Star Odyssey Chapter 1791: The Gate of the Burial Garden

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The elder Gong is not only looking for Lu Yin, he is also looking for other major forces such as the Hall of Glory, just to protect those who are being hunted as much as possible. The Eastern Xinjiang Alliance now covers a too wide area, so looking for him is also for this purpose .

Lu Yin immediately ordered that experts from the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance be dispatched to find the mummies and protect those being chased by the mummies. They must be protected regardless of whether they have joined the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance or not.

These people may be the key to contact the ancient times.

Although the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance has a vast territory and many masters, it is impossible for those strong ones at the Star Envoy level to obey orders. Although the Jianzong and other forces joined the Dongjiang Alliance, they only joined and did not completely obey Lu Yin. Once the ancient bloodlines that were protected by the mummies were inherited, they would not be handed over to Lu Yin.

So Lu Yin did not directly order Jian Zong and other forces to take action, but told Liu Qianjue and others the truth about the situation. Driven by profit, these people will act more decisively and faster, which is better than having these inheritances cut off at the hands of mummies. inside.

Lu Yin also asked Elder Gong about the origin of these mummies. Elder Gong told Lu Yin an answer that was both expected and unexpected – the Eternals.

The Eternals only have the Corpse King. Where can they find such mummies that can search for ancient bloodlines?

Elder Gong finally told Lu Yin a specific person, the Seven Gods, the Immortal God.

The Immortal God is one of the Seven Gods. Each of the Seven Gods has an extraordinary origin. For example, the Forgotten God comes from the Wang family in Sifang Tianping and is one of the oldest ancestors of the Wang family. The Immortal God is said to be more powerful than the Forgotten God. God is even older.

The Forgotten God, the Immortal God, and the Corpse God who has a body comparable to Chen Zu, Lu Yin is already very curious about Qishentian, and he really wants to know the true identity of Qishentian.

The appearance of mummies caused the universe to perform a drama of pursuit and protection. With the addition of Jian Zong and other forces, those targeted by the mummies to be hunted suddenly became extremely precious, and all forces rushed to grab them. Protection, hoping to gain access to ancient heritage.

But almost all of them are disappointed. There are indeed artifacts passed down from ancient times among the people being chased by mummies. Unfortunately, they are either lost or damaged due to too long time, or the information is incomplete. Even people of ancient blood cannot understand everything. Most of them People are destined to be disappointed.

However, some people succeeded.

Half a month later, a news came out that Yizhuang in the Sixth Continent killed the mummy and rescued an old woman. She was the only one in the old woman’s family to survive, and her family had already gone through countless generations, and her surnames were all related to various ancestors. The reason has changed several times, but only one stone has always been preserved and has not been lost. Even the old woman herself does not know the origin of that stone. She only knows that it was passed down from her ancestors and cannot be lost.

Part of the landscape painting was painted on that stone. It looked very ordinary, but the age at which the landscape painting was carved was shocking. According to the corpse-keeper of the Uzuki Seal, the landscape painting gave him the feeling of being ancient. And the vicissitudes of life are like the passage of time on it.

New Universe Aurora Spaceship Company also rescued a man who was being chased by mummies. That man had no inheritance, only four words – Mountain and Sea Warfare, and the rest was nothing. Those four words were from ancient times. According to legend, that person didn’t think these four words had any meaning. Many people who interacted with him had heard of these four words and didn’t think they meant anything.

But it’s different when the Aurora Spaceship Company hears these four words. That person is only in the cruise realm, at the bottom of the new universe, living in a starry sky city, and has never even heard of the Star Tower, let alone the mountains and seas. The realm of mountains and seas, and the method of mountain and sea warfare clearly refers to the realm of mountains and seas, and more profoundly

, refers to – nine mountains and eight seas.

When these four words reached Lu Yin’s ears, Lu Yin suddenly became awe-struck. He remembered the scene he encountered in the ruins of Daoyuan Sect. He entered the mountains and seas, encountered a barrier, and failed. He saw that those flames were even colored. It was burning, no color could be seen, and a pool of spring water was constantly pouring out, but nothing could be seen.

That is the inheritance of the mountains and seas. So, is this mountain and sea warfare inheritance the inheritance of the mountains and seas?

There is also the old woman who was rescued by Yizhuang. The stone in her hand and the New Humanity Alliance are staring at Yihuang Academy. The stone they want to get should be the same, or in other words, they were once one. If this is the case, That’s interesting.

There is indeed something about those ancient bloodlines being chased by mummies. Lu Yin became more and more interested in those people. He asked people to count the people who were being chased. No matter where they were, whether they had inheritance or not, they had to be counted. .

The entire universe has focused its attention on those ancient bloodlines who are being hunted by mummies. As time goes by, the number of mummies and ancient bloodlines is increasing.

At this moment, the cemetery appears.

In the starry sky, a spaceship is heading steadily towards the Cosmic Sea. This spaceship transports a lot of goods and trades between the Cosmic Sea and the inner universe.

It was originally just a very ordinary transport spaceship, until mummies appeared in the rear, traveling through the void with more than 200,000 combat power, the people on the spacecraft changed their expressions in horror.

With a whoosh, the spacecraft was torn apart. In an instant, dozens of people fell into the starry sky and died quickly.

The broken spaceship continued to explode. In the cabin, a young man hid in despair under the table, but was also affected by the explosion. Suddenly, a shadow enveloped him. The young man thought he would definitely die, but the explosion that affected him was blocked. He looked up and saw a mummy with dark eyes and a withered face. His pupils shrank sharply, and his father’s words before his death rang in his mind.

‘Children, remember, our surname is Wang, which is the only surname in ancient times. This is our root, but we must not expose it to the outside world, otherwise there will be no place for us to survive in this universe. Remember, child’ .

The young man stared at the mummy blankly, while the mummy kept muttering to himself, “I found the ancient bloodline, the target is determined, kill.” After saying that, he grabbed the young man.

At some point, mist appeared in the starry sky. When the mummy grabbed the boy with one hand, a battle flag suddenly appeared in front of the boy, wrapped in a strange gray airflow, blocking the mummy. The mummy held the flag and exerted force. Trying to crush the battle flag into pieces.

Behind him, the sword edge passed by, and the mummy’s head fell off, falling at the young man’s feet. Before he died, he was still muttering to himself, “I found the ancient bloodline, the target is determined, kill.”

The young man’s face turned pale, and he looked past the beheaded mummy to the back, where a knight was staring at him. For some reason, this knight’s figure was sometimes transparent and completely invisible, and sometimes very real.

The young man looked at it at a loss.

“From today on, Burial Garden will accept you as a disciple.” After saying this, the knight took the young man and disappeared without anyone seeing him.

The same scene keeps happening everywhere in the universe.

Old Zen quickly received the news and contacted the tombkeeper of the cemetery in a unique way. He was one of the seven half-ancestors of the human star field. He was an old man who barely spoke but was extremely fearful.

“The funeral garden is about to open?” Mr. Zen asked.


“When the Sea King broke through the upper three gates, the funeral garden was about to be opened, but because of the power of Fu Zu, it was delayed until now. Why is it opened now?”

“The ancient bloodline is facing a crisis. We must adhere to the instructions of our ancient ancestors, preserve the fire of our ancestors, and prevent the martyrs from dying in vain, leaving behind a legacy of incense.”

“My Hall of Glory can do the same, the entire universe is protecting the ancient bloodline.”

“They just want to get the inheritance of the ancient bloodline and try to get in touch with the ancient times. Little do they know that some inheritances are not something they can covet.”

“The current situation does not require the opening of the funeral garden. Have you forgotten the human and demon?”.

“When the funeral garden opens, it is possible for humans and demons to be born, and it is also possible for heroes to be born. There are both advantages and disadvantages. It is the responsibility of my funeral garden to protect the fire of the martyrs.”

Old Chan said no more, the funeral garden was not his decision.

Not long after, tombs appeared in many places in the universe, tens of meters high, with tombstones as doors and loess as bolts, with the word “Burial Garden” engraved on them.

Although there is no word, everyone knows that the cemetery is open, and you can enter the cemetery as long as you open the tomb.

But what is a cemetery? no one knows.

Fortress of the Ross Empire, Lu Yin looked at the gate of the huge tomb rising from the sea, a little stunned, a burial garden? what happened?

“Leader, this kind of funeral gate appears in many places in our Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. In addition to the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, the inner universe, the outer universe, the cosmic sea and the new universe, there are countless places in the universe where funeral gates appear. “Gate” Enya reported.

Ku Wei came, “Master, this is the Burial Garden, one of the three giants of darkness. Why did this thing appear?”.

Lu Yin glanced at Ku Wei and said, “Have you been to the funeral garden?”.

Ku Wei grinned, “I’ve been in contact with a group of dead people. It’s too weird. Master, don’t have any contact with them.”

Now he can’t even think about not contacting him. The gate of the funeral garden is opened right under his nose. It’s obvious that he wants him to go in, but he doesn’t want to go in now. Who knows what will happen if he goes in.

It is not easy to be able to ally with the New Human Race and the Seven-Word Royal Court to be called the Three Dark Giants. One of the semi-ancestors of mankind comes from the Burial Garden. He is particularly mysterious. Lu Yin wanted to talk to him at the beginning, but People ignored him.

“How do you open this door? Just push it?” Lu Yin asked.

People from the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance arrived one after another, including Lance. He was the first to step forward and said, “I’ll push.”

Elder Tie hurriedly stopped him, “It’s dangerous, don’t be impulsive.”

Lance looked at the door of the tomb, “I know the name of the funeral garden. Although he is one of the three dark giants, he has done nothing evil. The reason why he is called the dark three giants is entirely because of his style of conduct. It is said that in the cemetery, There is a lot of heritage preserved in the garden.”

In the ten finals, he was completely behind the times. Lu Yin was still promoting the Kongkong Palm. He had always been unwilling to do so. He could not get the follow-up palm techniques of the Kongkong Palm in the Sea of ​​Falling Stars. He urgently needed other inheritances and the emergence of the Burial Garden. It’s opportunity.

Lance looked at Lu Yin with a serious expression, “Let’s go to the cemetery. After we get the inheritance, we will fight again.”

Lu Yin smiled, “I’ll wait for you.”

Elder Tie was anxious, “Do you want the Chongshan Dojo to have no descendants?”.

Lance walked to the gate of the tomb, “If I, Lance, wipe out everyone, what difference does it make if the Chongshan Dojo is here or not?” After saying that, he put his hands on the tomb and pushed it out hard. Unexpectedly, The door was pushed open. It was not as difficult as imagined. As the door was opened, a gray vortex was revealed, like a wormhole traveling through time and space. Lance stepped out and disappeared.


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