Star Odyssey Chapter 1818: full

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Lu Yin looked at his palm and saw that the two drops of liquid had entered his body.

“Don’t think that others can detoxify you. This poison comes from the Eternals. Even the Hall of Glory cannot detoxify it for you,” Yang Kong reminded.

Lu Yin looked at Master Sidao.

Si DaoZhu nodded.

“Where are my resources?” Lu Yin asked.

He was poisoned. Yangkong looked at him with a lot of relief, as if he were one of his own. He was too confident in this poison. The more confident he was, the more unsure Lu Yin was. That was not just the poison of life, There is also the Tears of the Good Man. When these two poisons are combined, the devil knows what can happen.

However, no matter how strong the poison is, it cannot be stronger than the ancestral realm combat skills. Kuzu is known as the ancestral realm strongman who masters the secret of human body decay and immortality. Even the half-ancestral’s injuries can be restored. The poison should not be there. Next words.

“Follow me,” Yang Kong said, raising his feet and heading in one direction.

Lu Yin hurriedly followed.

In fact, Lu Yin didn’t know much about how the Eternals practiced and how they used their resources. Although he had a hunch that they might make a small fortune, he never expected that they would do so ruthlessly.

Looking at the endless stretch of star energy crystal essence, Lu Yin was stunned, “This, this is?”.

He followed Yang Kong to the underground of the Eternal Kingdom. He thought it was another place to transform the Corpse King, but he didn’t expect it to be a warehouse where resources were stored. The boundless star energy crystal marrow reminded Lu Yin of the Star Master of the Tree. Ancestral Star, of course, the star energy crystal marrow here is not as much as that of Shaozu Star, but it still looks very spectacular. There must be tens of billions or even hundreds of billions of cubic star energy crystal marrow!

He stared blankly, as if he had never seen the world.

Yang Kong said lightly, “Take it as you like.”

Lu Yin looked at him, “Is the Eternals so rich?”.

Yang Kong said in a deep voice, “They are not from the Eternals. All the resources here come from the Sea of ​​Fallen Stars.”

Lu Yin understood, no wonder there were so many resources. When all the resources in Falling Star Sea were integrated, it was definitely a huge number, just like the resources in the inner universe were integrated.

“Can I take it as I please?” Lu Yin asked.

Yang Kong said disdainfully, “Whatever”, after saying that, he turned around and left, “I’ll wait for you in Xicheng”, after saying that, he left.

Lu Yin was the only one left in the place.

He doesn’t even believe it now? He just took it casually?

No one will be watching! It shouldn’t be possible.

He also understands Yang Kong’s thoughts. He just thinks that he is a star envoy. In addition to combat skills, there is no need to take too much crystal marrow. It is meaningless. Moreover, how many resources can his Ning Kong Ring put down?

Lu Yin licked his lips and his eyes were bright. In this case, you are welcome. Thinking, he plunged into the star energy crystal marrow. If he wanted to take it, he should start from the bottom to prevent others from seeing it.

Since practicing till now, Lu Yin has never eaten so full. Everyone hopes that others will tell him to just take three words. However, after practicing for so long, Lu Yin has realized for the first time that, I have to say, too much So cool.

It is difficult to retain the resources that can be seen on the upper level, at least for Lu Yin.

He painfully spread out another batch of the star energy crystal marrow in the Ningkong Ring, and then barely concealed the fact that it was already empty.

The star energy crystal essence here was actually not as much as he imagined, but because it was spread too wide, it gave him the illusion of being boundless.

He took more than 30 billion cubic meters, more than 30 billion, not 300 million.

This number made his heart tremble.

He has never put so much money into his Ningkong Ring. So far, it is still a question whether the resource pool he has obtained is so large. Now he is full all of a sudden.

Lu Yin is already thinking about how to spend more than 30 billion cubic star energy crystal marrow.

However, there are only so many Star Energy Crystal Essences in Nuo Da’s Falling Star Sea, which is still significantly less. There must be quite a few who are not here.

Taking a deep breath, Lu Yin turned around and left. He walked quickly to avoid attracting attention.

Seeing Yang Kong again, Lu Yin couldn’t help but like him. This guy was simply the God of Wealth.

Yang Kong was surprised at Lu Yin’s eyes, “Have you had enough?”.

Lu Yin nodded, “Not bad.”

“Get more. As long as you achieve merit in the mission, you can use the resources there as you wish,” Yang Kong said.

Lu Yin clenched his fist and said, “It’s settled.” In fact, he didn’t need it. There were not many resources there.

When he came to Xicheng again, Lu Yin did not wander around. He was led by Yang Kong to a corner and saw the gate of the funeral garden.

He almost couldn’t help but want to rush in.

“This is the Gate of Death. The Human Star Domain is also called the Gate of the Burial Garden. If you enter it, you will reach the Burial Garden. You should have heard of the Burial Garden.” Yang Kong looked at Lu Yin and said calmly.

Lu Yin said solemnly, “One of the three dark giants?”.

“The burial garden has been opened, and there are many chance inheritances inside. Our mission is to hunt down those who have obtained chance inheritances, **** those inheritances, and destroy them if they cannot be snatched, especially the ancient bloodline.” Yangkong was solemn.

Lu Yin was surprised, “Ancient bloodline?”

Yang Kong told the story about the ancient bloodline being hunted by the mummies, “The ancient bloodline also exists in the Falling Star Sea, but they have all been cleaned up. The continuation of these ancient bloodlines may start a legacy that is detrimental to the Eternals. So be sure to kill, kill an ancient bloodline, and you will have merit. When the Eternals rule the fifth continent, with these merits, you will be enough to become a human master.”

Si Dao Master never said what her mission was, and Si Xiaoer couldn’t find out. Now Lu Yin knew that she was actually hunting down the ancient bloodline.

The corpse king of the Eternals cannot enter the burial garden. For the corpse king, the burial garden is a forbidden place. Once he enters, he will definitely die. The only way to hunt down the ancient bloodline is humans. They are the minions of the Eternals.

“Ruling the Fifth Continent? I heard that there are three ancestors guarding the outside of the Fifth Continent. How can they get in?” Lu Yin suddenly asked.

Yang Kong said in a deep voice, “It has nothing to do with you. The Eternals will surely rule the fifth continent in the future. All you have to do is complete the task and kill as many ancient bloodlines as possible.” At this point, he raised his head, “If you meet a young man named Lu Yin in the cemetery, stare at him.”

“Lu Yin? Who is it?” Lu Yin pretended to be confused.

Yang Kong said coldly, “It has nothing to do with you, just keep an eye on him, be careful, don’t let him find out, this guy’s strength will not be worse than yours.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “Is it the Star Envoy?”

“No, but it is more terrifying than ordinary stars.” Yangkong was solemn, and his eyes flashed with excitement, which was a look of challenge.

Lu Yin said seriously, “Okay, I will keep an eye on him.”

Yang Kong snorted coldly, “The younger generation of the Fifth Continent’s Supreme Challenges the Star Envoy with the Enlightenment Realm. I can do this too. The shame of the original defeat must be recovered from him.”

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed. Was he defeated in the first place? This guy is definitely not Kong, that’s right, he has never fought against any Yang Kong, only Fu Kong.

Although it had been confirmed for a long time, at this moment, Lu Yin was sure again that this person was not empty.

Recalling what he just said, the Eternals will surely rule the fifth continent, and here he is again, Lu Yin thought of a very bad guess.


The sound of iron chains was heard, and Lu Yin turned his head. Not far away, a group of people were dragged in by the Corpse King. The Corpse King looked at Lu Yin with his scarlet eyes.

, full of cruelty and ferocity.

Lu Yin watched as the people bound by iron chains gradually approached.

“These people walked out of the gate of the funeral garden and were caught by us. They can also be candidates for entering the funeral garden this time. We will keep the useful ones,” Yang Kong said coldly.

Soon, those people were brought closer.

Lu Yin looked at two of them in astonishment, a woman with disheveled hair, wearing green clothes, and fierce eyes, Lulu Mebis? The other is Ku Lei.

Where in life do we not meet each other!

There were sixteen people in total, some were frightened, some were calm, and some were angry and yelling.

“You pick a few and take them away, and find a way to get them to cooperate. If they can’t cooperate, kill them,” Yang Kong said coldly.

Lu Yin took Lulu Mebis and Ku Lei away without hesitation. He took four people away in total.

There are only four days until we enter the cemetery.

Lu Yin did not return to the Water God Dojo. Master Si Dao felt unhappy with him. His identity was revealed and there was no need to go there.

Dongcheng is a big place.

Lu Yin found a random place, threw Ku Lei and the others aside, and met Lulu alone.

“I won’t help you, traitors of humanity” Lulu said with disdain, her eyes fierce and her teeth gritted.

Lu Yin grinned, “You are so unlucky to have come to the Sea of ​​Falling Stars.”

Lulu snorted, not interested in talking.

“They probably don’t know that you are from the Mavis clan,” Lu Yin said.

After hearing Lu Yin’s words, Lu Lu’s expression changed and she stared at Lu Yin closely, “What did you say?”.

“I said, you are from the Mavis clan,” Lu Yin said slowly.

Lulu couldn’t believe it, “You, how do you know?”.

When the Sixth Continent invaded, they announced several times to capture the Mebis clan alive. The Mabis clan was very special whether in the Fifth Continent or the Sixth Continent. If Yangkong knew that Lulu was from the Mavis clan, People would not give her to him easily, Lu Yin was sure of it.

Lu Yin came to Lulu. There was no moisture in his body, and he looked like a mummy. He looked hideous, terrifying and disgusting.

Lulu retreated subconsciously, her eyes flickering and full of vigilance, staring at Lu Yin closely, “Who are you?”.

“We have an agreement. You lend me money and I will help you get something from the Tenth Academy of Starry Sky. Do you remember that? Classmate Lulu Mavis,” Lu Yin said slowly.

Lulu’s eyes widened and she opened her mouth in disbelief, “Lu, Lu Yin?”

Lu Yin smiled and opened his hands, “Long time no see, Lulu, come and give me a hug.”

Lulu screamed, Lu Yin looked really scary now, the hair on her whole body stood up, “You, are you really Lu Yin?”.

“It’s true,” Lu Yin said with a smile. It would be fun to scare this girl.

Lulu shook her head and pursed her lips, “I don’t believe it, how could you be Lu Yin?”.

“I am, otherwise who else would know about our agreement? In fact, you haven’t told me what you want from the Tenth Institute until now,” Lu Yin said.

Lulu was confused, “Are you really Lu Yin?”


“Then tell me, have you paid back the money you lent me?”


Lulu yelled, “No, you didn’t return it.”

Lu Yin rolled his eyes, “You are a core member of the Mebis clan, so it would be a bad idea to default on your debt. I told you that I would let you roam freely in the Imperial Palace of the Dayu Empire to search for the Book of the Immortal. This is also the purpose of your trip to Earth. This is used to offset the money owed to you. Why, you don’t accept the debt?”


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