Star Odyssey Chapter 1773: Provocation

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King Xiaoye smiled and said, “Xingyuan Pill has been improved and will be sold to the entire Fifth Continent soon. Before that, a batch will be given to the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, Sword Sect, Wen Family, Lingling Tribe, etc. to show the friendship of our Clover Company.” .

Qiong Xier understands that, to put it bluntly, it is to establish a relationship first. Although it is not necessary for Clover Company’s ability, it is always right to establish a good relationship. This is an unspoken rule, but she doesn’t know why, she always feels that something is wrong. Recalling the scenes of the conversation with Balsam, the most mentioned thing was the use of the Star Source Pill in Lu Yin’s hand.

This is normal. What went wrong?

With Qiong Xier’s keen sense of smell in the mall, she felt that wherever there was a problem, there must be a problem. Thinking about it, she said, “Thank you King Xiaoye for your kindness. We accepted the Star Source Pill, but the alliance leader is not here and went to Gu I am a guest in the flow world. In this way, when the alliance leader comes back, we will personally visit Clover Company to express our gratitude. At the same time, the alliance leader is very interested in working with Clover Company to study immortality, and we can discuss it together at that time.”

King Xiaoye’s eyes flashed, “That’s fine.” After saying that, he paused and said, “In addition to completing my father’s assignment this time, I also want to stay here and wait for Alliance Leader Lu. When we participated in the battle for the Star Tower together, Lu The leader’s strength is astonishing, and I have made breakthroughs recently. I would like to ask the leader Lu for advice. Don’t worry, I will never disturb the leader Lu.”

Qiong Xier is in trouble.

King Xiaoye frowned, “Is there any inconvenience for Miss Qiong? Or is this the Ross Empire fortress not allowing outsiders to enter?”

Of course it is impossible for Qiong Xier to refuse King Xiaoye. People from the distant space station kept entering the Ross Empire Fortress, “Of course not, Mr. Xiaoye, please.”

King Xiaoye nodded with a smile and followed Qiong Xier in.

As King Xiao Ye, I am qualified to visit some areas that are not open to ordinary people. “I heard that Alliance Leader Lu likes to collect weird plants. I also have this hobby. Can you take me to see it?”.

Qiong Xi’er subconsciously refused. Although she didn’t know what the problem was, whatever King Xiaoye wanted to do, it was right to refuse.

Exclamations came from the distance. When everyone looked, they saw a big tree running wildly towards them. The branches were like human legs, taking long steps and bumping around unscrupulously, causing chaos. .

Cultivators from the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance kept arriving, but they were too worried to take action.

“Hurry up and grab it, grab the big tree that is escaping. It’s the leader’s pet.” Balaro ran after the big tree, shouting as he ran.

When he shouted like this, others would not dare to take action even if they wanted to, for fear of hurting the big tree.

Moreover, he chased Zhaoran, “Don’t run so fast, stop the big tree, stop.”

King Xiaoye looked at this scene blankly. The big tree was getting closer and closer, threatening to break through all obstacles.

Qiong Xi’er was speechless. She had also heard about the big trees in the botanical garden. A big tree that was tireless and always wanted to escape was very famous here. She didn’t expect that it actually escaped.

“Mr. Xiaoye, I’m sorry to let you see this scene,” Qiong Xier said helplessly.

Just when Little Ye Wang was about to say something, the Star Source Pills shook in his arms, and then he tore open his clothes and rushed towards the big tree. Little Ye King’s expression changed drastically, but he did not stop him and allowed the Star Source Pills to rush towards the big tree, and then , a small sapling emerged from the canopy, rolled up all the Xingyuan Dan, and swallowed it.

King Xiaoye’s pupils shrank sharply and he stared blankly.

Qiong Xier also saw it, and her heart sank. No, something went wrong. Although she didn’t know what the problem was, the look on Xiaoye Wang’s face

There is also the scene where the pills on his body were swallowed by the saplings just now, which all indicate that there is something wrong.

“Mr. Xiaoye, what’s wrong?” Qiong Xier shouted quickly, moving forward to block King Xiaoye’s view.

Through Qiong Xi’er, King Xiaoye looked deeply at the big tree that was getting closer and closer, and at the saplings that were obviously bigger in the canopy, and said lightly, “Nothing, it’s very interesting.”

The banquet in the Imperial Palace of Gu King City is still going on, and there is an endless stream of congratulatory gifts from all parties, but in general, except for the Star Source Pill from Clover Company, there is nothing special.

It hasn’t been long since the banquet ended.

A scream suddenly came, startling everyone.

Everyone looked in the direction of the screams and saw blood flowing all over the ground, as well as a man who had been beaten beyond recognition.

Qing Shaohuang frowned, “What’s going on?”.

The manager reported in a low voice, “Your Majesty, this man was wandering outside the palace. He had evil intentions at first sight, so the villain arrested him for interrogation. He wanted to drag him away and bury him, but he didn’t expect this man to wake up. , I have disturbed Your Majesty, please forgive me.”

Qing Shaohuang waved his hand in disgust and “drag him away.”

“Yes, Your Majesty”, Manager Yi replied.

“Wait a minute”, Lu Yin’s voice sounded.

Everyone looked at him, and their expressions changed, because Lu Yin’s face was very ugly at the moment, and it could even be said that his murderous intent was revealed.

Lu Yin has rarely shown such an expression, but at this moment, even Wen Sansi and others were frightened when they looked at Lu Yin, and Ling Que subconsciously wanted to run away.

Qing Shaohuang looked at Lu Yin, “What’s wrong with Alliance Leader Lu?”.

Manager Yi glanced at Lu Yin coldly.

Lu Yin looked at Manager Yi and said, “That person is Chang Wu.”

“Chang Wu” Qing Shaohuang was puzzled and looked at Manager Yi, who was confused, “How does Alliance Leader Lu know this person? Yes, after interrogation, this person is indeed called Chang Wu. Why, is he related to Alliance Leader Lu?” “.

Lu Yin’s tone was cold, with a strong murderous intent deep in his eyes, and he looked at Manager Yi, “Since I embarked on the path of cultivation, there have been many provocative people, including the young patriarch of the Baiye clan who was once the uncrowned king of the inner universe, but these People are dead.”

Manager Yi sneered, “What does Alliance Leader Lu mean by talking to this villain? I don’t have the guts to provoke Alliance Leader Lu.”

Qing Shaohuang asked, “Did Alliance Leader Lu have any misunderstanding?”.

Lu Yin’s eyes widened suddenly, and he suddenly took action. An empty palm crossed the void and landed in front of Manager Yi. Manager Yi had no reaction at all. With his ability, he could not see the empty palm. Qing Shaohuang raised his hand and held the empty palm. Block with palm.

His own strength exceeds 700,000, and combined with Gu, he has a combat power of more than 800,000. Even so, blocking Kongkong’s palm made his palms numb, and his heart was shocked. This Lu Yin clearly didn’t even reach the Star Envoy, and his body The strength is so terrifying that even if he is not good at physical strength, he is not something that someone who is not even a Star Messenger can handle.

But the gap was too big after all. Even though his palms were numb, he couldn’t move a step.

Later, Manager Yi didn’t react until Young Emperor Qing blocked Kong Kong’s palm. He didn’t expect Lu Yin to take action as soon as he said it. If the palm hadn’t been for Young Emperor Qing, he would have died.

For a moment, Lu Yin’s cold eyes and murderous intent made Manager Yi feel unprecedented fear. He was dominating the God Gu Dynasty. He had never experienced anything like this before. Indescribable fear arose in his heart towards Lu Yin. This person,

I really want to kill him.

Young Emperor Qing’s eyes were angry and his voice was loud, “Alliance Leader Lu, no matter what happens, this is my Divine Gu Dynasty after all, it is my imperial palace. You can take action as soon as you say it. You don’t take me seriously.” He shouted loudly and broke Lu Yin’s spirit.

Just now, Lu Yin threatened Manager Yi with his energy and spirit, planting a mark of fear in Manager Yi’s heart.

Lu Yin and Young Emperor Qing looked at each other, “If this wasn’t the Divine Gu Dynasty, this person wouldn’t be alive today.” After saying that, with a wave of his hand, Chang Wu, who was half dead and unconscious in the distance, was brought over. .

Although Lu Yin was ruthless and did many ruthless things when he unified the outer universe, he rarely implicate others. Chang Wu was implicated by him. He was negligent and did not settle down as soon as possible, which made him suffer this Kind of sin.

The others watched Lu Yin give the elixir to Chang Wu, and they all speculated about the relationship between this person and Lu Yin.

“Leader Lu, I need an explanation for this matter,” Young Emperor Qing said in a deep voice. He did not stop Lu Yin from saving Chang Wu. No matter what the reason was, Lu Yin wanted to kill Manager Yi, a close servant, in front of him. It was tantamount to slapping him in the face in public, and there had to be an explanation for this.

Lu Yin turned to look at Young Emperor Qing, “Your Majesty, Emperor Qing, knows my whereabouts very well. Don’t you know that this person took me on a tour of King Gu City? He is the person I have the most contact with in King Gu City. This person is timid by nature. I would never dare to approach the imperial palace, but to be caught and tortured by a slave for wandering around the imperial palace, this is a slap in my face, Lu Yin.”

Qing Shaohuang looked at Manager Yi and said in a stern tone, “Is this possible?”

Manager Yi wanted to quibble, but he raised his head and glanced at Lu Yin. The panic in his heart rose infinitely. He was so frightened that he softened and did not dare to quibble. He was trembling.

Many people present were disappointed. This person was so useless. If he denied it in public, could Lu Yin still be able to force a confession with his words and deeds? This is the Divine Gu Dynasty, not the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. As long as there is no evidence, one of Lu Yin and Qing Shaohuang will be unable to step down. The confrontation is certain.

What a pity, many people sighed secretly.

The Eastern Xinjiang Alliance entered the inner universe, and the Jianzong and other forces responded to the call because they did not want to join the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance like the large and small flow circles, and a considerable part of the people invited to the Divine Gu Dynasty came from the large and small flow circles. Everyone in the world hopes that Lu Yin and Qing Shaohuang will fall out completely.

But looking at the cowardly look of Manager Yi, many people shook their heads and thought there was no chance.

Young Emperor Qing shouted angrily and glared at Manager Yi, “How dare you offend Alliance Leader Lu. Alliance Leader Lu is a distinguished guest of our Divine Gu Dynasty. How can you offend him?” He said, with a wave of his hand, Manager Yi’s body was He was thrown away, and he didn’t know what kind of poison or poison he was poisoned with. He scratched his skin crazily and screamed in agony.

Lu Yin looked on coldly, just for show. If the others had died long ago, this manager Yi was really loved by Young Emperor Qing, or in other words, this matter was arranged by Young Emperor Qing.

Took a sip of wine.

The screams were still shrill. Young Emperor Qing looked at Lu Yin, stood up, and apologized, “Leader Lu, it was my lax discipline that led to such evil things. Here, I apologize to Leader Lu.”

Lu Yin said indifferently, “It doesn’t matter. I’ve seen him a lot, and there’s one on the opposite side.”

Mr. Right raised his eyebrows, this was talking about him.

Prince Yao was speechless, this guy was quite capable of provocation.

“In any case, this matter is my fault. To express my apology, Alliance Leader Lu can choose anything from the treasury at will as compensation to my Young Emperor Qing. I also ask Alliance Leader Lu not to refuse.” Young Emperor Qing Sincerely.


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