Star Odyssey Chapter 1788: Inner Universe Integration

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The dice was rolled twice in a row before it reached four. As the scene in front of him changed, Lu Yin entered the timeless space again.

This time he plans to concentrate on practicing Tianxing Gong.

Originally he planned to recite the Ancestral Sutra if it reached four o’clock, but the scene when he saw Chen Ancestor really shocked him. He remembered the long-lost Tianxing Kung Fu, and it was time to practice it.

Wait, why don’t they both practice together?

Lu Yin recited the meaning of the Ancestor Sutra while practicing Tianxing Gong. This was an attempt.

Half a month later, Lu Yin opened his eyes, the stars on his body were moving, and the meaning of the ancestor scriptures lingered in his ears. His eyes were ecstatic. He did not expect that reciting the scriptures and meanings of the ancestors and practicing the Tianxing Kung unexpectedly went smoothly. The speed was much faster than before. Could it be that Does the Ancestral Sutra also have the effect of assisting cultivation? Why didn’t that old guy Quiro tell him?

If he had known this, he would have practiced Tianxing Gong a long time ago.

With the Ancestral Sutra, practicing Tianxing Gong is like wearing an accelerator.

Lu Yin was inspired and threw all the remaining star energy crystal marrow into the time-still space. The time was increased by nearly one year and he began to practice.

Previously, Lu Yin had cultivated the Heavenly Star Technique to the fifth level of 5,700 stars. Now, with the blessing of the ancestor scriptures, the number of stars has increased one by one, and the range of surrounding stars has expanded, as if the universe was created.

One month.

Two months.

Three months

Eleven months later, when there were less than five days left in the static space of time, Lu Yin opened his eyes. At this moment, the number of stars on his body had nearly doubled compared to a year ago.

Lu Yin opened his eyes wide and looked at the stars around him. Every star was clearly visible, a total of 9,300. This was just the result of one year.

The previous practice of Tianxing Gong only increased about a thousand stars in one year. This time, the speed increased four times. This is the effect of the Ancestral Sutra, and he is far from being able to fully recite the Ancestral Sutra. Once you can memorize it completely, you don’t know how many times the speed will increase.

The Heavenly Star Technique originally increases the speed of Star Energy cultivation, and the Ancestor Sutra increases the cultivation speed of the Heavenly Star Technique. Coupled with the practice of time and space, once word spreads about Lu Yin’s cultivation speed, it is enough to make people doubt their lives.

It’s a pity that there is no Star Energy Crystal Essence. He must get another amount of resources to practice the Tianxing Gong like crazy. He must successfully practice the fifth level of the Tianxing Gong and see if the patterns on the soles of his feet are useful at that time.

If Chen Zu is still alive, will he be lured out? Lu Yin was looking forward to it.

As the scene in front of him changed, the time came and Lu Yin returned to reality.

This time he was in seclusion for only more than a month, but he spent all the billions of star energy crystal marrow in his body, and his heart bleeds just thinking about it.

So much so that when he saw Wang Wen after going out, he wanted to rob this guy.

“What’s wrong with your eyes? It’s a bit dangerous.” Wang Wen was very keen and looked at Lu Yin warily.

Lu Yin rubbed his eyes and said, “I am in seclusion, I am too tired from practicing.”

Wang Wen blinked, “Tired? I said, other people’s retreat is based on years, but your retreat seems to be only more than a month. The most it lasts is only a few months, and it never exceeds half a year. Why are you tired? “.

“Nonsense, of course more than that.”

“I don’t remember that”.

“Okay, what do you want from me?” Lu Yin was impatient, always feeling like a flaw had been discovered.

Wang Wen gave Lu Yin a plan, “This is the current newly formed army and distribution situation of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, as well as the number of experts and numbers that can be used in the alliance, let’s take a look.”

Lu Yin looked over.

At present, the Dongjiang Alliance integrates the seven major flow realms in the inner universe, which is equivalent to integrating nearly half of the inner universe. Except for the Wenfeng flow realm, there is no need to worry about the other small flow realms.

Now the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance has formed ten major coalition forces and three special legions.

The first coalition army to the fourth coalition army are the same as before, according to the distribution formulated by Shui Chuanxiao, both the marching strategy and the terminology are planned by Shui Chuanxiao.

The Fifth Alliance Army is mainly composed of disciples sent by the Sword Sect and some cultivators from the outer universe. Its overall strength is similar to that of the First Alliance Army, and it is stationed in the Chaos Realm.

Seeing this, Lu Yin’s eyes lit up. This was to separate Jian Zong from the Fifth Alliance Army.

The Sixth Alliance Army is composed of some cultivators from Shenpintang and the outer universe, and is stationed in the Lingxi Realm.

The Seventh Alliance Army is composed of the Lingling Tribe and some cultivators from the outer universe, and is stationed in the first-class realm.

The Eighth Alliance Army is composed of some cultivators from the outer universe of the White Night Clan and is stationed in the Wenfengliu World.

Seeing this, Lu Yin looked at Wang Wen, “The world of literary style?”

“Sooner or later,” Wang Wen said matter-of-factly.

Lu Yin smiled and continued to look.

The Ninth Alliance Army is composed of some cultivators from the outer universe of the Divine Gu Dynasty and is stationed in the White Night Realm.

The Tenth Alliance Army is composed of some cultivators from the Wen family and the outer universe, and is stationed in the Gu Liu Realm.

Not only did they separate the disciples they could control, but they also sent them to garrison in the mutually hostile realms for the sake of balance.

“So, who is the candidate for the army commander?” Lu Yin asked.

Wang Wen was troubled, “It’s troublesome. We don’t have many experts we trust. If we let people from the inner universe serve as legion commanders, it would cause unnecessary trouble. Just like the Beast Controlling Realm and the Lingxi Realm are very hostile. , If a master of the Shenpintang Enlightenment Realm is allowed to serve as the army commander, I’m afraid that the Sixth Alliance Army will cause trouble for the Lingling Tribe.”

This is a question. Lu Yin pondered for a moment, “Transfer the captain of the 13th regiment of the Imperial Court of the Dayu Empire to serve as the regiment commander. Except for Taoxiang and the others from the cruise realm, who may not be willing to do so if they are strong enough, let Duan Baiye and the Lan family Elder Tie was transferred over.”

“Suitable?” Wang Wen was not sure.

Lu Yin glanced at him and said, “Do you have a more suitable candidate?”.

Wang Wen shook his head, “My background is too poor, well, this is the only way.”

Lu Yin continued to look at the plan. In addition to the ten major coalition forces, there were three special legions in this plan, namely the giant lineage, the newly formed Heavenly Sin Army proposed by Lu Xuanjun and Lu Yin.

The Lu Xuan Army and the Great Giant lineage do not need to be changed. The Heavenly Sin Army will be formed from the Dawei Dragon Clan and those who do evil in the small world. The army commander is tentatively named Thunder Ax.

For the Heavenly Sin Army, there is great potential for future growth, and Lu Yin set his sights on the starry sky of the tree.

The Sifang Balance arranged the strong men who disobeyed them to the Star Alliance. The Heavenly Sin Army was created based on this template. In the future, this will be the home of the Sifang Balance.

Now that the inner universe is nearly unified, there are a total of fourteen strong star envoys under the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, namely the Second Night King, Liu Huang, Ling Taizu, Liu Qianjue, Lingqiu, Mountain God, and Lady You , Abel Phoenix, Elder Lianxin, Chenhuang, Emperor Luo, plus Neptune, the elders and Ice Emperor who can always ask for help.

If Wen Fengliujie joins the Dongjiang Alliance, two more star envoys will be added directly, namely Wen Zizai and Dean Han. The number of star envoys in the Dongjiang Alliance can reach sixteen.

Including himself, there were seventeen people.

Seventeen Star Messengers, even the behemoths of the new universe, cannot exist alone

So many, maybe the Hall of Glory can hide many Star Envoys, but Lu Yin doesn’t believe there are so many of them.

Of course, Lu Yin has no idea how many there are in the Hall of Glory plus its subordinate organizations and hidden Star Envoy level transformations.

And the top masters in the Hall of Glory can destroy them, which is incomparable, but Lu Yin at least has the courage to compete with any force.

Only one top-notch person was needed to take charge. He thought of Quiro and Madam Red, who was controlled by Quiro. After all the calculations, there were two more.

With a happy mood, Lu Yin came to the botanical garden and waved to the small sapling that was swinging its branches above the big tree. As soon as the branches of the small sapling moved, it immediately ran to Lu Yin, very happy, while the big tree ran away forgetting all sleep and food.

The sapling jumped directly on top of Lu Yin’s head. Lu Yin pursed his lips and grabbed it, “I’m not a big tree, don’t put it on top of me.”

The sapling’s happy branches were tightly wrapped around Lu Yin’s fingers, and Lu Yin could feel its happiness.

“Your Highness, this is the Xingyuan Pill sent by Clover Company.” Qiong Xier came and handed the Xingyuan Pill to Lu Yin.

Clover Company openly announced the Star Source Pill at the Shen Gu Dynasty Banquet, which has caused a shock in the universe. Countless forces want to buy it, but before that, Clover Company sent Star Source Pill to many big forces. It was King Xiaoye who was sent to the Ross Empire Fortress.

It was at that time that King Xiaoye discovered the sapling.

Lu Yin took the sealed Star Source Pill, and the saplings wrapped around his fingers even tighter.

“What actions has Clover Company taken recently?” Lu Yin asked.

Qiong Xier said, “We promote Xingyuan Pill vigorously, but the rest is nothing.”

“What about us?” Lu Yin asked.

Qiong Xier said, “By the way, King Xiaoye said before leaving that he would invite you to visit the big world of Clover Company Headquarters.”

Lu Yin nodded, “I understand.”

Qiong Xier is gone.

Lu Yin looked at the Star Source Pill in his hand. The person who originally wanted to break into the Ross Empire fortress but was stopped by Liu Huang was probably King Ye. His target was obviously the sapling.

Being able to escape from Liu Huang’s hands, King Ye’s strength is estimated to have reached 800,000, or even higher.

This is a dangerous man.

The strength of Clover Company is not inferior to the helmsmanship of the Eight Major Realms, and is only slightly worse than that of the White Night Clan and the Sword Sect.

Now that Xingyuan Dan is being promoted vigorously, he must have other plans.

Lu Yin’s eyes are bright. The eight major factions at the helm need to cultivate disciples. Money is not too important. However, Clover Company is a commercial force. Although a considerable part of the resources are used to develop Xingyuan Dan, some of them are reserved for use. There must be a lot of circulating funds. If the resources of Clover Company can be obtained, Lu Yin breathed quickly.

The branches wrapped around his hands were getting tighter and tighter. Lu Yin looked down and saw that the sapling seemed to be staring at the Star Source Pill in his hand, full of longing. Although he had no eyes, Lu Yin felt that he was staring at the Star Source Pill. Dan.

“Want it?” Lu Yin asked, remembering the previous scene where the Star Source Pill was swallowed by a small sapling. King Xiao Ye was able to discover the small sapling because the small sapling led to the Star Source Pill to be swallowed.

A few green leaves on the top of the sapling rubbed Lu Yin’s chin, which was very warm and comfortable. With the touch of the green leaves, the black and white mist on Lu Yin’s chest also calmed down.

Unable to resist this coquettishness, Lu Yin opened the Star Source Pill, and each sapling flew out. The sapling quickly rolled up, and then the Star Source Pill disappeared, and the sapling grew a little visibly to the naked eye.


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