Star Odyssey Chapter 16: The Power of the Star Palm

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Suddenly, a beam of light shot into the sky in the west of Jinling City. Orton slashed out with his sword. The slash collided with the beam and exploded at high altitude.

“Technological weapons?” Orton sneered. The reason why they did not fight outside the city was because they were afraid of technological weapons. Even this indigenous planet has technology that can reach into the stars, enough to produce technological weapons that threaten them.

Outside the city, Granny and Lu Yin landed on the ground.

“It’s Tres? Trouble” Granny said in surprise.

Lu Yin was confused, “Tres?”.

“The top three experts in the First Military Academy have a combat strength of 2,500,” Granny said solemnly.

Lu Yin’s heart sank, “As long as you can hold him back, I will deal with Orton as soon as possible.”

Granny thought for a moment and said, “Yes, but not for a long time.”

Lu Yin nodded and rushed along the ground towards Zhou Shan’s direction.

A beam of light appeared in the sky and shot towards Orton. Orton was impatient and said, “I’ll come to settle the score with you after I kill this native.” He rushed to the ground and stabbed Zhou Shan with a sword.

Zhou Shan gritted his teeth, raised his giant ax and swung away, fighting Orton head-on. In terms of strength, he thought he could fight Tres, but with the addition of Orton, the outcome would be decided immediately.

Tres also landed on the ground. Although he was confident that he could avoid the attack of technological weapons, he was cautious.

When Lu Yin approached the battlefield between Zhou Shan and Auton, he took out the flame crystal and threw it into the sky.

The red crystal was quite eye-catching. Oton and Zhou Shan were in the middle of a battle and didn’t pay attention. However, Tres saw it at a glance, his eyes were hot, and before he had time to react, he felt a sharp pain in his back. The body twisted quickly, like leaves swaying in the wind, and avoided Granny’s second blow, “Is it you?”.

Without saying a word, Granny took out the flame crystal from the Ning Kong Ring and crushed it into pieces. The scorching flames burned the earth. “Fire Palm” Granny shouted, and struck out with her palm. The flame condensed in her palm and transformed into Make deeper colors and attack Tres.

Tres was furious and coughed up blood. “You are looking for death.” As he said this, his right palm shook rapidly and grabbed the air. This was the wave palm.


The two palms collided, flames and air currents swept across the earth, and all buildings within a hundred meters were destroyed.

The huge flame was swept up by the air current and flew up into the sky, like a fire snake flying.

Granny took a few steps back, her face pale. Tres’ wave palm was much stronger than Lu Yin’s. Even if she used her combat skills, it would be difficult to resist.

Tres also felt uncomfortable. The flame combat technique was already powerful and destructive, and Granny even used the flame crystal. This palm was by no means inferior to him.

“Granny, this is my territory” Tres roared.

Granny did not speak. The ring armor on her body reflected red light under the flames.

Tres gritted his teeth, and the ring armor spread all over his body. He had not worn the armor since the beginning, and now he felt the pressure. More importantly, he was injured.

In the distance, Orton looked back, shocked, “Granny? Why are you here?”.

Zhou Shan roared angrily and smacked Auton with his giant axe. Auton did not dare to be careless and raised his sword to slash at Zhou Shan. His sharp energy swept around and cut open the earth.

Lu Yin suddenly took action, quickly rushed to Oton’s side, struck out with a palm, and stars appeared from his palm. This was the Star Palm.

Neither Oton nor Zhou Shan expected that there was someone hiding nearby. The moment they saw Lu Yin, Oton was stunned and Zhou Shan was confused. However, the next moment, when Lu Yin’s Tianxing palm print was on Oton’s chest, he was stunned. Before he could scream, his heart was shattered. The majestic energy even penetrated his chest and blasted into a house, shattering it to pieces.

The ground could not withstand the pressure for the first time and burst into pieces.

Zhou Shan looked at Lu Yin in shock, “You”.

Lu Yin turned around and swept towards Zhou Shan with his back, turning his back to Granny and Tres, and whispered “attack me”.

Zhou Shan’s eyes flickered, but he still attacked Lu Yin, and he was merciless when he made a move, directly slashing with the wind.

Lu Yin used the swimming step to avoid the storm slash. Although he was not injured, his clothes were still torn. “Push me over” Lu Yin shouted.

Zhou Shan roared loudly and smashed his giant ax horizontally. Lu Yin used the power of the giant ax to be thrown towards the battlefield between Tres and Granny.


The violent vibrations spread to the distance. Granny’s face turned pale and her right palm trembled. She was severely injured by Tres.

Tres also felt uncomfortable, and the armor on his body was burned and cracked by the flames.

At this moment, Lu Yin was smashed into the wall not far from Tres and fell slowly.

Tres glanced at Lu Yin, then looked into the distance and saw the dead Oton. His eyes changed. Just as he was about to say something, Zhou Shan flew up and ran away into the distance.

“You can’t escape” Tres jumped up and chased Zhou Shan, with his back to Lu Yin. Lu Yin used the abandoned house to jump into the air and slapped Tres with an unabashed expression. The palm of the sky was like a spinning star, stamped **** Tres’s back. Tres didn’t care about Lu Yin at first, but this palm gave him a strong crisis, so he subconsciously avoided it, but it was already too late.

The stars exploded. Tres was hit by Lu Yin’s palm and fell to the ground. It hit the ground and made a huge hole in the ground. Lu Yin was also hit hard by Tres’ reaction and flew backwards vomiting blood. After going out and falling into the wall again, the ring armor on his body collapsed, and Asta’s ring armor was completely shattered.

Granny covered her arms, walked to the pothole, and looked at the bottom.

Tres lay on his back, his face pale, and he kept coughing up blood.

Granny looked at Lu Yin in surprise. She couldn’t imagine why Lu Yin could hit Tres so hard with his palm.

Before she could think about it, Tres, who was dying, suddenly opened his eyes, took out a strange-looking gun, pointed it at Granny and shot it. A beam of energy penetrated Granny’s shoulder, and Granny backhanded her. It was a strike of the flame palm that was printed again on the place where Tres was hit by Lu Yintianxing’s palm. This palm completely shattered Tres’s internal organs and killed him.

Granny slumped to the ground, looking at Tres’ body in surprise, her back felt cold.

Although there is no limit to the number of deaths in the Planet Evolution Trial, if too many casualties are caused, some people will be disgusted. Both Orton and Tres died in this battle, especially Tres, the top three in the military academy. A top student who was placed high hopes by the military academy. Now that he is dead, Granny is a little nervous.

Lu Yin dragged his seriously injured body to Granny’s side and said weakly, “Don’t worry, in the worst case I will ask grandpa to transfer you to our Tata Planet Academy.”

Granny stared at Lu Yin with cold eyes, “Why did you slap Tres? Even if the palm is doubled, it is impossible to seriously injure Tres.”

“You are overthinking, he was seriously injured by you, I just happened to hit him at the same position,” Lu Yin replied.

Granny obviously didn’t believe it. Tres, who had a fighting strength of 2,500, was seriously injured by a Wangjing practitioner. Even if it was a coincidence, it was not that easy.

Suddenly, there was a loud shout from behind, and Zhou Shan, who originally thought he had escaped, appeared again, slashing at Granny and Lu Yin with an axe.

Granny subconsciously grabbed Lu Yin and stood in front of her. Zhou Shan saw Lu Yin being pushed out and quickly moved his direction. The ax did not hit Lu Yin, but hit the ground along Lu Yin’s ear. Lu Yin Then he turned around and hit Granny with a slap. He was too seriously injured. This slap was not as serious as the one that hit Orton, but it was still okay to seriously injure Granny.

Granny’s face turned pale. She endured the severe pain and subconsciously kicked Lu Yin, sending him flying. She fell beside Tres. Zhou Shan roared again and struck Ge with an axe. Lannie, Granny picked up the gun in Tres’s hand and shot it. The beam penetrated Zhoushan’s giant axe, and at the same time penetrated his shoulder, blasting him more than ten meters away, and he fell to the ground where he didn’t know whether he was alive or dead.

The scene was silent for a moment, only the flames burned on the earth.

Four detectives and one Wangjing fought, shattering half of Jinling and immersing it in a sea of ​​fire.

Granny took out the healing medicine from the Ning Kong Ring, swallowed it in one gulp, and recovered from her injuries.

A few minutes later, sounds gradually appeared from all around. Granny’s expression changed and she climbed out of the pit. She was seriously injured, and her shoulder was pierced by a beam of light. It was very difficult to reach Zhou Shan’s side. Zhou Shan fainted at this moment. Earth, life and death unknown.

Soon, Feng Hong, the bespectacled girl Qin Xuan and others surrounded her, staring at Granny, “surrender immediately, we can spare your life.”

Granny was disdainful, “Just because you natives want to spare my life? What, you don’t want this native’s life anymore?” As she spoke, she pointed the gun at Zhou Shan’s head.

Feng Hong shouted, “Let go of Xing Sheng.”

“Stand back ten miles or kill him immediately” Granny said sternly.

Feng Hong and others looked at each other without moving.

Grannie’s eyes flashed coldly, and she picked up the stone beside her and hit it **** the top of Mount Zhou. Immediately, blood flowed profusely.

Feng Hong shouted, “Stop, we can retreat, but we must treat Xing Sheng, otherwise he will die.”

Granny agrees.

Soon, a doctor walked up to Granny and Zhou Shan, checked Zhou Shan’s body, and then gave emergency treatment.

It took a full twenty minutes to stop Zhou Shan’s bleeding. “Xing Sheng’s injury is too serious and cannot be delayed. Comprehensive treatment must be carried out as soon as possible,” the doctor said.

Granny ignored them and said, “Immediately retreat ten miles. I will leave in three hours, otherwise, I will kill this native.”


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