Star Odyssey Chapter 1644: The Dragon Lord surrenders

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The Dragon Realm is a corner of the Yanlan Realm. This is the home of the Dawei Dragon Clan.

It is impossible to navigate by spaceship in the Dragon Realm. It is full of turbulent meteorites. Any spacecraft will hit the meteorite within a few seconds after entering. This place is very suitable for the flight of the Dragon Dragon. It has a natural barrier. Because of this characteristic , they were placed here when the Dawei Dragon Clan defected to the Behemoth Star Territory.

There is a piece of land in the deepest part of the Dragon Realm, and the leader of the Dawei Dragon Clan, the Dragon Lord, is entrenched.

When news of the war came, many large dragons in the Dragon Realm roared, roaring to destroy the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance.

The Dragon Lord’s eyes were heavy. It had been several years since the Fire Territory was destroyed. The Eastern Frontier Alliance initially withdrew from the Yanlan Realm, but now it appeared with a high profile. It is not stupid and knows what this means. It means that even if the Sword Sect It is useless for those forces to intervene. The Eastern Xinjiang Alliance will definitely occupy the Yanlan Realm.

Luo Huang, it should be over! Then it’s its turn.

Big monster dragons landed on the land and asked the dragon master to fight.

The Dragon Lord appears, more than twice the size of the other giant dragons. It is a star envoy and is one of the most powerful people in the universe.

Let out a roar and summon all the great bald dragons to appear.

Today, there are more than 5,000 Dawei Demon Dragons in the clan. Among them, more than 300 have reached the exploration level and can walk in the void. However, most of them have gone to the battlefield, and there are only hundreds of exploration realm strength Dawei Demon Dragons left. , those with the strength of more than ten cruising realms and those with the strength of five heads of hunting realm.

“Are you willing to be a mount?” The Dragon Lord spoke, his voice loud and powerful, shaking the starry sky and shattering countless meteorites.

Following its words, many great dragons fell silent.

On the other side, Lu Yin received the communication, and it turned out to be the mountain god. He originally thought that the first person to contact him would be Liu Qianjue or Wen Zizai.

“Senior, long time no see” Lu Yin answered the call and spoke calmly.

The mountain **** said in a low voice, “The Eastern Xinjiang Alliance wants to occupy the Yanlan Flow Realm?”

“Not bad” Lu Yin didn’t shy away from it, which made the mountain **** startled. He originally thought that Lu Yin might quibble or even find some excuses. After all, in the past few years, the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance has been keeping a low profile as much as possible.

“Aren’t you afraid that my inner universe will work together to drive you out?” The mountain **** shouted, “Have you forgotten the original portal plan?”.

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes, “The inner universe is not yours. As long as our Dongjiang Alliance does not encroach on your interests, we will destroy anyone who wants to drive us out.”

“What a loud tone.” The mountain **** was furious.

Lu Yin said calmly, “Senior, you can give it a try. Our Eastern Xinjiang Alliance has tens of millions of cultivators and over 10,000 warships. The number of people who have reached the Hunting Realm, the Enlightenment Realm and even the Star Envoys is far more than yours in the Divine Grade Hall.” , and the Lu Xuan Army that I, Lu Yin, have recently formed, with more than 6,000 Exploration Realm cultivators, plus the lineage of the Great Giant, what can I do to stop you from the Beast Controlling Realm?”

This is all on the surface, there is nothing to hide.

The Mountain God said solemnly, “No matter how strong your Dongjiang Alliance is, can it be stronger than the eight major streams in my inner universe joining forces?”.

Lu Yin smiled secretly, the eight major realms? It’s long gone. The Yanlan Realm is occupied by him, the Gu Realm is indifferent, the Chaos Realm is secretly controlled by him, and the Wenfeng Realm, do you dare to touch it? Wen No. 1 doesn’t want it anymore? Baiye Liujie has been beaten to the point of shrinking, and the only ones who can really join forces to take action are the first-class realm, the Beast Controlling Realm and the Lingxi Realm.

After Wang Wen’s operation, these three major realms will be reduced in number again. Lu Yin is not afraid to challenge the two major realms in a one-on-one battle.


Waiting for the eight major realms to join forces that the senior said,” Lu Yin replied, hung up the communication directly, and at the same time sent a message to Wang Wen to eradicate the people on the second card.

The person who contacted him immediately after the mountain **** was Wen Zizai, “Leader Lu, the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance really wants the Yanlan River Realm?”.

Lu Yin said, “Of course, the outer universe has been given to the Sixth Continent. I, Lu Yin, have no place to live. Do you want to stop me, senior?”

“Haha, that’s not the case. Since Alliance Leader Lu has taken a liking to the Yanlan Realm, I just want to take it. I just hope that Alliance Leader Lu will cause less murderous disasters. After all, it is not easy to live in this universe.” Wen Zizi smiled said, then ended the call.

Lu Yin snorted, the old fox came here specifically to test his attitude. He can guarantee that even if the Wen family is not aware of being his enemy, they will secretly support the Sword Sect and start a war with him in the realm of controlling beasts.

But it doesn’t matter. The deaths of a group of important figures have fragmented the already not very close cooperation. He really doesn’t believe that these forces can unite without reservation.

As Lu Yin guessed, after the mountain **** ended the call, he immediately summoned the masters of the Shenpintang, the first-grade hall, and the second-grade hall, and contacted the Wen family, the sword sect and the Lingling clan, intending to unite, but was hindered.

Some people within the Shenpin Hall opposed the alliance with the Sword Sect. The elder’s grandson died in the Yanlan Flow Realm War. It is said that he was killed by a sword.

“Sect Master, the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance must be on guard, and the Sword Sect must be on guard even more. It is said that the little princess Youting has been imprisoned by the Sword Sect. The Sword Sect is ambitious and tries to integrate the power of my inner universe into the new universe. Sect Master, please think twice.”

The mountain **** was furious and reprimanded him directly. Later, someone else jumped out to oppose cooperation with the Lingling tribe.

It’s not that they couldn’t see the situation clearly, but the hatred was too deep. However, these people were quickly suppressed. There is no shortage of smart people in the beast-controlling world.

“The deaths of some people in our beast-controlling realm may not necessarily be caused by the Sword Sect and the Lingling Clan. Sect Master, the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance is highly suspicious. They are trying to split our inner universe,” an old woman said, Mou Ding said.

Her words gave others food for thought.

The elder who opposed joining forces with Jian Zong shouted, “In my opinion, Jian Zong poses a greater threat than the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance.”

The old woman looked at him and said, “In the death of Ling Sun, do you want to find the real murderer, or will you be used by the murderer?”

The elder was stunned and speechless.

The old woman continued, “If the murderer is the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, you will become a **** of the murderer of your grandson. Think carefully.”

The rest looked at each other.

The Mountain God breathed a sigh of relief. Although he could force everyone to unite the Sword Sect and the Lingling Clan, this would be too inefficient and someone would definitely be holding back.

He regretted a little. He should have implemented the portal plan in the first place. No matter what Lu Yin did, anyway, in the final supreme competition, it was Lu Yin who won the championship. It was a pity that time could not be turned back.

The same thing happened to the Jian Zong, Wen Family, Lingling Clan and other small circles in the inner universe. Some people opposed the alliance, while some were in favor of the alliance. After all, there were more people who could see the situation clearly, and the alliance was unstoppable.

In the Yanlan Flow Realm, Lu Yin, led by Mr. Liu Ye, entered the Dragon Realm and saw thousands of large Wei dragons on the mainland, as well as the largest dragon master.

The Dragon Lord looked at the arrival of Lu Yin and Mr. Liu Ye, with deep hatred hidden in his huge pupils, “Where is Emperor Luo?”.

Lu Yin stood high in the sky, looking down at the Dragon Lord, “He’s not dead yet, he’s just breathless.”

The Dragon Lord said solemnly, “We, the Dawei Dragon Clan, are willing to surrender to the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. We only hope to preserve this Dragon World so that the children can live in peace

Quiet life”.

Lu Yin glanced at all the great meridian dragons and saw their hateful looks. He flashed his eyes and said, “It’s not too much to ask for.”

The Dragon Lord breathed a sigh of relief.

“However, I worked so hard to conquer the Yanlan Realm, not just to let you, the Dawei Xiaolong, enjoy your old age in peace,” Lu Yin said.

Mr. Liu Ye looked at it curiously. These giant miraculous dragons were really strange. They looked like antlers, snakes, rabbits, eyes, cows’ ears, mirages, belly, carps, scales, eagles, claws, and tiger’s paws. Their heads had two extra huge thin wings, which glowed dark red. There is a huge meat ball on the tail, and their eyes are cruel and full of ferocity. On the surface, they look dormant, but everyone can tell that if there is a chance, these big monster dragons will definitely kill them without hesitation. Swallow.

These are giant beasts, not humans, lacking some humanity.

“Alliance Leader Lu, I can serve you, and even become your mount, Alliance Leader Lu.” The Dragon Lord spoke, and his words made all the other Great Fairy Dragons stare at Lu Yin with grief and anger.

Lu Yin smiled faintly, “Not only you, but all the great dragons that can roam the starry sky must join Lu Xuanjun and become Lu Xuanjun’s mounts.”

Many big dragons roared in low voices.

Lu Yin glared and swept across the field, passing all the great dragons and the dragon master.

All the Dawei dragons felt cold all over and were oppressed by the field. The Dragon Lord shouted angrily, “Leader Lu, isn’t it enough that I, the Dragon Lord, am loyal to you? Why do you want to involve my descendants?”

Lu Yin disappeared and entered the Star Source Universe. All the Dawei dragons were at a loss and didn’t know where Lu Yin had gone.

The Dragon Lord was staring ahead. Lu Yin was walking step by step, not very fast. He knew that the Dragon Lord could see it, and he wanted to let the Dragon Lord see it.

The Dragon Lord was shocked. Lu Yin, an enlightened person, actually broke into the Star Source Universe. He couldn’t imagine how he did it. Such talents really exist in the universe.

Lu Yin stepped out of the Star Source Universe and appeared above the Dragon Lord. With his foot, he stepped on the Dragon Lord’s huge head. He exerted force violently, superimposing strength and golden fighting energy to oppress him. The Dragon Lord wanted to resist, but he couldn’t. He resisted, and his head was pressed down.

It hit the ground with a bang, causing the land to shake, and strong winds swept around, knocking back some of the big wafer dragons.

All the Great Fairy Dragons roared angrily, and one of them, one with the strength of the Enlightenment Realm, even rushed towards Lu Yin, and grabbed Lu Yin in a body.

Lu Yin sneered, and his energy passed by. The head of the Enlightenment Realm Great Mir Dragon’s brain was shaken, and it fell straight up.

The other Dawei dragons were horrified.

The Dragon Lord shouted, “Leader Lu, what do you want?”.

Lu Yin stepped on the Dragon Lord. He knew that the Dragon Lord could resist, but he didn’t dare to resist. But it didn’t matter if he resisted. The Dragon Lord was not his opponent. “I said it before, all big dragons that can walk in the starry sky are You must join Lu Xuanjun and become mounts, and those who have not reached the level of walking in the starry sky, select some to go to Zhenyu Star and serve as Yutang’s training partner. I have the final say on how to arrange it, not you.”

The dragon master gasped, his huge head pressed to the ground. At this moment, its dignity was trampled on the soles of its feet and trampled to the extreme.

Lu Yin doesn’t care about the dignity of the Dragon Lord at all. The Great Dragon Clan betrayed the Behemoth Star Territory and took refuge in the Human Star Territory. They were looked down upon by everyone, but they were proud of it.

When the Tenth Academy of Starry Sky took the exam, Dawei Xiaolong sent people from the tribe to make them sad, in an attempt to prevent them from being admitted to the Tenth Academy of Starry Sky. And when Lu Yin subverted the Baiye Liujie, Dawei Xiaolong even went out to do so. , wanting to help the Baiye Clan, Lu Yin has not forgotten these things one by one.


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