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Elder Jiu Shen took out his elixir with difficulty, swallowed it in one gulp, and said in a hoarse voice, “Don’t leave. Each mountain has a different replay of ancient events. This mountain involves the power of the ancestors. Don’t Move around and wait for me to recover.”

“I know, elder” Lu Yin said in a deep voice. He was saved by Elder Jiu Shen. If it weren’t for Elder Jiu Shen, he would have endured the residual power of that palm just now. Even the peak of Elder Jiu Shen Even Tianxing’s swordsmanship can’t stop him, he has no power to parry, and his micro-armor is useless.

I didn’t expect Xingshan Mountain to be so dangerous. Mingming Shaoyou Peak and Taihe Peak are very peaceful. Elder Jiu Shen said it right. Each mountain peak is different from repeated events in the past. In this way, Hanxian Sect once had an ancestral realm in This battle is why the power of the ancestral realm is replayed on Xingshan Mountain.

How is this kind of replay of ancient events achieved? Even the power of the ancestral realm can be repeated. If it can be used, doesn’t it mean that the power of the ancestors can be released infinitely? Unthinkable.

So far, this kind of case has appeared twice, once in the Monument Realm of the Mountain and Sea Realm, and once here. There must be something in common between the two.

This is still Mount Xing, and Lu Yin doesn’t want to risk leaving, even at the foot of the mountain. Who knows when that kind of vortex will appear. Without Elder Jiu Shen, he really has no confidence that he can get out.

Waiting for Elder Jiu Shen to recover, more than half a month has passed.

In the starry sky of the ancestral land of the White Night Clan, strange-looking spaceships arrived one after another. On the spaceships were cultivators from all the major flow realms in the inner universe, some from major forces, and some just casual cultivators.

One of the spaceships contained people from the Phoenix family.

Celati Phoenix is ​​among them. The leader is an elder of the Phoenix family named Lyman Phoenix. He is the elder of the Phoenix family second only to the patriarch. He has a cultivation level of more than 400,000 and is considered a top figure in the universe.

Looking at the broken ancestral land of the White Night Clan and the gradually cracking Night King, Lyman Phoenix sighed, “This is the White Night Clan that was once prosperous, but now it is gradually destroyed. If you meet Lu Yin in the Xianzong ruins, don’t offend him.”

Seladi Phoenix’s eyes were heavy, “Elder, do you think that if you don’t offend him, my Phoenix family will be fine?”.

Lyman Phoenix frowned and said nothing. Since Lu Yin took action against the White Night Clan, with his momentum that he would have to join the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance just when he was crossing the border, not even a blade of grass would grow. The Phoenix family was no exception.

The Phineas family, which escaped from the Phoenix family, was also forced to join the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. Now it is their turn, and they are no exception.

In today’s inner universe, unless the eight major realms are completely united, no one can stop the Dongjiang Alliance, and no one can stop Lu Yin. This is true for the Baiye Clan, the Sword Sect, and even more so for the Phoenix Family.

Not only the Phoenix family, but also the other people on the spaceship fell silent when they saw the tragic situation of the White Night clan.

In many people’s minds, the White Night clan is still that powerful clan. It has only been a few years since it declined to this point. The White Night clan members were so miserable when they were suppressed by the giants one after another.

No one dares to provoke the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, but many people are also wondering why the masters of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance who are guarding the Hanxian Sect ruins don’t go in?

A cultivator mustered up the courage to talk to the giant. She was a woman with a beautiful appearance, and she was able to go smoothly in the inner universe with her own appearance. “Excuse me, why don’t you enter the Hanxian Sect ruins? The little girl is a casual cultivator. Without the protection of elders, I want to know more

In order to protect yourself,” he said with a pitiful expression.

Several giants looked over, and then ignored her. In their eyes, no matter how beautiful this woman was, it had nothing to do with them. If she was not strong, she was just ugly, and she would be killed with a slap.

Ku Wei’s eyes lit up when he saw the beauty. He stood on Chen Huang’s shoulder and waved to the beauty, “Come, come to Wei Wei, Wei Wei will tell you.”

The beauty was overjoyed and looked at Ku Wei. Then, at this time, Chen Huang turned his head and looked over. The terrible pressure of the star envoy level directly made the beauty’s face turn pale. Her whole body was trembling and she almost peed. As a casual cultivator, he had never seen a star envoy before, let alone an extraordinary star envoy like Chen Huang.

Chen Huang repelled the expeditionary force head-on, and because he had just broken through the Star Envoy, he could not contain his aura.

The beauty was stunned and fell straight up.

Ku Wei was furious and slapped Chen Huang’s hair hard, “You can’t stop turning your head, you are scary. Do you know that even Viagra is scared to death by you?”

Chen Huang blinked, “You’re small, not strong, and not suitable for you.”

Ku Wei raised his eyebrows, and just as he was about to speak, Chen Huang spoke again, “Big flowers suit you.”

Ku Wei’s face twitched and he looked at the sky speechlessly.

The big flower Chen Huang talks about is called Chen Dahua. She is a very strong woman in the lineage of giant giants. She is as strong as a mountain. The most important thing is that her arms are covered with thick hair. She is very strong, Chen Huang has always wanted to bring Ku Wei and Da Hua together. In his opinion, the combination of these two people will give birth to the strongest giant.

“Stop your thoughts, Viagra will kill you if you don’t want to be with Dahua.” Ku Wei gritted his teeth.

Chen Huang regretted it, “Dahua likes you very much, you are a good girl.”

Ku Wei roared, “No big flowers.”

On the other side, outside the Night King, some people also asked why Lu Xuanjun did not enter the Hanxian Sect ruins. So far, Lu Xuanjun has no actual second command except being commanded by Lu Yin.

Before starting the war against the Baiye tribe, Lu Yin temporarily handed over the position of second command of Lu Xuan’s army to Zhuo Baiye. Zhuo Baiye’s strength was enough to hold the position. At least no one in Lu Xuan’s army could be her opponent. The end of the night was enough to make anyone Sinking, the realm of enlightenment is no exception.

The person who asked was a polite man who came from the Xiaoliu world and was considered to be the powerful man at the helm of the Xiaoliu world.

No one paid attention to Lu Xuanjun. Zhuo Baiye glanced at him and also ignored him.

The young master is embarrassed, but he doesn’t dare to get angry. Anyone here can shoot him to death.

Sword light flashed across the starry sky, and more disciples of the Sword Sect entered. Immediately afterwards, people from the Beast Controlling Realm and the Lingxi Realm entered.

Those casual cultivators stopped asking, knowing that they would get nothing out of them. They gritted their teeth and went in too.

Among them was Baishui, who had just arrived.

Many giant beasts appeared in the ruins of Hanxian Sect, but they were solved by the giant and Lu Xuanjun. However, there were also giant beasts in the ruins.

Not long after Baishui rushed in, she encountered a giant beast with the strength of the cruise state, and there were two of them. With her strength of the exploration state, she could only barely deal with one of them no matter how powerful she was. At the critical moment, a stone crushed the two giant beasts. It was the little mountain god, and he came in too.

Seeing the little mountain **** carefully studying the giant beast, Baishui was grateful and said, “Thank you for saving me.”

The little mountain **** ignored Bai Shui at all. He was from the realm of beast control and was naturally interested in such giant beasts. Saving people was just incidental.

In Shaoyou Peak, several elderly cultivators walked in. They had never seen the remaining essence. When they saw the gray shadow, one of them subconsciously shouted, and then the entire Shaoyou Peak Alarmed.

Lu Yin once guessed that disturbing the gray shadow would affect the entire Hanxian Sect ruins. However, the scenes on Xingshan Mountain let them know that every mountain peak and every region had different reappearances in the past. What only disturbed these people was The remaining energy and spirit on Shaoyou Peak.

One person was alarmed, and all the remaining spirits around him took action. Several people were shocked and quickly resisted.

Even the casual cultivators who can come to the ruins of Hanxian Sect are not weak. Most of the practitioners on Shaoyou Peak are those who are walking in the realm under the stars. Even if they come from Hanxian Sect, it is difficult to challenge the strong ones in the exploration realm.

A few casual cultivators took action and easily scattered the remaining energy around them.

Suddenly, a gray shadow appeared behind a San Xiu, raising his hand to slash out. If Lu Yin were here, he would definitely recognize it as the Wind God’s Speed ​​and Wind God’s Slash from the Wind God’s combat skills of Hanxian Sect.

The gray shadow could not reach the extreme realm, but when the Fengshen slashed it, the casual cultivator who had cultivated in the exploration realm was split into two, and his blood spilled on the ground.

The rest of the casual cultivators were shocked. One person raised his sword and slashed horizontally. Gray Shadow waved his hand. The Feng Shen’s sword skills completely isolated this man’s sword skills, and his body disappeared quickly. The other two casual cultivators looked at each other, looking for Gray Shadow. Suddenly, a spear The fingers landed from the top of the head, crushing the three people directly into **** water, and the Hanxian Sect’s combat skill – Immortal Guidance.

The gray shadow that took action was also at the exploration level, but it instantly killed these three casual cultivators with the same level of cultivation. The gap was huge.

Not only them, there are no less than ten cultivators in the entire Shaoyou Peak. When the remaining energy and spirit on the Shaoyou Peak were alarmed, the rest of the people were also affected, and most of them were killed or injured.

Wen Sansi and Lai Nu were the unluckiest. They knew about these remaining spirits, so they came to the top of the mountain as soon as possible to see those big competitions. Just as they were fascinated by the sight, the entire Shaoyou Peak was alarmed, and the two of them were surrounded. , all the gray shadows around them took action against them.

Fortunately, the place they were at was the peak with the lowest competition level in the entire Shaoyou Peak. The gray shadows around them were all those who were walking under the starry sky. Only a few of them had reached the Exploration Stage, and one person had reached the Enlightenment Stage.

The gray shadows were destroyed one after another. Wen Sansi raised his hand. The prison of words trapped the only gray shadow with enlightenment level. The Tear Girl star could release it and swept across the surrounding area. Most of the gray shadows were destroyed.

With a click, the Literal Prison burst. Wen Sansi was shocked that the Literal Prison actually cracked. The Enlightenment Gray Shadow had a very high cultivation level and should have no less than 300,000 combat power. Thinking, he raised his hand again, the second Literal Prison Appeared, once again trapping the gray shadow who had cultivated in the Enlightenment Realm.

The tearful girl was surprised, a double literary prison?

Besides them, there were other cultivators here, especially an old man with a combat power of over 400,000. Several people worked together to clear the peak and all the gray shadows were scattered.

Suddenly, in the distance, black cracked the void and swept across. Wen Sansi and Lai Nu hurriedly fell down, and the old man with more than 400,000 combat power was cut in half. This was the Kaitian combat skill.

With one move, he opened the sky and killed everyone except Wen Sansi and Lai Nu.

The two looked at each other and hurriedly wanted to escape from Shaoyou Peak, but they felt the breath of the Star Envoy. There was a strong star envoy level on Shaoyou Peak.

Wen Sansi and Lai Nu took out the exotic treasure at the same time and rushed outward. After the two rushed out of Shaoyou Peak, the exotic treasure was shattered, and except for them, everyone on Shaoyou Peak died, and no one could leave alive.


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