Star Odyssey Chapter 1800: Chashan

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The Mountain God said in a deep voice, “Who can defeat us? Alliance Leader Lu underestimates us too much. Although we are not as good as the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, we cannot be easily manipulated.”

“I was attacked and killed twice in the funeral garden. The first time was from a star envoy, and the second time was from a descendant of the Martial Ancestor of the Daoyuan Sect of the Sixth Continent. This person teamed up with Xia Yi to attack me. If these two people leave the gate of the funeral garden and come to your place, how can you resist? If you fail to get the things in the funeral garden, your home will be robbed. This is not what you want to see, right?” Lu Yin asked back.

A few people were silent.

Lingqiu said, “We, the Lingling clan, are sure to deal with it.”

Lu Yin looked at her, “But I don’t want to take risks. The Lingling clan has you, the leader of the Lingqiu clan, and the existence of Taizu Ling. Together, the two of them can guard a portal for free access to the cemetery, but if there are two , it’s not safe.”

Lingqiu was dissatisfied, “Leader Lu, does he think that my strength is not enough to guard a portal alone?”.

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed and his tone became colder, “I’m talking to you out of respect. I don’t want to enforce it. I hope you can give me face as the leader of the alliance.”

Lingqiu wanted to speak, but was stopped by Liu Qianjue’s eyes. Whether he wanted to or not, Lu Yin was the leader of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, and since they had joined the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, they had to give face, even if they had the ability to deal with Lu Yin. We can’t take action now, otherwise no one will trust them in the future.

This is the law of the universe. Under these four words, there are many unspoken rules. Since you have joined the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, you cannot rebel immediately, let alone openly oppose the alliance leader, otherwise there will be another Eastern Xinjiang Alliance in the future. , instead of surrendering to them, they would directly kill them.

Some rules cannot be broken unless the bottom line is involved.

“Okay, now that the alliance leader has spoken, we agree to leave only one entrance to the cemetery that can be freely entered and exited,” Liu Qianjue said.

Lu Yin glanced at several people, and Prince Yao didn’t speak from the beginning to the end. He was not qualified to speak, so he was just there to listen, nothing more.

“By the way, Alliance Leader Lu just said that he was attacked by Xia Yi. Is this Xia Yi the head of the Xia family of the Seven-Word Royal Court? Did he also go in?” the mountain **** suddenly asked.

Lu Yin said, “Not bad.”

Liu Qianjue and others looked at each other again. The Seven-Character Royal Court was juxtaposed with the funeral garden. Even the head of the Xia family entered the funeral garden, and perhaps the heads of other families would also enter. This shows that there is indeed a great opportunity in the funeral garden. Should they also enter?

“I would like to remind you that the reason for allowing you to keep a portal of the funeral garden with free access is based on your current strength. If you enter the funeral garden and are confirmed by me that you are unable to hold a portal, then that portal will also be destroyed. ” Lu Yin said.

Liu Qianjue and the others did not refute.

Soon, the communication ended, and Lu Yin contacted Wang Wen, “I have already told them, but these old foxes will definitely keep their doors.”

“I’ll check”.

“How was the portal destroyed?”.

Wang Wen was distressed, “The gate of the funeral garden is not easy to destroy, but Chen Huang took action and destroyed one.”

Lu Yin said, “It seems that it requires power at the level of a star envoy.”

“Don’t worry, there shouldn’t be too many people going in for the time being, but there will definitely be more people going in later, so be careful,” Wang Wendao said.

Lu Yin grunted and hung up the communication.

The funeral garden lacks a huge opportunity now. As long as it appears, it will attract a large number of people to enter. That is the time to really seize the opportunity


Now that he came to the Universe Sea, Lu Yin wanted to go to the Rennes Battle Group, but after asking Ye Xingchen, he found out that the Rennes Battle Group was far away, and because of the climate, even if the two sides knew the location, it would be difficult. It’s easy to meet him, unless he comes to pick him up in person at Saint Ray’s.

Lu Yin thought for a while, forget it, let’s go there later.

He bid farewell to Ye Xingchen and stepped into the gate of the cemetery. Before leaving, he reminded Ye Xingchen to avoid it. The strength of the Indomitable Chapter could not guard such a gate of the cemetery.

In fact, he wanted to suggest Ye Xingchen to destroy the gate to the cemetery, but unfortunately there was no one in the Indomitable Legion who could surpass the Star Envoy.

Entering the funeral garden again, when Lu Yin saw his surroundings clearly, he was a little confused. Is this a funeral garden?

Dense trees block the sun. Through the big trees, you can see the mountains and hills in the distance spreading upward layer by layer, full of greenery, and the small rivers winding around the hills.

If it weren’t for the confirmation that he had entered the gate of the funeral garden, Lu Yin would have thought that he had arrived at a planet suitable for human habitation.

This is simply a paradise environment.

Out of the woods, Lu Yin looked around. The mountains were not high, and they were all green. Directly in front of him, tea was grown on the hills. The fragrance of tea wafted in, refreshing his mind.

Lu Yin couldn’t help but walk towards the hills.

Soon, he came to the foot of the hill and was about to walk up when he vaguely seemed to hear something. He followed the sound and looked to the right, where the sound seemed to come from.

Lu Yin walked in the direction of the sound. A few meters away from him, tea trees were neatly arranged. There were no creatures in sight, but there was a sound, and the sound was getting louder and louder.

“Save, save me”.

“Save me”.

“Please, save me.”

Lu Yin searched for a long time, but still found nothing. He glanced at the tea leaves unintentionally, and suddenly turned back and stared at the center of the tea leaves. His pupils shrank sharply, full of horror. He rarely felt this emotion, but at this moment, He seemed to see something incredible.

On the tea leaves, there is a human face, which is lifelike. He is muttering weakly to himself. The voice comes from this human face.

Lu Yin’s eyes widened and he looked down at the tea leaves. There was no body, only a face, not even a head. What’s going on? Has the tea become refined?

At this time, the human face opened his eyes weakly and looked at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin’s hair stood on end. He saw in these eyes the complex emotions that only humans can have, which were despair and pleading, and then he became even more excited, “Lu, Alliance Leader Lu, is that you?”.

Lu Yin stared closely at the face. It was a middle-aged man, very weak, and his face was pale. Apart from his face, he couldn’t see anything, “Do you know me?”.

The face was excited, “I, my name is An Liang, I am from Shuiyue Villa.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “Shuiyue Villa? An Shaohua’s person?”.

“Yes, I am An Liang, An Shaohua’s uncle, leader of the Lu Alliance. Please save me. I am from Shuiyue Villa and even more from the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance.” An Liang asked for help weakly, his eyes filled with tears. The excitement of seeing the light beneath hope and despair.

Lu Yin was confused, “How did you become like this? Where is your body?”.

An Liang was frightened, his eyes kept flickering, and his pupils were suddenly big and small. He looked extremely frightened, “It’s the mummy. The mummy mistook me for a tea plantation. It’s the mummy.”

Lu Yin’s face twitched, “What are you talking about?”.

An Liang looked at Lu Yin in fear, “Leader Lu, please save me, save me, I don’t want to be used as a tea planter, I don’t want to be used as fertilizer.”

Lu Yin’s face turned pale, and a cold air surged from the soles of his feet. He suddenly turned around and saw that the place was empty except for the flowing stream.

“Leader Lu, save me, save me” An Liang groaned in pain, his whole face was distorted, it was extremely terrifying.

“You mean, a mummy planted you as a tea leaf?” Lu Yin asked again.

An Liang said with difficulty, “Yes, it’s a mummy, carrying a bamboo basket.”

Lu Yin’s whole body trembled with chills. This feeling was not that he was facing life or death, but that he was facing an incomprehensible strangeness. It was like being treated as white meat on Tuofu Star, like seeing the person with his internal organs hollowed out in the Eternal Kingdom. A chill and panic from the bottom of his heart swallowed him up.

He hurriedly backed away and looked around, not even daring to release the field at will.

In this cemetery, he encountered more than one mummy, such as the one-legged old man, the little girl who kept slapping the void, the person who was the secretariat of Huice who he integrated into, and the Chen Zu who didn’t know whether he was alive or dead. , he has a guess that the mummies that have survived to this day are probably not easy, and they are definitely not something he can fight against.

Originally, he thought that the mummies were not threatening or even aggressive, but at this moment, An Liang’s experience made Lu Yin refresh his understanding. This cemetery is far from being as safe as the outside world thinks. If you come here to compete for opportunities, your opponents can Not just humans, but more likely, these mummies.

“Lu, Alliance Leader Lu, save me, save me…” An Liang was still moaning.

Lu Yin looked at the other tea leaves, and all of them were human faces, looking dead and unresponsive.

He took a few steps back again, and then quickly rushed towards the woods. Looking back at the tea hills, Lu Yin was filled with unprecedented fear. He had not found the mummy of the tea planter until now. He was on the edge of the cliff, and he had the feeling of being killed at any time. The feeling of staring.

At this moment, a man walked out of thin air from another direction. He looked confused and looked around. He was the same as Lu Yin had appeared before.

Lu Yin looked at the man without saying a word. This man also entered through the gate of the funeral garden and came here randomly.

The man’s cultivation was not weak. He stepped out of the twisted void and appeared under the hills of Tea Mountain, and then stepped directly onto the hills.

The moment the man stepped onto the hill, a figure stood up in the middle of the tea mountain. It was an old mummy, with a stooped waist and a bamboo basket on its back. It faced the man. In the man’s blank gaze, he waved his hand, and the man’s body It flew lightly towards the old mummy, was caught by the old mummy, and then plunged directly into the ground. Then, an earth-shaking scream spread all around.

Lu Yin opened his mouth wide and looked at this scene in horror.

I saw that the limbs of the man’s body gradually withered, and then turned into a tea tree. The tendons, bones, and blood all formed the nutrients of the tea tree. Only a face was left, looking up to the sky. His eyes were still blank, but there was a kind of extreme pain. and despair.

In the woods, Lu Yin walked away without looking back. A chessboard appeared under his feet, moving, moving, moving. He kept rushing towards the distance, not daring to stop at all.

The man was planted into a tea tree in an instant. This scene left a deep psychological shadow on him. What on earth was that old mummy? Too cruel, too weird.

Lu Yin didn’t even have the slightest idea of ​​investigating. It was impossible. He only wanted to stay as far away from the tea mountain as possible.

He never wanted to see that kind of weird and terrifying scene in his life.


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