Star Odyssey Chapter 1732: New conditions

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Even Deputy City Lord Little Bear looked at Lu Yin with a different look. The speculation that Lu Yin happened to have Lai Chen was shattered the moment another kind of red debris appeared. Although that kind of red debris is not as precious as Lai Chen, it is also It was an extremely precious material. He didn’t say anything about it at first, but he just kept a close eye on it.

The moment he saw the red crumbs, he was sure that Lu Yin had really separated from Lai Chen, rather than having it by chance. It was impossible to have two precious materials by coincidence. Even those who could see the future might not be able to obtain it. arrive.

At this moment, Deputy City Master Xiaoxiong looked at Lu Yin with a completely different look, just like he looked at the practitioners of the Sixth Continent before the Sixth Continent was destroyed.

Lu Yin and Bantian City Master talked for a long time. No one knew what they talked about. Even Quiro didn’t go in to listen. He was not interested.

In his mind, he still felt that Lu Yin was on the wrong path. Concentrating on cultivation was the most important thing a cultivator should do, instead of wasting time on such unnecessary trivial matters.

The day after Lu Yin talked with Bantian City Lord, Deputy City Lord Xiaoxiong asked someone to bring the Valley Lord Swordsman out.

The Valley Master’s sword servant looked uneasy, his face was pale, and he looked like he was seriously ill.

“When I first arrested you, you said you didn’t know who those people were, right?” Deputy City Lord Little Bear said coldly.

The Valley Master Swordsman’s voice was trembling, “I really don’t know, I don’t know him.”

Deputy City Lord Little Bear sneered, “Lu Yin, don’t you recognize him?”.

The sword servant of the Valley Master was shocked, and his heart sank to the bottom. It’s over, Ippon City knew it. Lu Yin and the others wouldn’t think it was him who said it. He didn’t want to die. Thinking of this, he hurriedly said, “Deputy City Master Sir, it has nothing to do with me. It was Lu Yin and the others who planted the talent of cocooning in my body, so I was forced to bring them here. I don’t want to lie to you, but if I told you, I would be dead.”

Deputy City Lord Little Bear looked at the Valley Master Swordsman calmly, stood up, and came behind him, “Trapped in a cocoon?”

The Valley Master Swordsman nodded, “Yes, the talent of an old man who follows Lu Yin is extremely powerful. His talent ignores distance and can kill me instantly.”

“If that’s the case, why aren’t you dead yet?”.

“Because I didn’t say it.”

“But we know it, how can Lu Yin be sure that it wasn’t you who said it?”

The Valley Master Swordsman was stunned and unable to answer.

Deputy City Master Xiaoxiong said disdainfully, “Ignore the distance? You believe it, I tell you, Lu Yin and the others have long since escaped and left the technological star field. They can’t control you.”

The swordsman of the Valley Master was shocked, and then he was ecstatic, “Really? They escaped?”.

Deputy City Lord Little Bear stared at him coldly, “Are you happy?”.

The sword master of the valley quickly lowered his head and said, “I don’t dare, I don’t dare.”

Deputy City Lord Little Bear sat down again and said, “Let’s talk about their purpose.”

Incheng already knew the identities of Lu Yin and the others. The Valley Master Swordsman no longer concealed anything and told everything he knew.

Deputy City Lord Little Bear listened quietly and looked in the direction of Weiyi. It seemed that Lu Yin really wasn’t lying. His purpose was really to go to the Weiyi battlefield. How on earth did he know that the Origin Object would appear? Someone told him?

“That’s all I know. Vice City Lord, Lu Yin and others never wanted to come to Yiben City from the beginning to the end. They only wanted to go to the battlefield between Yiben City and Chuangtianyuan. I don’t know their purpose. I don’t know,” the Valley Master Swordsman said bitterly. He considered himself very unlucky to enter the Science and Technology Star Territory from the Endless Territory

After so many walks, I happened to meet Lu Yin and the others.

“I know their purpose,” Deputy City Lord Xiaoxiong said.

The Valley Master’s sword servant was surprised, but he didn’t ask.

“Lu Yin’s purpose is to appear on the Weicheng battlefield – the thing of origin,” Deputy City Lord Xiao Xiong said solemnly.

The sword servant of the Valley Master is confused and does not understand the origin of things at all.

Deputy City Master Little Bear looked at him, “I don’t blame you for what happened to Lu Yin. I can only say that you are unlucky. But let me send a cyborg from this city to the universe outside the human star domain to help you. Don’t even think about it. A cyborg can’t help you. No”.

The Valley Lord Swordsman’s face turned pale, “Deputy City Lord, there has always been no problem with the cooperation between Yiyi City and our Sixth Continent. Even if Lu Yin made some mistakes this time, it has nothing to do with our Sixth Continent. This” , Deputy City Master Little Bear stopped the Valley Master Swordsman and said, “Once or twice, next time someone from your sixth continent is forced to bring others into my city, do you still need us not to care? Don’t forget, this time This time my city has a problem.”

The Valley Master Swordsman remembered that he had been interrogated by people from a city before. At that time, he speculated whether it was Lu Yin and others who did it, but the investigation result had nothing to do with Lu Yin and others. He was relieved, but now, no matter Whether it was Lu Yin or the others who did it, this debt will be settled on them, and who brought Lu Yin? it’s him.

Thinking of this, the Valley Master Swordsman’s entire body felt cold. If the city’s cooperation with the Sixth Continent was cut off because of him, even ten lives would not be enough to compensate him. He would definitely die if he returned.

The more he thought about it, the more frightened the Valley Master Swordsman became, “Deputy City Master, please be more generous. What happened in this city before was definitely not done by Lu Yin and the others. I don’t ask for how many reformers I can send, just According to what you said, it will be as much as you say. Please, if the cooperation between this city and my sixth continent is severed, the villain will be dead. Please, Deputy City Lord.”

Looking coldly at the Valley Master Swordsman’s pleading, after a long time, Deputy City Master Xiaoxiong said, “It is not impossible to cooperate with you on the Sixth Continent, but because of Lu Yin’s incident, our past cooperation has restarted.”

The Valley Master Swordsman was confused and didn’t know what Vice Mayor Little Bear was saying, but he could only listen and wait for the result.

“The Weihe battlefield continues to spread towards us, and our city is at a disadvantage in the war with Chuangtianyuan, so I need the sixth continent to support my city and attack Chuangtianyuan from another direction.” Deputy City Lord Little Bear said.

The sword master of the valley was shocked, “Attack Chuangtianyuan?”.

Deputy City Master Xiao Xiong nodded, “Yes, we will attack Chuangtian Court. Of course, we must also provide the materials. Only in this way can we have a basis for cooperation.”

The Valley Master Swordsman is in a dilemma. How can he decide on a war like attacking Chuang Tian Yuan?

“If you don’t want to, forget it,” the deputy city leader Little Bear said coldly.

The Valley Master Swordsman begged again.

Deputy City Master Little Bear’s tone was a little softer, “Actually, we have met several times before. In the words of you humans, we are acquaintances. I don’t want you to go back and die.”

The Valley Master’s Swordsman was hurriedly grateful.

“It’s okay if you thank me. I can help you promote cooperation. It’s up to you whether you are willing or not,” said Deputy City Lord Xiaoxiong.

The Valley Master’s sword servant was puzzled.

“I told you about the Origin Object before. You just need to tell the people behind you this news. The Origin Object is now in Chuangtianyuan. Our city and the Sixth Continent will cooperate again. The basis is to let the Third Continent Six continents are attacking Chuang Tianyuan. We don’t care who owns the final origin. Whatever you say, it’s up to you.” Xiao

Deputy City Master Xiong said.

The Valley Lord Swordsman didn’t know what the Origin Object was, but since Deputy City Lord Little Bear gave him a way, he knew it might make sense. In desperation, he borrowed a personal terminal from the city to contact the Endless Territory, and Through the Endless Territory, he contacted Mr. Guansheng, one of the four Daoyuan Sects located in the Border Territory.

Mr. Guansheng is one of the four deities of Daoyuan Sect and the master of the temple in Wuxian Domain.

“An object of origin? An object of origin appeared on the Weicheng battlefield?” Mr. Guansheng lost his composure. As one of the four deities, few things could make him lose his composure, but the news from the Valley Master’s Swordsman did it.

The thing of origin is related to becoming an ancestor. Not everyone among the half ancestors has the thing of origin, and not everyone can break the three levels.

The Sixth Continent also has the theory of breaking the Three Levels, otherwise the Three Ancestors would not have been born. Among the most powerful people in the Sixth Continent today, there are not many who can become ancestors by breaking the Three Levels. This is why no one has tried to break the Three Levels for many years. Ancestor, just because of the lack of origin.

Now, the people sent to negotiate in Yiben City actually sent back news that something of origin appeared on the Weicheng battlefield.

Mr. Guansheng’s first thought was that he didn’t believe it.

Then he heard that the condition of cooperation in Yiben City was to allow the Sixth Continent to attack Chuangtianyuan. Mr. Guansheng didn’t believe it even more.

However, whether you believe it or not, this matter must be confessed to the other three sages.

The four deities of the Daoyuan Sect of the Sixth Continent gathered together to worship the old man of the sky of the Blood Realm, Mr. Guansheng of the Martial Immortal Realm, the Medicine Immortal of the Stone Realm and the newly promoted Master Qinghua of the Brahma Realm.

After hearing about the origin of the thing, the four people gathered together without hesitation.

Old Man Cangqiong was the first one not to believe it, “How could the objects of origin appear in the technological star field? Our sixth continent has been passed down from ancient times, and there are no redundant origin objects left. How could there be such things in the technological star field?”

Mr. Guansheng said, “Yes, the Martial Ancestor once said that the half-ancestors of the Fifth Continent all have the aura of origin. That has been retained by the Fifth Continent for many years. It is also the true purpose of our attack on the Fifth Continent. It cannot be missed. , let alone appear in the technological star field, and those things that the mechanical creatures want to originate from are useless.”

“It’s not impossible,” Yaoxian said. Among the four deities of Daoyuan Sect, he is extremely low-key and rarely participates in decision-making. However, no one dares to ignore him because he is older than Old Man Cangqiong and Mr. Guansheng.

“Don’t forget, although the origin object appears on the Weicheng battlefield, it belongs to Chuangtianyuan, and those people are connected behind Chuangtianyuan.”

The old man Qianqiong raised his eyes and said, “The fifth continent was divided, and it had a unique surname in ancient times?”

Yao Xian said lightly, “The ancient Du surname is not a split, but an abandonment. Once in a battle, our Sixth Continent changed the sky of the Fifth Continent. That was because the Ancient Du surname abandoned the Fifth Continent. Otherwise, the outcome would be defeat or defeat. No matter what, everyone knows in their hearts that the reason why they sent people to guard the three gates is to prevent the Fifth Continent from using the starry sky to change the sky.”

“Now, the sky in the fifth continent has changed, and people in that starry sky appear more and more frequently.”

When it comes to the starry sky, several people’s expressions are a little heavy.

Although they despise the Fifth Continent in their hearts, they know that if it had not been abandoned by the ancient Du surname, the Sixth Continent would not have been able to win in the ancient war. They dare not even think about how strong the starry sky is now, at least It is certain that there are more Ancestral Realms than their Sixth Continent.

“If it really comes from that starry sky, it makes sense, but how can the origin of that starry sky be given to Chuangtianyuan? The number of origins is rare, and it is related to the ancestors, and no one will waste it.” Mr. Guansheng Confuse.


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