Star Odyssey Chapter 1618: Strange elixir

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“Captain, that’s not the point. Luan Shenshan and Sister Tou have no grudges, so why should they take action? Through the Leo family? Are they really under the orders of Jhin Tuan? Then why didn’t Jhin Tuan take action on their own? If it wasn’t for that year Someone happened to hear Jin He talking, but this matter will always be hidden, and Luan Shenshan himself did not say anything, which is very strange,” Lu Yin said.

Shang Shengren seemed to have thought of something, “There was once a rumor that the masters of Chaoshenshan’s generation were from the Immortal War Group.”

Lu Yin’s eyes widened suddenly, and lightning flashed across his mind. He thought of something in an instant, but forgot about it. He pondered.

“No one believed this rumor, and it was only spread among a few people at the time. Why is it related to Jhin Tuan now? I will go to Luan Shen Mountain and question Cang Zhou myself,” said Sheng Lei En.

Lu Yin remembered it and said hurriedly, “It’s the Changsheng Battle Group. The leader is the Changsheng Battle Group.”

“What is the Immortal War Group?” Shang Shengren was puzzled.

Lu Yin gritted his teeth and said, “The Eternal Life War Group visited Luan Shen Mountain a few days ago and wanted to find some desperadoes to explore the cosmic sea through the relationship between Luan Shen Mountain. At that time, I didn’t care and asked Cangyi to send them away to a group of desperadoes. Okay, now it seems that the reason for the incident at Luan Shen Mountain is likely to have originated from there.”

Shang Shengren snorted coldly, “If it is really the Immortal War Group, I will definitely kill the **** named Ji. This **** is friends with me on the surface, but actually stabs me behind my back.”

“Captain, wait for my news, I will find out about this matter, and then we can take revenge,” Lu Yin said.

Shang Shengren hummed, “What you said makes me feel comfortable, okay, I’ll wait for you.” After saying that, he hung up the communication.

Lu Yin is weird, these words sound like a date.

In the outer universe, on Zhenyu Star, Wang Wen once again met a member of the Qiu Han family. She was a beautiful middle-aged woman who looked gentle, but in fact her words were sharp and her words were threatening.

“Where is your alliance leader? Let him come to see me. He is just a junior. My Qiuhan family ancestor can kill him with just a breath. Don’t you dare come out?” the middle-aged beautiful woman mocked.

Wang Wen had a headache. The three ancestors of the Sixth Continent were blocking the way. Although the Sixth Continent still surpassed the Fifth Continent in terms of absolute strength, it had a lot of worries. The Qiu Han family did not take action directly because of their worries and because of them. Defa’s people were not found.

Wang Wen is thinking about what Lu Yin said before. Is it feasible to start a war with the Qiu Han family and divert attention? Too dangerous.

No matter how much the Sixth Continent worries about the Fifth Continent, once a war breaks out, it will crush the outer universe and even the inner universe.

It’s so confusing! He couldn’t help but scratch his hair.

“Boy, I’m talking to you.” The beautiful middle-aged woman stared at Wang Wen, “Hurry up and let Master Qiuhan, Uncle Hua, and that Difa go, then apologize to my Qiuhan family, and withdraw from the house. Universe, my Qiuhan family doesn’t care about this matter.”

“As I said before, the Qiuhan family has nothing to do with my Eastern Xinjiang Alliance,” Wang Wendao said.

The middle-aged beautiful woman was furious, with evil eyes in her eyes, “It seems that the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance really wants to start a war with my Qiuhan family. I hope you have someone strong who can stop the ancestor, and at least let the ancestor enjoy himself.” After saying that, she turned and left.

There is a Star Envoy on Zhenyu Star, and she cannot act recklessly, otherwise the planet would have been destroyed long ago.

At this time, a message came from Wang Wen’s personal terminal. He glanced at it, his face changed, and he hurriedly shouted, “Senior, wait a minute.”

The beautiful middle-aged woman turned back and looked at Wang Wen unkindly.

Wang Wen smiled, very sincerely, “Well, senior, I have found a child of your family.”

The eyes of a beautiful middle-aged woman

With a glare, “How dare you say that you, the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, didn’t arrest him?”

Wang Wen said seriously and sincerely, “It was found by the Hall of Glory and has nothing to do with our Eastern Xinjiang Alliance.”

After half a day, Wang Wen breathed a sigh of relief, sat down tiredly, and finally saw him off.

Qiu Hanqing, Uncle Hua, Di Fa and others were all returned to the Qiu Han family. No matter what the Qiu Han family’s reaction was, he was certain that they were found in the Hall of Glory.

Uncle Hua was so angry that Wang Wen insisted that it had nothing to do with the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. Even though Qiu Hanqing threatened that Lu Yin had injured them, he said it was an illusion. It had nothing to do with the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance anyway, and they had nothing to do with it. evidence.

As for how the Qiuhan family will react in the future, that is a matter for the future, and we cannot start a war now.

Thinking about it, he immediately contacted Lu Yin, “What’s going on? Why is Luan Shenshan lost again?”

Lu Yin had no choice but to say, “A master saved Cang Zhou. There is nothing he can do to stop him.”

“What about Liuye Feihua? Those are two top masters with more than 700,000 combat power, how can they not stop them?”


“What’s the situation?” Wang Wen was very serious. Even the willow leaves and flying flowers couldn’t stop him. The situation was not as serious as usual.

Lu Yin had nothing to hide from Wang Wen.

Wang Wen listened to Lu Yin’s words and said solemnly, “If it is just to deal with the Rennes War Group, does it need to be so hidden? And if it is also connected with the Immortality War Group, it will be even more strange. The Jhin Group and the Immortality War Group are completely It doesn’t make sense why we added the Chaos God Mountain when we could fight against the Rennes Grand Army, but secretly passed through a Leo family.”

“This is what I want to check,” Lu Yin said.

Wang Wendao said, “Unless there is a bigger conspiracy behind it and a hand is controlling it, be careful. This matter is not simple.”

“I know, so I decided to go to Xiaoqianliu Realm and look for Caixing Sect,” Lu Yin said.

Wang Wen frowned, “Until the truth is found out, everyone is suspicious, and Caixingmen is no exception.”

“Let’s go explore first. There are willow leaves and flying flowers and all the foreign objects. Safety is not a problem. Even this can’t protect me. It doesn’t make any difference whether I go or not. By the way, help me find Xuan Jiu.” Lu Yin remembered and said .

Wang Wen raised his eyebrows, “That liar?”.

Lu Yin said, “He is not a liar. If you find him, you might be able to find out.”

After stabbing Luan Shenshan and failing again, Lu Yin didn’t know if Cangzhou would expose this matter.

Logically speaking, it shouldn’t be, otherwise he would not be able to explain who saved him, so that Liu Ye Feihua, two masters with more than 700,000 combat power, who could not resist, were helping to mess up the Shenshan Mountain. To Cang Zhou, It’s not a good thing, the inner universe will also be on guard against him.

It is unlikely that he will be exposed, but he will definitely find ways, overtly or covertly, to seduce the helmsmen of the Eight Great Streams to become his enemy, which is not good for him.

Lu Yin was thinking about this problem all the way to the Giant Consortium. However, when he arrived at the Giant Consortium, he could not think of a way. The only solution was to secretly destroy Cangzhou, but Cangzhou would not give himself another chance. .

Qingkong is very annoyed, very annoyed. Lu Yin had a plan to control the Chaos God Mountain before, but he did not agree with it, and now it has failed. For the Giant Consortium, it means that it can no longer rely on the power of the Chaos God Mountain to protect itself. Chaoshenshan will take the initiative to expose the giant, which will be a disaster, and the expeditionary force may be the first to take action.

Seeing Lu Yin, Qingkong looked very unhappy, but did not dare to say anything. Luan Shenshan would not help them, and they could not rely on other forces in the inner universe. The only ones they could rely on were Lu Yin and the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance.

Now, Qingkong has finally figured it out. Lu Yin attacked Luan Shen Mountain and took control of it. The Giant Consortium wanted to change from relying on Luan Shen Mountain to relying on him. If it failed, the Giant Consortium would become more dependent on him. From the moment he decided to take action Since then, the Giant Consortium can no longer be separated.

This guy’s goal from the beginning to the end could not be the Giant Consortium, Qingkong maliciously guessed.

Lu Yin didn’t have time to pay attention to what Qingkong was thinking. He came to the Giant Consortium to bring the giant back. As for whether the Giant Consortium was attached to him, there was no need to think about it. They had no choice. This person had not discussed it with him. room.

“Leader Lu, there is someone from Clover Company who wants to see you.” Leng Yan is responsible for receiving Lu Yin and is at Lu Yin’s disposal at any time.

“Who?” Lu Yin asked.

“The secret technique of the president of the universe within Clover Company is to evolve,” Leng Yan replied.

“Let him come” Lu Yin said calmly.

Soon, Yan followed Leng Yan and came. When he saw Lu Yin, he saluted respectfully and said, “Yan, I’ve met Alliance Leader Lu.”

Lu Yin looked at him, “Did you bring the things?”.

Yan glanced at Leng Yan, who quickly stepped back.

After Leng Yan left, he took out a delicate bottle that exuded cold air. It was unknown what material the bottle was made of. In Lu Yin’s eyes, the cold air that was powerful enough to reach the Enlightenment Realm could not freeze the bottle to crack.

Lu Yin took it and held it cold. This cold air could freeze the ordinary enlightenment state, but to him, it was just cold air.

Opening the bottle, Lu Yin saw a round thing covered with spikes. He was stunned, “Is this the Star Source Pill?”.

Yan replied, “Yes, the Star Source Pill is not swallowed directly, but used like a rare treasure, which can temporarily break through the Star Source Universe.”

“Why is there only one?”.

Yan took out two more air-conditioning bottles and handed them to Lu Yin.

Lu Yin looked at the Star Source Pill. The number of runes was exaggerated. It had a combat power of over 500,000. No wonder it could break through the Star Source Universe. Although it had such high combat power, it was still a dead thing.

He just couldn’t understand how such a thing was made.

“Your Clover Company is very capable and can even make such a thing,” Lu Yin said casually, squinting his eyes.

Yan did not answer. Facing Lu Yin, he knew that he would make many mistakes.

Lu Yin was disappointed, “Okay, leave your things behind and you can go.”

Yan respectfully resigned. He didn’t care about the agreement reached between Lu Yin and Xiangzhi, nor should he care. He was just here to deliver things.

“Wait a minute”, Lu Yin suddenly spoke and stopped Yan.

Yan was confused, “What other instructions does Alliance Leader Lu have?”.

“Why does Yu Mu have a Star Source Pill? There are more than one.” Lu Yin asked curiously. This kind of thing should not be accessible to Yu Mu’s level. The woman who was chasing Yu Mu obviously didn’t know about it.

Yan Dao, “Yu Mu has been with our Clover Company for many years. He knows everything that needs to be known and has not hidden anything from him.”

“You trust him so much, but you still kill him?” Lu Yin sneered.

Yan was silent.

Lu Yin waved his hand and Yan retreated.

Looking at the Star Source Pill in his hand, Lu Yin’s mood improved a little. He picked up one and looked at it repeatedly. He just couldn’t see how this small thing could be so powerful that it could break through the Star Source Universe. Could it be that Yan was added to it?


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