Star Odyssey Chapter 1816: Presence

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After listening to Lu Yin’s words, Si Xiaoer thought about it and it made sense, but she still felt that something was wrong?

She is a calm person. She quickly figured out what the problem was and was about to speak.

“What did your master promise Yang Kong?” Lu Yin suddenly asked.

Si Xiaoer’s eyes were dim and her mood was low, “Master promised Yang Kong to accompany him into the gate of the funeral garden.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “The Gate of the Burial Garden? Didn’t the Eternals advertise that it was the Gate of Death and humans were not allowed to enter?”.

Si Xiaoer said, “Yangkong knows that it is the gate of the burial garden, and the master also knows that they want to enter the gate of the burial garden and complete the task assigned by the Eternals. This task is headed by Yang Kong, and he has to choose one by himself. Send people away.”

“So your master is attracted?”.

“Well, as a star envoy, the master is also the second master in Dongcheng, second only to Yang City Lord, so he was naturally attracted by it. However, the master refused at first, and the Eternals did not come forward to force him, so Yang Kong made an appointment with the master. Make a bet, if the master wins, it’s up to you, but if you lose, you must accompany him to the gate of the funeral garden.”

Lu Yin’s eyes flickered. He couldn’t help thinking about the task assigned to Yang Kong by the Eternals. In this way, this task was indeed led by Yang Kong, and he was very active in completing this task.

He remembered that the Corpse King could not enter the Gate of the Burial Garden, otherwise he would definitely die. This was something that was discovered when the Gate of the Burial Garden first appeared, so why did Yang Kong dare to enter? He has obviously practiced the Corpse King Transformation. Could it be that the Eternal Clan’s Corpse King Transformation has really reached a level that ordinary people can practice?

Since Yang Kong is a real human being and has not been transformed at all, it means that his death was definitely a big problem. He may not have been resurrected. It is very possible that he was not dead from the beginning and he took refuge. Eternals, or what?

If you want to know the answer, you must get close to Yang Kong. What Lu Yin wants to do most now is to enter the gate of the funeral garden. There is only one way to accomplish these two goals, which is to enter Yang Kong’s eyes and become the one who accompanies him to complete the mission. One of the people.

“Is your master being controlled?” Lu Yin asked.

Si Xiaoer whispered, “She has been poisoned. If she cannot get the antidote within a period of time, she will definitely die. Even the Star Envoy will be useless. This poison was developed by the Eternals and humans have no solution.”

“Poison of life?” Lu Yin was surprised.

Si Xiaoer shook her head, “I don’t know, how does senior know?”.

“I met him when I was young,” Lu Yin said. After speaking, he stretched his body and said, “Come with me to Xicheng tomorrow.”

Si Xiaoer was shocked, “Xicheng? Senior, are you going to Xicheng? There are corpse kings there.”

Lu Yin said seriously, “So I have to go and have a look. Only by knowing yourself and your enemy can you win. In my era, corpse kings were rare. I didn’t expect that as soon as I came out of seclusion, the entire Falling Star Sea would become the world of corpse kings. I didn’t know you guys How did future generations keep it? I want to see what Xicheng is like and how many corpse kings there are.”

“Isn’t it because of that door?” Si Xiaoer was not stupid and asked tentatively.

Lu Yin looked at her and said with a smile, “Is that gate in the middle of the road?”.

Si Xiaoer shook his head.

“Then how did I see it? Break in by force? It’s not like you’re seeking death. Okay, let’s go back.” Lu Yin waved his hand and drove Si Xiaoer out.

Si Xiaoer walked out of Lu Yin’s courtyard and the old woman arrived, “How are you? What did you ask?”.

Si Xiaoer recalled everything Lu Yin said, “I didn’t ask anything, but he is going to Xicheng tomorrow.”

The old woman was shocked, “Xicheng? What are you doing there? Did he tell you?”.

Si Xiaoer nodded, “Let me accompany him.”

“No, absolutely not. West City is too dangerous. Those Corpse Kings are all imprisoned. If you can really control yourself and not harm humans, why would West City prohibit Corpse Kings from going out? No human dares to enter West City, you can’t go “It’s his business to go,” the old woman said flatly.

Si Xiaoer bit her lip and said, “I want to take a look.”

“No.” Master Si Dao walked out of the void with a solemn expression, “Xicheng, you are not allowed to go. If he wants to go, just let him go.”

Si Xiaoer was stubborn, “Master, I want to know about those corpse kings. Since the Eternal Kingdom has two cities, East and West, and the corpse kings in the west city are strictly prohibited from going out, it means that the Eternals really don’t want to harm the humans in the east city. Let’s go Xicheng will not be harmed. How can we deal with them if we don’t understand them?”

Si Dao Master shouted, “Shut up, what do you know?” He said to the old woman, “Take her back, she is not allowed to go out, and she is not allowed to go anywhere.”

Si Xiaoer wanted to say something else, but was pulled away by the old woman.

Si Taoist looked towards Lu Yin’s courtyard, and Lu Yin happened to look outside as well. They were far apart and blocked by walls, but they both seemed to see each other’s gaze.

A person with a weak character who succumbs to a strong enemy can only be humble and forbearing.

A domineering character, full of desire to explore and attack, and good at breaking rigid patterns.

These are two completely different people.

Lu Yin heard the conversation between Sidaozhu and the others, and he didn’t blame them. The pointless resistance was just seeking death. If he were Sidaozhu, he wouldn’t want to take risks because of a person of unknown origin.

For them, living peacefully is enough, even if their dignity is trampled on, as long as they can survive.

The next day, Lu Yin went to Xicheng, followed by Si Xiaoer.

Si Xiaoer was brought out secretly by him. He could come to Xicheng by himself, but since Si Xiaoer also wanted to come, he took her with him.

Si Xiaoer knew that Lu Yin was very powerful, but she didn’t expect that he could bring her out of the Water God Dojo silently, without even the master knowing about it.

“Senior, what realm are you at?” Si Xiaoer asked.

Lu Yin said casually, “Almost like your master.”

“I don’t believe that you can bring me out from the Water God Dojo. You have also closed the heart of the Tianyan Dojo. It is said that even the Taoist Master Tianyanzi dare not go deep into the heart of the earth. My master also said that if you can wait The ones in the center of the earth are at least over 600,000 powerful warriors,” Si Xiaoer said.

Lu Yin paused, “Xicheng, we’re here.”

The two are now on the top of the mountain. The center of the Eternal Kingdom is separated by a low mountain, dividing the east and west cities. Lu Yin and Si Xiaoer are now on the top of the mountain, looking to the west.

The architectural styles of the two cities are similar, but compared to the liveliness and prosperity of human beings in the East City, the West City is full of deathly silence. There are also many figures on the street, but those figures are exactly the same as those in the Eternal Kingdom of the New Universe. They are walking dead and lifeless. , like walking for the sake of walking.

No noise could be heard in the entire city, except for the occasional sound, which was also the creepy sound of chewing.

Lu Yin has heard this kind of voice before, in the eternal kingdom of the new universe.

“Has anyone ever entered West City?” Lu Yin asked.

Si Xiaoer said, “I don’t know, Yang City Lord should have been there, after all, he is the Dongcheng City Lord.”

Lu Yin took Si Xiaoer, jumped down the mountain, stepped on the land of Xicheng, and faced a corpse king.

The Corpse King stared at Lu Yin and Si Xiaoer, his scarlet vertical eyes making people chill.

Si Xiaoer looked pale and swallowed.

After a while, the Corpse King left, no one was there

How are the two of you?

Lu Yin took Si Xiaoer into the west city.

With the current plan of the Eternals, their safety can definitely be guaranteed. The reason why they entered the West City was not only out of curiosity, but also because they wanted to get into the eyes of some people.

People in the East City did not dare to enter the West City, but he went there anyway, which was enough to attract the attention of some people, whether it was people from the West City or East City.

With his image of turning everything against everything, no one can really recognize him, and he does not need to retain any strength. He is Lie Yanzi, a man from Tianyan Dojo who failed to compete for the position of Taoist master and spent countless years in seclusion. A master of becoming a star messenger.

Si Xiaoer followed Lu Yin closely as he walked on the land of Xicheng.

The buildings on both sides made her think this was Dongcheng. They were almost identical. She even saw the buildings of the Water God Dojo, which were also found here.

The corpse king passed by, which made people feel chilly. He made chewing sounds from his mouth, and he didn’t know what he was swallowing.

Si Xiaoer always felt that the Corpse King was staring at them.

Lu Yin was more casual, “Don’t worry, the Eternals spent so much money to build the East and West cities, and clearly stipulated that the Corpse King is not allowed to go out, just to create a scene where the Corpse King and humans coexist. They will not let anything happen to us. , Don’t you want to know about the Corpse King?” After saying that, Lu Yin suddenly raised his hand and grabbed a passing Corpse King.

Si Xiaoer was shocked. She didn’t expect Lu Yin to be so courageous.

The Corpse King was also stunned. He stared at Si Xiaoer with his scarlet vertical eyes, growling in a low voice, struggling constantly, trying to break free, but he couldn’t break free in Lu Yin’s hands.

On the street, many corpse kings stared at this scene.

Si Xiaoer’s face turned pale, “Senior, let him go. Let him go.”

Lu Yin threw the Corpse King out.

The Corpse King turned around and roared, wanting to take action, but finally held back.

Lu Yin glanced around, and suddenly, he raised his eyes and looked into the distance. There, there was a pair of scarlet vertical eyes that put pressure on him. It was very heavy pressure. He was an absolute master, not a master he could deal with.

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes, looked at those scarlet vertical eyes for a moment, then turned around and said, “Let’s go back to Dongcheng.”

Si Xiaoer was confused, “Go back?”.

“Do you still want to stay and chat with them?” Lu Yin asked.

Si Xiaoer quickly followed.

Lu Yin came to Xicheng just to make his presence felt.

He did attract attention. A person who dared to break into the West City and dare to attack the Corpse King attracted the attention of the senior officials of the Eternal Kingdom.

That night, Lu Yin was still looking at the crescent moon hanging high in the sky. His eyes moved. Behind him, a figure walked out of the void and struck him with a palm.

Lu Yin is no stranger to the strong palm force, it is Yang Kong, no, it should be Bu Kong.

This palm is no different from the first palm against Master Sidao.

Just when the palm print was about to fall on Lu Yin, Yang Kong thought it would hit him and looked at Lu Yin as if he were looking at a dead person.

Lu Yin disappeared.

Enter the Star Source Universe.

Yang Kong’s palm fell, and the power of the palm penetrated the earth, shaking the east city, and the terrifying force tore the ground of the Water God Dojo into pieces.

Many people in the Water God Dojo were affected, and some had their legs shattered.

Si Dao Master was so angry that he walked out and stared at Yang Kong, “What are you doing?”.

Yang Kong ignored Master Si Dao, and the terrifying aura spread out, breaking through the void, twisting the entire eternal kingdom. His pupils turned green directly, and he stepped out into the Star Source Universe.


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