Star Odyssey Chapter 1776: Langlang Qiankun

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From the moment Liu Huang and the Second Night King were taken out of Kunze, the outcome of the inner universe was doomed.

Sitting calmly, the two-headed centipede moved slowly, exuding oppression that would make ordinary practitioners tremble.

On the ground, the light spots reflected by the double-headed centipede slowly condensed, and a familiar cold atmosphere descended.

Lu Yin suddenly opened his eyes. He couldn’t see any runes, but he knew the feeling. This was half a group, and it was also the Seven Gods.

“Is the incident in the Dehorn Galaxy related to you?” came a cold voice, as if speaking in his ear, and he couldn’t tell whether he was a man or a woman.

Lu Yin didn’t look back, he knew he couldn’t see it, “Deji Galaxy? It has nothing to do with me.”

“Where were you when Qiu Hanchen died?”.

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed, “Who are you?”.

“I ask, you answer, it’s not your turn to ask me.”

Lu Yin sneered, “What if I don’t answer?”.

“Then die”.

Lu Yin laughed, “You don’t care about Wu Ling Shen’s plan? Which one of the seven gods are you? It can’t be Wu Ling Shen, nor Hei Wushen. He is on the other side of the fifth continent. “.

“I, the God of Forgotten Ruins”.

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes, “Forgotten God? Why are you here?”.

“Does the Dejiao Galaxy incident have anything to do with you?” Forgotten God asked again.

Lu Yin said coldly, “It has nothing to do with me.”

“Where were you when Qiu Hanchen died?” The Forgotten God asked again, the same question. This time, Lu Yin chose to answer, “retreat.”

“Where to retreat?”.

“Aegis Planet”.

“Why go there?” The Forgotten God hesitated obviously. He did not expect Lu Yin to answer this. They had investigated and found that at the moment of Qiu Hanchen’s death, Lu Yin was definitely not at the junction of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance and the Sixth Continent. He thought Lu Yin would answer there, which meant that Lu Yin was hiding something, but he admitted that he was not there.

Lu Yin took a deep breath and said in a low voice, “Anyway, the Dehorn Galaxy incident has nothing to do with me. As for why I am in retreat on the Aegis Planet, it has nothing to do with you either. Stay away from me.”

“The Eastern Xinjiang Alliance has been attacked. The inner universe is going to destroy all the cultivators above the Enlightenment Realm in the Dongjiang Alliance. You will have no one available, including Wang Wen and the others.” Wangxu Shendao.

“So? You want to help me” Lu Yin taunted.

“It’s not impossible.”

“Then I will become the public enemy of the universe.”

“We have a way, as long as you hand over that thing.”

Lu Yin frowned, “What?”.

“Something from the Angular Galaxy”.

Lu Yin was funny, “I said, the Dehorn Galaxy incident has nothing to do with me.”

“Lu Xiaoxuan’s identity has been exposed. Maybe for some reasons, they will not be an obstacle to you, but they will not help you. Even if New Universe wants to help you, it will be too late. The Eastern Xinjiang Alliance will become a mess. You hope that you The Eastern Xinjiang Alliance that we worked so hard to create disappears? How will we fight against the Sifang Tianping in the future?

“As long as you hand over that thing, we can help you keep everything you have, and we can also allow you to unify the universe as quickly as possible.”

Lu Yin sounded unhappy, “How many times do I have to tell you before you believe it? The Dehorn Galaxy incident has nothing to do with me. I have nothing to give you.”

“Tell me the real reason why you went to the Aegis planet for retreat. You know that even if you don’t tell us, we can find out

“Forget the Xu Shinto.

Lu Yin pondered for a moment, helplessly, “There is an entrance to the Qizong inside the Aegis planet.”

Forgotten God was confused, “Qizong?”.

“An ancient sect contains death energy inside,” Lu Yin said. He was not afraid of the death energy being discovered by the New Humanity Alliance. Anyway, there was Kunze. If he didn’t tell the truth, the New Humanity Alliance would be watching him, which would make him more trouble.

Furthermore, the eternal kingdom of the New Humanity Alliance already contains the energy of death, so one more and one less makes no difference.

Forgotten God was surprised, “Death Qi? Qi Zong, is there death Qi? I remembered, Qi Zong.”

Lu Yin’s eyes lit up, “Is Qizong famous?”.

Forgotten God did not answer, “I can trust your words to the fullest.”

Lu Yin’s face twitched, “Why not ten?”.

“There are still seven points left, which needs to be verified personally.” After saying this, Lu Yin felt a chill running down his back, as if the Forgotten God was about to take action against him.

He didn’t know what the Forgotten God had to do, but the opponent was the Seven Gods after all.

Suddenly, the double-headed centipede was shattered again, and before it even had time to cry out, behind Lu Yin, a scale appeared on the soles of the figure’s feet condensed with light spots. The God of Forgotten Ruins was held up by one end of the scale, and an invisible bottom appeared on the other end. of darkness.

In the distance, Young Emperor Qing coughed up blood, and the death of the double-headed centipede was a blow to him. He looked at the endless darkness in shock, his pupils flickering, that was the interstellar arbitration agency – the chief referee.

Dingle bell

Lu Yin suddenly turned around and saw the scale, which held up a concentrated point of light. The other end was in darkness. He was overjoyed and said, “Master Judge.”

The scales represent judgment.

Forgotten God made an extremely cold voice, “You haven’t reached the level of the Half-Ancestor, and you want to judge the Half-Ancestor. Qingping, you are too arrogant. You really think you can deal with me, the Seven Gods.”

A calm voice came from the darkness, “Judgment, rules – the inner world”. As the words fell, the boundless darkness suddenly disappeared, replaced by a bright and clear sky, a clear, pure and natural place, replacing this divine Gu The sky of the mainland has replaced the starry sky of Gu Liu Realm, as if the stars in this sky are moving around.

Lu Yin looked shocked, this is a change of scenery.

Forgotten God slowly rose up, and the scales pressed down towards the chief referee.

“You have not yet reached the level of half-ancestor, but you have cultivated into the inner world? No, this is not the inner world, it is just the manifestation of your cultivation, but it is comparable to the inner world of half-ancestor. Qingping, I cannot keep you today.” The Forgotten God was in disbelief and shouted loudly. Thunder appeared in the pure sky and turned into cracks, dividing the sky.

Numerous misty sounds followed, followed by the arrival of a piece of land, pressing towards the scales.

The balance changed. The Forgotten God descended, but the chief referee was raised.

Lu Yin looked nervously. The chief referee was not the half-ancestor, but he wanted to compete with the half-ancestor in the inner world. The target was the Seven Gods. The seven gods seemed to be more than just the half-ancestors.

Even though he had great confidence in the chief referee, Lu Yin had no idea. His senior brother was a little bold.


The land pressed on the scales, pushing down the Forgotten God, but failed to destroy the scales.

Forgotten God was shocked, “It can’t be destroyed, so I will judge you according to your rules.” After saying that, the scale fell faster and faster, and in a blink of an eye, Forgotten God was level with the chief referee.

Lu Yin clenched his fists, a blood-red bell appeared in his hands, and he shook it thoughtfully.

In the distance, Young Emperor Qing was equally nervous. One side was the chief referee of the Interstellar Arbitration Institute, who was rumored to be Lu Yin’s backer, and the other side was actually one of the Seven Gods of the New Human Alliance

It would be of no benefit to him if either side wins, he would rather both lose.

“Qing Ping, you will die today, you asked for it” The Forgotten God was proud and pressed down hard.

On the opposite side, the chief referee’s voice came out, “Your evil nature is too obvious. How can the inner world of this body resist my judgment?” As he said that, the scales stopped, and then, Lang Lang Qiankun once again enveloped the Gu flow world.

On this day, the wonders of the Gu Liu world will be recorded in history forever. Even the dark starry sky will be replaced by the bright universe, and it will be bright.

Immediately afterwards, the chief referee slowly descended, and the scale of judgment went in a direction that was unfavorable to the God of Forgotten Ruins.

The light spots condensed by the Forgotten Ruins God slowly dispersed, “If I were you, I would never be exposed. Your exposure today is the cause, and in the future, your death will be the result.” After saying that, the light spots disappeared completely. One end of the scale is empty.

Lu Yin breathed a sigh of relief. The God of Forgotten Ruins left. He didn’t know if he was defeated. If he was defeated, the Chief Referee Senior Brother would be too powerful. Even the Half-Ancestor could only drive away the Seven Gods, but the Senior Brother actually directly judged them. .

The balance disappeared, and the bright universe also disappeared. It was still the darkness, the familiar darkness.

Lu Yin hurriedly stepped forward and said, “See the Chief Judge.”

Qing Shaohuang also hurried forward and said in a weak voice, “See the Chief Magistrate.”

In the imperial palace, the former Grand Master, Prince Yao, Qing Longlong, and others from the God Gu Dynasty all came to see him. Then, Wen Yao, Xiangzhi and others came to pay homage to the chief judge.

Everyone looked surprised and didn’t understand why the referee appeared here.

The Young Emperor Qing is the most worried. There have been rumors that Lu Yin’s background is as big as the sky. The Hall of Glory Interstellar Arbitration Institute, the Council and even the top half-ancestor are his backers, which is why many people deal with him. His hands were tied, and it was also because of this that he did not kill Lu Yin.

I thought that no matter how big the backers were, they would not take action as long as they did not harm Lu Yin’s life. Unexpectedly, the chief referee actually appeared to protect him. What is their relationship? How big is Lu Yin’s background?

“Why did the Seven Gods appear?” the referee asked. Although they couldn’t see him, everyone knew he was asking Lu Yin.

Lu Yin replied, “The Forgotten God wants to know if the incident in the Dehorn Galaxy has anything to do with this junior.”

“Does it matter?” the referee also asked again.

Lu Yin said without hesitation, “It doesn’t matter.”

The referee was silent.

Young Emperor Qing couldn’t help it anymore, “Lord Judge, it is really an honor for our Divine Gu Dynasty that you come to the Divine Gu Dynasty. However, the imperial palace is in ruins. Please forgive me for being rude. I wonder why you are here?”

The chief referee said calmly, “New Human Alliance.”

“You already knew that the Seven Gods would appear?” Qing Shaohuang was puzzled.

Lu Yin said, “It’s not the Seven Gods, it’s me who invited the Chief Judge to come over.” He looked at Qing Shaohuang and curled up the corners of his mouth, “You should know why.”

Qing Shaohuang’s eyes were ferocious, “The Interstellar Arbitration represents the Hall of Glory and is the highest place for maintaining human order. The Chief Judge is the representative of fair and just trials for mankind. It is impossible to come to my Guliu world just to help you.”

Lu Yin laughed. This guy tried to use his righteousness to restrain the chief referee and reach the level of the chief referee. His righteousness is just a shackle to restrain himself. The righteousness mentioned by outsiders is meaningless to them, even if the chief referee really knows it. Who can say anything about helping Lu Yin deal with the major forces in the inner universe.

Lu Yin’s expression was calm, “This junior asked the Chief Referee to come here not for personal grudges, but to report that the Divine Gu Dynasty is suspected of colluding with the New Human Alliance.”


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