Star Odyssey Chapter 1790: The unique skills of the Lu family

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Lu Yin soon learned that he was looking at Bai Shui inside the light curtain, who looked pale and had blood at the corner of his mouth. He glanced past Bai Shui and saw the mummy behind her that was destroying the spaceship. His eyes flickered. This kind of mummy had appeared again. He almost forgot.

“Leader Lu, that mummy has the combat power of the Enlightenment Realm. Your coalition forces can’t stop it,” Bai Shui screamed, hugging Bai Xiaodie tightly.

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes, “My people are protecting you, so you have to take action. Don’t worry, the person who saves you will arrive soon.”

Baishui looked back, gritted his teeth, and used the Fengshen combat skill.

With a bang, the mummy raised his hand to smash the spacecraft, rushed through the military blockade and grabbed Baishui, “The target is determined, kill.”

Baishui retreated hurriedly, her attack was useless against the mummy.

Lu Yin frowned. If he had known this, he should have given Bai Shui some self-defense. He had given super flash tear gas, but it was obviously useless against mummies.

Fortunately, King Yuan Jingye arrived in time, killed the mummy, and then rescued Baishui.

Baishui was also lucky. She happened to encounter the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance sending troops to Baiye Liujie to prepare for the garrison. Otherwise, without the delay of the coalition, she would have died.

“What’s going on?” Lu Yin asked.

Inside the light curtain, Bai Shui gasped and was seriously injured, “I don’t know, this thing came to kill me out of nowhere, saying it discovered the ancient bloodline.”

Lu Yin’s eyes were sharp. Is it an ancient bloodline, a bloodline with a unique surname in ancient times? Who will hunt down the ancient single surname? The mummy remembered that it had massacred the Corpse King before, so it should not be a product of the New Human Alliance, but it was uncertain. Apart from the Eternals, who else would take action against the ancient surname?

At this time, Enya reported that there were multiple massacres of mummies found in the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance in the outer universe and in the inner universe. Some of the people killed were cultivators and some were ordinary people.

Lu Yin’s expression changed, and he immediately contacted Neptune and asked Neptune to send him and the elders to Earth.

There were too many unique surnames on the earth in ancient times. It would be unimaginable if mummies were found on the earth, and the entire earth would be destroyed.

In just a few days, mummies appeared everywhere.

Lu Yin contacted the Hall of Glory and asked about the origin of this mummy, but Mr. Zen had no time to pay attention to him.

Outside the fortress of the Ross Empire, a mummy appeared, “Ancient bloodline found, target determined, kill.” As soon as he finished speaking, he was smashed to pieces by the giant. Chen Jian looked at his hand, “What the hell?”.

In the inner universe, in a small stream, a spaceship fled into the distance, but was smashed to pieces by mummies. Inside the spaceship, a middle-aged man looked ferociously, “No, I don’t want to die, I can’t die, our family’s The inheritance cannot be cut off.” He roared. He raised his long knife and the shadow of the knife passed by. In an instant, the shadow of the knife formed a strange mountain and river map. It possessed inexplicable power and slashed at the mummy with the momentum of breaking through the void.

However, the man’s strength was only at the cruise level. No matter how superb his sword skills were, he had no ability to fight against the mummy. He was smashed to pieces with a palm. The man did not have a unique surname in ancient times.

In the cosmic sea, a small island was in flames. The mummy walked out of the sea of ​​fire, looked at the woman lying on the ground, and raised his hand.

The woman was desperate. She was just an ordinary person. She didn’t know why this happened. On her chest, a jade pendant shone brightly. As the corpse king fell with his palm, the woman died tragically. The jade pendant shattered, and a piece of jade fell out of it. The quicksand of fate leads to the sinking of the island.

In the new universe, a mummy has arrived in the Starry Sky City. This mummy has a combat power of over 400,000. It fought with the city lord for half an hour, and finally killed the city lord with his body and landed in the courtyard of a house in the city.

The ancestors of this family had cultivators in the Enlightenment realm and once served as

The city lord’s guards are just ordinary people now.

The appearance of mummies was a disaster for them. Except for a little boy hiding in the corner, the others died tragically.

The little boy looked at the mummy and raised his hands in fear. Despair enveloped him and he closed his eyes in fear.

After waiting for a while, what came was not the massacre of mummies, but a gust of fragrant wind. He opened his eyes in fear. The mummies were gone, only a woman looked at him gently, “Don’t be afraid, kid, it’s okay.” ”.

The little boy burst into tears, holding a piece of jade tightly in his hand. Maybe he was too hard, maybe he was too scared, his nails pierced into his flesh, and blood dripped down his palm onto the jade. The jade gave off light and penetrated into the little boy’s brain. in, fleeting.

Although it was fast, the woman still saw it, and she stared at the little boy closely.

The little boy’s eyes were dull for a moment, then recovered and wiped his tears.

“Child, did you learn anything just now?” the woman asked, looking at the little boy curiously.

The little boy wiped his tears and nodded, “Yes, there was a little man who taught me some moves.”

“What action?” The woman was surprised. This is inheritance, the inheritance of combat skills.

The little boy thought for a while and then made a move. It was just a move. He had no cultivation and no star energy. The woman couldn’t see anything.

“Tell aunt, what is the name of this action?” the woman asked.

The little boy replied, “Earth, Ksitigarbha needle.”

The woman’s name is Yuan Miao, an elder of Tianxing Sect. She accidentally saved the little boy by passing by. She took the little boy to Tianxing Sect and reported the hunt for the mummy, which attracted the attention of the entire Tianxing Sect. Three needles were hidden there. The word reached the ears of the elder Gonggong. The elder Gonggong was shocked and received the little boy.

“Child, do that action again,” the elder said softly.

The little boy raised his hand, stretched out one hand, palm facing down, and looked up. This action was very ordinary, but in the eyes of the elder Gong, it was anything but ordinary. This was the Ksitigarbha needle, the unique skill of the Lu family.

When he sneaked into the Tree Starry Sky, he also competed with the masters of the Lu family. The Lu family’s Ksitigarbha needle impressed him deeply. It was extremely miraculous to use a gray needle to expel toxins and even injuries from the body.

“Child, what is your name?” asked the elder Gong.

The little boy replied, “Erqi”.

Europe? The elder Gong was surprised that the strange name was not Lu. He looked at the little boy for a while and asked Yuan Miao to settle him down and “contact Lu Yin for me.”

Lu Yin has had a headache these past two days. The Eastern Xinjiang Alliance now covers too wide an area. In this area, no less than ten mummies have appeared. They are killing some people inexplicably. If these people are powerful practitioners, Forget it, some are simply ordinary people.

However, he also found a way to deal with it, that is, others should not take action when they see the mummy, and the mummy will not take the initiative.

This made him feel aggrieved, so he sent out all the strong men under his command. At least only those in the Enlightenment realm could attack the mummies. However, some mummies were not just as simple as the Enlightenment realm. There were also strong and weak ones in the Enlightenment realm. The ones discovered so far The most powerful mummy slapped Ling Shen, the elder of the Lingling clan, to death with one palm. He was a man with 450,000 combat power. This incident made Lingqiu extremely angry and went out to search for the mummy himself.

The Hall of Glory has not been idle either, constantly sending out experts to surround and suppress the mummies.

Many people speculate that these mummies were released by the New Humanity Alliance, but they are different from the Corpse King.

Fortunately, no mummies with Star Envoy level cultivation have been found yet.

The personal terminal rang. Lu Yin looked and saw that it was Yuan Qiong, the leader of the Tianxing Sect.

“Sect Master, what’s going on?” Lu Yin opened his personal terminal and asked directly, without being too polite, and without the awe that a disciple would have in the face of a sect leader.

Yuan Qiong didn’t care. Lu Yin was not a disciple of the Tianxing Sect. If it weren’t for the pattern on the soles of his feet, the Tianxing Sect would not pay attention to him. “The elder Gong wants to see you for something.”

Inside the light curtain, Elder Gong appeared with a stern expression, “Yuan Qiong, please step back first.”

Yuan Qiong was surprised, even he wanted to retreat?

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed and he vaguely guessed something.

After Yuan Qiong left, the elder Gong looked at Lu Yin and said, “Lu Xiaoxuan.”

Lu Yin smiled bitterly and saluted deeply, “I’m sorry, elder, I lied to you.”

Knowing Lu Xiaoxuan’s identity, Mr. Chan would naturally tell Elder Gong, Shangsheng Tianshi and the others that Lu Yin had been waiting for them to contact him, but he didn’t, so he even forgot about it.

Unexpectedly, Elder Gong would contact him at this time.

“Not to mention this, do you know about Ksitigarbha needles?” Elder Gong asked.

Lu Yin was confused and shook his head, “I don’t know.”

The elder Gong looked at Lu Yin for a while, then sighed, “It seems you have really forgotten.”

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows, “Is it related to the Lu family?”

“The Ksitigarbha Needle is a unique skill of the Lu family,” the elder Gong said.

Lu Yin said bitterly, “The juniors have forgotten it, but since it is the Lu family’s unique skill, I should have learned it once. Now I have to start all over again. This has nothing to do with the juniors.”

The elder Gong said seriously, “Today, a child who was chased by a mummy knew how to use Ksitigarbha needles and received this inheritance.”

Lu Yin was shocked, “Isn’t Ksitigarbha Needle a secret skill of the Lu family?”.

“Yes, no one except the Lu family can get this secret skill, but this child started the inheritance with his blood and got the Ksitigarbha needle.”

“You mean, this child has the blood of my Lu family?” Lu Yin was surprised.

The elder Gong was puzzled, “Maybe, or maybe not, Ksitigarbha Needle has always been the secret skill of the Lu family, but it may not have been invented by the Lu family. Maybe the Lu family also learned it from somewhere else, although the inheritance requires blood to be started. , but it is not impossible to teach outsiders.”

“Is the elder telling this to the junior?” Lu Yin was confused.

The elder Gong had a solemn expression, “The mummy is chasing the ancient bloodline. The ancient bloodline does not necessarily represent the unique surname in ancient times. The ancestral bloodline of all those being hunted is extraordinary, enough to trigger the pursuit. This is A gap in an era. Now, these mummies connect the era of ancient bloodlines with the current era. The future will change.”

Lu Yin pondered.

“As the mummies are hunted down, more and more ancient inheritances will appear. This little boy’s father and grandfather have never learned Ksitigarbha needles, but now they have learned it. When he grows up, Ksitigarbha acupuncture This unique skill will shine in the starry sky, and so will other ancient inheritances, but some of them must have been completely wiped out,” the elder Gong said.

Lu Yin raised his eyes and asked, “What does the elder mean?”.

“Try to protect those who are being hunted. You can also get some secrets from ancient times through them, as long as you are lucky,” the elder Gong said.

Lu Yin understands. The mummies can determine the target by hunting down the ancient bloodline. Then, the mummies are their target. Anyone who is chased by the mummies may have ancient inheritance, although those inheritances may have disappeared.


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