Star Odyssey Chapter 1775: Explain

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Half of the imperial palace was destroyed. Above the head, the two-headed centipede loomed again. The poisonous rain was thrown around Gu King City, making the surrounding area barren and barren. All species were extinct. Below the two-headed centipede, the immortal guiding spirit appeared. The coldness slowly dissipated.

At this moment, not only Lu Yin, but also Yuehua Mebisi, Wen Yao and others were staring at Young Emperor Qing, their eyes full of vigilance and fear.

Young Emperor Qing and Lu Yin looked at each other and said in a deep voice, “Leader Lu, our Divine Gu Dynasty invites you with no evil intentions. Otherwise, you will be slapping me, Young Emperor Qing, in the face. You won’t believe it. It’s the words of the King of Two Nights.”

Lu Yin’s face was gloomy, “Wang Wang, why did he appear in the imperial palace on the second night? He also lurked on the way to the treasury? Mr. Qing, don’t tell me it’s all a coincidence.”

Young Emperor Qing narrowed his eyes, “With the strength of the Second Night King and the vastness of the universe, how can he be trapped? Even Kunze has escaped. You, Alliance Leader Lu, were also in Kunze at the beginning. You should know that The Power of the Two Night Kings”.

“But he was seriously injured by the chief referee. Now he can’t even display half of his strength. He can’t even kill me. How could he enter the imperial palace without telling you?” Lu Yin shouted.

Everyone looked at Young Emperor Qing. Yes, although the King of the Second Night looked powerful, he was actually strong but weak. He couldn’t even kill Lu Yin. How could he hide it from Young Emperor Qing?

If the Second Night King really had the ability to conceal his love from the Young Emperor, how could he not be able to kill Lu Yin?

“The second night king took action against me. Mr. Qing, you are strong enough to protect Gu King City and deal with him at the same time, but you didn’t. When the second night king escaped, you didn’t have the slightest intention to stop him? From the beginning You are cooperating with the Second Night King.” Lu Yin shouted again.

Young Emperor Qing’s eyes widened and he wanted to say something. Lu Yin asked again, “The establishment of the Shengu Dynasty came from the help of the Night Royal Family. Your ancestors of the Qing family received favors from the Night Royal Family. I am not wrong.”

Three consecutive questions left Qing Shaohuang speechless, but the fact was indeed the case. Qing Shaohuang never thought that the King of Night could not kill Lu Yin on the second night. Not only could he not kill him, but he also exposed him.

He never thought that the Second Night King would expose him at the last moment. Why? He couldn’t figure it out, let alone why Lu Yin blocked the murderous intention of the Second Night King.

No matter how stupid you are, you can still see that there is a connection between the Second Night King and the Young Emperor Qing.

And this is also the reason why Lu Yin sent the Second Night King to Qing Shaohuang.

“Young Emperor Qing, you must give me an explanation, otherwise from now on, the Divine Gu Dynasty will be the enemy of our Eastern Xinjiang Alliance,” Lu Yin threatened.

Master Yuan hurriedly walked out, “Leader Lu, please don’t draw any conclusions before the matter is clear. The King of the Second Night is good at energy and spirit. He can completely control other people to take him into the imperial palace. Yes, it is control.” As he said that, he pointed to Manager Yi, who had already fainted, “That’s that minion. Everything was caused by that minion.”

“It was he who captured Chang Wu and forced you, the leader of the Lu League, to take action, so that His Majesty the Qing Emperor would provide compensation. The compensation from the treasury may be based on the strategy that the manager had already laid out. All of this was controlled by the Second Night King.”

His words made Young Emperor Qing’s eyes light up, “Yes, before this, this slave did tell me that Alliance Leader Lu, your hobby for resources is unusual. If he accidentally offends you, Alliance Leader Lu can let you Go to the treasury to pick out the things you like, that’s why I thought of asking you, Alliance Leader Lu, to go to the treasury. Now I think it’s all this slave’s fault.”

Lu Yin sneered, “A slave can influence your decision, Qing Huang. Do you think I, Lu Yin, am an idiot?”.

Qing Shaohuang’s eyes were gloomy, “Alliance Leader Lu, I have already explained what needs to be explained, what else do you want?”.

Lu Yin raised his head and said, “The world of Gu Liu is closed and no one is allowed to enter or exit until the truth is found out. The person being investigated”, as he said, he stared at Young Emperor Qing, “Including you, Emperor Qing.”

Young Emperor Qing was furious, “Lu Yin, don’t be too presumptuous, this is Gu King City.”

The former Grand Master hurriedly said, “Leader Lu, why are you so extreme?”

Prince Yan’s heart was beating fast. He knew a lot about Lu Yin. This guy was not a good person.

The little mountain **** is about to jump for joy. The main purpose of their coming here is to provoke the Divine Gu Dynasty to deal with the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. Now it seems that they don’t need to provoke trouble, Lu Yin will stir up trouble himself.

This guy is really stupid. Even if Qing Shaohuang and the Second Night King want to kill him, they still have to endure it. Isn’t this making enemies for no reason? Who said Lu Yin is smart?

Lu Yin said coldly, “How long has it been since no one assassinated me like this? If I don’t do anything, others will think that I, Lu Yin, am easy to bully. This is Gu King City, so the Divine Gu Dynasty must give me an explanation and a concession. I will explain it satisfactorily, otherwise no one from this Guliu world will be able to leave from now on.”

Young Emperor Qing slowly clenched his fists, but Grand Master Yuan was still trying to dissuade him.

Suddenly, a double-headed centipede descended from the sky, shrinking sharply, surrounding the imperial palace, and then connected head to tail, falling suddenly, trapping Lu Yin in the middle.

Lu Yin hurriedly took action, continuously bombarding him with empty palms, but it was useless. Qing Shaohuang combined with Gu could exert a terrifying strength exceeding 800,000 combat power, how could Lu Yin be able to deal with it.

Lu Yin was directly trapped in the middle by the double-headed centipede, forming a cage.

Qing Shaohuang really took action against Lu Yin. Everyone was shocked, especially the people in the inner universe. They knew that things were getting serious. General Ming of the Divine Gu Dynasty would join forces with Jian Zong and other forces, and the inner universe would If there is a confrontation, and the premise is that Lu Yin survives, Qing Shaohuang should not dare to kill Lu Yin, after all, Lu Yin’s background is too deep.

“Your Majesty, what are you doing?” The original grand master was shocked and hurriedly tried to persuade the young emperor.

Yuan Miaomiao turned pale and covered her mouth.

The hearts of Qing Longlong, Prince Yao and others sank. The moment Young Emperor Qing took action, it meant that there was no room for return for Lu Yin. The Divine Gu Dynasty and the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance would go to war.

Young Emperor Qing ignored Grand Master Yuan and turned to look at Li Zimo, “Jian Zong, either take action to deal with the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance and our Divine Gu Dynasty traps Lu Yin, or our Divine Gu Dynasty will join from now on The Eastern Xinjiang Alliance will help Lu Yin unify the inner universe, choose now.”

Elder Lianxin entered the Divine Gu Dynasty in order to persuade Young Emperor Qing to take action and join forces with the Sword Sect to deal with the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. Now, due to the incident of the Second Night King, Young Emperor Qing had to make a choice, either with Lu Yin Completely break up, start a war, or apologize. With Lu Yin’s character, the Divine Gu Dynasty must join the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance.

There is no third way, Qing Shaohuang is forced.

In the beginning, his plan was just to poison Lu Yin, and he did it successfully. The second night king attacked and killed him just to return the favor to the White Night tribe. With luck, once the second night king killed Lu Yin, the universe would also It wasn’t that many things. He never dreamed that the King of Night would expose him on the second day, surpassing 800,000 powerful warriors, and he was forced to have only two options left.

“What does His Majesty the Qing Emperor want to do?” Li Zimo asked, representing Elder Lianxin.

Qing Shaohuang glanced at everyone, “Most of the people present are from inside

The universe, most of it, is hostile to the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. Lu Yin, my young emperor, has come to this stage now because of Lu Yin. He forced our Divine Gu Dynasty to become his enemy. In this case, our Divine Gu Dynasty has no fear of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. Xinjiang Alliance”.

“Contact Sect Master Liu and proceed according to the previously agreed plan. I will make the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance disappear without even a single Enlightenment Realm. No matter how many people there are, they are still ants.”

“Okay” Li Zimo responded quickly.

The little mountain **** was excited, “I’ve been waiting for a long time, don’t worry, Your Majesty.”

Ling Gong Complex glanced at Lu Yin who was trapped in the Two-Headed Centipede. You can’t blame anyone else. You can only blame yourself for being too arrogant. From now on, although there will be no Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, with your background, there will be no one. If you dare to mess with me, practice hard.

There are too many big shots involved behind Lu Yin, but everyone knows that as long as Lu Yin’s life is not endangered, those big shots will not take action. The East Xinjiang Alliance has nothing to do with them.

This is also the method that Elder Lianxin entered the Divine Gu Dynasty and discussed with Young Emperor Qing to completely eliminate the cultivators above the Enlightenment Realm in the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. Once there are no more Enlightenment Realm cultivators, the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance will take What against the inner universe? It is simply unrealistic to rely on Lu Yin alone.

Those small flow realms can suppress the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. For example, in the Beixing Flow Realm, a Beimen Taisui can deal with everyone except Lu Yin. What is the meaning of the existence of the Dongjiang Alliance?

Yuehua Mabisi and others sat quietly, the affairs of the inner universe had nothing to do with them.

Mr. Right gloated.

Bangzhi looked at the two-headed centipede, Lu Yin, what are you thinking now? With this person’s character, he is not very aggressive, but what he just did was like deliberately forcing Qing Shaohuang to be the opposite. What did he want?

Only those who know the Dongjiang Alliance best know that to deal with Lu Yin, it is not just Lu Yin who must be dealt with, but also the people behind him. The so-called people behind him are not only those who are inextricably linked to Lu Yin Big shot, and those three smart guys.

Qiong Xier made the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance richer and richer. Not only did it not require Lu Yin to invest, but it could also suppress its enemies with its economy.

Weirong is good at cunning layouts outside the battlefield. It is because of him that he opened the Iron-Blooded Territory battlefield in the Sixth Continent, giving the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance a chance to breathe.

This time, the battle against the Divine Gu Dynasty came from Wang Wen and the secret power Lu Yin had mastered.

Lu Yin has both strength and wisdom. Everyone often ignores wisdom and only considers strength.

A few days later, outside the boundary of Yanlanliu, Liu Qianjue, Lingqiu, and the Mountain God appeared, as well as a strange Star Envoy level expert, Abel Phoenix, a master from the Phoenix family. Finally, a graceful figure walked out, shockingly It is Mrs. You, the Lord of Youting.

“Everyone, after today, there will be no cultivators above the Enlightenment Realm in the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. We will return the inner universe to a bright and prosperous world.” Liu Qianjue said loudly. After speaking, the five star envoys broke into the star source universe and headed toward Go into the realm of Yanlanliu.

In the Imperial Palace of the Divine Gu Dynasty, all the people who attended the banquet returned to their residences, but were not allowed to leave Gu King City. The Young Emperor was not allowed to reveal what happened in the past few days. Only after the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance incident was completely over, these people could leave.

No one, including Li Zimo, was allowed to leave.

The two-headed centipede returned inside. Lu Yin was very calm. It should be said that everything was as he expected. He had been waiting for this day for a long time. The outer universe had long been unified, so it was the turn of the inner universe.


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