Star Odyssey Chapter 181: Bai Gu Ao

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Hanyuezong is not comparable to the Fire Domain. There is a characteristic in the universe. The closer to the center of the inner universe, the more powerful people are born, and the easier it is for monsters and wizards to appear. The Yanlan Current Realm where the Fire Domain is located belongs to the edge of the inner universe, including The Ross Empire and the Great Dragon Clan are all in the Yanlan Flow Realm. For the inner universe, although the Yanlan Flow Realm is one of the eight largest flow realms, it is not much different from the outer universe. It is just a gatekeeper.

The White Night Realm where Han Yue Sect is located is in the innermost part. Although it is rumored that Han Yue Sect has relied on marriage and other methods to survive in the White Night Realm, being able to survive there itself represents some problems. That Moon Fairy, on the other hand, His status is still above that of Gal, comparable to Wan Jianshan and the genius child of the Baiye clan.

Lu Yin had no intention of fighting over the Blackwater Lake with Fairy Moon. God knows what inheritance she got from the vision. However, this person made Lu Yin feel heavy because she came here for the Ten Academy Competition.

Taking the correct direction, Lu Yin headed towards the White Bone Col.

One day later, Lu Yin finally arrived at Baigu’ao, looking at the cold valley in front of him. The ground was covered with white bones. This place made people unconsciously feel hairy.

Karon is the domain lord here.

White Bone Col is filled with endless withered bones. Legend has it that every full moon night, the bones dance. It may be a display of combat skills, a sacrifice, or more likely an ordinary song and dance. No one knows why this strange phenomenon occurs, but Baigu’ao is the only mysterious place among all the trial areas in the prison path where the time of the vision can be determined.

Through Caron’s memory, Lu Yin knew how fierce the battle for the White Bone Col was. Fan Kelide and others took action, as well as other main-level warriors from the battle field. There were no less than ten people in total. That battle shook the Ten Wars. In the end, Daobo, the leader of the prison realm, took action and drove away the others. Only then did Caron become the master of the White Bone Col domain, otherwise it would be difficult for him to succeed.

The interpreter’s status is very high, but he is not above all living beings, not to mention that this is a trial realm and a place of battle.

Karon is a genius interpreter, and those who practice in White Bone Col are mostly interpreters from the Starry Sky War Academy. There are not many of them, but they are all elites.

Lu Yin’s appearance quickly attracted the attention of Baigu’ao. When Caron saw the smiling Lu Yin, his face darkened obviously and he forced a smile, “Brother Lu, welcome to Baigu’ao.”

Lu Yin looked at Kalonpi’s smiling expression and stepped forward enthusiastically, “Brother Kalon, I thought you had forgotten me.”

“How could it be? When I found out that Brother Lu had joined the Tenth House, I immediately announced that no one would be allowed to take action against you, otherwise they would fight to the death.” Kalon said, especially the word ‘fight to the death’ was very strong, and there was deep hatred. Generally speaking, it is obviously not only aimed at other people, but also at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin smiled happily and said, “Thank you very much, Brother Caron. By the way, my uncle asked me to say hello to you on his behalf.”

Karon’s face twitched, and he subconsciously grasped Lu Yin’s clothes, but then he reacted, laughed dryly, and patted Lu Yin on the shoulder, “Um, is uncle okay? He’s not dead, right?”

Lu Yin laughed and patted Karon on the shoulder as well, “Of course, uncle is living a good life. The darkness is his quilt and the starry sky is his bed. If nothing happens, he can find a black hole to wander around. It’s very leisurely.”

Karon stared at Lu Yin’s eyes, trying to see something, but unfortunately, he saw nothing.

“Tell your uncle for me to take care and don’t be swept away by a black hole one day. The universe is huge, and it’s not just the human star domain.” Cuaron gritted his teeth and spoke word by word, with a smile on his face and a quite expression. It was awkward, and the people around him felt cold and quickly backed away.

After the people around him left, Caron glared at Lu Yin and growled in a low voice, “Boy, I warn you not to talk nonsense, or I will let you know the horror of offending a genius interpreter, even if you hide in the Tenth Courtyard It’s no use either.”

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows, “Really? You mean that after those letters are made public, you can still be your genius interpreter?”

“You” Caron was furious.

“Okay, I’m not interested in your nonsense.” Lu Yin pushed Caron away and looked at him sideways, “Although your relationship experience is a bit unlucky, as long as you cooperate, I won’t do anything to you. Kind of”.

Caron snorted, quite unhappy. He was trapped and could never be taken off. Unless one day he dared to reveal his inner feelings, he would always be controlled by Lu Yin.

Lu Yin looked around, and all he saw were white bones. For some reason, these white bones gave him a sense of sadness. There were countless people shouting vaguely in his ears, but they disappeared quickly. This place was very strange.

“Karon, what have you learned here?” Lu Yin inquired curiously.

Logically speaking, this question is rude and can easily arouse hostility. After all, it is asking for other people’s secrets. However, Lu Yin already knew Caron’s biggest secret, and he didn’t care about it anymore. “Field”.

Lu Yin was surprised. Field is a power comparable to fighting spirit and talent. Zhuo Baiye’s combat skills are similar to Field, and the same is true for the fighting spirits he encountered before. When he fused with Caron, he was pressed for time. I only reviewed part of his memory of interpreting the language. I only had a rough impression of the memory of battles, etc., but I didn’t know what this person’s field was like.

The field is very magical. Only the most powerful people can understand it. Every inch of the land is under their control. This is the field.

Unlike fighting spirit, the field cannot be explained clearly because everyone’s field is different. However, it is said that those who are proficient in the field can hear everything in the surrounding environment clearly, improve the five senses, reduce the frequency of heart beating, and integrate into the surrounding environment. , even blessing some strange powers, etc., these are just hearsay.

Instructor Guan Yu once gave Lu Yin a chip, which recorded an introduction to star energy, from the first step of absorbing star energy to removing impurities, to forming the essence, and then the ever-changing realm that Lu Yin mastered. After the ever-changing realm, one integrates one’s own will and can change the color of the star energy. The last step is the field, the power of oneself.

As for the field, the chip only mentioned one sentence. Obviously, there are too few people who control the field, perhaps even rarer than the fighting spirit, but everyone is an extremely strong person.

Lu Yin looked back at the situation when Caron deciphered the sword-shaped original treasure. No wonder he was able to successfully decipher it by virtue of his familiarity with star energy. It should also be due to the field.

“What’s your field like?” Lu Yin asked curiously.

Karon raised his eyes and said, “Don’t go too far.”

Lu Yin turned his head and stopped asking. This question was indeed too much.

Karon suddenly remembered something and narrowed his eyes, “You really want to know what my field is like?”.

Lu Yin turned his head and looked surprised.

“Okay, let’s discuss it and you can experience it for yourself,” Caron said, the corners of his mouth unconsciously curved in a weird arc, which was obviously not very friendly.

Lu Yin refused wisely. He was not in the habit of being beaten. Although he wanted to compete with the field masters, he could wait. There was no rush. He had the dice. Maybe he could compete with the field masters next time when the dice rolled to six o’clock. Fusion.

Karon was disappointed, “You don’t have a fighting heart.”

Lu Yin ignored him. Compared with Zhang Dingtian and Xiuzi, his cultivation attitude was indeed much worse.

“Counting the time, Xiuzi should have come in” Lu Yin murmured to himself, “Karon, are you going to follow me to White Bone Col?”.

“It’s up to you, just don’t bother me,” Caron said impatiently, turned around and left.

Stepping on the endless withered bones, Lu Yin heard those screams again, with fanaticism, sorrow, despair, and all kinds of emotions covering the entire White Bone Colony. He didn’t know if other people could hear it, but he heard it anyway. This kind of environment is difficult. It is suitable for human life, otherwise it will be driven crazy.

Lu Yin randomly found a raised valley and sat on it, running the Tianxing Gong, waiting for Xiuzi.

Two days have passed. No one has looked for Lu Yin these two days. Kalon has also left the trial realm. Those who practice in White Bone Col are far apart and do not contact each other.

Lu Yin didn’t wait until Xiuzi, feeling strange, exited the trial realm and appeared in the realm mountain.

Opening his eyes, he saw Xiuzi wiping his sword in the distance.

“You haven’t gone in yet?” Lu Yin was surprised.

Xiuzi didn’t even look back and said calmly, “I went in and died.”

Lu Yin was speechless, “So fast?”.

Xiuzi stopped what he was doing and said in a helpless tone, “Appearing among a group of fighting spirits, what do you think?”

Lu Yin blinked. This was too unlucky. The fighting spirits were all very strong. He had to finish a group of fighting spirits. Seeing Xiuzi helplessly wiping his sword, Lu Yin pondered.

Although these students from the Tenth House have all completed the Battle of the World, they are not weaker than the students from other war colleges, but they are just not weak. Xiuzi, Coco, and Zola are not at the same level as other war colleges. No matter how strong the students are, it is easy to lose when encountering talented people. Only a few people can compete with the top experts in other battle institutes.

If you want to seize the trial site, it may not be a good idea to bring Xiuzi with you. His presence will not be of any help. Moreover, they can easily die when they enter the trial realm, so they cannot wait for them forever.

Lu Yin had a headache. Among the twelve freshmen, only half could truly compete with the other strong men in the war academy. Even Hui Baiye was not qualified.

After thinking about this, Lu Yin no longer plans to summon Xiuzi to participate in the battle to **** the trial site, but he has already invited him. Returning the money? It hurts people’s self-esteem a bit.

Coincidentally, at the entrance of Jieyu Mountain, Michelle entered. She was still so charming. A pair of red eyes glanced at Lu Yin and Xiuzi, and she walked indifferently towards the other end of Jieyu Mountain.

“Wait a minute” Lu Yin said.

Michelle stopped and looked at Lu Yin, “What’s the matter?”.

Lu Yin stood up, walked to Michelle, looked into her red eyes, and said seriously, “I want to grab a trial land, are you interested in joining me?”

“Not interested” Michelle replied simply.

“Where’s the fighting spirit? Not interested?” Lu Yin said calmly.

Michelle stopped and looked at Lu Yin, her red eyes bright, “Fighting spirit?”.

The corners of Lu Yin’s mouth curled up, and he raised his hand, surrounded by a stream of air. Michelle looked at her with hot eyes. No one wanted to understand the fighting spirit, “Xiyue, I have understood the fighting spirit.”

One sentence made Michelle’s mood change drastically. When she replaced Xiyue in the Ten Finals Council, some time ago, because of this incident, the two had a big fight, with no outcome. Michelle didn’t care on the surface, but In fact, I have recognized this opponent. I originally thought that I could easily surpass Xiyue through hard work during this period, but it will be different if Xiyue has fighting spirit, which is enough power to change the outcome.


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