Star Odyssey Chapter 1801: Wandering Corpse

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The experience in Chashan made Lu Yin fearful of the funeral garden, and he was very careful with every next step.

In the Yanlan Flow Realm, a gate to the funeral garden was shattered under the attack of Emperor Luo. In the distance was the army of the planet where the gate to the funeral garden was located. The leader looked at the gate to the funeral garden and smashed it into pieces. He punched the table and smashed it. The table was smashed.

“Such a good opportunity has disappeared in a blink of an eye. The Eastern Xinjiang Alliance is too domineering and is cutting off our opportunity.” The leader is a man with a rough appearance. He has the cultivation level of Cruise Realm and can walk in the starry sky. No matter how far he looks, He was not considered an expert in the entire universe, but he was considered a mid- to high-level figure within the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. However, faced with Lu Yin’s personal order to destroy the Burial Garden Gate, this person was helpless.

“General, are we just going to watch like this?” Behind the man, a young man asked angrily, looking at Emperor Luo with a hostile look.

Suddenly, Emperor Luo glanced at him. The young man’s heart trembled and he hurriedly lowered his head.

Not only him, but also the man with cruising level cultivation also lowered his head, not daring to look at each other.

Huang Luo withdrew his gaze and did not care what the people on this planet thought. They thought this was cutting off opportunities and destroying their chance to improve their strength, but in fact it was saving them. How many people in the entire universe entered the gate of the funeral garden? ? There are many masters in the Dongjiang Alliance alone, and there are too many beyond the cruise realm, not to mention the Universe Sea, the New Universe, and the Sixth Continent.

If a master who is hostile to the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance walks out through the gate of this cemetery, it will be a devastating blow to the planet. These people have no idea at all.

At this time, the personal terminal sounded, “Lord Luo Huang, it is confirmed that the gate of the funeral garden of Civil Engineering Star can be exited. Someone has walked out of it and is currently under control.”

Huang Luo followed the coordinates and stepped out to the civil engineering star.

Lu Yin’s order is that the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance can retain three accessible funeral gates. The fourth gate on the planet just now was destroyed, and now the gate on the Tujian planet is the fifth. The throne will also be destroyed. The Eastern Xinjiang Alliance does not have so many masters stationed there.

What Lu Yin wanted was stability. Even Emperor Luo was not qualified to guard the gate of a funeral garden alone in his eyes.

When Emperor Luo rushed to the civil construction planet, what appeared in his eyes was the planet that had long been reduced to fragments. Countless people were wailing. Many spaceships around the planet were reduced to fragments, and many corpses were floating in the starry sky. They all belonged to the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. The most shocking thing about the coalition forces was that a giant died, and his body was also floating in the starry sky.

The average strength of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance coalition forces was too low, so Lu Yin temporarily assigned the giants to them. The giants who were eligible to be assigned were all enlightenment level combatants.

And here, the giant with Enlightenment level combat power was actually killed.

Emperor Luo’s expression changed drastically, and he hurriedly landed on the broken planet. He saw that the gate of the funeral garden was intact and gradually exposed to space.

Without the power of the Star Envoy, he cannot destroy the gate of the funeral garden.

It must be man-made that the civil construction star became like this, and it was definitely a strong man who came out of the gate of the funeral garden. His pupils flickered and he began to investigate. What he was most worried about now was that the person who took action re-entered the funeral garden. Then There’s no way to check.

Not long after, Emperor Luo headed in one direction, and he found clues. The person who took action was at the Enlightenment level. He could kill giants, and his strength was estimated to be close to 300,000 combat power. The action left traces.

While searching for traces, Emperor Luo notified the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance that the entire Yanlan River was closed, and at the same time sent people to rescue the people of Tujianxing.

The death of the giant, as well as the lives of countless people on Civil Engineering Planet must not be forgotten easily. This is Lu Yin’s purpose.

A little while later, Luo Huang landed on a meteorite flying to the south. On the back of the meteorite, there was a man looking excitedly at the object in his hand. He was a man with a sallow complexion, and the object in his hand was an irregular metal object. The fragments looked like fragments of some kind of weapon. The man looked at the fragments in amazement, “It’s a miraculous craftsmanship, it’s a miraculous craftsmanship. One fragment actually retains the complete original treasure formation. If this weapon is complete, I don’t know how many original treasure formations there are.” , I really can’t imagine, the power of the ancients is amazing.”

As he spoke, the man looked at the weapon fragments with burning eyes.

He accidentally obtained this weapon fragment after entering the funeral garden, and used it to kill people with the same level of cultivation as him. He killed them for no reason, just to verify the original treasure formation.

The result made him quite satisfied, no, even excited. The original treasure formation on the weapon fragment could make the weapon fragment come and go without a trace. Even he himself did not know the movement trajectory of the weapon fragment. He only knew The end of release.

“With this thing, I can fight even that old monster with more than 400,000 combat power. Maybe I can also use this thing to improve the level of Jieyu and become a high-level person in the big world of Jieyu, hahahaha.” , the man with a sallow face said excitedly to himself, “The Eastern Xinjiang Alliance actually wants to detain me, and also wants to get my things. In my dreams, those trash can’t take my Shan Kun’s things.”

He did not realize that when he said these words, Luo Huang was already standing less than five meters behind him.

Shan Kun excitedly put away the weapon fragments and looked up into the distance. Suddenly, a chill came over him. He turned back suddenly and saw a pair of red eyes. Corpse King? No, it’s about transforming people?

“It was you who destroyed the civil engineering star and killed the giant,” Emperor Luo said coldly.

Shan Kun narrowed his eyes and stared at Luo Huang, his eyes full of fear and fear. A master, an absolute master, was so close to him, but he didn’t notice at all, “Who is your Excellency?”

“Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, Emperor Luo”.

Shan Kun’s heart sank. He took out the fragments of the weapon behind his right hand and said at the same time, “It turns out that you were the former lord of the Ross Empire, and you were once in charge of one side. How can you be willing to surrender to a little Lu Yin? And help him?” .

Luo Huang’s eyes always looked that way, showing no emotion, “Hand over your things and follow me back to the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance.”

Shan Kun raised his head and said, “I am the intermediate interpreter in charge of the New Universe Interpreter World, and I am a member of the Interpreter Research Association. Why do you, the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, arrest me? And ask me to hand over my things? He Lu Yin is also a member of the Interpreter Research Association, you ask him if he dares to do this.”

The Interpreter Institute defends its shortcomings. If one of them moves, it will provoke a group of people. Lu Yinmei used to use the Interpreter Institute to show off its power. At this moment, Luo Huang was also frightened by the Interpreter Institute. “Come back to me first.” Eastern Xinjiang Alliance”.

Shan Kun sneered, “I won’t go back with you. You can go. I want to go back to the world of Jie Yu. If Lu Yin has any objections, let him come to me directly, through the Jie Yu network.”

Luo Huang repeated again, “Come back to the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance with me immediately.”

Shan Kun was furious, “Emperor Luo, I respect you as a Star Envoy. Don’t think that our Interpreter of Speakers Research Association is afraid of you. Just ask around. There is more than one Star Envoy in our Interpreter of Speakers Research Association. Even if you are Even the Star Envoy cannot attack me wantonly.”

Huang Luo is not going to talk nonsense, just arrest him

, Shan Kun’s eyes were cold, and he raised his hand. The weapon fragment appeared and then disappeared. It disappeared in his eyes. He couldn’t see it at all. He only knew that it was shot at Luo Huang.

However, in Luo Huang’s eyes, the weapon fragment actually broke through the Star Source Universe and shot towards him. He raised his hand to grab the weapon fragment, and there was a heart-wrenching cutting sound in his palm. Then sparks flew out, his palm broke, and his The body was actually cut open by a weapon fragment.

But Shan Kun was shocked, he was not dead, it was over.

Huang Luo looked at the fragments of the weapon in his hand in shock. What material is so hard?

“Emperor Luo, give me back the things” Shan Kun shouted angrily, but he didn’t dare to take action. He was only at the enlightenment level with a combat power of 300,000, and he relied on this weapon fragment to kill the giant in a sneak attack. How dare he take action against the Star Envoy? .

Huang Luo put away the weapon fragments, grabbed Shan Kun, and returned to the Ross Empire fortress.

“Emperor Luo, let me go, do you want to start a war with me and the Interpreter Research Society? Lu Yin doesn’t have the guts,” Shan Kun yelled, angrily attacking Emperor Luo, and was knocked unconscious by a punch from Emperor Luo. .

Not long after, on a planet within the scope of Jian Zong, a cultivator also walked out of the gate of the funeral garden. This person was unlucky and was directly detained by Jian Zong. Even his clothes were stripped off and inspected, and he was about to cry without tears.

This kind of thing happens everywhere in the universe. Wherever there is a gate to the funeral garden, there must be someone guarding it. Some of the guarding forces were destroyed by the people who walked out of the gate of the funeral garden. Some successfully grabbed things, and some gained something. nothing.

The turmoil caused by the Gate of the Burial Garden is getting bigger and bigger, and the mummy’s pursuit of the ancient bloodline has not stopped there. It seems that it has not been affected by the opening of the Burial Garden. Those who should be hunted should be hunted, and those who should be protected should be protected. .

The entire universe went from calm to boiling.

Just a few days after Lu Yin entered the funeral garden from the cosmic sea, a piece of news came out from the funeral garden, shocking the universe.

There are corpses of ancient giants walking around the palace on their backs. Along the way, many natural and earthly treasures that can be used to avoid crises, weapons sufficient for the enlightenment realm, and even inherited techniques are dropped.

The source of this news is difficult to find. It seems to have gone viral on the Internet overnight, and the news only remained on the Internet for an hour before disappearing.

A big shot intervened to block the news on the entire network. The person who made the move had a background as big as the sky. He was definitely from the New Universe, and 90% likely came from the Hall of Glory.

This gives more confidence in the accuracy of the message.

Major forces continue to send people into the cemetery to find this ancient giant.

A few days later, Lu Yin stood on a mountain range, staring into the distance with his mouth open. He saw a huge figure walking staggeringly, hunched over, and every step made huge city-like steps on the ground. The footprints and every step made the mountains and rivers shake. The clouds were just around the figure’s waist. Through the clouds, Lu Yin saw the huge figure carrying an even larger palace.

After experiencing the strange and terrifying scene in Tea Mountain, Lu Yin’s impression of the funeral garden completely changed. What he saw now gave him the same unbelievable feeling. Is that a giant carrying the palace on his back?

Lu Yin’s eyes flickered, staring closely at the giant’s walking. Although the giant’s steps were tired and staggering, each step was very long and quickly disappeared.

Lu Yin hurriedly chased after him. No matter what, the palace on the giant’s back was still very attractive. Moreover, if he read correctly, the giant should also be a corpse walking in the cemetery. This kind of corpse has been professionally Noun – wandering corpse.


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