Star Odyssey Chapter 17: Breaking into the realm

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“Can Xing Sheng last for three hours?” Qin Xuan asked, glaring at the doctor.

The doctor nodded, “Okay.”

Soon, all the surrounding criminal camp troops retreated.

There was no one around, and Granny breathed a sigh of relief. Three hours was just an insurance figure. In fact, she only needed two hours to recover from some of her injuries. Without the realm-exploring practitioners, the rest of the people couldn’t stop her.

Thinking about it, Granny glanced at Tres and then at Orton, huh? Wait, where’s Orton? Granny’s expression changed. She wanted to stand up and take a look, but as soon as she moved, severe pain swept through her body. She had no choice but to sit down. Don’t worry, wait two hours. Even if Orton is not dead, his injuries are definitely worse than hers. By the way, And that Atta, who dared to attack him, needs to be taught a lesson.

Under the ruins a thousand meters away from Granny, Orton’s body lay quietly on the ground. Lu Yin was breathing heavily. He was also seriously injured, but the most important thing at the moment was the Body Shaping Art, Body Shaping. It can heal to a certain extent.

After observing for a while, Lu Yin cut off five of Orton’s fingers before finding the body shaping chip.

“This is the moment.” Lu Yin was excited and melted the Body Shaping Art into his body. Suddenly, severe pain swept through his body. He once again experienced the supreme power. All the cells in the body were reorganizing, refining, and surging power. It was like looking down at the starry sky and taking him, a little ant, out of this world of earth.


Lu Yin spit out blood. Cell remodeling was painful, but also happy. He could feel his own evolution, becoming more and more consistent with the starry sky.

An hour later, Granny’s complexion recovered a little, and her injuries improved. “Give me another hour, I can move.” Granny was excited. She had no intention of leaving. Taking control of Aungling, the future would be With the bargaining chip to negotiate with the stronger ones.

Although the blue area is protected to a certain extent, not everyone follows this rule. The ordinary planet evolution trial is okay, but now that the Tenth Academy of Starry Sky is about to appear, everyone wants to show off in the trial. Glory, this earth trial is destined to be cruel.

What worries Granny the most is the arrival of the second batch of trialists more than two months later.

This group of trialists had already been determined. At that time, news about the Tenth Academy of Starry Sky had just emerged. There were not many people who temporarily joined this trial, but the second batch was completely different. The refining students came completely for the Tenth Academy of the Starry Sky. Granny didn’t know who would appear, but she had a hunch that there might be unimaginable monsters and geniuses among them.

She does not intend to monopolize Jinling. That is unrealistic. She hopes to use Jinling to seek refuge with certain people in exchange for better trial results. This is her purpose, and it should also be Tres’s purpose.

Another half hour passed, and Granny felt that she had recovered a little. Just when she was about to get up and look for Orton, a surging star energy fluctuation suddenly came from not far away. Granny looked in horror, is this?

Thousands of meters away, the pain in Lu Yin’s body slowly subsided. He shook his hands and felt his own strength. Now he has truly entered the world of cultivation and has the capital to look up at the stars.

Granny clicked on her personal terminal to test her combat power. The beep beep beep sound kept reminding her that the final combat power showed one thousand and eighty. Granny was confused, one thousand and eighty? Just broke through the exploration realm? who? Yata?

In the ruins a thousand meters away, Lu Yin pushed aside the rocks, walked out, and looked at Granny.

Granny’s eyes were surprised, her heart sank, her eyes flickered, “Have you broken through to explore the realm?”

Lu Yin approached Granny step by step and smiled lightly, “Didn’t you detect it?”

Granny frowned and spoke softly, “I’m sorry, Atta, I shouldn’t have pushed you out to block the enemy’s attack just now, but you have to believe me. This was my instinctive reaction, not intentional.”

Lu Yin walked more than ten meters away from Granny and said with a smile, “Of course I believe you, the elite of the academy. You have experienced the test of life and death. It is normal to have such an instinctive reaction.”

Granny showed a smile and said, “That’s good. Atta, Tres and Orton are all dead, and this native is also seriously injured. From now on, Aurous Hill is ours. We cooperate and no one can take it away. Jinling”.

“That’s right. Can I borrow something from you before that?” Lu Yin looked at Granny with a smile.

Granny’s expression changed, and she forced a smile and said, “What?”

Lu Yin said, “Nothing, just various energy crystals.”

Granny’s eyes were sharp, “What did you say?”.

Lu Yin stared at Granny and said calmly, “Let’s just say, hand over your Ning Kong Ring.”

“You want to rob?” Granny shouted.

Lu Yin shrugged, “Don’t make it so dark, just take a look.”

Granny stood up and stared at Lu Yin closely, and said fiercely, “Yatta, don’t think that you can suppress me just because the body shaping has successfully treated some of the injuries. You haven’t fully recovered yet. Besides, I have also treated some of the injuries. It’s really a fight.” It’s hard to say who will win and who will lose. Don’t forget, you have just reached the exploration realm and your combat power is only 1,080.”

The corners of Lu Yin’s mouth curled up, “Well, if you really believed in combat power, would you tell me so much nonsense?”.

Granny’s eyes flickered and she didn’t answer.

Lu Yin continued, “Combat power is only the external impact of individual star energy. It is simply the impact of star energy and cannot represent true strength. This is the first sentence in the college textbook.”

“Wrong, the textbook just doesn’t want to hit civilian students. The stronger the combat power, the higher the individual star energy intensity, which has a suppressive effect on people with low combat power. Otherwise, why do you think Tres is better than me? You and me The combat power is almost doubled, and the gap cannot be made up by any combat skills,” Granny said coldly.

Lu Yin raised his foot and approached Granny again, “Take action, if you are sure.”

Granny’s eyes were fierce as she stared at Lu Yin who was approaching step by step. She took out the flame crystal from the Ning Kong Ring and crushed it. The flames rose into the sky. “Fire Palm” Granny was forced to take action. Even if she could defeat Lu Yin with her palm, she would be injured again, but there was no other way, so Granny could only do this.

Seeing Granny’s palm strike, deep flames deposited in the palm, Lu Yin raised his hand, the moon rotated around the palm, and struck out the Star Palm without hesitation. At the moment of contact, the moon exploded, and terrifying power flowed along the palm. The force completely destroyed the flames and knocked Granny a hundred meters away with one palm. Her arms were broken and she fell to the ground in a state of disbelief. Lu Yin looked at Lu Yin in disbelief.

She never expected that Lu Yin would seriously injure her with one palm. What kind of combat skill was that? There is no way it is Wave Palm. Wave Palm is no match for Flame Palm. Their combat power is almost doubled, a gap that is difficult to make up with ordinary combat skills.

Lu Yin looked at his right palm with hot eyes. This was the Star Palm. After reaching the exploration realm, the power of the Star Palm increased again. Stars appeared from the palm. The stars exploded enough to crush everything. This was just a star. , if it is two? Ten? Twenty? What will its power be? Lu Yin didn’t dare to think about it at all.

Such combat skills must never be revealed.

The movement here attracted Qin Xuan and others. When the army appeared again, only Lu Yin was seen standing on the ground.

“Brother Lu?” Feng Hong was surprised.

Qin Xuan and others were also surprised. They all retreated far away during the battle and did not see it at all.

Lu Yin said, “Lock that woman up and treat Xing Sheng.”

Soon, Granny was taken away by the army, and Zhou Shan was rushed to the treatment room by the doctor.

“Wait a minute” Zhou Shan’s weak voice sounded.

Everyone gather around.

Zhou Shan looked at Lu Yin and said, “During my treatment, Jinling will be protected by you, please.”

Lu Yin nodded, “Don’t worry.”

“Thank you” Zhou Shan said and fell into coma.

Today’s battle caused huge losses to Jinling. Lu Yin ordered the army to rebuild the destroyed Jinling gathering place, appease the survivors, and ordered Luo Yun and others to rush back to Jinling.

There were many things that Lu Yin didn’t need to worry about. The criminal camp had its own way of dealing with them. He went to the bottom of the prison where the evolvers were imprisoned in Aurous Hill and saw Granny.

At this time, Granny was bound by her limbs, and there were many technological weapons hidden around her. As long as she made the slightest movement, she would be shot directly.

Lu Yin retreated from the guards, came to Granny, took off her Ning Kong Ring, cut her finger, used the genetic code in the blood to unlock the Ning Kong Ring, and poured out everything.

The Ning Kong Ring is very precious. Not many people can afford it. Asta and Orton don’t have it. Only Granny and Tres have it. Tres’s Ning Kong Ring was taken away by Lu Yin. , got a lot of good things, and now it’s Granny’s turn.

“Who are you?” Granny asked.

Lu Yin smiled and said, “What do you think?”

“You must be from the universe and definitely not from Earth,” Granny said firmly, gritting her teeth and glaring at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin nodded and took away all the energy crystals. The rest of the underwear and other items were put into the Ning Kong Ring and returned to Granny.

Without the genetic code, the Ning Kong Ring is useless. There is no need for him to grab a useless Ning Kong Ring.


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