Star Odyssey Chapter 1787: Chen Zu? ?

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Fortress of the Ross Empire, Lu Yin watched the dice slowly stop at six o’clock. His eyes widened. He was so lucky. It was six o’clock as soon as it came up.

The light clusters in the mysterious space were all dim. Lu Yin looked at them and was a little speechless. None of these light clusters were worthy of fusion. This was the first time he encountered them. He could only fuse one randomly, otherwise he might have to wait for the star energy. You can’t leave until all the crystal marrow is consumed.

Into a ball of light, Lu Yin opened his eyes, Huh? It feels so familiar. It’s not a human being, a giant beast, or a corpse king. This is a mechanical ant?

Lu Yin was surprised that he actually integrated into the body of the mechanical ant he once was. He was still a mechanical ant with hunting level strength. No wonder the light group was so dim. With his current strength, the hunting level was too low.

Lu Yin turned his tentacles and looked around. He saw countless mechanical ants densely packed together. The scene he saw was similar to what he had seen before. He controlled the body of the mechanical ant to jump up, landed on the mechanical ant in front of him, and then jumped He got up and headed forward. He did the same thing last time, but there were so many mechanical ants that he couldn’t even see the end.

But this time, Lu Yin saw it. He saw countless mechanical ants in front or behind. A lot of materials were being transported, and the ones who transported these materials were scavengers.

As the scene in front of him changed, Lu Yin returned to his body, did not move, and pondered quietly.

He once speculated that the disappearance of materials in the technological star field might be related to scavengers, and he also speculated that the mechanical ants were related to scavengers, but he didn’t expect it to come true.

Scavengers are machines specially used to clean up garbage in the starry sky in the technological star field, and the one who produces them should be the mastermind. Whether it is a city or Chuangtian Academy, there are scavengers. If those mechanical ants really use scavengers Both Ippon City and Chuangtianyuan may have been involved in the production of the collected materials, and the mastermind controlled the behind-the-scenes of all this.

Lu Yin raised his head. He was just guessing. The details were not clear, but this guess was very likely to be true. If this was true, he would have to look at the science and technology star field again.

At six o’clock this time, a total of 80 million cubic star energy crystal marrow was consumed. Fortunately, it was not all consumed at once, and there were still 200 million cubic meters left, just in case.

Take a rest for ten days, raise your hand, the dice appears, Lu Yin points out, come again.

This time it’s two points, and it’s still the decomposition vortex, but it’s a pity that it’s no longer needed.

Lu Yin rested for another ten days before coming back.

Everyone is waiting to see how the New Human Alliance will react. The Eastern Xinjiang Alliance is marching forward to unify the universe. There is nothing that requires Lu Yin to come forward. Being idle is idle. It is better to enter the timeless space and recite the Ancestor Sutra. Righteousness should be shaken.

This time it was six o’clock. Lu Yin was surprised. He was lucky. He appeared in that mysterious space. This time, the surroundings were no longer dim, but there were quite a few radiant light balls.

Why are there so many? Lu Yin was stunned. It shouldn’t be. With his strength, this kind of light ball represented at least a star envoy, and not just an ordinary star envoy. The light of several light **** made it almost difficult for him to look directly at it. That kind of He has never fused with what strength the light represents.

Lu Yin decided to give it a try. He might become a warrior with eight to nine hundred thousand combat power or even one million warrior.

It was a beautiful thought. Lu Yin wanted to try to merge into the most dazzling light group, but unfortunately he couldn’t. He had no choice but to merge into the light group next to him that was still bright but not too dazzling.

The scene switches directly from a dark mysterious space to a dark red like dusk

Shrouded in the desolate land, Lu Yin merged into a body. This was a person, but he had no memory.

Lu Yin stood in a daze, with no memory, really no memory. He looked at his hands and his body. It was normal. He was a person of flesh and blood, but there was no temperature. Corpse King? No, there are no cruel thoughts in my mind, no urge to destroy everything, like corpses wandering in the wilderness.

A corpse can move but has no memory. It reminded him of the mummy in the Ruins of Forgetfulness in the Starry Sky Dominion Realm of Trees, but it was fundamentally different. The mummy could not control its own body, and it was essentially the same. The key to activating the Ruins of Zuowang was discovered by Wang Su.

It was just a tool, and the corpse that I integrated into was a corpse that could really move around freely, but had no memory, which was different from the Corpse King.

Why are there so many weird things like this in the universe? Lu Yin was puzzled.

Looking up and looking around, it was desolate. In the distance, the setting sun was setting, and white clouds were vaguely floating by. Are there any clouds? There is also a cool breeze blowing, sea breeze, right? Is there a sea in front?

Lu Yin controlled the body and walked forward. Unexpectedly, for some reason, a chessboard appeared under his feet. Then the body disappeared and reappeared, a long way from where it was before.

Lu Yin was stunned, is this the secret word for policy? how come? How could this corpse be a secretariat? Could it be that his secret strategy was activated? Impossible, he just integrated his consciousness, and it was impossible to bring Ce Zi Mi over. Thinking about it, Lu Yin wanted to use Ce Zi Mi, but there was no movement.

As expected, it was not because of myself, but because the corpse itself knew how to use secret codes, and even activated it unconsciously.

What the hell? Is this a member of the Ce family? Could it be that this is the seven-character Wang Tingce family? Or is it a place related to the Seven-Character Royal Court?

With confusion, Lu Yin continued to walk into the distance. Soon, he saw a figure walking quietly, no, jumping.

For a moment, Lu Yin was stunned. A cold feeling spread from the bottom of his heart. He waited and watched quietly.

Soon, the figure became clear.

The figure that appeared in front of Lu Yin was an old man. His face was red, as if he had drunk too much wine. His beard was pulled down to his calves and tied into countless braids. He jumped over. The reason why he jumped was because He had only one leg, a wooden leg, and the other was empty.

Lu Yin breathed a sigh of relief, it turned out that he had only one leg, no wonder he was jumping.

The one-legged old man jumped closer and closer, but as if he didn’t see Lu Yin, he jumped away again and again.

Lu Yin retracted his gaze and continued to walk forward. It seemed that there were still such weird corpses here.

He wanted to see where this was.

Time might be running out, so Lu Yin walked faster, hoping to trigger the Secret Code.

The next moment, a star chessboard appeared under the soles of the feet, and the Secret of Strategy was activated. Lu Yin disappeared instantly, and then appeared. Then, not far away, he triggered the Secret of Strategy again, and continued walking. This corpse seemed to never tire of it. Can trigger unlimited strategies.

Ahead, the cool breeze was getting stronger and stronger, and it was almost close to the sea. There was only a cliff left. Lu Yin looked up and saw a figure sitting from behind. Although he could not see clearly, it gave people a feeling of being extremely lonely.

He heard the sound of the sea, and just as he was about to step forward, there was movement behind him. He turned around and saw a very cute girl’s smiling face facing him, with a pair of eyes full of agility, looking into his eyes.

Lu Yin was startled and almost fell down, but the girl raised her hand, then

Later, under Lu Yin’s fearful and vigilant eyes, he photographed from top to bottom, and photographed in the void, tearing open the cracks in the space, and disappeared in a flash. Then the girl stepped over Lu Yin and continued walking in the other direction. Go, every time you walk, you will be photographed in the void, from top to bottom, accompanied by cute smiling faces, which is extremely weird.

Lu Yin was speechless and almost scared to death.

He subconsciously covered his chest, and then remembered that this body was not his, so he put it down. The girl should also be a corpse, but those smart eyes were really weird.

Ignoring her, Lu Yin turned his head and looked at the back of the lonely figure sitting on the edge of the cliff again. He thought for a while and went to see if there might be something different in the sea.

Ce Zi Mi was activated unconsciously. Lu Yin went directly to the top of the cliff and saw the sea under the setting sun in the distance. It was sparkling, just like the normal sea, but it was full of deathly silence and without any living things.

Vaguely, Lu Yin saw a huge creature swimming across the seabed. Was there anything alive? Lu Yin was surprised. He wanted to jump down and have a look, but suddenly his heart moved. He remembered that there seemed to be someone sitting not far away. He turned his head and looked, his pupils narrowed sharply. Then, was that – Chen Zu?

The scene in front of him suddenly changed. Lu Yin’s consciousness returned to his body. He stood up suddenly, his eyes flickering. There was no mistake. The person sitting alone on the cliff by the sea was definitely Chen Zu. He had seen Chen Zu’s memory and knew what Chen Zu looked like. , that person is Chen Zu.

Why is Chen Zu there? There are corpses there. Could it be that Chen Zu is one of them?

Lu Yin frowned, wondering, where exactly was that place? People from the Ce family appeared, a weird one-legged old man, and a girl with smart eyes but even weirder behavior. In the end, even Chen Zu could see it. It was definitely not an ordinary place.

Is it the tomb of Chenzu?

Lu Yin shook his head, it probably wasn’t the case. He had been to Chen Zu’s tomb.

Where could that be?

Chen Zu sat alone on the beach, not walking like the person he merged with, just sitting there for who knows how many years, forever. What was he looking at? What is there to remember about that place?

Lu Yin raised his hand and the dice appeared. He wanted to blend in again and see what kind of place it was.

The universe is full of too many secrets. From ancient times to the present, among the powerful people in the ancestral realm who have appeared, which one has no secrets left? Some have even become legends, and some have life and death become a mystery.

When he was in the science and technology star field, Mr. Mu said that the life and death of Chen Zu was a mystery, so is that Chen Zu alive? Or dead?

Shaking his head, he couldn’t figure it out and could only wait for confirmation later.

I am currently only in the Enlightenment realm. Perhaps when I reach the level of Star Envoy and the six o’clock dice merges into the body of a stronger person, I will be able to know some ancient secrets.

Opening the personal terminal, there was nothing major happening outside. Lu Yin closed his eyes, rested for a few days, and then continued shaking.

By the way, how much star energy crystal marrow was consumed in one fusion just now? Lu Yin looked at it quickly, and then blinked. It was gone. He didn’t have the Star Energy Crystal Essence anymore, and it couldn’t be said that it was gone. There was only a little bit left, one time, 200 million cubic meters. It was enough, inside the Ningkong Ring. There are only a few million cubic star energy crystal marrow left, which is meaningless.

These star energy crystal marrow can only be used to enter the timeless space to practice.


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