Star Odyssey Chapter 1663: Hanxianchi

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Elder Jiu Shen raised his hand, tapped his fingertips, and ripples appeared in the void, extending towards the distance of the wasteland, “There is no danger, let’s go.”

The two of them stepped onto the wasteland, and the pull of the quicksand in Lu Yin’s heart became stronger and stronger, giving him a feeling of being separated.

He knew he was very close to his destination.

A few hours later, Elder Jiu Shen was surprised, “There is someone.”

Lu Yin looked and saw a white figure in the distance heading farther away. It was a woman.

Lu Yin looked at the woman’s back, why did she look familiar?

Ahead, Baishui was excited. He saw it, it was the Hanxian Pond. The records in the ancestors were correct. He finally found the Hanxian Pond, that’s where it was.

Suddenly, she stopped, turned around slowly, and saw two figures in the distance, looking shocked, how could this happen? Why is there anyone here? Could it be that there were people like her who didn’t explore those peaks or look for opportunities and came directly to Hanxian Pond?

Huh? Bai Shui’s eyes narrowed and he saw Lu Yin, was it him?

Lu Yin and Elder Jiushen approached Baishui, and then came not far from Baishui, “Is it you?”.

Baishui saluted slowly, “Leader Lu, long time no see.” As he said that, he glanced at Elder Jiu Shen and didn’t pay attention to Elder Jiu Shen’s young appearance. If you didn’t know him well, it would be easy to overlook him because of his appearance. Even with Baishui’s strength, he couldn’t detect Elder Jiu Shen’s strength.

“I remember your name, Baishui?” Lu Yin hesitated.

Baishui said with a smile, “It’s an honor for me, Alliance Leader Lu, to remember my little girl. I had to thank Alliance Leader Lu for saving me when I was chased by the Baiye clan.”

Lu Yin looked at Bai Shui, “Why are you here?”.

Baishui’s eyes flashed, hesitated for a moment, and then said, “Looking for Hanxian Pond.”

Lu Yin was surprised, Hanxian Pond? He knew that Hanxian Sect had a combat skill called Immortal Guiding the Way, and he had to cooperate with Hanxian Pond to practice it. In the Starry Sky of Trees, the reputation of Immortal Guiding was very high.

This Bai Shui belongs to the Bai family, and the Bai family is the family of the head of the Hanxian Sect. If you guessed correctly, she is a descendant of the Bai family of the Hanxian Sect in Fangxingkong. It is not surprising to know about the Hanxian Pond.

“Can you guide the way?” Lu Yin asked.

Baishui was surprised, “Do you know the immortal guides the way?”.

Lu Yin smiled faintly and said, “I know as much as you do.”

Baishui’s eyes flickered, and his eyes changed when he looked at Lu Yin, with more caution and fear, but he hid it well.

“Since we have met, let’s go together,” Lu Yin said.

Baishui whispered a favor and followed behind Lu Yin and Elder Jiu Shen.

The Hanxian Pond was not far away from them and could be vaguely seen from Baishui. Soon, the three of them came outside the Hanxian Pond and saw the Hanxian Pond clearly.

In Lu Yin’s impression, the Hanxian Pond should have an ethereal aura and look like something otherworldly. However, seeing the Hanxian Pond in front of him, he stared blankly, “Is this the Hanxian Pond?”.

Baishui thanked him.

In front of you is a cold pond with a radius of tens of meters and a deserted area around it. The water is turbid and seems to be filled with mud. Not to mention the Hanxian Pond, even the hot springs and even the fish ponds where ordinary people bathe are more beautiful than this one. The only thing related to the Hanxian Pond is that the water in the pond is indeed bone-chilling, not the ordinary bone-chilling cold.

Baishui squatted down, put his hand into the water, and pulled it back like an electric shock, “Yes, this is the Hanxian Pond.”

Lu Yin and Elder Jiu Shen looked at each other, squatted down, and started to explore.

With his body

Power, no matter how cold the water in the Hanxian Pond is, it will not affect it. It is just a little cooler at most. I can’t figure out why this kind of pond water is the most precious treasure of the Hanxian Sect.

You guessed it right, it was Hanxian Pond that appeared in Bai Shaohong’s visualization.

“How much do you know about Hanxian Pond?” Lu Yin asked.

Baishui’s eyes flashed without hesitation, “Hanxian Pond is a must-have to help guide immortals who practice special skills. Whether it is recorded in ancient books or passed down from ancestors, the greatest use of Hanxian Pond is to guide immortals who practice special skills.”

Lu Yin looked at Bai Shui with a deep gaze.

Baishui was panicked by Lu Yin’s look, and looked at Hanxian Pond again, “However, only a few people know that the real purpose of Hanxian Pond is to freeze life.”

“Ice vitality?” Lu Yin was surprised. This didn’t seem to be a very powerful effect. Many practitioners in the universe would freeze to slow down the passage of time. The most impressive one was the Emperor Ice Continent, which directly froze a person. The poor army.

“Ice-frozen vitality is very common, but have you ever heard of Alliance Leader Lu, that you can still practice the frozen vitality?” Bai Shui said.

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows, “The frozen vitality can be cultivated?”.

Elder Jiu Shen also looked at Baishui in surprise, “I’m also very curious about how to practice when my vitality has been frozen.”

Baishui glanced at Elder Jiu Shen and whispered, “This Hanxian Pond has this effect. As long as you stay in the pond or be soaked in the water, you can freeze your vitality and practice without any hindrance. It’s just that the frozen vitality affects the passage of time less quickly. If a person with frozen vitality can live for thousands of years, then he can only live for a few decades at most in the water of the Hanxian Pond. The time is nearly ten times less, but if Under normal circumstances, ordinary people cannot live for hundreds of years anyway, but compared to normal conditions, they can live ten times longer.”

“And these ten times the years can be used to cultivate.”

Lu Yin was surprised. He raised his hand and picked up some Hanxian Pond water in his palm, “It can still be used like this.”

“More than that.” Bai Shui made no secret and continued, “In addition to freezing vitality, the water in the Hanxian Pond can also freeze the source of stars that are leaked during the practice of combat skills. As long as it is not leaked intentionally, it can almost be frozen to block it. The induction of the star source universe”.

“You actually know about the Star Source Universe?” Lu Yin was surprised.

Elder Jiu Shen said, “Frozen star source? Impossible, there is no way to store the star source.”

Lu Yin also stared at Bai Shui, and there was a way to store the star source, and that was the mother tree. The mother tree took root in the starry sky, absorbed the star source, and turned it into star source liquid, which was stolen by the Four Directions Balance. But in this fifth continent, there is no way. Star source liquid can be collected.

Baishui said, “It’s not stored, it’s just frozen and then dissipated naturally so that it won’t attract the attention of Xingyuan Universe.”

Elder Jiu Shen breathed a sigh of relief and said, “This is more or less the same. If Hanxian Sect can freeze and store the star source, there will be too many star envoys created. In the first battle, they would not have been defeated by the Sixth Continent. You won’t be able to escape.”

Lu Yin looked at the water of Hanxian Pond and felt the coldness to the bone. He remembered something and asked, “You just said that soaking in the water of Hanxian Pond can also freeze vitality for cultivation, right?” He said and looked at Bai Shui.

Baishui nodded.

Lu Yin’s eyes lit up, “So, the water in Hanxian Pond can be taken away.”

Elder Jiu Shen straightened up and stared at Bai Shui with burning eyes.

Baishui’s heart sank as he was stared at by the two men, “Yes, yes.”

Lu Yin and Elder Jiu Shen looked at each other, and then they both checked the Ningkong Ring. There was no reason to take risks in this Hanxian Sect ruins and get nothing. This was against the rules.

Elder Jiu Shen is not a pedantic person, but he just doesn’t have Lu Yin’s aura. When Lu Yin mentioned this, he moved faster than Lu Yin. He directly pulled out a bottle of unknown material and poured out the liquid inside. Dropped it and started filling the Hanxian Pond with water.

Lu Yin was embarrassed, there was no bottle.

Baishui blinked, “Well, if you want to collect the water from the Hanxian Pond, you must use a bottle with the characteristics of the Hanxian Sect. Otherwise, it will be useless to take it back and it will turn into ordinary water.”

Elder Jiu Shen was speechless, “Don’t tell me earlier.” As he spoke, he didn’t stop. He continued to pour. Whatever the case, there definitely wasn’t a so-called special bottle, and he didn’t want to find it, so he took some back to try. Really alright, that’s fine.

After practicing for so many years, he has deeply realized the truth that everything is predestined and cannot be forced. Another truth is that what is in your hands is yours.

Lu Yin and Baishui just watched quietly as Elder Jiu Shen filled the pond.

Elder Jiu Shen raised his head and looked at Lu Yin, frowning, something was wrong. With his understanding of this boy, how could he not take advantage of him?

“Boy, what are you thinking about?” Elder Jiu Shen asked.

Baishui also looked at Lu Yin curiously.

Lu Yin smiled, “Elder, are you okay?”.

Elder Jiu Shen raised his eyebrows and subconsciously put the bottle into the Ningkong Ring, “If you don’t give me the bottle, you can find a way by yourself.”

Lu Yin pursed his lips and said, “Every other girl has said it, it’s useless.”

“I won’t give it to you. I’ll think of a way and find the bottle myself.” Elder Jiu Shen rolled his eyes.

Lu Yin coughed and said, “Actually, this junior has no intention of filling the pool with water.”

Baishui and Elder Jiu Shen looked unbelieving.

Lu Yin coughed again, a little embarrassed, “Actually, the environment of this junior’s Supreme Mountain is not very good, and it lacks a spring to embellish it.”

Elder Jiu Shen was stunned, and Bai Shui opened his mouth wide, “You want to take them all away?”.

Lu Yin also felt embarrassed. It was discovered by three people. Baishui told him how to use it, but he took it all. It was not good. “Actually, if you want to use it, you can tell me and I will share it with you.” .

“Boy, that’s so shameless. Do you want to take over the entire Hanxian Pond?” Elder Jiu Shen shouted.

Lu Yin was helpless, “There is no way, there is no bottle, otherwise, senior, what do you think we should do? If you stay here, you will be discovered by others. It is estimated that there are many top masters here. He will take some away, and you will take away some.” “These pools of water are not enough. The most important thing is”, he looked serious, “the younger generation takes them away to benefit their own people, such as fellow disciples of Tianxing Sect.”

Only an idiot would believe you, Elder Jiu Shen thought to himself, but he did not stop him. Even if Lu Yin takes him away, even though the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance has conquered the Baiye Clan and seems to be occupying the ruins of the Hanxian Sect, in fact, the Hanxian Sect It was impossible for Lu Yin to monopolize the ruins. This boy could see the situation clearly.

Lu Yin took away the Hanxian Pond and gave it to the Tianxing Sect evenly, which is not bad. It is better than nothing.

Baishui looked ugly. Lu Yin looked so ugly that he actually wanted to take them all away.

“Hanxian Pond will not be usable if it leaves here” Baishui tried to stop.

Lu Yin waved his hand, “Let’s talk about whether we can use it or not. It’s better than staying here. You said the pool should be as big as this, enough for a few people to soak in. If we fight again, it won’t be good if anyone is killed. I’ll take it with you.” Let’s go, even if it’s no longer needed, it’s good to leave it on the Supreme Mountain as a decoration.” After saying that, he took out the Supreme Mountain and wanted to lift the entire Hanxian Pond and the land away.

Baishui looked helplessly at Hanxianchi, unable to stop it!


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