Star Odyssey Chapter 182: Select people

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“How do you know?” Michelle’s tone was cold and a little anxious.

Lu Yin casually dissipated his fighting spirit, “I helped her understand it in the first place, on the second level of Wangchuan Sand Sea.”

Michelle stared at Lu Yin, “conditions”.

Lu Yin smiled lightly and said, “Help me grab a trial site.”

Michelle frowned, “You should know how terrifying the Territory Lord is. You have seen Fankeled’s strength before.”

A cold light flashed in Lu Yin’s eyes. Everyone knew that he was killed by Fan Kelide. This revenge would have to be avenged sooner or later. Unfortunately, the gun pulse was not suitable for him, otherwise he would have been robbed this time. “Are you afraid?” .

Michelle was indifferent, “I don’t care if I die once at worst.” At this point, Michelle said seriously, “But I can only help you once, and I can’t help you endlessly.”

“Okay, just once” Lu Yin said with a smile.

“Where to grab?” Michelle asked.

Xiu Zi also looked over.

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed and he said calmly, “Prison Road, bottomless pool.”

The bottomless pool is the smallest trial place in the prison path. The smallest only refers to the range. In fact, the bottomless pool is very useful because it can help practitioners practice fighting spirit, because the lower the bottomless pool goes, the greater the pressure. , but unfortunately because it is too small, it can only accommodate up to two people at a time, resulting in not many students practicing in the Bottomless Pond.

Other trial realms also have places suitable for practicing fighting spirit, but the Bottomless Pond seems a bit useless. Except for the domain lord Wuluo, almost no one practices there.

There is another reason why Lu Yin chose the Bottomless Pond, and that is because of Wuluo, who is a good friend of Gal.

“Although there is only one Territory Lord Wuluo in the Bottomless Pond, Wuluo is very strong and has extraordinary biological talents. It is said that his fighting spirit has reached the first level. It is difficult to deal with him. Who else did you find?” Michelle asked.

Lu Yin looked at Xiuzi.

Michelle frowned, this person is useless.

“On the second floor of Wangchuan Sand Sea, can you practice fighting spirit?” Xiuzi suddenly asked.

Lu Yin nodded, “That’s where I mastered my fighting spirit.”

Xiusi said solemnly, “I can’t help you this time to grab the trial site.”

Lu Yin sighed, Xiuzi had the intention but lacked the ability, “You want to go to the second level of the sand sea?”.

Xiusi nodded, “I will help you when I understand the fighting spirit.” After that, he walked out.

Lu Yin frowned. The second layer of the sand sea was no small matter. Even Xiyue relied on his help to survive the violent wind that destroyed her body. Xiuzi would never be able to withstand it with his strength, but he also knew that it was useless to say anything. , Xiuzi has a strong heart, just like Zhang Dingtian.

“If you are looking for people like this, then forget it. Wuluo is a real domain lord level expert with very strong biological talents. He is not much easier to deal with than Fan Keled. You and I are definitely no match.” Mi Xue’er said coldly.

“Don’t look down on people, maybe you can have fighting spirit when they come out,” Lu Yin said.

Michelle glanced aside, obviously not paying attention.

Although this girl’s words are mean, it is the truth. Now the Tenth Courtyard can only help the top few people when facing the domain lord level powerhouses. Charlotte, Yin, Heixu, Lulu, can only Find them.

“You first go twenty miles north of the Bottomless Pond of the Prison Road. When I find all the people, I will start robbing,” Lu Yin said to Michelle.

Michelle was confused, “Twenty miles north of the Bottomless Pond? Where?”.

“Don’t know”.

“I didn’t know you wanted me to go?”

“How about you choose a place? Are you familiar with the area near the Bottomless Pool?”.

Michelle was speechless and went directly to the Boundary Mountain, “I’ll wait for you for up to five days. If the deal doesn’t end after five days, you still have to help me understand the fighting spirit.”

Lu Yin is helpless and really difficult to serve.

After Michelle entered the trial realm, Lu Yin searched around the realm mountain and found that Charlotte, Yin, Lulu and Heixu were all inside. This was fine, no need. Go out and find it.

Thinking about it, Lu Yin sat at the entrance of Jieyu Mountain, waiting for them to wake up.

Half a day later, someone woke up, but it was not those people, but Coco and Zola. Both of them were disciples of Xuanfeng Hall, and Xuanfeng Hall had masters in the trial realm. Although they were not domain masters, they were covering They have no problem, and Xuanfengtang has a very good reputation in the inner universe. Coupled with Coco’s kindness and cuteness, she has never been bullied since entering.

Keke was very happy to see Lu Yin, “Brother Lu, where have you been since I haven’t seen you for so long?”.

Lu Yin smiled and said, “Go out to do the mission, Coco. Congratulations on completing the Battle of the World.”

Keke stuck out his tongue and said, “The record is so miserable, Brother Lu, don’t make fun of me.”

“Being able to achieve Yum Victory is progress. Coco, which league are you in?” Lu Yin asked.

“I was in the Heavenly Dao before. Next time I’ll go to the Killing Dao or go to the Hell Dao,” Ke Ke said.

Lu Yin was envious. It was different to have a backstage. Look at him. If it weren’t for Caron, he would be hunted down wherever he went.

“Coco, let’s go, the instructor is waiting for us,” Zola said, and nodded to Lu Yin after speaking.

Lu Yin watched the two people leave. He had no intention of summoning them. Although treatment was important, it was not important in the trial realm. As long as he did not die, he would recover quickly. With the strength of the two, they could fight against each other. The Domain Lord may be worse than Xiuzi.

Not long after, Heixu woke up, glanced at Lu Yin, and then walked out of Jieyu Mountain indifferently.

Lu Yin said, “Heixu, are you interested in grabbing a trial site from me?”.

“Not interested” Heixu said, he rarely spoke.

“I can help you understand the fighting spirit, or I can let you practice in Baiguao” Lu Yin tempted.

But Heixu was unmoved, stepped out of the Jieyu Mountain step by step, and then disappeared in front of Lu Yin.

Lu Yin was helpless. If it was Hui Baiye, he would just beat him up. But for Heixu, to be honest, Lu Yin felt like he had no way to start. This man was like a stone, and no one knew what he was thinking.

As the chief of the college, he can supervise and judge students within a reasonable range, but the premise is that it is within a reasonable range. Lu Yin does not think that it is within a reasonable range to force others to accompany him to complete the task.

The failure to summon Heixu did not disturb Lu Yin’s mood. He originally had no hope for Heixu, but the focus was on the other ones, which must succeed.

Another day passed and Lu Yin arrived at Yin.

This man with a smile and a fox-like face is always hard to see through. During the freshman competition, he dealt with Hui Baiye with ease. The trajectory of the butterfly knife still makes Lu Yin unable to understand it, because his speed is not Unhappy, but it interrupted Hui Baiye’s combat skills, a very weird attack method.

Lu Yin will never forget the collision between the Star Palm and the Butterfly Knife under the moonlight on Earth. At that moment, the fate of the two seemed to intersect.

“Long time no see, classmate Lu,” Yin said with a smile and stretched.

Facing Yin, Lu Yin didn’t need to be polite, “I want to grab a trial site, let’s go together?”.

Yin rolled his eyes and smiled, “Okay, I will reluctantly lend my strength to help you.”

Lu Yin sneered, “I only need two points of strength.”

“I can do it with just a little effort,” Yin said with a smile.

This kind of useless conversation is meaningless. Lu Yin said directly, “Go to the Prison Road. I want to grab the Bottomless Pond. You go and wait for me twenty miles north of the Bottomless Pond.”

“Twenty miles north? Where?” Yin was confused.

“I don’t know, I just mentioned a random place,” Lu Yin said.

Yin shrugged and sat down only a few dozen meters away from Lu Yin, closed his eyes, and entered the trial realm again.

After the silver was Lulu. She woke up quickly and her eyes flashed when she saw Lu Yin, “Come, let’s compare our strength again.”

“Okay, if you lose, agree to a condition.” Lu Yin said.

Lulu said simply, “No problem.”

The two walked out of the boundary mountain and appeared at the entrance of the boundary.

There are many ways to compete in strength, but for Lulu and Lu Yin, tug of war is the easiest.

Holding Lulu’s white and soft little hand again, a flash of surprise flashed in Lu Yin’s eyes. It felt different. Her hand had a little more tenacity. What else could I say? A very familiar power, this power is – fighting spirit?

Lu Yin suddenly raised his head and looked at Lulu in surprise. Lulu grinned, and her already beautiful face looked even brighter. “Come on, the Mavis family will not lose to others in terms of strength.” After saying this, his fighting spirit emerged. , causing the void to twist.

Lu Yin subconsciously used his fighting spirit. The two fighting spirits intertwined and fought. For a moment, the terrifying power formed a muffled sound. Centered on the two of them, the earth suddenly sank. Sparks flashed in the surrounding space. There was no wind, but there was no wind. There was a stream of air that swirled upwards and exploded at a height of 100 meters in an instant, lowering the lawn.

Lulu’s strength has increased a lot, like a monster, but Lu Yin is even more terrifying. He still doesn’t know the limits of his own body. He can instantly tear apart the vortex of water that is close to the domain lord-level powerhouse Gas and others. Holding on for two seconds proved that his physical strength even surpassed that of the Territory Lord. The Territory Lord was among the top ten strong men in all major colleges, which showed that his physical body was terrifying.

Moreover, Lu Yin’s physical body is still strengthening. Lulu has the talent of the Mabis family and is increasing her strength all the time. The same goes for Lu Yin. Since the seal was unlocked, his physical talent has even affected Mentor Shahai and others. All surprised.

Lulu opened her eyes wide and looked at Lu Yin like a monster. She had tried her best, but she still couldn’t defeat him.

The fighting spirit of the two was almost the same, even Lulu was a little stronger. After all, she had trained with Sha Hai for nearly four months. Even so, with the blessing of fighting spirit, she still couldn’t defeat Lu Yin, and was gradually pulled over by Lu Yin.

Suddenly, the two of them were pushed away without warning. In the distance, the Realm Master was dissatisfied, “I have told you so many times, don’t destroy the grass and don’t fight here.”

Both of them waved their palms and looked at each other, as if they were looking at monsters.

“I lost, tell me what you want me to do,” Lulu said simply.

Lu Yin said, “I want to rob the bottomless pool of the prison road, please help me.”

Lulu was surprised, then excited, “You want to grab a trial site? Great, I’ve wanted to grab one for a long time. Bottomless Pond? That’s okay, I heard it’s a good place to practice fighting spirit.”

Michelle, Yin, Lulu and myself, there are four people in total, and there is still one missing person, Charlotte.

Lu Yin has never underestimated any domain lord. He is confident that he can remain undefeated in a single fight, but it is almost impossible to win. Only a few people can join forces to win.


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