Star Odyssey Chapter 1735: Right, wrong and fairness

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“Practitioners, the weak eat the strong, it has nothing to do with right or wrong, but I believe that this world needs right and wrong, and fairness. Even if I can never pursue it, this is my goal. Even if I am shattered to pieces, even if the jade and stone are all destroyed, even if this human being will never be able to pursue it. No, human beings are not zombies.”

“Lu Yin counterattacked Sifang Tianping. It was right for the Lu family. He could take revenge. If mankind is destroyed by the Eternals, he is guilty as far as mankind is concerned. If I am still alive that day, I will judge him. Give him justice. If he is convicted in advance because of a result that has not yet happened, whoever decides will leave one end of the scale for whom.”

Chan Lao looked at the scale with complicated eyes, “Is this what your master meant?”

“I don’t know, this is my decision.”

Mr. Chan nodded, “I understand, let everything go as it happens.” After saying that, he left the arbitration world, leaving one last sentence before leaving, “This is not an abandoned place, but an ancestral land. Deserters will always be deserters. “.

Lu Yin doesn’t know what happened in the new universe, and naturally he doesn’t know the changes in Elder Chan’s mentality. For him, no matter what attitude Elder Chan has, what he should do or what he should do, it is impossible to change him just because of a few words from Elder Chan. Abandoning the decision to lead the Fifth Continent to counterattack the Starry Sky of Trees, he will respect the decision of those who follow him, but will not completely let it go. Part of what he said to the leader of the Boundary Mountain came from his heart, and part of it was forced and helpless.

Human beings do not allow internal friction. As much as Zen Lao taboos this, Wu Lingshen looks forward to this.

In the end, it all depends on their respective methods. The Witch Spirit God’s plan will definitely succeed, but the result may not be what he wants, and the Eternals must be dragged into the water.

How could the Eternals just watch from the sidelines?

Not long after Quilo left, Lu Yin immediately sent a message to Qingtan.

Qing Tan, who was far away in Jie Mountain, saw the message from Lu Yin and looked confused. The origin of the thing?

She didn’t know what an origin object was, but she still did what Lu Yin said.

In the Endless Territory, Old Man Cangqiong has his eyes closed, and four people are sitting in charge. Even if the half-ancestors from the Fifth Continent come, they may not be able to save Lu Yin. There may be great scruples in killing this person, but the value of capturing this person is Bigger, the Skin of the Supreme Ancestor, the Origin Object, and Jiuding Combat Skills, etc. This son has too many secrets. The most important thing is that he suddenly opened his eyes, the legendary – Death inheritance.

The God of Death is a legend that few people believe, but Lu Yin’s performance in the Supreme Tournament attracted the attention of many people, and Old Man Cangqiong was one of them. Just because he didn’t talk about it, it didn’t mean he wasn’t watching.

Once Lu Yin can be caught, he must press him about the inheritance of the God of Death.

Just as he was thinking about it, Qingtan suddenly sent a message. Old Man Cangqiong glanced at it and his expression changed drastically.

‘Lu Yin returned from the Science and Technology Star Territory, explained his whereabouts to the Council, and mentioned that he discovered the Origin Object on the Weicheng battlefield’.

Old Man Qiong and others still didn’t believe that objects of origin would appear inexplicably on the Weicheng battlefield, but Qingtan’s information made him shaken.

They couldn’t figure out why Lu Yin ventured to the Science and Technology Star Territory. It was not impossible to say that it was for the origin.

Is there really an origin?

The eyes of the old man in the sky flickered, the thing of origin, the skin of the supreme ancestor, which one is more important? It’s all important to him.

Zhutian Yinzhao is not a half-ancestor, but some Zhutian Yinzhao has reached the semi-ancestral level, and some have not. He, he does not have it, but he is ambitious, because he is one of the few who has not reached the half-ancestor level. But the cultivator who has broken the Xia Chong Pass and the Middle Finger Pass, he has an ancestor’s heart

heart, and very urgent.

Otherwise, Madam Red would not have been captured.

Once this kind of thing is exposed, it will easily lead to a war with Wu Zuyu.

Now that the news of the origin of the object has been confirmed again, Old Man Qiong cannot sit still. Regardless of whether there is an origin of the object, he must send someone to a city.

Now that the Sixth Continent cultivator in the city comes from the Martial Ancestor Domain, he must send his own people there.

There is no need to defend Lu Yin’s side. He has already returned. As for the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, there is no need to pay attention to it for the time being. You can let it go for a while. If it is really confirmed that there is an origin, the balance of war may tip to Chuangtianyuan. , nothing is more important than Pozu.

The Milky Way is majestic, with weird fish emerging from time to time, and occasionally unfathomable giant creatures swimming through the river, making the giant boat in the Milky Way shake.

The older generation once said that the passage of some river creatures may even capsize the giant ship in the galaxy.

Since the Sixth Continent settled in the outer universe, most of the territory in the outer universe has gradually been ruled and no one can control it. However, the two giant galactic ships in the East and West have always been under the control of the Fifth Continent, and the cultivators of the Sixth Continent have not competed for it. .

This is true even for the giant Western Galaxy ship that can reach directly to the western territory of the outer universe.

As long as you board the giant boat on the West Galaxy, you can go directly to the western territory of the outer universe. The cultivators of the Sixth Continent have this confidence and are not afraid of the arrival of any cultivators from the Fifth Continent. However, the inner universe of the Fifth Continent does not allow cultivators from the Sixth Continent. Easy entry.

Whether they are willing to admit it or not, the average strength of the Sixth Continent is stronger than that of the Fifth Continent.

When Lu Yin went to Pegasus Villa to save the giant lineage, he passed by the Galaxy Ship. Before, he was taken by the leader of the Boundary Mountain to the technological star field. He also passed by the Galaxy Ship. Now he still has to pass the Galaxy Ship when he returns.

Looking at the giant galactic boat swaying in the distance, Lu Yin was curious, “The Sixth Continent doesn’t have the right to use the giant galactic boat?”.

The leader of Boundary Mountain said, “I don’t know, I don’t care about world affairs.”

Lu Yin pursed his lips. Ever since Lu Xiaoxuan’s identity was revealed, the leader of the Boundary Mountains had changed his attitude toward him. He was less close and casual, and more wary and distant.

There is nothing we can do about this. The differences between regions cannot be ignored, and the same is true for Mr. Chan.

Soon, several people boarded the giant ship of the galaxy. With the strength of the leader of the Boundary Mountain, they could easily lead Lu Yin and others across the giant ship of the galaxy. However, it was not necessary. Practitioners do not need to expose their strength at all times. Accidents may occur at any time. .

Looking at the rolling galaxies, Lu Yin remembered the extremely terrifying rune numbers he had seen before. There were powerful creatures hidden in the galaxies.

Soon, the giant galactic boat moved and headed towards the inner universe.

There are many spaceships queuing up to board the East Galaxy Giant Boat, but there are very few people on this Galaxy Giant Boat. After all, there are too few cultivators who dare to come to the territory of the Sixth Continent. The Sixth Continent once invaded the interior. The universe has caused too much hatred, and almost no cultivators from the Fifth Continent are willing to come.

Most of the cultivators on this giant galactic boat are from certain trading companies or casual cultivators. They really can’t survive and can only try their luck. There are also some cultivators who belong to the outer universe of the Fifth Continent. I think Get rid of the rule of the sixth continent and enter the inner universe.

“Another spaceship is coming, but it’s too late,” someone said with emotion when they saw a spaceship arriving in the distance.

“It doesn’t matter, the giant boat comes and goes very quickly anyway.”

“Wait a minute, look, those people should belong to certain forces in the Sixth Continent.”

The sound of discussion reached Lu Yin’s ears. He looked around and saw a spaceship stopped not far from the giant ship of the galaxy. It was surrounded by several cultivators. The clothes worn by those cultivators looked familiar to Lu Yin. , that sign? Qiuhan’s family?

Lu Yin was surprised, how could the cultivators from the Qiu Han family catch up here? The distance is not close.

With a bang, the spaceship exploded, and two figures rushed out in two directions, trying to escape. The cultivators of the Qiu Han family took action, sealing Uncle Hua, and murderous intent burst out.

On the giant boat, many people saw it. Although they were curious about who was trying to escape, they were not surprised. They had seen this kind of scene too many times.

In the starry sky, a young man’s left arm was twisted irregularly, and his body was covered with dried blood stains. The knife shadow slashed across his face, and he raised his hand, “Black Yama Palm”.

Black flame-like lines spread from the palm of the hand, forming a huge black flame palm print, accompanied by the three lines of war energy blasting towards the knife shadow.

The shadow of the knife slashed across, tearing apart the black flame palm print, and slashed towards the young man’s neck.

The young man is helpless and pale. He still can’t escape. Is he going to die?

Suddenly, the shadow of the knife stopped, and unimaginable divine power descended. Neither the young people who wanted to escape nor the Qiuhan family practitioners who attacked them could move.

The starry sky was torn apart, and Lu Yin walked out slowly, looking at the young man excitedly, “Xiao Pao, senior?”.

The young man looked at Lu Yin, his eyes widened, and then he became excited and his eyes turned red, “Lu, Junior Brother Lu.”

The young man who wanted to escape and use the Black Palm of Hell was surprisingly Xiao Pao, the former senior of the Tenth Academy of Starry Sky, and the other young man was naturally Da Pao.

Lu Yin and his group fled into the Sea of ​​Falling Stars to avoid Feng Mo’s pursuit. When they left, the cannons and cannons stayed there. Later, when the Sixth Continent invaded and the inner and outer universes were isolated, Lu Yin was never seen again. These two seniors.

I thought the two seniors had died long ago, but I didn’t expect to see them here.

“Junior Lu, it’s really you” Da Pao exclaimed, excited.

Lu Yin was happy, “Two seniors, I didn’t expect you to be still alive. That’s great.”

“We didn’t expect to see you alive,” Xiao Pao said excitedly.

When Lu Yin appeared, there was no problem with the safety of the big cannon and the small cannon. He casually dealt with these Qiuhan family cultivators, and the big cannon and the small cannon were stunned for a moment.

Looking at their confused looks, Lu Yin wondered, “You don’t know about me?”.

“What’s the matter?” The two were confused, and Cannon suddenly said, “Junior, now is not the time to talk about this. Let’s leave quickly. The Qiuhan family is dead, and we must escape back to the inner universe.”

Lu Yin quickly comforted the two of them. It could be seen that the two of them had suffered a lot. They didn’t know where they were all these years, and they didn’t even know about him.

The two of them would not feel at ease talking here. Thinking about this, Lu Yin turned around and said, “Senior, please take us to the other side of the galaxy.”

Cannon and Xiaopao are at a loss, senior? Where is anyone?

The first Boundary Mountain came out and easily led Lu Yin and the others across the galaxy to the inner universe.

This scene subverted the understanding of Big Cannon and Little Cannon. In their understanding, is the Milky Way so easy to cross? There were indeed rumors that one could swim across the galaxy after reaching a certain level of cultivation, but it wasn’t that simple.

“Brother Lu, are we here?” Xiaopao was confused and looked back at the galaxy, which was so far away.

Lu Yin said, “Don’t worry, senior, we are no longer in the Sixth Continent.”


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