Star Odyssey Chapter 1691: Tail

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The council convened urgently, and all nine directors showed up, but the people changed.

Cong Ying was removed because he mobilized the expeditionary force without authorization and delayed the Space Marine fighter plane. His replacement was Yang Ji, one of the three thousand worlds in the Glory World, the Lord of the World of Light. Another person had just been removed. It is King Zheng Ye.

King Zheng Ye was removed. On the day Lu Yin arrived in Kunze, he couldn’t even react and was removed directly. His replacement was Zijing.

“Fourteen prisoners escaped during the Kunze riot, and the list is here.” Xin Jiao said in a deep voice, her face more serious than ever before, and there was an imperceptible look deep in her eyes.

Zijing looked at the list and was surprised, “Why is there still one person without a name?”.

Xin Jiao said, “This person was not tried and arrested by our council, but was directly arrested and imprisoned in Kunze by the Interstellar Arbitration Institute. Because it involves secrecy, he has no name.”

“Can’t we even know?” Yang Ji asked. As the Lord of the Great World of Light, his own strength exceeds 700,000. He is also one of the few strong men in history.

Old man Mikami shook his head, “It’s normal, just get used to it.”

“The king actually escaped on the second night,” Liu Ran exclaimed, with a heavy expression on his face.

King Zheng Ye was withdrawn, and now he is the only one representing the inner universe. The escape of the second night king had the greatest impact on the inner universe. He immediately thought whether the White Night Clan would rise, but it was impossible even if he thought about it. Even if the King of Night escapes on the second day, he can’t return to the White Night Clan openly. Aren’t you afraid that the chief referee will take action again?

Immediately, he remembered that the Second Night King’s escape seemed to be the most detrimental to Lu Yin. It was Lu Yin who defeated the White Night Clan, and the Second Night King would definitely seek revenge on him.

Thinking of this, Liu Ran smiled unconsciously. He wanted to send a message immediately to tell the sect leader that there was no need to worry about Lu Yin. This kid was more panicked than anyone else right now.

Director Si Hong glanced at Liu Ran, “The King of the Second Night is an extremely strong man, we must catch him early, otherwise no one will be able to do anything to him when he regains his strength? It is impossible to invite the chief referee of the entire universe. to arrest him.”

“It’s Lu Yin again,” Mr. Right shouted, “This Lu Yin always gets into trouble wherever he goes. Is this Kunze riot related to him? I think it was this person who planned it.”

Sanliang shouted sharply, “Mr. Right, be careful what you say. As a director, you slander others without any evidence. Is this how you act?”

Mr. You wanted to refute, but after thinking about it, he endured it. The Changsheng War Group was destroyed, and he had no background. King Zheng Ye had just been withdrawn. He knew that he might not have much time to exist, and he was far behind the three-twos of the rising sun. too far.

He looked at Nan Yuan. The relationship between the Changsheng War Group and the Xia family had been exposed. He was a member of the Xia family.

Nanyuan knocked on the table and said, “Director Sanliang, don’t be so exaggerated. Mr. You is just guessing that Lu Yin does get into trouble wherever he goes. We have to doubt him.”

“You are wrong about this. This is the report from Kunze Prison Master,” Xin Jiao said, sending the report to several people.

Yang Ji was surprised, “This Lu Yin knew about the Kunze riot in advance? Shui Chuanxiao told him.”

“The prison warden was informed in advance that there would be a riot, but more than a dozen prisoners still escaped. The prison warden had no shirking responsibility, and he was negligent in his duty.”

“Yes, Lu Yin has merit, and without Lu Yin and others, the prisoners in Kunze can escape.”

“But how did Shui Chuanxiao escape? Since he told Lu Yin about the Kunze riot, he shouldn’t have tried to escape.” Liu Ran was surprised.

The old man said, “No matter what, the facts have happened. We must send people to Kunze to check and issue a wanted notice to the entire universe.”

The resolution of the board of directors was quickly transmitted to the Interstellar Arbitration Institute, and it was finally decided that Mu En, one of the three chief judges, would go to Kunze to investigate.

For the Council, this matter is that someone escaped from prison. They do not understand Kunze’s defense, but the impact of this matter on the Interstellar Arbitration Institute is different.

Not to mention some prisoners, even if there are millions of strong men from the outside world attacking Kunze, it is impossible to break Kunze’s cage. Now it was overturned by an internal riot, even the chief referee was surprised.

Mu En originally had other tasks and was urgently transferred to Kunze for inspection.

After Mu En, Shadow of Death and Judge Mu of Despair may both go.

The most troublesome thing is the capture of the Second Night King.

Where can I catch such a master in the vast universe?

After the council meeting, Liu Ran immediately told Liu Qianjue the good news about the Second Night King’s escape. Liu Qianjue felt that there was a bright future in another village. He thought he could not contain Lu Yin, but now in the Second Night Wang fled, how could Lu Yin still have the intention to cause trouble for them.

Liu Qianjue immediately sent people to the White Night Clan to congratulate him. Of course, he only congratulated secretly and probed for news about the Third Night King.

He now hopes that the Third Night King will return and join forces with the Second Night King to restore the strength of the White Night Clan so as to confront Lu Yin’s Eastern Xinjiang Alliance.

Lu Yin is too ambitious. He would rather his opponent be the Baiye Clan than the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance.

The major flow realms in the inner universe also breathed a sigh of relief. As long as someone caused trouble for Lu Yin, what they had to do was to block the Yanlan flow realm and consume the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance to death.

From the moment Lu Yin established his foothold in the Yanlan Realm, he had become an enemy of the inner universe.

Kunze, Lu Yin received a message from Mu En, asking him to stay in Kunze and cooperate with the investigation.

Lu Yin didn’t care, and Mu En arrived just in time to take away Liuye Feihua.

Lu Yin felt a little reluctant when he thought of being separated from Liu Ye Feihua. These two were qualified bodyguards, but they did not belong to him after all.

Green Tea found Lu Yin and said, “My father wants to see you.”

Lu Yin was surprised, following Green Tea, he met Lu Yan.

Compared to the first time we met, Lu Yan looked much haggard and said, “Xiaocha, you leave first.”

Green tea left silently.

Lu Yin looked at Lu Yan, “What’s the matter?”.

Lu Yan looked at Lu Yin seriously, “Through the Internet, I learned about your situation, the leader of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, Lu Yin.”

Lu Yin nodded, “This is not a secret.”

“How much does Alliance Leader Lu know about me?” Lu Yan asked.

Lu Yin said, “The former presiding judge should be of the same generation as the presiding judge of Shadow of Death. That’s all I know. I didn’t do much research on you, and all the information I saw came from Kunze.”

Lu Yan smiled bitterly, “For a presiding judge, the information that was seen in the end came from prison. It’s really ironic.”

Lu Yin didn’t say anything. He didn’t know what Lu Yan wanted to do with him. They should have never crossed paths, and he had no intention of winning over Lu Yan. This man had betrayed mankind, although he had never done anything bad. He also surrendered, but no one dared to accept this stain alone.

“Leader Lu, who do you think the real enemy of mankind is?” Lu Yan suddenly said.

Lu Yin frowned, “What do you mean?”.

Lu Yan said, “I just want to ask, in the heart of Alliance Leader Lu, is the real enemy of mankind the Sword Sect? The White Night Clan? Those forces in the inner universe? Or does it include the Seven-Word Royal Court of the New Universe, etc.?”

Lu Yin did not hesitate, “New Human Alliance”.

Lu Yan’s eyes lit up, “Yes, New Humanity Alliance. From ancient times to the present, the Hall of Glory has always implemented one purpose. Anyone who colludes with the New Humanity Alliance, no matter who it is, will be executed. It is better to kill by mistake than let go. Because the New Human Alliance is the real enemy of mankind, they want to completely change mankind into walking zombies and achieve what they think is immortality.”

“They are more our enemies than the Behemoth Star Territory, no, more than the Sixth Continent.”

Lu Yin was funny, “It seems that the seniors don’t understand that the Sixth Continent has been invaded by monsters from the New Humanity Alliance and moved to the outer universe. The New Humanity Alliance is the enemy, and you don’t need to remind them.”

“I know what happened on the Sixth Continent. When the Sixth Continent invaded, Kunze could only hide it. I also know what happened after that. I’m just not sure whether Alliance Leader Lu knows about it, or who in Alliance Leader Lu’s heart We are enemies. This is very important. Now I am relieved. Then, Alliance Leader Lu, there is a place I want you to know about. That is the headquarters of the universe inside and outside the New Human Alliance…” Lu said solemnly.

Following Lu Yan’s words, shock appeared in Lu Yin’s eyes, followed by excitement, “Really?”.

Lu Yan nodded, “When I discovered him in the Eternal Kingdom, Mr. Feng thought I didn’t know, but I am the presiding judge after all.”

Lu Yin has always wanted to deal with the Eternals, not just because they are the enemies of mankind.

Wulin Shen tried to use him to divide mankind and cause the largest civil war in mankind. This was a clear plan and he could not avoid it. However, he also discussed with Wang Wen and Wei Rong some time ago. Since it was unavoidable, the Eternals would also be included. Dragging them in, a three-party fight is better than mutual consumption between the two sides, especially whether they are in the Fifth Continent, the Sixth Continent or the Starry Sky, the Eternals are the biggest enemies.

Even on the battlefield, once the corpse king appears, he must be destroyed first. This is the principle.

He can compete with the Sifang Balance, but the prerequisite is that the Eternals must be brought in and destroyed first. At least humans cannot consume more than the Eternals.

If he wants to unify the inner universe, he must go through civil war. However, civil war is the last thing he wants to see. He would rather see everyone focus on attacking the Eternals.

It’s a pity that the tail of the Eternals has never been found.

Now it finally appears.

“Since you know the location of the cosmic headquarters inside and outside the New Humanity Alliance, why don’t you tell the Hall of Glory?” Lu Yin asked.

Lu Yan’s face was gloomy, “There is a traitor from the New Humanity Alliance in the Hall of Glory.”

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed. The old man, isn’t he the old man? It was the old man who revealed the location of the node, which allowed the Eternals after the Star Source Storm to invade. If Huizu hadn’t calculated the years, the Fifth Continent would now be It’s over.

The Immortal Man is the biggest chess piece placed by the New Humanity Alliance in the Hall of Glory. Few people know this secret.

“How do you know there are people from the New Human Alliance in the Hall of Glory?” Lu Yin asked.

Lu Yan said, “Mr. Feng said that he trusted me. After all, I even sent my own daughter to be rehabilitated. But he couldn’t possibly have thought that the reason why I joined the New Human Alliance was to cure me with death energy. After my daughter’s illness and Xiaocha’s illness were cured, I received a mission from Mr. Feng to find the weaknesses of the chief referee, but he never dreamed that I would surrender.”

“Hahahaha, the New Human Alliance is indeed powerful. The corpse king they created is even enough to live indefinitely, but they have no feelings and will never understand justice and loyalty. I, Lu Yan, can betray humanity for the sake of my daughter, but I will never do it. Things that hurt humans, hahahaha.”

“Then why do you believe me? Aren’t you afraid that I am from the New Human Alliance?” Lu Yin was curious.


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