

Lu Yin has passed the stage where he can only induce. Now, he can threaten.

On the basis of four votes to four, the only way to remove Liu Ran is by talking.

There was a lot of noise in the council, but outside, King Ye and Lu Yin were chatting happily.

No matter how the two of them view each other in their hearts, at least they can’t see it on the surface.

Lu Yin looked at King Ye with scrutiny and wonder. Is this guy really the same species as the little sapling?

When leaving the funeral garden and heading to the black street, Lu Yin learned that someone had attacked and Xia Yi had escaped, along with the big tree.

Although there is no evidence that someone attacked the botanical garden, Wei Rong and others also speculated that the big tree hid its strength and escaped at the critical moment, but Lu Yin did not believe it. He guessed that maybe the person in front of him attacked the botanical garden and used Xia Yi to divert attention. .

What he is most curious about now is how the big tree escaped from his hands with the saplings? This King Ye was the one who escaped from Emperor Liu’s sword, and he was extremely powerful.

Now that I think about it, there is something wrong with that big tree that keeps running away.

The answer lies with the person in front of him, but unfortunately this person is destined not to tell him.

“Leader Lu, what do you think about the removal of Liu Ran?” King Ye suddenly asked, looking at Lu Yin with a smile on his charming and handsome face, unable to tell his thoughts.

Lu Yin didn’t care, “This is a matter of the council and has nothing to do with me.”

“Then why is Alliance Leader Lu here?” King Ye was puzzled.

Lu Yin faced King Ye and smiled brightly, “Replace Liu Ran and become the new director.”

As soon as these words came out, King Ye’s expression changed drastically.

At the same time, the council finally reached an agreement to remove Liu Ran and replace him with someone from Inner Universe as the new director.

Liu Ran walked out of the council like Mr. You, but he was not as desperate and helpless as Mr. You.

Facing Lu Yin, he bowed deeply.

Lu Yin nodded, and Liu Ran left with a relaxed expression.

He is actually not comfortable in the position of director. He is just a puppet of the Sword Sect. Only Liu Qianjue can make all decisions. He is just a mouthpiece.

Now that he has been removed from the position of director, he has received high compensation from the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. After returning to the Sword Sect, his status is also very high, which can be regarded as a retirement.

“The new director must gain support from many parties in the inner universe and has great influence in the inner universe. I propose that King Ye of Clover Company take over and become the new director. Everyone has no objections,” Nan Yuan said in the board of directors. , with a stern gaze, scanning everyone.

This is something that everyone has known for a long time.

The Dongjiang Alliance is the only one in the inner universe. If they want to find directors outside the Dongjiang Alliance, the only one they can find is Clover Company. This is the inevitable choice for Nanyuan and the others.

Although Mr. You and King Ye are in similar situations,

The inner universe is controlled by the Rennes War Group, and the inner universe is controlled by the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, but one is a bereaved dog and the other controls Clover Company. They have great influence and are equally qualified to become directors.

If Mr. You himself has great influence in the universe sea, even if there is no Changsheng War Group, he will not be dismissed so easily. Just like Xin Jiao, no one has proposed to dismiss her so far. Even if Lu Yin wants to dismiss her, he must make some moves. means.

Sanliang raised his head, “Director Nanyuan proposed a candidate, so I will also propose one, the leader of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, Lu Yin.”

Nanyuan’s expression changed drastically, “What did you say?”.

Three words, “I propose that Lu Yin, the leader of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, replace Liu Ran and become the new director.”

“Second the proposal”, the old man said calmly.

“Second”, the old man Mikami spoke.

“Second”, Xin Jiao said.

Nanyuan looked ugly, “Lu Yin is the leader of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, how can he become a director?”.

Yang Ji raised his eyebrows, “What do you mean? The leader of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance cannot become a director? What about me, the leader of the world of light?”

Nanyuan hurriedly explained, “Director Yang Ji, I didn’t mean that.”

Yang Ji snorted coldly, “Second.”

Nanyuan said anxiously, “Director Yang Ji, you”, “Second”, and on the other side, Zijing also spoke.

Nanyuan’s pupils changed. Five people had already agreed to Lu Yin’s appointment as director. Even if the last one, Si Hong, disagreed, it would be useless.

“Second” Si Hong said.

His opinion is no longer important. Of the remaining seven directors, six agreed that Lu Yin would become the new director, leaving Nan Yuan powerless.

Sanliang smiled and looked at Nanyuan, “Director Nanyuan, it’s your turn. Do you agree that Lu Yin, leader of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, will serve as the new director?”

Nanyuan’s eyes were sinister, and he gritted his teeth and said solemnly, “I don’t agree.”

Three and two were pleased, “Okay, six votes are in favor and one vote is against. From now on, Lu Yin will serve as the new director. Let us welcome the new director to join.”

After the words fell, the door opened, and the person guarding the door was the official. He saw Mr. You retreating sadly, and saw Lu Yin’s control over the council.

When Lu Yin walked past him, he bent down deeply and said, “Welcome to the director.”

Three and two other directors all stood up to show their respect for the new director. Even Nan Yuan had to stand up at this moment and showed a minimum of grace.

Behind Lu Yin, King Ye looked calm. It turned out that this was the result of the old man and others pretending to be sick. It turned out to be a miscalculation. He did not expect that Lu Yin actually ran for election to become a director in person, and the final number of votes was still six. Compared with one, there is no suspense.

King Ye withdrew his gaze and left.

On the Boundary Mountain, Elder Chan watched Lu Yin quietly as he walked into the council. Behind him, a man came up, “Report to Elder Chan, Mr. Right of the Council, Liu Ran has been dismissed, and the new director is the leader of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, Lu Yin.” .

“What do you think of Lu Yin?” Mr. Chan asked.

The person who reported it to Mr. Chan was none other than Daegu from the Interstellar Arbitration Institute.

The youngest generation in the Hall of Glory is naturally the Shangqing people, but before that, Daegu had the same method.

There is no shortage of methods in the history of the Hall of Glory, but there are very few people who can be promoted to Star Ambassadors. Once they become Star Ambassadors, their status will be completely different. This is the case in Daegu.

He has been regarded as the fourth presiding judge and is highly valued by Zen Lao.

Aside from Shangqing, he is the younger generation of masters that Mr. Zen values ​​most.

“Lu Yin?” Daqiu was surprised.

Old Zen said calmly

, “You once traveled with Lu Yin, what do you think of him?”.

Da Qiu said seriously without thinking, “Lu Yin is my subordinate’s friend. He helped my subordinates break through and become Star Envoys. Without him, my subordinates would not be where they are today. He is their benefactor.”

Old Chan was speechless. He realized that asking was in vain. Shangqing and Daqiu both regarded Lu Yin as their benefactor. How could they ask?

Shangqing and Daeqiu represent the future of the Hall of Glory. These two people representing the future are both close to Lu Yin. How should he treat Lu Yin? What’s more, the referee Qingping is Lu Yin’s senior brother.

At this moment, Mr. Zen was a little tired. He never thought that one day he might not be able to control the Hall of Glory, but that day still came.

It is useless to suppress Lu Yin now. In the future, this person can still reach the top. He just has that kind of charm and skill, and Lu Yin is still the treasure of the Interpreter Research Association. That old guy Xiu Ming is right He appreciated it too.

“Step back,” said Zen Lao tiredly.

Daegu was puzzled and slowly retreated.

Unless some people are stopped early, it will be too late. Lu Yin is a typical example.

No one knows that even Mr. Chan can’t stop Lu Yin now because his influence is too great.

In the council meeting, Lu Yin sat down, quite surprised, “I thought you were holding the council meeting in some special place. This place is very ordinary.”

Sanliang smiled and said, “When the Hall of Glory was established, the Council held its first meeting here. For the Hall of Glory, this place has special meaning.”

“Leader Lu, I may call you Director Lu from now on, haha” Yang Ji laughed.

Lu Yin smiled and said, “Director Lu doesn’t sound nice, so you should call me Brother Lu to make me appear close.”

“Okay, Brother Lu.” Yang Ji smiled cheerfully, but only he knew what he was thinking.

Lu Yin had actually contacted them on the way to Jie Mountain. Regarding Yang Ji, he directly threatened Yang Ji with the gift he had given, leaving Yang Ji helpless. Once this incident spread, it would be a huge blow to him. This led Yang Ji to be willing to support Lu Yin, but only once.

Lu Yin doesn’t care. Regardless of whether Yang Ji supports him in the future, he still has support in the council.

“I haven’t seen you for a while, Brother Lu is getting more energetic,” Zijing said with a smile.

Lu Yin smiled and said, “Of course, you are getting more and more beautiful.”

Zijing laughed, “Brother Lu is still so funny. How about having a cup of tea at my place after the council is over?”.


“I also have good tea there,” said the old man Mikami, looking at Lu Yin with a smile, and there was no sign that he was being controlled by anyone.

Lu Yin nodded to him.

Since Lu Yin entered, the atmosphere of the council has changed instantly. It is no longer serious and more like a place for tea and chat.

Nanyuan stared at Lu Yin with cold eyes, but was unable to do anything. Except for him, all the other directors here did not dare to offend him even if they were not on Lu Yin’s side.

Lu Yin suddenly looked at Nan Yuan, “Does Director Nan Yuan have any other issues? It’s my first time as a director, so I’m quite curious.”

Nanyuan’s eyes changed and he said calmly, “I don’t have any issues. Does Leader Lu have any issues? You can raise them.”

Lu Yin smiled and said, “It’s true.” He looked around, “The board of directors must have nine directors, otherwise there will be a situation of four votes to four. This situation has just been experienced by you. It wastes time. It is also a waste of energy, so I propose that Lei Qingqing serve as the new director to complete the board of directors.”


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