Star Odyssey Chapter 1621: Future disaster

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After hearing Lu Yin’s question, Sister Feihua mocked, “Do you still believe this?”.

Lu Yin was too lazy to pay attention to the woman and looked at Mr. Liu Ye. Mr. Liu Ye said, “Divination is more like a guess. We haven’t had much contact with this.”

“This is the Xiaoqianliu Realm. The only sect that exists is Caixing Sect. Caixing Sect makes a living by divination,” Lu Yin said.

The moment they entered Xiaoqianliu Realm, Liuye Feihua felt something was wrong, but they couldn’t tell what was wrong.

I can’t get rid of the feeling of being watched, and I can’t find out, as if the entire Xiaoqianliu world is just a pair of eyes.

The star-picking girl arrived to greet Lu Yin.

“Brother Lu, I didn’t expect you to come,” Caixingnu said with a smile when she saw Lu Yin.

Lu Yin smiled lightly, “Why, you didn’t count it?”.

The Caixing Girl showed a beautiful smile, “Our Caixing Sect has never been able to account for Brother Lu’s whereabouts, so it’s not surprising.” As she spoke, she looked at Liuye Feihua with a much more respectful expression, and slowly saluted, ” Caixingnu has met two seniors and worked hard all the way.”

“It’s just a short journey, why bother?” Sister Feihua said casually.

The Caixing Girl smiled and said, “Most people will never be able to walk this stretch of road in their lifetimes.” After saying something meaningful, the Star Caiying Girl led Lu Yin and Liu Yefeihua to the Caixing.

Breaking aside the willow leaves and flying flowers, Lu Yin chatted with the star-picking girl alone, “Do you know my identity?”

Caixing Nu was confused, “What is Brother Lu referring to?”.

Lu Yin said solemnly, “The starry sky among the trees, the Lu family.”

The expression of Goddess Cai Xing remained unchanged, “Brother Lu, do you remember that the last time you came here, I told you that the fates conflicted? For those who come to predict, we are worried about the conflicting fates, and the same is true for ourselves, no matter We won’t tell anything we know, so Brother Lu doesn’t have to worry.”

“You didn’t answer my question directly. Do you know my identity?” Lu Yin asked again.

The Caixing Girl and Lu Yin looked at each other, their dazzling eyes so beautiful, “Divination can see cause and effect, and what it sees is the implication of things. It is not magical enough to see through everything about a person.”

Lu Yin nodded.

“Brother Lu, why are you here this time?” Caixingnu asked.

Lu Yin said, “Please tell me what the price will be.”

“It depends on what Brother Lu wants to do with divination. The last time I invited Brother Lu here, Master said that we should form a good relationship. I also want to form a good relationship with Brother Lu,” Caixingnu said with a smile.

Lu Yin said, “Last time you helped me predict Nanyuan Director, you already helped me.”

“I am willing to give Brother Lu more good fortune. Brother Lu is worthy of Caixing Sect’s efforts,” Caixing Girl said.

Lu Yin didn’t want to be in debt to the Caixing Sect. He had heard that the more people and things related to divination, the more trouble he got. “You’d better tell me the conditions, otherwise I won’t be able to speak.”

The Caixing Girl was helpless, “It seems that Brother Lu is still prejudiced against our Caixing Sect. In that case,” when she said this, she said seriously, “I need a promise from Brother Lu.”

“What promise?” Lu Yin was curious.

The Caixing Girl’s eyes were focused, “One day in the future, mankind will encounter the biggest disaster in history. I hope that Brother Lu will keep a trace of the fire of our Caixing Sect as much as possible, so that the word Caixing Sect can be passed down. “.

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows, “Will there be disaster for mankind in the future?”.

The star-collecting girl’s eyes were complicated, “I don’t know, it’s a divination, it’s all about the years, meet

In the future, we can see through the past. However, neither I nor Master can see certain futures. It seems that during that period, all ties with human beings will be cut off. This is not a good thing. At least, I am Caixingmen. Unable to connect with my future self.”

Lu Yin didn’t understand what she was saying, “That day will never come, and even if it does, I will try my best to do it.”

“Thank you first, Brother Lu. What does Brother Lu want to know for coming here this time?” Caixing Girl asked.

Lu Yin said solemnly, “Back then, the eldest sister had a falling out with the Renn War Group, and led a group of people to form the eldest sister’s mercenary group and entered the inner universe. However, Jin He accused my surname of Lu of being illegal. The surname Zhilu expelled the Sister Tou mercenary group, which ultimately led to the death of seventy-two people, and the Leo family was also involved. I would like to ask you to divine the truth of this matter.”

The star-collecting girl was surprised, “Hasn’t this matter been cleared up? The Rennes War Group declared war on the Jhin Group after the return of the Sister Tou Mercenary Group. Until now, both sides have not stopped fighting, and the Jhin Group has suffered heavy losses. Keep recruiting people from the inner universe and the new universe.”

Lu Yin’s face was low, “It’s over on the surface, but recently I found out that the reason why the Leo family ambushed the Sister Tou mercenary group was related to Luan Shen Mountain, and Luan Shen Mountain was involved with Jin Tuan. There must be something behind this incident. There’s still a question, I want to know this”.

The Caixing Girl nodded, “I understand, Brother Lu, wait a moment.”

This time the divination was obviously more troublesome than before, and Lu Yin had to wait much longer.

Although he took the initiative to come to Caixing Girl for divination, he still did not believe in divination. However, his last experience in Caixing made him unable to see clearly, and he was in a state of half-belief and doubt.

In fact, he prefers to believe in the so-called divination, which is intelligence, rather than seeing the future and the past.

The Caixing Girl once said that divination means cutting off the long river of time. Lu Yin didn’t believe it. When it comes to the power of time, if the Caixing Sect can really do it, it won’t stay in the inner universe.

“Brother Lu, I can’t restore the whole thing by divination, but I did guess a surname, and this surname, Brother Lu didn’t mention just now,” Caixing Nu said when she saw Lu Yin.

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed, “What’s your last name?”.

The star-collecting girl said with a stern look, “Xia”.

Lu Yin was surprised, “Xia?”.

The star-collecting girl nodded, “As soon as the divination thing started, the name Xia appeared in my mind and couldn’t get rid of it. However, I wanted to go deeper into the divination, but I couldn’t do it. I can I’m sure this matter is related to Xia.”

Lu Yin pondered, and the star-collecting girl left. She gave Lu Yin some time to think alone.

After a while, Lu Yin contacted Saint Rayne and asked if the Rayne War Group had any involvement with the Xia family.

“Xia? How come they are involved? How come our Rennes War Group is involved with someone named Xia? How do you know it is related to the Xia family?”

“I’m at Caixingmen”.

“It’s stupid to believe that kind of person. It’s so stupid. If you have this free time, you might as well drink with me.”

“Captain, behind the Ren En Battle Group is Changtian Island. So tell me, will this matter involve the Shang Sheng Tianshi and Xia Ji?” Lu Yin suddenly said, he was reasoning from the bottom up. .

The Leo family, Luan Shen Mountain, Jin Tuan, Xia Family, and the only ones that correspond to them are the Sister Tou Mercenary Group, the Ren En Battle Group, and Changtian Island. If it is related to the Xia Family, the only one he can think of is Xia Family. Halberd, otherwise why should we oppose Changtian Island?

Shang Shengren is silent. He started from Changtian Island and founded the Rennes Great Regiment. Speaking of which, the Reigns Great Regiment has nothing to do with Changtian Island, and Shangshengtianshi does not admit it.

A group of pirates, but once something happens to him, how can the Holy Master sit idly by and ignore it? If the Xia family is really related to this matter, the only one who can involve them is Changtian Island.

“Waiting”, Shang Shengren immediately contacted the Holy Master.

Soon after, he replied to Lu Yin, “Master said there is no grudge against Xia Ji.”

Lu Yin had a headache and felt like he couldn’t investigate further. The Xia family was involved inexplicably and for no reason. How did the Chaos God Mountain, the Ember Group, and the Changsheng War Group unite together? Luan Shenshan has no reason to deal with the Rennes War Group.

He found the star-collecting girl again, who also shook her head and said, “Those who can do divination have to do it. Divination is not made out of thin air. There must be clues. Otherwise, the passage of time will be endless and it will be harder than finding a needle in a haystack.”

Lu Yin pondered, Xia Ji had no reason to deal with the Heavenly Master, let alone become an enemy of Changtian Island. Could it be that Cai Xingnu had made a miscalculation?

He glanced at Cai Xingnu with some suspicion, “Um, can you talk to your master?”

Caixing Nurou smiled and said, “Brother Lu, you don’t trust me?”.

Lu Yin coughed and said, “No, it was just that I was in a hurry to communicate with my master and wanted to see him again.”

The star-picking girl said, “Brother Lu, my divination results are the same as those of my master. Brother Lu seems to have no clue about this matter. He wants to find new clues through divination, but the divination results are the same.” It’s not a panacea, but being able to find out the surname Xia is already pretty good.”

Lu Yin exhaled. If the Caixing Sect is correct, it is really related to the Xia family. Xia Ji has no grudges against the Supreme Saint Heavenly Master. So, what about the rest of the Xia family? Lu Yin immediately laughed. No one else in the Xia family was qualified to plot against Changtian Island, not even the head of the Xia family.

Suddenly, Lu Yin thought of one thing. Does Xia Ji know the method of nine clones?

In the battle for the Star Tower and the battle between the mountains and the sea, Xia Jiuyou exposed the method of nine clones, which shocked the universe. The star-collecting girl in front of him also knew the method of nine clones. It was at that time that everyone was sure that Chen Zu This method of nine clones really exists, but except for the two of them, no one practices it.

Others in the Xia family also don’t know how to use the nine-part body.

At that time, everyone thought that the method of nine clones was created by Chen Zu, but in fact, how could Chen Zu create the method of nine clones when he was young? Doppelgänger?

Xia Ji himself has no grievances against Changtian Island, so could it be that his clone is planning everything? The rest of the people are simply not qualified to plan Changtian Island.

Thinking of this possibility, Lu Yin immediately found the star-picking girl.

“I have a question, I don’t know whether to ask it or not.” Lu Yin hesitated.

Caixing Nu smiled and said, “Brother Lu, please tell me. I will tell you everything I can tell Brother Lu.”

Lu Yin asked seriously, “Where did you learn the method of nine clones?”.

The Caixing Girl was stunned. She didn’t expect Lu Yin to ask this question. This is the greatest privacy, second only to women’s privacy.

Lu Yin apologized, “I know I shouldn’t ask. If you don’t want to say it, forget it.”

The Caixing Girl said softly, “It’s not that I didn’t want to say it, but I said it because I was afraid Brother Lu wouldn’t believe it.”

Lu Yin was curious.

The star-collecting girl said seriously, “Divination can intercept the long river of time. When Xia Jiuyou came to Caixing Gate, it happened to be that I was doing divination. Maybe it was because of him, or maybe it was a coincidence. From the long river of time, I saw the method of nine parts.”

Lu Yin’s eyes widened. Is there such a thing?

“What about Xia Jiuyou?” Lu Yin asked.


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