Star Odyssey Chapter 1762: Maximum consumption

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Qing Shaohuang told Prince Yan about the existence of Impermanence, but did not tell him that the king was also coming the next night. He would not tell anyone this secret.

When dealing with Lu Yin, he didn’t intend to show it openly. There were too many people supporting Lu Yin.

This is true for Lu Yin, let alone the Second Night King who is wanted by interstellar arbitration. Once the news of the Second Night King in Gu King City comes out, what he will face is not the power behind Lu Yin, but the power behind Lu Yin. The entire Hall of Glory, that is the power of the Lord.

Qing Shaohuang himself was hesitant, but the slap on the face from Manager Yi made him firm up his determination. Lu Yin didn’t hit Manager Yi, but him. This was still in Gu King City, which showed how arrogant the guest was. The Divine Gu Dynasty was not taken seriously at all. Perhaps as Jian Zong said, once Lu Yin unified the inner universe, the Divine Gu Dynasty would not be an exception.

I hate those people of the former old teacher for being too stubborn and too conservative in their thinking.

The Divine Gu Dynasty has sent out invitations, and people continue to enter Gu King City. It will be some time before the banquet to celebrate Young Emperor Qing’s breakthrough.

Lu Yin stayed in Young Emperor Qing’s palace for two days and then went out again. This time, he went to see Elder Lianxin.

He was not sure what kind of strange surveillance methods the Divine Gu Dynasty had, so he did not leave secretly, but went to see Elder Lianxin openly.

Lu Yin’s whereabouts are always under the control of Young Emperor Qing. The surveillance methods of the Divine Gu Dynasty come from the underground. In this Divine Gu Continent, every piece of land is poisonous, and every drop of poison can record the daily whereabouts of a creature.

The moment Lu Yin stepped out of the palace, he must have been in the eyes of Young Emperor Qing.

Elder Lianxin lives in a mansion not far from Emperor Qing’s Palace. When Lu Yin arrived, Elder Lianxin avoided seeing him.

Lu Yin frowned, the Sword Sect had secretly surrendered, but Elder Lianxin still had this attitude. Either he was worried about the Divine Gu Dynasty, or he was unwilling to join the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. No matter what the situation, he would go in. , no matter whether you can see Elder Lianxin or not, you must at least meet Li Zimo to know the true attitude of Elder Lianxin.

With a bang, the door of the mansion was kicked into pieces. The practitioners of the Divine Gu Dynasty who were guarding the mansion all fell to the ground. Lu Yin easily entered the mansion.

The sound alarmed the Imperial Palace not far away, and also alarmed Young Emperor Qing. Young Emperor Qing was furious. Lu Yin was too arrogant. This was Gu King City, not a place belonging to the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, and he acted wantonly.

This noise also alarmed other people in King Gu City. Everyone was staring at Lu Yin’s movements. He was too unscrupulous.

Lu Yin walked into the mansion and was met by Li Zimo. Li Zimo stared at Lu Yin and asked, “Leader Lu, what do you want to do?”.

Lu Yin walked over directly and said, “I heard that Elder Lianxin is here, let’s meet him.”

Li Zimo raised his sword in an attempt to block Lu Yin, but Lu Yin didn’t move, and his sword shattered. The next moment, the void twisted, and Young Emperor Qing walked out, blocking Lu Yin.

This was the first time Lu Yin saw Young Emperor Qing, but he had seen the image many times.

“Leader Lu, if you have anything to say, I can convey it to you. You and Elder Lianxin are both distinguished guests of our Divine Gu Dynasty. Please stop Ge.” Young Emperor Qing said calmly, with a calm look on his face, without showing any signs of disrespect towards Lu Yin. Hostile, even though he was extremely angry.

Lu Yin was surprised, “I didn’t expect His Majesty the Love Emperor to be released from seclusion.”

It stands to reason that with Lu Yin’s identity, he could be greeted by Prince Yao and Qing Longlong, but as long as he lives in King Gu City, Young Emperor Qing will meet him out of politeness, but Young Emperor Qing will always treat him as a seclusion As an excuse, I didn’t see him or anyone else.

“Just out of customs, neglecting the Lu League

Master,” Young Emperor Qing said with a smile.

Lu Yin smiled lightly, “Since His Majesty the Love Emperor has spoken, let’s forget it.”

“Thank you very much. There will be a big banquet in a few days. Alliance Leader Lu can rest for a few days. Although this Gu King City is not a prosperous place, it still has characteristics that are different from the outside world. All Alliance Leader Lu’s expenses will be counted on my account. On Young Emperor Qing’s head.” Young Emperor Qing said with a smile.

Lu Yin’s eyes lit up. He looked so familiar. By the way, Neptune. This was how Neptune rewarded everyone who participated in the selection of his son-in-law. All the expenses were borne by Neptune.

“Are you sure?” Lu Yin’s lips curled up.

Young Emperor Qing was startled and had a bad premonition, but thinking about how Lu Yin was the leader of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, how could he have the nerve to put the blame on him, he didn’t think much about it, “Leader Lu, have fun. “.

Lu Yin smiled and said, “Your Majesty, the Qing Emperor, please continue to retreat. By the way, congratulations on the breakthrough.” After saying that, he turned and left.

Seeing Lu Yin leave, Li Zimo stepped forward and saluted Young Emperor Qing.

At this moment, Elder Lianxin also walked out, “Thank you, Your Majesty, for stopping this person.”

Young Emperor Qing nodded, “The elder and Alliance Leader Lu are both distinguished guests. It would be best if we can avoid any conflict. I have been wronged by the elder who has been staying in the mansion these days.”

Elder Lianxin’s eyes were complicated. Young Emperor Qing thought Lu Yin was in trouble because the Sword Sect sent her to ask for help from the Divine Gu Dynasty. Little did he know that the Sword Sect had secretly defected to Lu Yin. She was a calm person, but the calmer she became. People sometimes become more stubborn and look down on inheritance or life and death. What they pursue is right or wrong.

Li Zimo left the Shenwu Continent because of Lu Yin. Lu Yin was kind to him and sent him to the Sword Sect, so he would not betray Lu Yin. This was his understanding. Elder Lianxin did not want the Sword Sect to return to Eastern Xinjiang. Alliance, this is also her understanding.

That’s why she didn’t want to see Lu Yin. Even if Liu Qianjue surrendered to the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, she wouldn’t want to. At worst, she would live in seclusion from now on.

However, although he is unwilling to submit to Lu Yin, he will not tear down Lu Yin’s position and will not tell Qing Shaohuang about the Sword Sect.

Young Emperor Qing left, Elder Lianxin sighed.

“Master, is this your decision?” Li Zimo asked, his voice low.

Elder Lianxin looked at Li Zimo and said, “Remember, only by keeping your true heart can you be calm. Master is unwilling to join the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance and will not help Lu Yin. This is Master’s path.”

“Disciple understands” Li Zimo replied.

Elder Lianxin nodded.

Li Zi silently looked at the back of Elder Lianxin and sighed in his heart, “Master, you have your own path, disciple, and I also have my disciple’s path.”

That night, Elder Lianxin suddenly fell to the ground and fell asleep. Prince Qing came to check and unexpectedly found that Elder Lianxin was poisoned.

“The toxin is ordinary, but the potency is very strong. The characteristics of the poison are used perfectly, even super perfectly, and every bit of the potency is amplified ten times or a hundred times.” Qing Shaohuang frowned and looked at Li Zimo, “Who has the elder come in contact with during this time?”.

Li Zimo said respectfully, “Master has been staying in the house and has not been in contact with anyone except his disciples.”

Young Emperor Qing is surprised that this kind of poison is very common, but its toxicity is quite violent. It actually makes a Star Envoy like Elder Lianxin sleep. Who poisoned him? Could it be Lu Yin? But when?

He looked at Li Zimo again and shook his head. It couldn’t be this person. He was a disciple of Elder Lianxin. He had been in the Sword Sect for many years. He mentioned this person when he was talking to Elder Lianxin. Elder Lianxin had no idea about this person. The disciple is trusted more than anyone else, and it is unlikely that this person possesses this poison.

Obviously a very common toxin, but its potency is terrifyingly powerful. Where does it come from?

“Your Majesty, how is my master?” Li Zimo asked, his eyes anxious.

Qing Shaohuang said, “Don’t worry, the elder is just sleeping. It’s nothing serious. He will wake up after a while.”

Li Zimo breathed a sigh of relief and clenched his fists, “Who poisoned my master?”.

Young Emperor Qing is also puzzled. This matter must be investigated. This is Gu King City. The poison in Gu King City made it difficult for him to resolve it for a while. This is not simple. There is such a vicious person in Gu King City. Poison master? He suddenly remembered the old master. This old man had always disapproved of dealing with the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. It was normal for him to poison the people of the Sword Sect.

If it was this old man, it was not impossible. Qing Shaohuang suppressed the speculation in his heart, comforted Li Zimo again and left.

Li Zimo bowed deeply to Elder Lianxin, “I’m sorry, Master.” He was the one who gave the poison. Lu Yin broke into the mansion and gave the poison to him when he passed by him, and told him If Elder Lianxin didn’t want to join the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, he would poison him and tell Li Zimo about the properties of the poison, and then Li Zimo was willing.

Lu Yin knew the relationship between Li Zimo and Elder Lianxin, so he did not plan to poison Elder Lianxin to death. He could just put him to sleep. This poison also came from Wu Lao and was a very common poison, but he had improved its toxicity in the past. After using it violently, there are still three bottles left, which are not very poisonous. Now, there are only two bottles left.

Elder Lianxin was dissatisfied with the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. Even if Jian Zong surrendered, she was unwilling to join. This was an unstable factor, so Lu Yin could only let her sleep first.

Originally, Lu Yin planned to talk to the Wen family after leaving Elder Lianxin’s mansion, and threaten him to make Wen Zi understand the importance of inheritance, but Young Emperor Qing gave him a privilege that could be offset by consumption. Lu Yin was excited and decided to go shopping.

Find the previous store first.

I didn’t take a closer look before, but when I came back for the second time, Lu Yin looked at the name of the store specifically, ‘Du Lai Du Chuang’, what a good name.

Entering the store, the store owner was greeting a group of customers. Lu Yin came in. The store owner and the group of customers saw it, and then they softened at the same time. The five people in the store almost fell down, “Sir”, “Master Lu” .

Lu Yin looked at the group of guests strangely, “Do you know me?”.

The man at the front said respectfully, “Who in the universe doesn’t know Alliance Leader Lu? If I can see Alliance Leader Lu here, I will be willing to die.”

Lu Yin smiled and said, “My boss and I have something to discuss.”

“Leader Lu, please talk slowly, I will take my leave,” he said, quickly leaving with a few others.

On the spot, the shop owner lowered his head in fear and saluted respectfully, “Sir, I was wrong before as a villain. I should not have plotted against your friend. Please forgive me for once. I swear that I will never do this again…” .

Lu Yin rubbed his ears and said, “Okay, it’s a bunch of nonsense.”

The store owner became even more frightened and immediately lay down.

Lu Yin looked at him sideways, “Let me ask you, where is the most expensive place in Gu King City?”.

The store owner was confused, “The highest consumption?”

Lu Yin knelt down and looked at him with a smile, “Your store is in a good location and has a large area. It is quite rich. I must be very familiar with the consumption in Gu King City.”


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