Star Odyssey Chapter 1617: Incoming

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Cangzhou was still wrapped in willow leaves and Feihua, unable to move. In front of them, Sister Feihua looked solemn. A black shadow suddenly struck, catching them off guard. What shocked them even more was the strength. This black shadow did not show In any combat skill, the strength shown is not as good as Mr. Willow Ye, but he still suppresses Mr. Willow Ye.

Mr. Willow Ye spread his hands, and dozens of willow leaves covered the void. The shadow raised his hand and pointed with his index finger. Each finger was exactly in the direction where the willow leaves were flying, scattering the willow leaves that were supposed to cover the void. Mr. Liuye’s pupils shrank sharply, it was impossible.

The black shadow jumped into the Star Source Universe. Mr. Liu Ye also entered the Star Source Universe, but he did not see the black shadow when he entered the star source universe. The black shadow was faster than him, or in other words, it was determined. The direction he could find was completely in the blind spot.

This is quite terrifying fighting ability. Mr. Willow Leaf asked himself that even in the starry sky of the tree, he would not be weaker in a battle of the same level. But facing this black shadow, he was as powerless as a child who had just learned to fight. , he displayed his combat skills and talents, but to no avail.

The black shadow appeared behind Mr. Liu Ye and struck out with a palm. It was still not a combat skill, but an application of the star source. It made Mr. Liu Ye’s back numb. He turned around and the willow leaves flew in his palm.

With a bang, the two of them exited the Star Source Universe at the same time. The black shadow quickly approached Cang Zhou and Sister Feihua with the help of Mr. Liu Ye’s palm.

Sister Feihua gritted her teeth and said, “Looking for death.” As she spoke, she raised her hand and beautiful flying flowers danced and bloomed in the void. Each petal tore the sky of the chaotic mountain apart. “If you dare to come close, I will completely release the stars.” source”.

The shadow paused and looked at Sister Feihua in surprise. This woman was a little crazy.

Completely releasing the star source means that it will be noticed by the star source universe, which will force the star source to be absorbed, just like being exposed.

Generally, star envoys have reservations about fighting. Unless there is a life-or-death situation, otherwise the star source in the body will be detected by the star source universe and forced to withdraw, which is similar to suffering a source of disaster.

“Come again” Mr. Willow Leaf approaches after himself.

At this time, another black shadow appeared, staring at Sister Feihua. With a flash of eyes, Sister Feihua felt that her whole body was much weaker, as if her strength had been taken away, and the flying flowers in her palms were withering. She was shocked, why What’s going on?

“Zhou Yan Sutra, people from Jin Tuan” shouted loudly, Lu Yin walked out of the void, wearing a micro armor, raised his hand with Kongkong Palm, facing the second black figure that appeared.

The black shadow narrowed his eyes and released a light curtain in the void. His empty palm passed through the light curtain, and its power was greatly reduced. It appeared directly in the void. It was no longer an invisible palm print. It was one palm more than a normal enlightenment state. Pretty much the same.

Lu Yin’s hair stood on end. This person’s cultivation of the Zhou Yan Sutra was so terrifying that it was unimaginable. He was definitely the strongest person he had ever encountered. “Who are you?”

The man looked at Cang Zhou.

Lu Yin’s heart sank, no, “stop him.”

Sister Feihua couldn’t figure out the situation at all. Mr. Liuye knew that he had fought with people who practiced the Zhouyan Scripture, but at this moment he was suppressed by the first black shadow and had no time to care.

The willow leaves and flying flowers that trapped Cangzhou split apart, and their power was weakened by the Zhou Yan Scripture. Cangzhou roared, violently broke the willow leaves and flying flowers, coughed, and spat out a mouthful of blood. He was seriously injured, and his eyes were ferocious. Looking at Lu Yin, “Junior, you are looking for death.”

“Flying willow leaves and flying flowers, retreat” Lu Yin made a prompt decision, Cangzhou united with those two people, they were not something they could fight against.

“If you want to leave, stay alive.” Cangzhou hated Lu Yin so much that he stepped forward and punched out. At the same time, the explosive energy was mixed with it, and the power of the punch was extremely terrifying.

No matter

No matter how strong the defense of Lu Yinwei’s armor is, it is just defense. It does not mean that he can compete with more than 700,000 powerful people. Even if Cangzhou is seriously injured, he can kill more than 700,000 powerful people in the New World. The Corpse King relies on foreign objects, and now, if he wants to escape, he still needs to rely on foreign objects.

Seeing Cang Zhou punch out, a willow leaf appeared in front of Lu Yin. There was a loud bang and the willow leaf flew up.

Mr. Liu Ye was distracted and was caught by the black shadow in front of him. He hit his right shoulder with a palm, knocking him back a hundred meters. Sister Feihua rushed over and “joined forces”. After saying that, Liu Ye Feihua entangled himself in Together.

The fighting here still attracted the attention of others. The movement was so loud that the entire Luan Shen Mountain was shaking.

Ku Wei appeared and when he saw the battle scene, he was so frightened that he immediately retreated back to the black dome. Blue Wing also saw it, his face turned pale, and he hurriedly fled.

Liu Ye Feihua teamed up to try to block Cang Zhou and the others, but it was just a delusion. Lu Yin took advantage of the moment they took action, and the star energy was not suppressed, and a star chessboard appeared under his feet. He moved to the black dome and looked back, “Liu Ye Sir, come here”.

Liu Ye Feihua teamed up to attack, but was ignored by the person who used the Zhou Yan Scripture. They joined forces and it was said that they could withstand the attack of 900,000 powerful men, but it was useless.

The two were stunned, hearing Lu Yin’s shout, and quickly retreated towards the black dome.

Cang Zhou and three others chased out.

Lu Yin took out the blood-red bell and shook it in the shocked eyes of the three people. For a moment, everyone seemed to see a big hand pressing down from above their heads, replacing the sky, the universe, and what they could To the extreme of imagination, that is – the chief referee.

By the time Cangzhou and the other three people came to their senses, Lu Yin and his party had disappeared above the black dome, and they had exited Luan Shen Mountain.

Looking at the empty black dome, Cang Zhou coughed up blood and said unwillingly, “I actually let them run away. I chased them.”

The two black shadows did not move.

Cang Zhou looked at them.

One of them said, “This guy is holding the chief referee’s warrant. It’s useless to chase him. If it weren’t for the chief referee’s warrant to suppress him indiscriminately, you and I would be in danger.”

“This person has a complicated background and cannot be moved for the time being,” another person said.

“Is this all? I have never suffered such great humiliation,” Cang Zhou said angrily.

“You didn’t say anything about us, right?” one person said.

Cangzhou said angrily, “Of course I didn’t say, a doll wants to control me, how is it possible?” As he said, his eyes flashed, “But, he found something, I don’t know how he found it of”.


Cang Zhou frowned, “He found out about the Leo family and knew that I, Luan Shenshan, was involved in chasing down the eldest sister’s mercenary group. In addition, you just took action and were recognized by the Zhou Yan Scripture. He can be sure that I, Luan Shenshan, was involved in the pursuit of the eldest sister’s mercenary group. The sacred mountain is related to the embers”.

“How did he find out about the Leo family?” A dark shadow asked curiously.

Cang Zhou shook his head, “I don’t know. Except for you and me, everyone who knows about this matter is probably dead. Even your Jin He group died in his hands. I don’t know how he found out.” , anyway, he can definitely be sure now that my chaos in the Holy Mountain is related to Jinder Tuan, and sooner or later the truth of that incident will be found out by him.”

“We can’t wait any longer. Contact the Baiye Clan and the Sword Sect to advance the plan.” A black shadow said, it was the person who pressed down on Mr. Liu Ye and beat him.

“Don’t worry, he can’t find you,” Cang Zhou said.

The dark figure had a stern look in his eyes, “It will happen sooner or later.”

Starry sky, a group of giants

The people were led by Liuye Feihua and headed east. They wanted to return to the Giant Consortium.

Lu Yin sat on the shoulders of a giant, with an ugly expression on his face. He failed, absolutely failed. He didn’t expect that the Chaos God Mountain was so deep, and that he was still connected to the Jhin Tuan. The person who just took action must be from the Jhin Tuan, no. It will be the land of the gods, and the use of the Zhouyan Scripture makes him helpless. Whether it is for him or Liuye Feihua, it weakens them too much.

Who is the other person?

Liu Ye Feihua was also depressed, and they were beaten and suppressed.

Mr. Liuye looked at Lu Yin, “The person I am fighting with is not as simple as he seems on the surface. He has already found the location of my star source cyclone. The reason why he did not take action is to warn me that even in the starry sky of the tree, , There is no such master at the level of three source tribulations, and even five source tribulations may not be able to tell the position of my star source cyclone at a glance.”

Lu Yin’s eyes flickered, “That person hides his strength?”.

“Absolutely” said Mr. Liu Ye Mou Ding.

Sister Feihua stared at Lu Yin, “What did the person who fought me use? Not only could they ignore our joining forces, but it also weakened my own strength.”

“Zhou Yan Scripture, I mentioned it to you,” Lu Yin replied casually, and ignored Liu Ye Feihua. He felt that this matter was getting more and more complicated, and it must be the same as when the eldest sister’s mercenary group was Hunting related.

Who was involved in that incident? What’s the purpose? To deal with a big sister mercenary group, even an elder from Luan Shen Mountain can deal with it. Why must we go through the Leo family? And why not kill them all? Jin Tuan, Chaos God Mountain, Lu Yin knew what he might have touched by attacking Chaos God Mountain this time.

If Taiyi God hadn’t informed the Leo family about it, he would still not know what was going on.

The Sisterhead mercenary group is not important, what is important is the Rennes War Group behind them. Could it be that the Jhin Group joins forces to Chaos Shenshan and wants to attack the Rennes Group?

Lu Yin couldn’t sit still and immediately contacted Sheng Ren.

The communication was connected, and a sharp shout came out, “Boy, you haven’t contacted me until now, don’t you take me seriously? Be careful, I will hang you up and beat you.”

Lu Yin picked his ears and said, “Captain, there is something very difficult.”

“It’s none of my business, I’ll die wherever I want,” he yelled at St. Ray’s.

Another voice came out, “Please be polite, Xiao Qi will be scared.”

“He’s so scared, he even broke into that place, what else can scare him?”

“Xiaoqi is still young.”

“Okay, you go out for me, your appearance changes every day, don’t lose yourself any day.”

Lu Yin was quite helpless as he listened to the conversation on the other end of the communication. He couldn’t interrupt even if he wanted to, so he could only wait.

“Boy, what do you want from me?” Shang Shengren asked.

Lu Yin said solemnly, “I’ve stirred a hornet’s nest.”

“Who did you stab?” Shang Sanren was interested.

Lu Yin said, “Chaotic Mountain”.

Shang Shengren was silent for a moment, then got angry and said, “Are you kidding me? You’re just a Chaos God Mountain, you’re talking so mysteriously.”

Lu Yin said what happened in a deep voice. This time, Shang Shengren’s tone also changed, “Two masters, one of them must be the leader of the Jhin regiment. Jin destroys that insidious villain. He is the only star envoy in the group who can still fight against 700,000 powerful warriors. I don’t know who the other one is. Is the Leo family under the command of Luan Shenshan? Okay, I will go and destroy Luan Shenshan.”


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