Star Odyssey Chapter 1619: Prepare for war

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The material Yan originally caused the struggle between the inner and outer universes, and even the New Universe sent people there. If Neptune hadn’t swept them all away, there would definitely be a shadow of this thing in the fight between the inner and outer universes now.

Infinitely stacked combat power, Yan is indeed very useful, but it is useless for those old monsters with hundreds of thousands of combat power.

It would make sense if every Star Source Pill had Yan inside.

Now who has Yan, it must be him. The inner and outer universes are isolated, and he controls all the teams mining Yan in the unknown star field. After the inner and outer universes are connected, those Yan are stored in Zhenyu Star. Although it’s not much, it’s better than nothing, and no ore has ever been discovered in the Unknown Star Territory.

Holding the Star Source Pill in his hand, Lu Yin flicked his finger. The Star Source Pill shot out from his fingertips, breaking through the void, and then erupted with inexplicable power, causing the Star Source Universe to crack. Lu Yin stepped in with one foot, and the Star Source Universe split. He drove fast and recovered quickly, but in an instant, Lu Yin appeared again, and he was far away from where he was just now, almost across the entire galaxy controlled by the Giant Consortium.

This is how Yumu was able to escape in the first place.

Still can’t see why the Star Source Pill can break through the Star Source Universe. Lu Yin shook his head and stopped studying for the time being. Since he can’t see it, he must cooperate with those who have researched it. The biggest use of the Star Source Pill is not to escape. , but interfere with the star source.

The Wen family contacted Lu Yin again, and it was Wen Zizai again. The head of the Wen family was very persistent.

“Senior, junior’s conditions will not change” Lu Yin said stiffly.

Wen Zizai had no choice but to say, “I have already obtained the landscape painting. You can come to my Wen’s house to look at it, but you cannot take it away. This is the bottom line of our Wen family.”

Lu Yin said calmly, “It seems that the seniors have no intention of cooperating, and the juniors can only sell Wen Yi to others, such as Jian Zong.”

Wen Zizai’s eyes turned cold. He wanted to say something, but he held it back. He could not threaten Lu Yin now. Not to mention now, even before the Supreme Competition, Lu Yin could subvert the White Night Realm. The White Night Clan was comparable. His literary skills are quite impressive.

“Leader Lu, you have to know that the landscape map belongs to the Han family, not my Wen family. We just borrowed it for a look,” Wen Zizi said helplessly.

Lu Yin shrugged, “This has nothing to do with this junior. In short, the conditions remain unchanged.” After speaking, he hung up the communication.

After the conversation with Wen Zizai, Lu Yin took Liuye Feihua directly to Xiaoqianliu Realm. He wanted to see if he could find clues through divination.

He has never believed in divination, but when he was divined, the results confirmed each other’s life experience and the life experience he found in the Starry Sky of the Tree. The similarities were striking, which made him change his view on Caixing Sect. The divination may be true. of what can be seen.

“Master, the disciple is going too. Take the disciple with you. The disciple doesn’t want to leave you.” Ku Wei wailed, wanting to leave with Lu Yin.

Lu Yin laughed, “Okay, then you can follow.”

Ku Wei was stunned. He didn’t expect Lu Yin to agree. He was embarrassed. In fact, he didn’t want to leave. He was nowhere as comfortable as the Giant Consortium. Here, the giants looked at him as if they were their ancestors. That look was so useful. It was so cool. Apart from being yelled at and treated like a coward, Lu Yin was an idiot and left after a comparison.

But now I’m embarrassed.

Lu Yin ignored Ku Wei. He saw through this guy’s mind at a glance, “Stay in the Giant Consortium and keep an eye on those giants. Report to me immediately if there is any situation. Luan Shenshan does not dare to take action against the Giant Consortium for the time being, but it is difficult to protect Cangzhou.” Go crazy, please leave me some care”.

Rong Wei responded quickly.

Willow leaf flying flower belt

Lu Yin headed east. The Xiaoqianliu Realm was located at the intersection of the Guliu Realm and the First Realm. It was closer to the outer universe than the Giant Consortium, but also closer to the cosmic sea.

Just when Lu Yin was heading to the Giant Consortium, Cangzhou contacted Liu Qianjue, the leader of the Sword Sect.

No one knew what they talked about. After the two ended the call, Liu Qianjue ordered the entire Sword Sect to prepare for war.

The Sword Sect was shaken up and down. Except for the initial attack on the Sixth Continent, they had not received a war preparation order personally from the sect leader for a long time. Even the battles with the surrounding flow realms were only minor encounters.

Everyone in the Sword Sect is guessing who the target of this war is.

Li Zimo held his long sword horizontally, with a huge waterfall behind him. The birds and insects in the surrounding forest were chirping, and occasionally there were disciples practicing swordsmanship, but nothing could affect him. He was like a stubborn stone, enduring the erosion of the waterfall, unchanged forever. , he is practicing the Jingxin Sword.

After returning from the Supreme Tournament, Li Zimo became one of the most watched disciples in the entire Sword Sect, second only to Liu Tianmu and Liu Shaoqiu in importance. Although no one could understand his battle with Wang Yi in the Supreme Tournament. , but his status has completely changed.

When Liu Qianjue ordered preparations for war, the elder Lianxin appeared in front of Li Zimo and said, “The sect is preparing for war. You should also prepare. This battle is no small matter, not much worse than the war with the Sixth Continent.”

Li Zimo opened his eyes, stood up, and saluted Lianxin, “Master, who is your opponent in this battle?”.

Others don’t know it, but Lian Xin, as the master of the Sword Sect second only to Liu Qianjue, still got some information about the “Universal Sea”.

There are only three words, and there is not much else to say.

After Lian Xin left, Li Zimo took out his personal terminal and took the initiative to send a message to Lu Yin for the first time since joining the Sword Sect.

Lu Yin’s personal terminal beeped softly. He took a look and was surprised to see that it was Li Zimo. To be honest, although he arranged to enter the Sword Sect, he had not contacted him yet, so he had not contacted him yet. He actually took the initiative to send a message to himself.

‘Jian Zong is preparing for war, the target is the universe sea’, just nine words, but Lu Yin’s mind was churning. He suddenly thought of something, and he had a terrible guess. The target of Jian Zong’s preparations for war was Ren En Big battle group.

An incident occurred in Luan Shen Mountain, and Jin Tuan and the mysterious master rescued them. The person who implicated them was not the mere Leo family, but the Big Sister Tou Mercenary Group that the Leo Family dealt with. It was the people behind the Big Sister Tou Mercenary Group. Rennes Vs.

He wanted to find out the original truth, and Cangzhou was also seizing the time to cover up the original truth. Once he could not cover up the original truth, if he were Cangzhou, he would directly show his cards, and the target would be the Rennes Group.

Chaoshenshan, Jin Tuan have joined forces, and the mysterious man, you guessed it right, may be related to the Changsheng War Group. Now that the Sword Sect is moving, the target is also the Cosmic Sea, and 90% likely to be the Rennes War Group.

However, this was just a guess. Lu Yin immediately contacted Sheng Ren and asked if he was related to Jian Zong. What he got was a disappointing answer. He also hoped that Jian Zong would go to help Ren En fight the group instead of It’s a pity to deal with them.

Since we are not helping the Rennes War Group, we are going to deal with the Rennes Group.

Chaoshen Mountain, Jin Tuan, and Jian Zong are in great danger. Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed, he pondered for a moment, opened his personal terminal, and contacted Wen Zizai.

Wen Zizai was communicating with Dean Han. He felt very headache. Lu Yin’s contact came. His eyes lit up and he answered, “Leader Lu, have you changed your mind?”

Lu Yin knew that he was at a disadvantage in the negotiation because he took the initiative to contact him, but he had no choice but to do so.

Time is running out, and Cangzhou is also seizing the time.

“Senior, I want the landscape painting very much,” Lu Yin said.

Wen Zizai looked ugly and said, “I can’t give it to you. You can come to Wen’s house to see it. I told you.”

“You don’t want No. 1 Wen? Liu Tianmu came back with the junior. She knows that No. 1 Wen is in the hands of the junior. Someone from the Sword Sect has already contacted the junior,” Lu Yin said.

Wen Zizai’s expression changed, and his tone became much heavier, “What conditions did they give you, Leader Lu?”.

“It’s not convenient to say. The junior contacted the senior not only to remind the senior, but also for the sake of Wen Yiyi. In that starry sky, Wen Yiyi had helped the junior several times. He hopes to return to the Wen family. The junior I am also willing to fulfill him,” Lu Yin said.

Wen Zizai breathed a sigh of relief and said, “In that case, of course it’s best, but I really can’t give the landscape map to the leader of the Lu League.”

Lu Yin was silent for a moment, and Wen Zizai was also silent. He had lived for so many years, but he couldn’t hear the meaning in Lu Yin’s words. He could feel that Lu Yin had changed his conditions, otherwise his tone would not be like this. Then wait, in terms of patience, He is confident that he is much better than Lu Yin, and his achievements have not been in vain for so many years.

“It seems that the senior is really unable to give the landscape painting to the junior. In this case, the junior agrees to the senior’s conditions and goes to Wen’s house to see it,” Lu Yin said.

Wen Zizai expected that Lu Yin took the initiative to contact him. He had already guessed the result. He was waiting for Lu Yin’s other conditions.

“It’s not that this junior is giving in, but this is a prerequisite. This junior intends to change,” Lu Yin said.

Wen Zizai answered, “Leader Lu, please speak.”

Lu Yin’s face became much more solemn, “Jian Zong is preparing for war. The juniors suspect that their target is our Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, so I hope that the Wen family will put pressure on Jian Zong so that Jian Zong cannot go to war.”

Wen Zizai was surprised, “Jianzong is preparing for war? When?”.

Not long after the news of Jianzong’s preparations for war came out, Li Zimo immediately told Lu Yin that the Wen family naturally had people in Jianzong. The Wen family also got the news of Jianzong’s preparations for war, but before they had time to report to Wen Zizi, Wen Zizai Not in the Wen family, but in Yihuang Academy.

“Just now, Jian Zong was preparing for war. This junior refused to hand over Wen Yi to Jian Zong, which may have angered Jian Zong, so I suspected that Jian Zong’s target was our Eastern Xinjiang Alliance and the Fenliu Realm,” Lu Yin said.

Wen Zizi was speechless. He wanted to curse. It was so fake. How could Jian Zong go to war against the Dongjiang Alliance for this reason? The Wen family had no idea of ​​starting a war against the Dongjiang Alliance because of Wen Yiyi, let alone Jian Zong, and Even if a war starts, it won’t be for this reason. The hateful little **** wants to earn the Wen family’s favor by asking them to contribute.

“Alliance Leader Lu is overly worried. How can Jian Zong start a war against the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance? It’s absolutely impossible,” Wen Zizai said. He didn’t want to get involved in this matter. Now, he was looking at the intelligence from Jian Zong and found that it was The leader of the sect, Liu Qianjue, personally ordered that this was a war preparation for the whole sect and it was not a trivial matter. The Wen family could not participate rashly.

“It is better to be cautious while you are still alive. Asking the Wen family to help suppress Jian Zong is a prerequisite for giving the landscape map to the younger generation,” Lu Yin said.

Wen Zizai frowned, “Leader Lu, our Wen family can guarantee that the Jianzong will not go to war against the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance.”

“Why, when did the Wen family become the master of the Sword Sect?”.

“The Wen Family and the Jian Sect both belong to the Inner Universe. How could we, the Wen Family, not know about the war against the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance? Alliance Leader Lu, don’t worry.”

“This junior hopes that the Wen family will suppress the Sword Sect, but I don’t know if my senior will agree.” Lu Yin’s tone became much lower.


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