Star Odyssey Chapter 1760: Lu Yin’s gift

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Especially for ordinary people like them, General Manager Yi can directly control life and death. This is not only because of his strength and status, but also because General Manager Yi is greedy for money. This street is his business, and he is the boss behind this shop. The boss is Mr. Yi.

Even if the manager came, even the eldest princess Qing Longlong came, and the shop owner trembled.

“General Manager Yi, who gave you the authority to speak to Alliance Leader Lu like this?” Qing Longlong arrived and reprimanded General Manager Yi unceremoniously.

Butler Yi’s smile remained unchanged and he saluted slowly, “Old slave, see you, Your Highness.”

Qing Longlong stared at Manager Yi with a look of disgust, “My father asked you to come here to greet Alliance Leader Lu and the others. What were you doing just now?”.

Manager Yi smiled and said, “The old slave just saw the majesty of Alliance Leader Lu and admired him so much that he couldn’t help but praise him. He had no other meaning.” At this point, he saluted Lu Yin and said, “Master Lu, don’t you You will be blamed.”

Lu Yin smiled lightly.

Manager Yi was also laughing, his smile was so vicious and annoying.

“Actually, you are from the Shengu Dynasty. Even if I blame you, I can’t blame you. I can only say that your master is too kind and will not teach his slaves,” Lu Yin said lightly.

The smile on Manager Yi’s face disappeared, his pupils slanted upward, and he stared at Lu Yin, “It seems that Alliance Leader Lu is good at controlling this man.”

Lu Yin smiled and said, “Just now you asked me if I would blame you, so I will educate your master as a gift to the Qing Emperor for his breakthrough in cultivation.” As he said this, he waved his hand and made a snap sound. Manager Yi was slapped and sent flying out, hitting him hard outside the store.

Everyone was surprised. They didn’t expect Lu Yin to take action so decisively without giving any face.

Prince Yan raised his eyebrows, looking shocked.

The group of people who followed General Manager Yi all rushed to the store to take action against Lu Yin, but Qing Longlong stopped them and said, “Get out.”

Manager Yi stood up in a hurry, half of his face was swollen, and stopped his guard, “Step back, Your Highness and the Prince are here again, how can I allow you to be so presumptuous?”

Many guards quickly retreated.

Manager Yi looked at Lu Yin with hatred in his eyes, with a deep chill in his eyes. In this God Gu dynasty, he never expected that he would dare to hit him like this, which caught him off guard, but the identity of the other party, he was destined to I can’t afford to offend him, “I just said the wrong thing, can Alliance Leader Lu relieve his anger?”.

Lu Yin said casually, “Tell the Qing Emperor for me that I have given you the gift. I hope he is satisfied.”

Manager Yi showed a sinister smile again, “I understand, I’m resigning.” After saying that, he left without even saying hello to Prince Ao and Qing Longlong.

Everyone could see the resentment deep in his eyes.

Longlong looked at Lu Yin with complicated feelings and smiled bitterly, “Why should Alliance Leader Lu do this?”

Lu Yin frowned, “I see he’s unhappy.”

What an upright reason. In this huge Gu King City, in this Divine Gu Dynasty, the only one who can treat Manager Yi like this is Lu Yin. It’s because of his identity, and even more because of his fear. Manager Yi is notoriously vicious.

Although Qing Longlong said this, Lu Yin’s slap also relieved her. Although Manager Yi was polite to her, he actually didn’t care about her at all. Qing Sheng was forced to leave by Manager Yi. This matter Longlong knew it, and so did Prince Yao, but no one could tell.

Lu Yin’s unscrupulousness and domineeringness were clearly reflected in the palm just now. He didn’t care about Manager Yi at all, nor did he care about the young emperor behind him. Whether he was an enemy or a friend, it had long been determined.

“Leader Lu, let’s leave first. See you at the banquet” Balsam

Be polite to Lu Yin.

Mr. You also left without saying hello to Lu Yin.

Before leaving, Wen Sansi whispered to Lu Yin, ‘You shouldn’t have come’.

Prince Yan also left, and the task of entertaining Lu Yin was handed over to Qing Longlong. The two were close in age and were more suitable for contact.

Everyone left one by one, and finally only Lu Yin, Qing Longlong and the shop owner were left.

The shop owner was still kneeling there, burying his head as low as possible, not daring to raise it at all. However, he had just caught a glimpse of Manager Yi being slapped away, and he knew that among this group of people, it seemed that The young man known as Alliance Leader Lu was the most ruthless, but fortunately he was not offended.

Qing Longlong said to Lu Yin, “Alliance Leader Lu”. Before he could say anything else, Lu Yin raised his hand and said, “Senior, you don’t need to call me that. I’m out of touch.”

Are we familiar? Qing Longlong originally wanted to say this, but she didn’t say it, “Okay, Brother Lu, I will take you to a place to rest.”

Lu Yin nodded and followed Qing Longlong out.

A small shop has just attracted the attention of the entire Divine Gu Dynasty. In the next period of time, the shop owner will definitely not be able to live in peace. Every sentence and every detail that happened in the shop will be questioned.

The residence that Young Emperor Qing arranged for Lu Yin was the palace where he stayed. It was also in King Gu City, but almost no one knew about this palace. It was only for Young Emperor Qing who wanted to stay in peace.

Listening to Qing Longlong’s introduction to the palace, Lu Yin said, “Doesn’t your father want me to be calmer in the future?”

Qing Longlong smiled and said, “Brother Lu is overthinking. My father doesn’t mean that. It’s just that the palace is in a remote location, with few people disturbing it, and the environment is good, so I’ll make arrangements for you.”

Lu Yin nodded, and the two of them were not in a hurry, just wandering around the streets of Gu King City.

Gu King City is very lively, full of the hustle and bustle of a busy city. People fight from time to time, bringing out all kinds of poisons. If you don’t count the cultivators, this place is just like an ordinary human ancient imperial city.

“That Manager Yi is trusted by your father?” Lu Yin asked.

Qing Longlong nodded, “He has been taking care of my father since he was very young. After so many years, he has shown his dedication.”

“Not dead yet?” Lu Yin was surprised. Young Emperor Qing is not weak. The reason why he invited them this time was because of his breakthrough. He should be able to fight against 800,000 powerful men. After living for a long time, Manager Yi If you haven’t broken through the Star Envoy, how can you keep up with Young Emperor Qing?

“This is the most special thing about Manager Yi. He freezes his vitality with poison every once in a while and still survives,” Qing Longlong said, her voice was very soft, but the weight was very heavy.

As an emperor, Young Emperor Qing has no shortage of people to serve him, but he would rather wait for Manager Yi. This friendship is no longer an ordinary master-servant relationship. No wonder even Prince Nong and Qing Longlong are so polite to Manager Yi. , so it seems that I have slapped the young emperor Qing.

Qing Longlong looked at Lu Yin indifferently and saw that there was no strange color on his face. Did she not care? Think about it, which one, Jian Zong or Bai Ye Clan, is not more powerful than the Divine Gu Dynasty? The specialness of the Divine Gu Dynasty lies in its geographical location and environment. Without these, the Divine Gu Dynasty may not even be comparable to the Wen family.

The Dongjiang Alliance led by Lu Yin can destroy the Baiye clan, suppress the Jianzong, and force the Wen family. Naturally, they don’t care about the Shengu Dynasty, let alone a manager.

After walking for half an hour on the busiest streets of Gu King City, Qing Longlong finally stopped in front of a very grand restaurant.

This restaurant is the tallest in the entire street. It covers a large area and extends in all directions. There are two rows of waiters standing at the door. They are all practitioners and have reached the level of Fusion.

“Brother Lu, let me take you to meet someone,” Qing Longlong said with a smile.

Lu Yin nodded, “Okay.”

When I entered the restaurant, I was unexpectedly surprised. It was different from what it looked like from the outside. It was not as grand as expected. Instead, it was very simple, yet grand.

Following Qing Longlong to the top floor, two beautiful maids bowed and saluted. Due to the problem with their clothes, Lu Yin could almost see a patch of snow-white on his chest and quickly turned his face.

“Brother Lu, please” Qing Longlong is funny. The dignified leader of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance actually has this side. Who can believe it if it is spread?

Lu Yin entered the private room and saw a woman wearing a black gauze coat and a delicate petal mask stood up and saluted Lu Yin, “My little girl Yuan Miaomiao has met the leader of the League.” Although the woman was wearing Wearing half a mask, it was difficult to hide her beautiful appearance. Lu Yin could clearly see the attractive curve of the corners of her mouth, and her eyes were as bright as stars.

“The granddaughter of the former old master?” Lu Yin was surprised when he heard the woman’s name.

Yuan Miaomiao saluted again, “I didn’t expect Alliance Leader Lu to know about the little girl.”

Lu Yin looked at Qing Longlong.

Qing Longlong said, “Miaomiao and I are best friends, and she asked me to help make an appointment with you.”

Lu Yin was confused. The former old master advocated not participating in anything outside the world, but Qing Shaohuang favored the Jianzong and other forces and tried to find ways to contain the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. They had different positions. Although they were not enemies, they were treated by the Divine Gu Dynasty. The two factions of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, under such circumstances, Qing Longlong actually made an appointment with herself on behalf of Yuan Miaomiao. What did she mean?

“Longlong has no other intentions. Don’t get me wrong, Alliance Leader Lu. She just couldn’t stand the little girl’s request and brought Alliance Leader Lu here.” Yuan Miaomiao spoke, her voice soft and refreshing.

Lu Yin sat down and said, “Miss Miaomiao, if you have anything to say, please speak directly.”

Qing Longlong looked at her.

Yuan Miaomiao looked at Qinglonglong and said, “Go out, you’d better not listen to what we say.”

Qing Longlong pursed her lips, nodded, and walked out.

Lu Yin looked at Yuan Miaomiao with great interest, “Your relationship is very unusual. She is the eldest princess of the Divine Gu Dynasty. She would rather disobey her father and help you meet me, without even asking the reason. I am very curious.”

Yuan Miaomiao smiled lightly, “This is our friendship. From childhood to adulthood, I have been in contact with Longlong far longer than my parents, grandpa, and Longlong, and Longlong has been in contact with me longer than Your Majesty. Family love is destined, Friendship should be found by oneself. We all believe that friendship is more valuable than family ties.”

This was the first time Lu Yin heard this theory, “Okay, what do you want from me?”.

Yuan Miaomiao stood up and saluted very solemnly.

Lu Yin did not evade. With his status, let alone Yuan Miaomiao, he did not need to evade even if the old teacher Yuan Miaomiao saluted. He had the qualifications.

“Please also ask Alliance Leader Lu to leave the Gu Liu Realm” Yuan Miaomiao said in a deep voice.

The atmosphere was silent for a while. Yuan Miaomiao bent down to salute, but never raised her head.

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes, “What does the old master mean?”.

Yuan Miaomiao said in a deep voice, “The Divine Gu Dynasty should not interfere in external disputes. Grandpa’s hope in this life is this. The people here live a very prosperous life and there is no war. Once it intervenes in external disputes, the future outcome is unpredictable. God You can’t gamble in the Gu Dynasty.”

Lu Yin seemed to be smiling but not smiling, “How are you sure that if I am here, the Divine Gu Dynasty will intervene in external disputes? Is the Divine Gu Dynasty trying to do something to me? Or is Young Emperor Qing trying to do something to me?”


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