Star Odyssey Chapter 1830: Removal

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When Lu Yin returned from the Starry Sky of Trees and told everything about Sifang Tianping and the Lu family, Yunying Mabis must have also told Yunying Mabis. If Yunying Mabis knew that he was from the Lu family , forming an alliance is tantamount to bringing trouble to the Mavis family.

Thanks to Mr. Zen for not telling the Mavis family.

After the death of Lingzhi Mabis, the Mabis clan lacked a strong semi-ancestor, so they lacked this most critical information, allowing Lu Yin to take advantage of it.

No ceremony is required to form an alliance, and the Mabis clan is in alliance with Lu Yin and has nothing to do with the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. Lu Yin prefers to hide this matter.

Just like before when Jian Zong joined the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, he also hid the news, so that the Lingling Clan and Shenpintang didn’t even know that they had been cheated.

The Mavis family has formed an alliance with him, who can they trick?

“Leader Lu, I have something to remind you.” After the alliance was formed, Yunying Mabisi looked at Lu Yin more cordially and said, “Try not to enter the funeral garden.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “Why?”.

Yunying Mabisi said seriously, “The Burial Garden, as its name suggests, is a place for burials. When the first four continents were destroyed, the mother tree was connected to the fifth continent, and many areas connected to the mother tree were integrated. It has become a burial garden. There are too many dangers there. Have you ever thought that since there are so many inheritances in the burial garden, why haven’t the Eternals taken action against it? Because there are dangers hidden there that even the ancestral realm is afraid of.”

Lu Yin thought of Tea Mountain and the rune technology ruins, and thought deeply, “It is indeed dangerous. By the way, why can the gates of the Burial Garden be opened anywhere in the universe? Is the power of the Burial Garden really so terrifying?”

What he couldn’t figure out the most was why the gate to the burial garden was still open in the Sea of ​​Falling Stars? Burial Garden should not be able to penetrate the defenses of the Third Ancestor.

Yunying Mavis said, “The history of the Burial Garden is as old as mine, Mavis. Who knows how many Burial Garden doors have been buried in such a long time? Maybe there are still some Burial Garden doors that have not been opened. maybe”.

“Why can the Burial Garden Gate travel through the universe?” Lu Yin asked again.

Yunying Mabisi replied, “I don’t know much about this issue, but historically, Daoyuan Sect can do it. No matter where you are, as long as you have Dao Pu, you can enter Daoyuan Sect. The principle of the garden is probably the same as that of Daoyuan Sect.”

“Senior Yunying, can you tell us about the scene when senior Lingzhi Mebis overcame the tribulation?”.

“Hey, at first…”.

Through the conversation with Yunying Mabis, Lu Yin knew a lot of things. If he could, he really wanted to stay with the Mabis clan for a longer time and chat with the ancestor turtle again. Maybe he could get the conversation right, but suddenly he An accident disrupted his steps.

The Board of Directors of the Hall of Glory decided to remove Liu Ran and replace him with King Ye as the director.

When Lu Yin learned the news, he immediately decided to go to Jieshan.

Liu Ran represented Jian Zong. When Jian Zong joined the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, Lu Yin knew that Liu Ran would not be able to sit on the board of directors for long. This was the case with King Zheng Ye, but he did not expect that Mr. You would not be taken over so soon. If he rushes down, Liu Ran will finish first, and the person who replaces Liu Ran is actually King Ye, which Lu Yin cannot accept no matter what.

He immediately contacted the old man, and three or two others delayed the convening of the council and went to Jieshan at the same time.

Glory Realm, Boundary Mountain, the council meeting originally scheduled to be held two days later had to be changed due to the sudden illness of the old man.

Nanyuan immediately went to visit the old man at his residence.

The old man was lying weakly on the bed, surrounded by fluorescent elixirs, nutrient solutions, etc., as well as healing practitioners waiting at his side


“Sickness rarely happens to cultivators. Even if you get sick, it can be delayed for a few days, but it is impossible to relieve Liu Ran from being dismissed.” Nan Yuan came outside the old man’s house and said calmly.

The old man said weakly, “Director Nanyuan, I am weak, so I will not receive you.”

Nanyuan sneered, “I know you are stalling for time. According to the principles of the council, Liu Ran must be dismissed. It is useless for you to do so, old man. When you were bullied by the Supreme Saint, you even used your only privilege. Don’t you feel disappointed that we still ended up like that?”

The old man said nothing.

Nanyuan continued, “The older you get, the more timid you become, and your position as director will not last long.” After that, he waved and left.

Not long after, someone visited the old man, it was King Ye.

“I heard that the director is sick, so I brought the special medicine from Clover Company, and I asked the director to accept it.” King Ye stood outside the door and spoke.

The old man said weakly, “Thank you King Ye for your kindness. Please stay. Once your condition improves, you must thank King Ye personally.”

King Ye is gone.

When Mr. You arrived, he had the same intention as Nan Yuan, but the old man was even more disdainful of him and ignored him.

People visited the old man one after another, all from the Nanyuan lineage, but the old man’s illness just wasn’t good.

Nanyuan meets King Ye.

“It’s useless even if the old man delays, the council will definitely be convened and Liu Ran will be dismissed,” Nan Yuan said confidently.

Wang Ye frowned, “What is he waiting for when he delays?”.

Nan Yuan doesn’t know this either. No one knows Lu Yin’s whereabouts, and the Mavis family will not deliberately expose Lu Yin’s whereabouts, so that they don’t even know that Lu Yin is in the Glory Realm now. Rush to Jieshan.

“No matter what he waits for, it can’t change the overall situation, and I can also give Brother Ye a reassurance.” Nan Yuan looked at King Ye and said with a smile, “I paid a special visit to Mr. Chan regarding the removal of Liu Ran. I feel that Mr. Chan My attitude towards Lu Yin has changed, although it’s not obvious, I can still feel it.”

King Ye’s eyes flashed, “Has it changed?”.

Nan Yuan nodded, “It’s a very subtle change, but I’m sure it has indeed changed. Mr. Zen no longer supports Lu Yin so much, so Liu Ran has been removed. Someone in the inner universe must take over the position of director. The Eighth Congress The ruling forces in the flow world have all defected to the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. The only one who has not defected is the Wen family. However, the Wen family has not dared to openly confront the Dongjiang Alliance during this period, so the only one who can represent the inner universe and become a director is you, Brother Ye. Congratulations to Brother Ye.” .

King Ye smiled and said, “When I become a director, I will never forget Brother Nan’s kindness, and I will fulfill my promise to the Xia family.”

Nanyuan laughed, “Don’t worry, haha.”

The old man still wanted to delay, but after all, he couldn’t delay for long. Then, the old man Mikami fell ill.

Nanyuan was extremely angry and wanted to scold him, but there was no evidence that the old man Mikami was stalling for time. He was indeed old.

Old man Mikami was sick for several days, and then he fell ill again.

This time Nanyuan couldn’t stand it anymore and rushed to Sanliang’s residence to yell and scold him.

When people get sick one after another, any idiot knows something is wrong.

King Ye’s face turned gloomy, and he became increasingly uneasy, urging Nanyuan to convene the council as soon as possible.

In the end, the council was decided to convene in three days, and it didn’t matter if anyone got sick.

In this case, Lu Yin finally arrived at Jieshan.

The moment Lu Yin arrived at Boundary Mountain, the entire Hall of Glory knew about it.

Nanyuan was stunned, “How did Lu Yin come here? Isn’t he in the cemetery?”.

King Ye’s face was gloomy. He thought what these people must be waiting for to delay the time, but he didn’t expect that Lu Yin was waiting for them.

It is not that fast to go from the inner universe to the new universe, and if Lu Yin was in the funeral garden, no one could contact him, but in the end, this Lu Yin actually rushed over.

Lu Yin’s arrival shocked the world.

No one will ignore him this time. He has unified the universe and has more than a dozen star-level experts under his command. No matter how you look at it, Lu Yin is a big boss.

So much so that a powerful Star Envoy guarding the Boundary Mountain personally greeted him and brought Lu Yin into the Boundary Mountain.

Lu Yin was the first to visit Director Xin Jiao when he arrived at Jieshan.

Xin Jiao was helpless, “There are precedents for deposing Liu Ran. Jian Zong has joined the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. This is an unchangeable fact. Liu Ran must also be deposed. Leader Lu, please don’t embarrass me.”

If possible, Xin Jiao would naturally be willing to sell Lu Yin’s favor, but Liu Ran’s dismissal was irreversible.

Lu Yin smiled and said, “Of course I won’t embarrass Director Xin Jiao, but I have a suggestion.”

After leaving Xin Jiao’s residence, many eyes were fixed on Lu Yin. Lu Yin headed towards the Star Alliance World. He just wanted to visit the directors one by one.

Nan Yuan was uneasy and immediately proposed to convene the council as soon as possible. This proposal was passed easily, and the relaxed Nan Yuan thought it was a fake.

For an important meeting such as the removal of directors, naturally everyone must meet in person.

The nine directors of the Hall of Glory gathered together. In addition to them, there was also King Ye.

King Ye is the only outsider.

Seeing King Ye attending the board of directors, Liu Ran immediately became angry, “Can an outsider also participate in the board of directors?”

Nanyuan said slowly, “Director Liu Ran, a wise man doesn’t tell secrets. His Excellency King Ye will replace you as the new director, so why talk about outsiders?”.

Liu Ran said in a deep voice, “Even if you want to replace me, the formal appointment has not yet taken effect. Is it too early to attend the board of directors now?”

“Yes”, the old man is quite weak, “You must be a director to participate in the board of directors. If you are not a director, please wait outside.”

King Ye smiled, nodded to Director Nanyuan, and walked out.

Director Nanyuan didn’t mind either. In his opinion, this was just Liu Ran’s death struggle. So what if Lu Yin came? How many more years of tradition can the Council change? He was sure that Mr. Chan’s attitude had changed.

Old Zen represents the direction of the Hall of Glory. Once his attitude changes, Lu Yin will not have such a big voice in the Hall of Glory. Liu Ran is determined to be dismissed.

Director Nanyuan was about to speak when Sanliang spoke first, “The council begins with the first topic, removal.” After saying this, he paused and looked at Liu Ran, who looked surprised.

As soon as the word “removal” came out, Nanyuan was also surprised. This Sanliang was actually more anxious than him? Did he receive benefits from King Ye? Or was someone secretly giving instructions?

Not only Director Nanyuan, but Mr. You, Xin Jiao, Zijing and others were also surprised. Didn’t they see Sanliang’s tendency to remove Liu Ran before? He even pretended to be sick.

No one is stupid. Sanliang’s behavior has convinced them that this person is leaning towards Lu Yin.

“Removed, Mr. Right will be appointed as director.” They said the following words in threes and twos, and turned to Mr. Right.

Mr. You was stunned and then got angry, “What did you say?”.


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