Star Odyssey Chapter 1829: Alliance

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Lu Yin was surprised, “Is there no record?”

Yunying Mabisi looked at Lu Yin, “Some histories cannot be recorded, and some histories are inconvenient to record.”

“Is it related to the Eternals?” Lu Yin asked. All major events seem to be related to this race.

Yunying Mabisi said, “It must be related, but more than that, those who can tell Alliance Leader Lu will definitely say that I really don’t know the rest.”

A moment of silence.

Lu Yin took another sip of tea and said, “I wonder why the Mavis family invited me here?”.

Yunying Mabisi leaned forward and said seriously, “It’s not a big deal. Form an alliance.”

Lu Yin was startled, “Form an alliance?”.

Yunying Mabis nodded and said with a smile, “Yes, we will form an alliance. I, the Mabis clan, will form an alliance with your Lu Alliance Leader.”

Lu Yin was surprised, looking at Yunying Mebis with puzzled eyes, “Alliance with me? Alliance with the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, right?”

Yunying Mabis shook his head and said very seriously, “It’s not the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, it’s you, Lu Yin. I, Yunying Mabis, represent the entire Mabis clan and will form an alliance with you, Lu Yin. We will advance and retreat together and do our best. I will help you as much as I can, and accordingly, you must do your best to protect the Mavis family.”

Lu Yin can’t understand. He thinks that his background and power are very powerful. He can completely unify the internal and external universe. He is about to enter the cosmic sea and the new universe, but it will not make the Mavis family feel a sense of crisis. This is Meibis. Even without the half-ancestor of the Bisi clan, there are still extremely powerful people like the chief referee and the leader of Boundary Mountain, and there is also an ancestral turtle who cannot see the depth.

To be honest, when Lu Yin saw the Ancestral Turtle, he no longer knew how to get Mebis to join the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. He had imagined plans for all the behemoths in the new universe, but when he saw the Ancestral Turtle, he completely Annihilation.

But now, Cloud Shadow Mavis actually wants to form an alliance with him.

“Does this junior have anything worthy of the Mavis family’s alliance?” Lu Yin asked. He really couldn’t understand Yunying Mavis.

Yunying Mabis said, “The Eastern Xinjiang Alliance unifies the internal and external universe. I, Mabis, have opened banks all over the universe. Of course I want to ask the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance to take care of me.”

“Isn’t it enough that the Mebis clan directly forms an alliance with the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance?” Lu Yin wondered.

Yunying Mabisi shook his head, “The Dongjiang Alliance without Lu Yin is just a piece of loose sand. Without you, the Dongjiang Alliance will disintegrate soon. No one can control such a large alliance except you, so I, Mebisi, The Si clan will only form an alliance with you, Lu Yin, how about it, Alliance Leader Lu?”

Lu Yin had no reason to refuse. Forming an alliance with the Mabis family would be of great benefit to him. Apart from anything else, it was enough to get a loan from Mabis Bank without interest. How much money did Mabis Bank have? Lu Yin couldn’t even think about it.

If he could use the money as he pleased, he would be excited just thinking about it.

Yunying Mabisi smiled and took out the terms of alliance for Lu Yin to read.

The terms were normal, just a normal alliance. Lu Yin couldn’t see the problem, but he still felt that the pie was too big, so he sent the terms to Huansha, Enya, Weirong and others to let them take a look. .

Yunying Mavis didn’t mind either, so he invited Feathered Mavis, “Take Alliance Leader Lu to visit the sacred tree, arrange a place to live, and don’t let others disturb Alliance Leader Lu.”

“Yes, Great Elder” Feathered Mebis glanced at Lu Yin and responded respectfully.

After a while, Feathered Mebis led Lu Yin to walk on the sacred tree. Looking at the luminous fruits above his head like stars, Lu Yin exclaimed, “I thought it was a planet.”

Feathering Mavis said lightly, “

You think too much.”

Lu Yin heard his displeasure, but didn’t care. He had provoked Feathered Mavis in the Supreme Mountain as a training exercise. At that time, Feathered Mabis was helpless. “Do you, the Mabis clan, have a fruit?” , your combat power will increase dramatically after eating it?”

The feathered Mavis looked at him and said, “It’s useless to outsiders, don’t make any plans.”

Lu Yin was speechless, “Just asking.”

“Based on your reputation, nothing good will happen if you ask me,” Feathered Mavis said coldly.

Lu Yin pursed his lips and said, “There is something wrong with your attitude. I am a distinguished guest.”


“I am an ally of your Mavis family.”

Feathered Mebis was startled and looked at Lu Yin in surprise, “Ally?”.

Lu Yin nodded and said proudly, “Elder Yunying just proposed an alliance, not with Dongjiang, but with me.”

Feathered Mebis frowned, “Why are we forming an alliance with you?”.

“I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m awesome,” Lu Yin said.

Feathering Mebis quickly arranged a place for Lu Yin to stay and left in a hurry.

Lu Yin looked at her back. Feathering Mabis didn’t know, and other members of the Mabis tribe may not know either. In this way, it was Yunying Mabis’s decision to not let other tribesmen know, or it was insignificant. Little things, or things that can’t be explained.

Looking at the attitude of Feathered Mebis, Elder Yunying may not be able to explain the alliance with him. In this case, why should we form an alliance? Mabis is definitely not afraid of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, and it is even more impossible for her to say that she wants to ensure the normal development of Mabis Bank.

Even if the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance unified the inner and outer universe, it would be impossible to take action against Mabis Bank, otherwise the entire Fifth Continent would be in chaos.

Then, what is the real purpose of her alliance?

Lu Yin raised his hand and contacted Huansha.

“Leader, there is nothing wrong with the terms. It is a normal alliance, and some of the terms are beneficial to us,” Huansha said.

Lu Yin said in a deep voice, “Are you sure? Read it again. The other words are too small and I didn’t see them.”

Huansha was speechless, “Leader, I am sure.”

Lu Yin contacted Enya again, contacted Wei Rong, and even contacted Shui Chuanxiao. He got the same result and there were no problems with the terms.

Weirong was surprised, “With the strength of the Mebis clan, why should we take the initiative to form an alliance with you, the alliance leader? The terms are not of great benefit to them. If they are, it is just to protect them as much as the alliance leader can. In the short term, the alliance leader has no Protect the strength of the Mavis family.”

This is the truth. The short-term inland retreat definitely does not have the strength to protect the Mavis family. Is it because of his background? What’s more wrong, the strength of the Mavis family is not afraid of anyone. The only people they can’t deal with are the semi-ancestral level experts, and they can’t affect the semi-ancestor level experts.

Neither Mr. Zen nor the chief referee will listen to him. If they want to attack the Mavis family, they will not change their plans because of him.

The more favorable the terms were to him, the more uneasy he became, so he thought and immediately contacted Mr. Chan.

After failing to make contact, Lu Yin contacted Mu En again and wanted to talk to the chief referee, but still failed to contact him. Finally, Lu Yin even wanted to contact Wu Lingshen to ask.

On the other side, Lulu returned to the sacred tree surrounded by many Mabis tribesmen. All the Mabis tribesmen thought that the ancestral turtle was looking at her.

Lulu was guessing that Zu Gui might not be looking at her, but at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin stayed on the sacred tree for a few days and contacted Mr. Chan the next day,

As for the alliance between the Mavis family and him, Mr. Zen did not give a clear answer, but just said it was up to him.

Lu Yin finally contacted the chief referee.

“This is your own business,” the referee said indifferently.

Lu Yin said bitterly, “Senior brother, the Mebis clan came to me specifically to form an alliance. I even think there is something wrong with it. I won’t be deceived.”

The chief referee was silent for a moment, and just when Lu Yin thought he was going to say something, he hung up the communication.

Lu Yin twitched the corner of his mouth. This senior brother is being irresponsible.

Yunying Mabisi found Lu Yin, “How about it, Alliance Leader Lu? Do you want to form an alliance?”.

Lu Yin gritted his teeth and analyzed the pros and cons, but in the end he couldn’t stand the temptation of money and gave up.

Yunying Mabisi was funny, “Forging an alliance will not be of any benefit to me, the Mabis family, but it will be of great benefit to you, Alliance Leader Lu. Why are Alliance Leader Lu hesitating?”.

Lu Yin took a deep breath and said, “Now that the elder has asked, I will tell you the truth. I wonder why the elder wants to form an alliance with me? Even the Mebis clan members don’t seem to know about this.”

Cloud Shadow Mavis smiled and said, “Although my Mavis clan is idle, I, the great elder, have the right to decide all major matters. Why should I discuss it with them?”

“So, what benefits can the Mavis family get from forming an alliance with me?”.


“Then why the alliance?”.

Yunying Mabisi stared at Lu Yin, “Because of you.”

Lu Yin was puzzled.

Cloud Shadow Mavis thought for a while, “Let’s put it this way, because of your Death God inheritance.”

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed, “Inheritance from the God of Death?”.

Yunying Mabisi looked at the tall ancestral turtle’s neck in the distance and fell into memories, “When Elder Lingzhi was alive, I vaguely remember her saying that the God of Death existed in the ancient war.”

Lu Yin listened quietly.

“The God of Death, an extremely powerful and ancient ancestral realm. His existence has always been considered a legend. No one can prove its existence. Even I thought the great elder told a legendary story, but since the battle of the Supreme Tournament, I’m sure.” At this point, Yunying Mabisi looked at Lu Yin, “The God of Death did exist, so I also believe that the various legends mentioned by the Great Elder Lingzhi did exist.”

“In the mouth of Great Elder Lingzhi, Death is extremely powerful. The Ancestral Realm of that era is far from the Ancestral Realm of today. If you really have the inheritance of Death, I am very sure that in the future, once you become an ancestor, you will be the first person in the starry sky. , it is absolutely no surprise that even in legends, the God of Death is one of the strongest ancient ancestors.”

“So, you are betting on my future? Are you forming an alliance with me in the future?” Lu Yin understood.

Yunying Mavis nodded, “I am investing in your future. Whether it is the inheritance of the God of Death or your chance talent, they are all worthy of my investment.”

Lu Yin suddenly remembered something, “You know my surname is Lu, right?”

Yunying Mabisi smiled and said, “It’s just the Ancient One surname. Although this starry sky hates the Ancient One surname, it does not want to kill them all. In the final analysis, the Ancient One surname has abandoned this starry sky, but it is not an enemy.”

Lu Yin smiled and said, “Let’s form an alliance.”

Cloud Shadow Mavis also smiled, “Form an alliance.”

Through the words of Yunying Mabis, Lu Yin could not hear any flaws, and he just tested it. The Mabis family seemed not to know that he was a member of the Tree Star Sky Lu family. That would be great. If he knew that he was They are members of the Lu family, so they may not form an alliance. After all, what the Lu family has brought to them is not a good thing.


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