Star Odyssey Chapter 1733: Kui and Luo

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“The appearance of origin objects on the Weicheng battlefield is just Incheng’s own statement. No one can prove it. It is impossible for us to attack Chuangtianyuan because of something that is unlikely to exist, especially when it involves the starry sky,” said the old man in the sky. With that said, he continued, “Let’s talk about the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. We have given the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance a long time. It’s time to drive them away or surrender.”

When it came to the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, he glanced at Master Qinghua in a vague way. If the plan went well, this person should not be called one of the Four. Lu Yin promised to cooperate with Madam Hong on the surface, but secretly violated the agreement. Then the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance must leave or surrender, and the five negotiated territories cannot be given to them.

However, Madam Hong never revealed the whereabouts of the Supreme Ancestor’s Skin. Didn’t Lu Yin give it to her yet? No, Lu Yin was promised five territories. That was before the incident with Master Qinghua. Lu Yin exchanged the skin of the Supreme Ancestor for five territories. Madam Hong was not qualified to agree, so she used what happened with Master Qinghua. Reasonably give five territories to Lu Yin.

There was a period of time between these two events. The skin of the Supreme Ancestor must have been given to Madam Hong, otherwise Madam Hong would not have worked so hard to win five territories for Lu Yin.

The skin of the Supreme Ancestor is in Madam Hong’s hands.

Thinking about the Supreme Ancestor’s Skin, Mr. Guan Sheng’s words woke up the old man Cang Qiong, “There is another person who saw the origin of the thing, Lu Yin.”

“Lu Yin?” Old Man Cangqiong, Master Qinghua, and even the Medicine Immortal were surprised.

“Why did Lu Yin appear on the Weicheng battlefield?” Old Man Cangqiong asked.

Mr. Guansheng told the story about the coercion of the Valley Master Sword Servant and the others. The Valley Master Sword Servant did not dare to hide this matter, and he could not hide it. He just hid it from Ichigo because he wanted to discuss it with the Sixth Mainland China decided to cut off cooperation.

Now the condition for continuing cooperation is that Yicheng proposes. The Sixth Continent cannot know that Yicheng wants to cut off cooperation before. It only knows that Yicheng’s requirements are getting higher and higher, from materials to It was normal to attack Chuangtianyuan. The sixth continent had been destroyed and materials could not be provided. Under other conditions, no one would doubt it.

“Even Lu Yin went to the Weicheng battlefield because of the Origin Object. He must have gotten some news. It seems that the Origin Object is real,” Yaoxian sighed.

Mr. Guansheng looked at Old Man Qiongqiong, “What do you think?”.

Old man Qianqiong was unsure, “Lu Yin’s character is well known. He can’t afford to be early without profit. Although he is young, he is good at making decisions before taking action. Otherwise, he would not be able to achieve his current achievements. I have to say that looking at my sixth No one from the mainland can compare with him, whether it is talent, strength or scheming, since he appears on the battlefield of Weiyi, the authenticity of the origin is very high.”

“The human star realm and Ichiban have always been enemies. If it weren’t for the origin, he wouldn’t have risked his life to go to the Weiwei battlefield.”

Mr. Guansheng shook his head, “But this boy should have obtained the origin of things in that starry sky.”

A few people couldn’t figure it out for a while.

“Ignoring the origin of the thing, cooperation with Yicheng is inevitable. So, even if there is no origin of the thing, do we have to agree to Yicheng’s request?” Yaoxian said.

“The attack on Chuangtianyuan is very likely to bring murderous intent in the starry sky. They have abandoned the fifth continent. I don’t want them to come back again. They have unique surnames in ancient times and are not easy to mess with.” Master Qinghua said in a rare speech Yes, he is a loose man and doesn’t care about cooperation or non-cooperation. He cares more about the safety of the Sixth Continent itself.

What he said was true

Agreed, several people finally discussed and communicated with Yicheng, hoping to change the conditions. In fact, they originally planned to find ways to get materials from the Fifth Continent, such as purchasing from the Hall of Glory, etc., but Lu Yin The Swordsman of the Coercion Valley Master learned of their plan, and it was unlikely that they would purchase materials from the Fifth Continent. Even the Hall of Glory might know their purpose.

This possibility was not mentioned by a few people. They knew in their hearts that if the Fifth Continent really knew that they were asking for help from a city to transform people, their attitude towards them would be different, and they would most likely think of war.

At the same time, there is also a decision, that is, the four gods will guard the endless territory. If Lu Yin appears, they will be killed.

The Sixth Continent is not stupid. It is impossible to easily agree to a city’s attack on Chuangtianyuan before there is no definite proof that the origin object that appeared on the Weicheng battlefield is real. The price is too high, not to mention that even if the origin object is Really, Lu Yin is not sure that he can lure the Sixth Continent to attack Chuangtianyuan. This is just a bait.

It depends on whether some people in the Sixth Continent can resist the temptation of the origin thing, and also depends on their intention to cooperate with Ichiban.

After staying in Yiben City for several days and separating several rare materials for Bantian City Lord, they finally confirmed their cooperation.

Among the conditions put forward by Lu Yin, the most important one is to let Ippon City keep an eye on Chuangtianyuan and contact him immediately if someone from Tree Starry Sky appears.

This is also Lu Yin’s biggest purpose in coming to the Science and Technology Star Territory. He can’t worry about being chased all the time. Even though Quiro is coming, he can’t guarantee that Quiro will definitely follow and protect him.

Lu Yin didn’t have the confidence to be protected by a half-ancestor at all times, even if Quilo had a relationship with the former Lu family.

If you don’t want to be on guard all the time, you have to keep an eye on it.

No one knows Chuangtianyuan better than Yibencheng.

The trip to the Science and Technology Star Territory is over. He cooperates with Yibencheng and lets Yibencheng keep an eye on Chuangtianyuan. For Lu Yin, he has done everything he needs to do on this trip, and for the first one of the Boundary Mountains , although it was not confirmed that Chuang Tianyuan was cooperating with the New Humanity Alliance, they knew the identity of Lu Yin and the appearance of Quiro, the half-ancestor of the Tree Star Sky, so it would be easier to explain when he returned.

He now also knows that Lu Yin is cooperating with Yincheng, and Yincheng is unlikely to be an enemy of the human star field again. This news is also very important.

On the way back, the leader of the Boundary Mountain was silent. The Fifth Continent hated the ancient surname. He didn’t know how to deal with Lu Yin, especially since this son might bring disaster to the Fifth Continent.

Recalling the possibility of having a unique surname in ancient times, the leader of Boundary Mountain felt angry and worried.

Quiluo is relaxed. Wang Si and Bai Laogui are still imprisoned. It is impossible for Tree Starry Sky to send experts to chase them in the short term. They can be comfortable for a while. The fifth continent is also what Quoluo has always wanted to come to.

“Boy, take the old man to see that wall,” Quiro said.

Previously in the Starry Sky of Trees, Lu Yin told Quiro that the old man from Tuofu Star had carved the full text of the stone wall on the wall. The old man from Tuofu Star was already dead, but he could take Quiro to find it.

It was precisely because of this that Quiro was willing to help him and let him escape from the Starry Sky of the Tree.

After hearing what Quiro said, Lu Yin said, “He is dead and you can’t find him.”

Quiluo stopped, and Lu Yin, the head of the Boundary Mountain, and the two star-enabled cyborgs were forced to stop at the same time.

“You lied to me?” Quiro’s eyes were downcast, full of evil.

Lu Yin said in a deep voice, “Am I reciting it correctly?”

Quro’s eyes narrowed.

“Who else knows except the person you care about? Who else can tell me besides him? Aren’t you sure? I didn’t lie to you, it’s just that the planet was destroyed the moment he died. Destroyed,” Lu Yin said.

“So what you said in the Zhongping Realm was that you wanted me to help you,” Quiro gritted his teeth.

Lu Yin nodded.

Qiu Luo breathed out, his eyes were aggrieved. He had been lying to people all his life, and he could talk people to death with just one mouth. He didn’t expect to fall into this kid’s hands.

Lu Yin was helpless, “You didn’t know my identity at that time. If I didn’t say that, you might not help me, right?”

Quo Luo looked into the distance, shook his head bitterly, “Old man, I went through all the trouble to come to this abandoned place. I just wanted to visit his grave, but I didn’t expect there wasn’t even a tomb. How pitiful, pitiful.”

Lu Yin was curious, “Who is he? Why does he know the inheritance scriptures of my Lu family? At the beginning, he asked me to go to the New Universe to help him hand over the full text of the stone wall to another person. Who is that person? ? Then I don’t need to look for it anymore.”

Qiu Luo laughed, “That person? It’s just a backhand. He should be hiding it. It’s not important to save the person who might have saved the scripture. The reason why I won’t let you find it is because I saw something more in you. I wanted to preserve the scriptures, but by chance, I handed the scriptures to the right person.”

“What is his identity?” Lu Yin was curious. The old man Tuo Fuxing was the greatest opportunity in his life. He used the Mysterious Skill of Life and Death to bring him back to life several times. The full text of Shibi helped him survive several disasters. The pattern allowed him to get help from the Tianxing Sect, and in the future he might also get help from Chen Ancestor. Without the old man Tuofuxing, Lu Yin would not have had a wonderful cultivation path.

He really wanted to erect a monument for the old man.

Qui Luo glanced at the head of the Realm Mountain, then looked at Lu Yin, thought for a while, and said to Lu Yin alone, “My name is not Que Luo.”

Lu Yin’s eyes widened, wasn’t it Quiro?

“You’re not Quiro? It’s impossible.” Many people recognized him, and apart from Quiro, which other half-ancestor was so mean-mouthed.

Qui Luo said slowly, “Qui Luo is actually two people, namely Kui Zhe and Luo Zhe. I am Kui Zhe, and the old man is Luo Zhe.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “Is there such a thing?”.

Qui Luo nodded, “That’s it. When the Lu family was in trouble, the two of us were also implicated and ran away separately. The Luo family may have been arrested, but I have been looking for him.”

“But didn’t you fake your death a long time ago? Why are you still suffering?”.

“As I said, we were following the Lu family in trouble, and no one knew who we were. Old man, I have been searching in the starry sky of the tree for so many years, but I still couldn’t find any trace of Luo Zhe. I didn’t expect him to be in this starry sky.”

“What is your relationship with the Lu family? Why did Luo Zhe know that piece of scripture?” Lu Yin asked.

Qiu Luo rolled his eyes and said, “I have told you several times that the Breakthrough Star Envoy will tell you that you should practice honestly before then.”

Lu Yin pursed his lips but did not raise them.

“But where did Luo Zhe’s grandson come from? Do you know this?” Queluo was curious. When Lu Yin told him that the grandson of the old man Tuofuxing was dead, he was very curious and never had time to ask.

Lu Yin roughly told what happened in the Tianxing Sect, but concealed the pattern on the soles of his feet.


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