Star Odyssey Chapter 1731: The secret of walking

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Qui Luo is not surprised. If the leader of the Boundary Mountain hears this, he will definitely be surprised. One city has always been against the human star field. There were also people who wanted to stop fighting and cooperate, but they all failed. One city is against the human star field. Xingyu didn’t have the slightest favorable impression, and now Lu Yin actually wanted to cooperate.

Deputy City Lord Little Bear immediately laughed and looked at Lu Yin mockingly.

City Lord Bantian was very interested, “Cooperation? Leader Lu, are you kidding?”.

“Very serious” Lu Yin said solemnly.

Bantian City Master said, “The Hall of Glory also approached us for cooperation, but was rejected. Our city has been at war with the human star field for countless years, and there has never been a possibility of cooperation. Why do you dare to come and talk about cooperation?”

Lu Yin said calmly, “Because the Sixth Continent is gone.”

The city lord looked at Lu Yin for half a day, his eyes calm.

Lu Yin continued, “One City cooperates with the Sixth Continent for materials. The people from the Sixth Continent told me that to cooperate with them, One City needs to go to war with the human star field. Now the Sixth Continent If they are all gone, you will have no basis for cooperation, so it is our turn.”

“Why, do you, the human star field, have materials that can satisfy us? Even if you do, why do you, Alliance Leader Lu, represent the human star field? You can’t pass the level of the Hall of Light and Glory. Although I haven’t heard much about the human star field, But we know that for many years, the human star field has hated us as much as the sixth continent. Providing us with materials is a joke?” Bantian City Lord replied lightly.

Lu Yin moved his fingers, “The one who cooperates with you is not the human star field, but me.”

City Lord Bantian and Deputy City Lord Xiaoxiong looked at Lu Yin in surprise, “You?”.

Lu Yin nodded, “Yes, I am neither the Human Star Domain nor the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, but I, Lu Yin, will provide you with materials.”

“Why do you have that?” Deputy City Lord Little Bear couldn’t help but ask.

What they cooperate with is the vast amount of materials from the Sixth Continent. Even if they cooperate with the human star field, they should be equivalent to the Hall of Glory. No matter how rich and powerful Lu Yin is, he cannot be worthy of it. A whole continent of material.

Lu Yin stared at the city master for a long time, “I don’t have ordinary materials, not much, but I have some rare materials that ordinary people can’t get, including rare materials that are not available in the Sixth Continent. I can help you get them. “.

Hanzian City Lord’s pupils flickered, “Can you get materials that are not available in the Sixth Continent?”.

Lu Yin smiled, “How should I put it, it’s a personal talent. I can separate the materials in certain objects perfectly, and reproduce the original style of the materials.”

“Impossible”, Deputy City Lord Xiaoxiong shouted, glaring at Lu Yin, “You are lying, even with my city’s technology, I can’t do it.”

Lu Yin was disdainful, “Just because you can’t do it doesn’t mean I can’t do it. Don’t you believe it? Try it?”.

The city lord stared at Lu Yin for a long time, rationally telling him that it was impossible. Those rare materials came from ancient times and had been used long ago. They did get a lot of ancient things, but they couldn’t decompose those materials. They could only look at them and try to find them. No new materials can be found, and history has long been lost. The man in front of me actually said that it can be decomposed perfectly. How is that possible?

Practitioners fight for their lives, and when they reach one million combat power or even half-ancestor, they are as powerful as gods, but there are things that even gods cannot do.

Qui Luo also looked at Lu Yin in surprise. Is there really someone who can perfectly separate the materials in an object? Ordinary objects are very simple, even if they are capable of defending or attacking foreign objects with a combat power of one million, people who are good at this can do it, but they can be called rare materials, and with the technology of a city

Can’t be decomposed, obviously it’s not that simple.

Even if some foreign objects look ordinary, they cannot be decomposed because they are too old, or the original manufacturing methods are too complicated, or the characteristics of the materials themselves. No one can decompose them perfectly. This is impossible.

“City Lord Bantian, you can try and find some things. There are materials you need but can’t get. See if I can get them for you,” Lu Yin said confidently.

City Lord Bantian looked at Deputy City Lord Xiaoxiong and winked.

Deputy City Lord Little Bear left.

The atmosphere was silent for a moment.

“By the way, Alliance Leader Lu, are the changes that happened in this city some time ago related to you?” The city leader suddenly asked for a long time, staring at Lu Yin closely.

Lu Yin’s expression remained unchanged, “It doesn’t matter.”

For a long time, the city lord and Lu Yin looked at each other. After looking at each other for a long time, he could not tell whether this person was lying. In fact, he believed that it had nothing to do with it, because this person was in retreat at the time, and it was impossible for him to go to another place. He still believed in people from the Xia family in Xingyu, but it was unlikely for Lu Yin.

Not long after, Deputy City Lord Xiaoxiong arrived and brought a very broken stone and threw it to Lu Yin.

Lu Yin caught it, raised his eyebrows, and looked at the stone.

“This stone is very ordinary, but there is a substance inside, called tear dust. As long as you can get the tear dust out, I will believe you,” Bantian City Lord said solemnly.

Qui Luo was surprised, “Lai Chen?”.

Lu Yin was curious, “Senior, have you heard of it?”

Qiu Luo nodded and looked at the stone in wonder, “Tear dust is a very ancient substance that has not been seen in the current era. I didn’t expect it to be here.” As he said that, he looked at Lu Yin, “You are sure it can be separated. ? You must know that the tears are very fragile, let alone you, even if you are just starting to practice, the tears will be wiped away if you are not careful.”

“What’s its use?” Lu Yin was curious.

Quro said, “Plant, grow.”

Lu Yin blinked, “That’s it?”.

Quero nodded, “That’s it, it’s actually a kind of soil.”

“Then why is it so precious? Even the seniors have heard of it.”

“It is said that plants grown from tears are more spiritual than other plants of the same type. By the way, I heard that Huizu’s first wisdom root was grown from tears.”

Lu Yin’s eyes changed, and then he was overjoyed, “Really?”.

“Leader Lu, please help yourself. How long will it take?” Bantian City Lord interrupted and asked.

Lu Yin looked at it and said, “Is there anything else? Bring it here together, I don’t have time to wait.”

“As long as Alliance Leader Lu can separate the tears, our cooperation will begin. Alliance Leader Lu does not need to wait in a city. I will give the things to you. Just bring them to me when you separate them.” City Lord Bantian said seriously road.

Lu Yin smiled and said, “It’s a deal, but City Lord Bantian, I didn’t mention the conditions for cooperation. I just said that I am willing to cooperate.”

“Let’s talk about separating the tears.” City Lord Bantian didn’t believe that Lu Yin could do it, so he left directly.

Deputy City Master Little Bear quickly caught up, “City Master, aren’t you afraid that he will have tears himself?”.

City Lord Bantian said lightly, “If it’s such a coincidence, it’s God’s will to cooperate with him, so why disobey it.”

Deputy City Lord Little Bear seemed to understand but not quite.

Quiluo also withdrew, leaving Lu Yin alone.

Lu Yin came to the place where he had been retreating, his eyes were stern, and as a wave of energy swept over him, Kui

Luo took action to prevent him from being monitored by a city.

“No problem” came Quiro’s voice.

Lu Yin looked up and seemed to be able to see the invisible materialized thought. He didn’t know if the mastermind could see it, but even if he could see it, it didn’t matter. He wanted to use two points on the dice, and the remaining points could be hidden.

Although the talent of breaking down materials is rare, it is not enough to cause a sensation.

Putting the Ning Kong Ring aside, not a single bit of Star Energy Crystal Essence was left on his body.

Lu Yin raised his hand, the dice appeared, pointed out with one finger, the dice rotated, and slowly stopped, five o’clock.

Lu Yin was helpless. Quiro and the leader of the Boundary Mountain had talents, but he didn’t dare to touch them within ten seconds. He restored the dice and continued to roll.

The second time it was panned to three o’clock, looking at the upper and lower layers of light curtains, Lu Yin shook his head and tried again.

The third time, I was lucky. At two o’clock, the decomposition vortex appeared. Lu Yin directly threw the stone into it. The stone passed through the decomposition vortex and dropped several kinds of substances. The only ones Lu Yin could recognize were the most common stone chips. There are red bits and gray bits next to it.

He once again put these debris into the decomposition vortex, and nothing was decomposed.

Then, among these kinds of debris, one must be tear dust.

The most likely thing is gray debris because there are so few of them.

No matter what kind of debris, Lu Yin collected some. He also needed Lai Chen to help break down the materials and get some, but not too much. They didn’t know how much they had anyway.

The decomposition vortex can exist for five minutes, and Lu Yin is not in a hurry to get out. It will arouse suspicion if it goes too fast.

As the decomposition vortex disappeared, Lu Yin closed his eyes and practiced the Tianxing Technique.

Two days passed, and Deputy City Lord Xiao Xiong came to visit twice, but did not see Lu Yin come out. When he left, his expression became colder each time.

Just when Deputy City Lord Little Bear arrived for the third time, Lu Yin walked out.

Deputy City Lord Little Bear hurriedly stepped forward and stared at Lu Yin, “It must have failed.”

Quiluo and the leader of the Boundary Mountain also looked at Lu Yin curiously.

Lu Yin smiled and raised his hand. There were several kinds of debris in his hand, “Please take a look to see if there are any tears.”

Deputy City Lord Little Bear was stunned when he saw the debris on Lu Yin’s hand, especially the gray debris.

Half the day the city lord arrived, this time he changed into a modified human body, which was much more powerful than the previous one. Seeing the gray stone chips in Lu Yin’s hand, he looked up at Lu Yin, “Leader Lu, welcome to the city cooperate”.

Lu Yin handed the gray stone chips to Deputy City Lord Xiaoxiong, and under the dull eyes of the leader of the Boundary Mountain, he smiled and said, “Please come in.”

“Please”, the tone of the city lord changed completely for a long time.

The leader of Boundary Mountain was stunned. He looked dumbfoundedly at Lu Yin and Bantian City Master laughing and talking. How could this be possible? For a long time, the Hall of Glory has been seeking a strike or even cooperation with Yincheng, but none of them succeeded. But Lu Yin actually did it. How did he do it?

Era makes heroes.

The isolation of the inner and outer universes enabled Lu Yin to unify the outer universe. The destruction of the Sixth Continent also enabled Lu Yin to cooperate with Yincheng.

Compared to the Sixth Continent, which can no longer meet the material needs of a city, Lu Yin, a person who can allow them to obtain rare materials, is more worthy of cooperation. Now Lu Yin has become a treasure in the eyes of Bantian City Lord.

Materials are like combat skills and rare treasures to the technological star field. To the human star field, Lu Yin is equivalent to the secret art of walking in the eyes of the Bantian City Lord.


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