Star Odyssey Chapter 1748: Serious

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The old farmer’s face turned pale, and he quickly used the Heaven Locking Diagram, trapping Ancestor Qiu Han, and retreated hastily.

At this time, in the distance, a ray of light cut across the starry sky. One end of the light came from far away, and the other end hit Ancestor Qiuhan.

Ancestor Qiu Han was hit by the light, and the place where it hit was directly penetrated.

The ancestor Wu Mu and the old farmer looked into the distance, this combat skill?

“Two seniors, let’s join forces. The third zombie king is very difficult to kill.” The person who spoke was a middle-aged man with a jade-like face, extremely handsome, and a calm tone, which was in sharp contrast to the fear of the old farmer.

This person is the ancestor of Lingtong, Xu San’s master.

In the Black Blood Realm, the strongest person is the long-dead Zhu Tianyin Zhaowu, second only to Wumu Ancestor, and below Wumu Ancestor, Lingtong Ancestor.

Although the ancestor of Lingtong is a sealer of the universe, his strength has already reached the level of a half-step sealer of the universe.

Ancestor Qiuhan can fight against the Seal of the Universe with the characteristics of the Third Zombie King, and Ancestor Lingpu can do the same.

As for the Spirit Eye Ancestor, even the Eyeless Patriarch cannot see the depth clearly. When he was unable to survive, he said that once the Spirit Eye Ancestor breaks through the Seal of the Universe, few people can match him except for the Seal of the Heavens.

Ancestor Wumu is also excluded. This is the strength of the ancestor Lingtong.

From his youth to the present, Ancestor Lingtong has always stood at the top of his peers. His seniority is far behind that of Ancestor Wumu, but now, he is almost on an equal footing.

The arrival of the Spirit Eye Ancestor is more useful than the Nong Old Man. This is what the Wumu Ancestor thinks. Especially the combat skill just now penetrated the corpse king’s body and was more powerful than his attack.

At this time, Ancestor Qiuhan broke away from the Locking Heaven Diagram and stared at Ancestor Lingtong with his scarlet eyes, feeling a little fearful for a moment.

Ancestor Wumu once again placed a halo on Ancestor Qiuhan and “took action”.

The old farmer pushed the Sky Locking Diagram, and Ancestor Qiuhan rushed towards the Wumu Ancestor. The Sky Locking Diagram was cut from a strange angle, trapping Ancestor Qiuhan again. In the eyes of Ancestor Lingpu, the heavy pupils were scattered. , then they met, stared at Patriarch Qiu Han’s forehead, and pointed out, “Mingguang Point”.

The next moment, the light gathered and dispersed, turned into a finger, and hit Ancestor Qiu Han on the forehead.

At the border of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, Lu Yin returned quietly, and Master Yuan immediately found him. “The latest news is that Ancestor Qiu Han was killed. He turned out to be the Corpse King, and he can perform the third transformation of the Corpse King.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “Ancestor Qiu Han is dead? What happened?”.

Yuanshi’s intelligence channel comes from the Hall of Glory. The Sixth Continent has entered the outer universe. How could the Hall of Glory not know about them?

The Sixth Continent is trying to find ways to break into the Hall of Glory, and the Hall of Glory is also trying to find ways to break into the Daoyuan Sect of the Sixth Continent, and both are inserting people into each other.

Lu Yin had Xu San as a source of information, but after all, Xu San was too low-level and it would take time to understand the information.

The information from the Hall of Glory is faster than him.

After listening to Master Yuan’s information, Lu Yin frowned. It’s serious. The situation is serious.

That instrument is more important than imagined.

What kind of thing is worthy of a master like Ancestor Qiuhan who has more than 800,000 combat power and can perform the third zombie king? He would rather be exposed and killed than waste a minute and a second looking for that thing. The importance far exceeds the value of Ancestor Qiuhan himself.

This counterfeit Patriarch Qiuhan has only been building the instrument for about ten years. The instrument itself is not worthy of him. At worst, it will take another ten years to build it. The most important thing is definitely the black crystal, and

Things inside the black crystal.

What on earth is that?

He had a hunch that even if the cosmic headquarters inside and outside the New Humanity Alliance were destroyed, it would still be far less important than that thing.

Lu Yin took out the black crystal fragment and looked at it intently.

Soon after, he found the Second Night King.

“Going to Qiu Han’s house again?” The king on the second night was puzzled, “What are you going to do?”.

Lu Yin said in a deep voice, “Don’t do anything, just stare at the black crystal fragments and see who is there.”

The king said on the second night, “That’s where the Corpse King fights with a million-strong warrior. There are many people going to see it.”

“Check it out, maybe you can find something interesting,” Lu Yin said. Ancestor Qiuhan would rather search in place, even if he died, and he was not the only corpse king in the New Human Alliance to do such a thing. You might actually find someone interesting if you stay there.

The king reluctantly went the next night.

Back at the border, Ye Wang and Liu Huang had to avoid Master Yuan on the second day. It was useless to leave them here anyway.

After sending away the Second Night King, Lu Yin checked the information about the Iron Blood Territory.

The Sky Demon Empire did not disappoint him. It sent millions of warriors to join the giant beasts from the Barbarian Frontier and occupy the iron-blooded territory. The Lord of Sword Valley was extremely powerful, but it was difficult to repel those giant beasts.

Looking at the starry sky map, Lu Yin sighed. He felt very guilty. The Iron-Blooded Territory was the border that the human stardom had guarded for countless years. Now it was occupied like this. I felt sorry for the senior heroes who had died fighting in that starry sky.

“Don’t worry, it’s ours, it’s ours. I, Lu Yin, keep my word. One day I will lead you into the barbaric frontier and into the beast star domain.” Lu Yin murmured to himself.

Although Lord Sword Valley is in the iron-blooded territory, it is not Lord Sword Valley who is forcing the Eastern Frontier Alliance, but the four figures behind him.

In the blink of an eye, the one-month deadline has expired, and the ancestor Wu Mu and the old farmer have already returned to the border.

When the one-month deadline was up, they all walked out and oppressed the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance.

Lu Yin looked at the starry sky with awe-inspiring eyes.

“Leader Lu, the one-month deadline has expired. Please exit the outer universe,” the ancestor Wu Mu said loudly.

Lu Yin raised his head and said, “Senior Cangqiong promised to give me the five territories of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, but does it still count?”.

Ancestor Wu Mu said calmly, “The Lord of Sword Valley has already said that it will naturally count, but we have to designate which five territories.”

Lu Yin raised a finger, “There is no need for five territories, one is enough, and this territory is ours to choose.”

Ancestor Wumu did not answer. He could not make the decision and had to contact Old Man Cangqiong.

At this time, the old farmer standing not far from the ancestor Wu Mu looked at his personal terminal, his expression changed drastically, “The corpse king appears again in Qiu Han’s family.”

Ancestor Wumu’s expression changed, “When?”.

“Just now, not only the Corpse King, but also the Second Night King of the White Night Clan of the Fifth Continent appeared.”

Not only Ancestor Wumu and the others knew about the corpse king appearing again in Qiu Han’s family, Lu Yin also knew that it was from the Second Night King.

On the second night, the king unexpectedly met the corpse king at Qiu Han’s house. The two sides fought and exposed each other’s identities.

Lu Yin looked at the personal terminal information. The second night king sent a message. He and the corpse king only had a tentative fight, but they also revealed their identities. Their identities were easy to identify, one had scarlet vertical eyes, and the other had black and white hair.

Lu Yin’s eyes were solemn. Sure enough, the corpse king still went to Qiu Han’s house. That thing was absolutely extremely important.

This news

The news is far more important than the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. Ancestor Wumu immediately reported to Old Man Cangqiong.

One day later, the Second Night King quietly returned to the border and met Lu Yin.

“What’s going on?” Lu Yin asked.

On the second night, the king stretched out his right arm, and saw a blood mark on his wrist, which was deep enough to show the bone, “a supreme master.”

“Corpse King?” Lu Yin was surprised. Although the King of Night had not fully recovered his strength on the second day, he had also recovered to nearly one million combat power. Otherwise, he would not have been able to hide it from Master Yuan. With such strength, he was injured just by fighting. It can be seen that The opponent’s strength.

On the second night, Wang Dao said, “I accidentally encountered that the Qiu Han family had offended too many people. One of them went to Qiu Han’s family to add insult to injury. I was not far away and saw with my own eyes that the Corpse King took action and killed the members of that family. Everyone was wiped out and I asked some questions. Out of curiosity, I wanted to know what I was asking. I was discovered by the Corpse King and had a fight with him. He was definitely the Corpse King with a million combat power.”

“How could you be exposed?” Lu Yin was dissatisfied.

The King of the Second Night gritted his teeth and said, “Faced with a Corpse King of that level, if I don’t take action with all my strength, I will die there. Even if that Corpse King cannot reach the level of the Seven Gods, he is not far away.”

The King of the Second Night obviously doesn’t understand the Seven Gods Heaven. As far as Lu Yin knows, the Seven Gods Heaven is by no means as simple as it seems. There are twelve warriors on the battlefield behind the tree starry sky, but the Witch Spirit God can make the twelve warriors listen. With his layout, the status of the Seven Gods can be imagined.

Lu Yin looked to the west. The Corpse King appeared again in Qiu Han’s house. Even any idiot knew that there was something the New Human Alliance valued there. The Sixth Continent should be having a headache now.

Both the corpse kings and the kings of the second night all appeared at Qiu Han’s house. This incident shocked the Sixth Continent.

After the four deities discussed, Old Man Cang Qiong went to Qiu Han’s house to investigate in person. They naturally guessed that Qiu Han’s house had something important. By investigating the Qiu Han’s family’s deeds in recent years, it was easy to find the problem with the instrument.

Old man Cang Qiong went to Qiu Han’s house also to find the purpose of the instrument.

The seals of the heavens came to Qiu Han’s family, immediately making the entire cultivators in the Qiu Han family’s location tremble.

Old Man Cangqiong is like the sun, illuminating the entire Qiuhan family domain, but the four statues are still four statues. If you look too high and too far, it is easy to ignore your feet.

For example, Old Man Cangqiong can easily crush the black crystal fragments, and he doesn’t care. The New Human Alliance obviously didn’t come here just for the black crystal fragments, otherwise why not take away these fragments? They have time.

Many people have also thought of this. Lu Yin is even more aware of the purpose of the New Humanity Alliance. He estimates that the New Humanity Alliance is now frantically searching for people who have been to Qiu Han’s house, lest the New Humanity Alliance find him, Lu Yin stares at He looked at the black crystal fragments for a while, and then opened his personal terminal.

Lin Dong is a self-respecting person. He was born ordinary and practiced as an ordinary person. He accidentally learned the method of cultivation and embarked on the path of cultivation. After hundreds of years, he joined the Qiu Han family with his extreme cultivation.

To be honest, it took a hundred years to reach the extreme level of cultivation. His qualifications are really ordinary. He has no status in the Qiu Han family. He is just a marginal figure doing odd jobs. Especially when the Qiu Han family dominates the Burning Blood Territory and recruits many masters, he He was even sent to a corner, staring at a huge instrument manufacturing machine all day long, unable to leave, and with no one to communicate with.

Lin Dong believes that he has self-esteem, and he firmly believes that one day he can break through the exploration realm and become a strong person walking in the starry sky. Once he takes this step, his future will be limitless.

So when the instrument was destroyed, when all kinds of extremely powerful people clashed in the starry sky, and when everyone fled in all directions, he returned in a spaceship and took away a huge black crystal fragment.


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