Star Odyssey Chapter 1693: Return

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In this way, ten days passed quickly. Mu En arrived. When he saw Lu Yin being beaten away, he was shocked and hurriedly stopped him, “Prison Master Kunze, what are you doing?”.

Lu Yin was hit hard in the swamp, and his body was almost torn apart. He had experienced this feeling so many times that he was used to it, and the golden fighting spirit became more condensed, as if it was engraved in his bones.

In the castle, Mu En was surprised, “Can Lu Yin spar with you?”.

The prison master nodded, “He asked for it himself. Judge Mu En, you are here to investigate the riot, so feel free to do so.”

Mu En nodded, looked into the distance, and asked no more questions. Liu Yefeihua watched from the side and did not make any move. Since it was Lu Yin who took the initiative to practice sparring, it was hard for him to say anything. The scene just now was really shocking. Lu Yin was so seriously injured, how could he practice sparring?

He ignored it and began to question each jailer and each prisoner under the guidance of Lord Pig. This was his task.

Mu En’s investigation was completed in two days. Everyone in Kunze was questioned, and surveillance was obtained. However, surveillance was of little significance. Prison Lord Warring States bombarded the entire Kunze, and surveillance was useless at that time.

The person who provided Mu En with the most information was Master Zhu. He explained it vividly, especially praising the mainland’s hidden contributions. Mu En thought he was from the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, not the deputy prison master.

In the castle, Lu Yin looked at the golden fighting spirit on his body. It was a little more condensed than before the training, but it was still far away to break through the Warring States Period with this.

“It won’t be that easy, otherwise someone would have broken through this universe long ago,” the prison master said after taking a sip of wine.

Lu Yin wondered, “Since my senior has the fighting spirit of the Warring States Period, why doesn’t the outside world know about it?”

The prison master smiled, “I achieved it with the help of Chenzu’s blood. What’s the use if the outside world knows about it? As long as no one is promoted to the Warring States period based on their own strength, it will be impossible to popularize the training method of fighting spirit, and the war spirit Qi is not that easy to understand.”

Lu Yin understands this. How many people in the entire Starry Sky Battle Academy can cultivate their fighting spirit, and how many people in the Starry Sky of Trees can cultivate their fighting spirit to the level of the Warring States Period? This road is too difficult, especially this road is not prepared for ordinary people at all, but for giants. Fighting spirit is the fighting method of giants.

“I’m surprised. Leader Lu, your recovery speed is too fast. How do you do it? Secret technique? Or healing technique?” the prison leader asked. He and Lu Yin have become a lot familiar with each other in the past few days. Even if I didn’t pay much attention to this issue.

Lu Yin said, “Kujia’s kung fu technique.”

The prison master was interested, “The Ku family of the Seven-Character King Ting? I heard that they have a Ku-zi secret that can instantly restore injuries. Could it be that you have learned it, Alliance Leader Lu?”

Lu Yin shrugged, “No, it’s not that easy to learn the secret of Ku Zi.”

Master Pig rushed in with Mu En sitting on his back.

Mu En said hello to the prison leader, then looked at Lu Yin, “Leader Lu, let’s talk.”

Lu Yin nodded, “Please.”

Outside the castle, Mu En and Lu Yin stood opposite each other, only a few meters apart.

“This Kunze riot, I have to thank Alliance Leader Lu for suppressing it. Otherwise, all the prisoners’ escape would be enough to shock the entire universe,” Mu En said with emotion.

Lu Yin said, “It should be.”

Mu Endao said, “The prison master is mostly responsible for this riot. He clearly knew that someone was planning the riot, but he insisted on going his own way and tried to suppress it by himself. In the end, it led to such serious consequences. He will inevitably be tried. As for Leader Lu, if you report meritoriously, the Council will definitely do something


Lu Yin laughed and looked at the swamp, “Here, both prisoners and jailers live in the same cage. What’s the difference? Even if the prison master is tried, the most he can do is to extend the period of becoming the prison master. You should focus on the fugitives.” At this point, he looked at Mu En seriously, “I strongly request the Chief Magistrate to personally hunt down the Second Night King. He escaped, and I am uneasy.”

Mu En shook his head, “The Chief Referee has his own way of doing things. No one else can interfere, but I will tell the Chief Referee your request.”

“Thank you,” Lu Yin said.

Mu En was surprised, “Leader Lu should be able to contact the chief referee himself, right?”

Although no one knew the relationship between Lu Yin and the chief referee, he was holding the chief referee’s warrant and it was clear that they were very close.

Lu Yin had no choice but to say, “As you said, no one can interfere with the Lord Judge’s work, and neither can I. I can only raise it with you, the Chief Judge.”

Mu En grunted and said, “I have a question for Alliance Leader Lu.”

“Please say”.

“Why didn’t Alliance Leader Lu take action at the beginning?” Mu En asked, staring at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin looked at him, “I was ready to take action, but I was stunned by the prison master.”

“What do you mean?” Mu En was stunned.

Lu Yin sighed, “The prison master used the power of the Warring States Period to attack the entire Kunze…”.

Mu En already knew very well about the events before and after the riot. The reason why he still asked was because he wanted to find something from Lu Yin’s expression and words, but he found nothing.

“The presiding judge won’t suspect that I did it?” Lu Yin suddenly asked.

Mu En smiled and said, “Of course not. Alliance Leader Lu had warned the Prison Master before the riot and took action to suppress it. Among those who escaped was the Second Night King, the person most hostile to Alliance Leader Lu. The one who suffered the greatest loss was not Kunze, but Alliance Leader Lu.”

“It’s good if the presiding judge knows,” Lu Yin said.

“One more question, does Alliance Leader Lu know the identity of the sword-wielding old man?” Mu En asked, looking at Lu Yin with a searching look in his eyes.

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed, “I don’t know.”

Mu En looked at Lu Yin and nodded after a moment, “If you don’t know, just don’t know. Leader Lu, as the Lord of the outer universe, and now you have entered the inner universe, you should be very clear that for certain purposes, you can use certain These means are necessary, even if they are bad or even dark.”

“I can go and leave Kunze,” Lu Yin interrupted.

Mu En nodded, “Of course.”

Looking at Lu Yin’s leaving figure, Mu En frowned. If it were anyone else, no matter if they knew Liu Huang’s identity or not, they would not be able to get out of Kunze. The Hall of Glory does not allow taking such risks, but this is Lu Yin, whose background is greater than the sky, is the chief judge of the Interstellar Arbitration Institute, the council of the Hall of Glory, even Zen Elder, the Supreme Heavenly Master, etc.

It can be said that this person has the support of half of the Fifth Continent behind him. No one can control him when he leads the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance to invade the inner universe, let alone such a trivial matter.

Mu En remembered the scene when she first met Lu Yin, and the scene when she accompanied Lu Yin from the Chenzu Tomb to Jie Mountain. The growth rate of this child was really amazing. Maybe the next time we meet, it will be different. !

Luo Huang was imprisoned at Can’s location, and Lu Yin formally bid farewell to Liu Yefeihua.

After following Lu Yin for such a long time, Liuye Feihua got to know Lu Yin quite well. Before they parted, Feihua was a big fan

My sister rarely had a better attitude, “Leader Lu, don’t worry, we won’t tell you your identity.” She was referring to Lu Xiaoxuan’s identity.

Lu Yin smiled lightly and said, “Thank you.”

He looked at Liu Ye Feihua rather reluctantly. He rarely spat out the things that came into his hands, but Liu Ye Feihua had to leave after all. It was a pity for these two very qualified bodyguards.

Then, those who replaced Liuye Feihua were the Second Night King and Liu Huang.

These two are more ruthless, but they can’t show up, which is really troublesome.

There were four of us when we arrived, but we were alone when we left.

Lu Yin left Kunze, boarded the spaceship, and headed towards the direction of Yanlan Liujie.

In Kunze, Mu En will continue to investigate. The most important thing for him is to investigate why the original treasure formation of three thousand chains was unlocked and why some jailors helped escape.

One day after leaving Kunze, there were three more people in Lu Yin’s spaceship. They were the Second Night King, Liu Huang and Shui Chuanxiao.

The three of them must regain their strength as soon as possible. Liu Huang and Shui Chuanxiao were eroded by the death energy, and it was difficult to recover. On the second night, Wang was not eroded by the death energy, but was beaten so badly by the referee that it was difficult to recover. easy.

Lu Yin kept an eye on the Second Night King and used the cage technique to prevent the Second Night King from regaining his strength and escaping.

Once this person shows signs of getting out of trouble, he will kill him without hesitation.

Now he regrets not leaving Baishui behind. In Kunze, it was not easy for him to control the Second Night King with the cage technique. If he was to be seriously injured, why did Baishui think he could do it at the Hanxian Sect ruins? Controlling the Second Night King with the Cage Technique?

She is not so sure, and she will not risk everything to enter the bottom of the Cold Immortal Pond. There must be a reason for this. All Lu Yin can think of is blood. The blood of the Bai family is more closely matched with the cage technique.

If this is the case, once the Hanxian Sect enters the fifth continent, will the Baiye Clan still be under their control? This is a problem!

After leaving Kunze, Lu Yin received a lot of news, which were the methods used by the major flow realms in the inner universe to target the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. They blocked the areas around the Yanlan flow realm and the Gu flow realm, closed the giant ships on the tributaries of the Galaxy, and canceled trade, etc. Wait, Lu Yin doesn’t care about these. He has already eliminated nearly half of the people in the inner universe who can really determine the situation. These small flow realm forces cannot stop the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance army at all.

What concerned him was the change in the Hall of Glory Council.

King Zheng Ye was actually removed, which Lu Yin did not expect.

“This is my mistake. I should have paid attention to it at the beginning. There are nine positions on the council, two in the inner universe, two in the cosmic sea, and the rest are from the new universe. King Zheng Ye can become a director because of Bai Ye. Clan, but the White Night Clan was defeated by us and has no voice in the inner universe. It is naturally impossible for King Zheng Ye to continue to be a director.” Wang Wen apologized, he did not consider this.

Lu Yin said, “I don’t blame you, no one can think so comprehensively, and even if you think about it, it’s useless, you can’t change it, but I didn’t expect that the person who replaced King Zheng Ye would be Zijing.”

“Starlink Network Company, the entire network coverage of the Fifth Continent is made by them. Although this network company is not prominent, its influence is no worse than Clover Company, Aurora Spaceship Company and Mabis Bank.” Wang Wen said seriously.

Lu Yin said, “I know that in Jieshan, I can only contact you through Zijing’s channel.”

“What kind of person is this Zijing?” Wang Wen asked. The Fifth Continent is too big. His attention is always on the internal and external universe. He doesn’t know much about the people in the new universe, mainly because he hasn’t come into contact with them yet.


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