Star Odyssey Chapter 1537: Everything must be reversed

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Long Xi blankly took Zu Mang’s blood and checked it, and found that it was true.

“You, how did you get it?” She couldn’t believe it. You can’t buy this thing.

Lu Yin said, “Just use it and don’t care how I got it.”

Long Xi frowned. Lu Yin appeared as if he was specifically trying to break her three views. His combat power surpassed that of the four young ancestors. His identity has been mixed up until now. Now he even has the blood of Zu Mang. Even the entire White Dragon clan, There isn’t much blood from Zu Mang, and only clan leaders and half-ancestor-level elders can get it.

She looked at Lu Yin carefully, lowered her head speechlessly, and looked at Zu Mang’s blood in her hand.

“How is it? Can it be used?” Lu Yin asked.

Long Xi nodded, “Okay”, she looked at Lu Yin, “If I use it, you will be gone.”

“I’m not from the White Dragon Clan, so it’s useless to ask for Zu Mang’s blood,” Lu Yin said.

Long Xi’s eyes flashed, “Come to me in two days.”

Lu Yin immediately left the Supreme Mountain and waited for Long Xi to use Zu Mang’s blood.

In the Supreme Mountain, with the entrance of Zu Mang’s blood, Long Xi began to make a breakthrough.

Although it is not as qualitative a change as breaking the three levels, the White Dragon tribe’s absorption of Zu Mang’s blood is also beneficial to future cultivation. Precisely because absorbing Zu Mang’s blood will not immediately bring about a leap in strength, it is necessary to dominate the world. , Long Xi didn’t get it, otherwise she would have gotten it long ago.

What Zu Mang’s blood changes is his cultivation talent, not his strength.

Two days later, Lu Yin met Long Xi.

At this moment, Long Xi has changed slightly from two days ago. His temperament is colder, but he also looks more noble and whiter.

Long Xi frowned and threw the bottle containing Zu Mang’s blood to Lu Yin. There was a drop of her own blood inside, “Just blend it into the body before worshiping the ancestors.”

Lu Yin was overjoyed and put it away solemnly. He suddenly thought of a question, “I use this drop of blood to worship my ancestors. Then if you come back in the future, won’t the White Dragon Clan be able to use your blood to confirm that you helped me in the first place?” “.

Long Xi said indifferently, “It doesn’t matter, I just said I was forced by you.”

Lu Yin thought about it, wait a minute, the people in the Supreme Mountain are all his prisoners, why are they so troublesome to do things?

“Now, can you teach me etiquette?” Lu Yin asked hopefully.

Long Xi looked at him and sighed silently, “Let’s get started.”

It is not difficult to learn the etiquette of worshiping ancestors. Although the movements are cumbersome, for practitioners, they can remember these movements after just one look.

You must maintain a pious attitude when worshiping your ancestors. Lu Yin asked himself that he had performed many times and was quite good at this aspect.

When etiquette was learned, he left as soon as possible. Facing Long Xi, he always felt like he was being scolded at any time.

After leaving Supreme Mountain, he originally wanted to meet Luo Shen, but after thinking about it, he still didn’t.

He extended the stagnant space of time for several months. During the remaining time, Lu Yin suddenly became interested in the extreme counter-attack technique.

This combat skill comes from the Ku Zu. Lu Yin was deeply impressed by the withered creatures in the Ku Rong Domain. Once attacked, as long as the damage limit is not reached, those creatures will only get stronger and stronger.

He doesn’t want to practice this combat skill. It’s not a good thing to let yourself dry up, but it’s still okay to study it.

That combat skill has been deeply rooted in my mind for a long time. If you don’t learn it, it will be useless. After all, it comes from a strong person in the ancestral realm.

Thinking about it, Lu Yin sat cross-legged and carefully recalled that things must reverse themselves when they are extreme.

Just when Lu Yin entered the still space of time

At that time, Xia Xing, the Lord of Shenwutian who came to Longshan in advance, met with a person, the great elder of the White Dragon Clan – Nihuang.

As one of the Four Balances, the White Dragon Clan has more than one half-ancestor. The Nihuang Half-ancestor was once as famous as Wan Zhiyi of the Wandao Family. He is the most powerful half-ancestor who is closest to the ancestral realm, and is also the second most powerful person in the White Dragon Clan. Yu Longzu is a master of knowledge and never goes out to protect Longshan.

“Junior Xia Xing, see Senior Nihuang”.

“Many years have passed, and I didn’t expect that the little guy back then has now become the Lord of Shenwutian.”

“I wonder what the senior’s instructions are for summoning the junior here?” Facing Ni Huang, although Xia Xing regarded himself as a junior, his attitude was very indifferent. He is the Lord of Shenwu Tian. If he meets Ni Huang in this capacity, there will be no Seniority difference.

Even since he was born, he has heard the legend of Ni Huang.

“Your daughter is not married yet,” Ni Huang’s voice came out.

Xia Xing was surprised. He didn’t expect Emperor Ni to talk about Xia Taili. The word marriage had little to do with the White Dragon tribe, because the White Dragon tribe generally did not marry outsiders.

After a while, Xia Xing left. No one knew what they said, not even Long Ke.

In the time-stopped space, Lu Yin didn’t know how much time had passed. When he opened his eyes, he felt that his arms were abnormal. When he lowered his head and looked around, he saw that his arms were dry and even his bones had shrunk. generally.

He was startled and quickly quit the practice of reversing everything. He was relieved when his arm gradually recovered.

Fortunately, I found it in time, otherwise my whole body was withered, and I would have to rely on the strength of others to recover, which would be troublesome. If I worship my ancestors based on my withered appearance, I wonder if the Dragon Ancestor of the White Dragon Clan will be so angry that he jumps out of the Dominion Realm. Come down.

The extremes of things must be reversed. This is simply a magical martial art and combat technique. It makes the body practice in the opposite direction, but it is really practice, like opening up another Zhihao of life. I don’t know what Ku Zu thought of it.

No wonder it is said that Kuzu masters the secret of eternal life. If his body is completely dried up, he can indeed survive for a long time, which is different from being frozen.

Ice is a fixed vitality, while the extremes of things will reverse, which is a reversal of vitality. In comparison, the extremes of things will reverse and can survive longer than the freezing.

This is also a manifestation of the successful practice of “Everything must be counterattacked”. Also, with this combat skill, the enemy can be directly reduced to ashes, just like the “die together” move on the battlefield, which is extremely difficult to deal with.

Lu Yin is still excited about the power and results of this combat skill, but unfortunately, he cannot practice it.

Sighing silently, maybe one day when I get old, I can practice this combat skill. It may be able to reverse my life, rejuvenate my youth, and live forever. However, if I break through the ancestral realm, there is no need to practice it.

The scene in front of him changed, and Lu Yin returned to reality, but only a second passed.

The island scenery of Qianlong Lake is very beautiful. Lu Yin likes to sit by the lake and watch the stars moving under his feet. He can see the development of various civilizations, but Qianlong Lake has restrictions. Anyone who wants to break out of the stars will be banned by this layer. Of course, there are exceptions to obliteration, and once these exceptions break out of the shackles of the stars and Qianlong Lake, they will be accepted by the White Dragon Clan and become guards.

Height determines everything. Anyone who breaks out of the stars is the best compared to the stars where he is. Unfortunately, when he reaches this starry sky, he is just an ordinary cultivator.

In the distance, a group of people arrived. Lu Yin looked and saw that the leader was Xiaoqian, Long Xi’s maid. He had forgotten about this indifferent maid.

“I have met my aunt” Xiaoqian saluted, and behind her, more than ten maids saluted at the same time, “I have met my aunt”.

Lu Yin was surprised, “Xiaoqian?”.

Xiao Qian looked calm and said, “The patriarch ordered us to serve our uncle.”

Lu Yin refused, “No, I don’t need to serve you.”

Xiaoqian whispered, “This is an order from the clan. Please don’t embarrass us.”

Lu Yin thought for a moment and said, “It’s up to you, but I don’t need to serve you. You can stay here.”

“Thank you, uncle,” Xiaoqian replied, and then, a group of maids behind her entered Lu Yin’s residence to clean up for him.

Lu Yin has rarely been served by anyone since he started his cultivation. In Zishan Palace, Zhao Ran was not treated as a waiter. He was really not used to having so many maids.

Xiao Qian stayed not far behind Lu Yin and looked at him.

Lu Yin didn’t need to look back to know what she was thinking, “Is there anything you want to ask?”.

Xiaoqian said respectfully in a low voice, “Xiaoqian doesn’t dare.”

Lu Yin turned around and said, “I don’t know Long Xi’s whereabouts. We were separated in the Dominion Realm.”

“Yes, Xiaoqian knows” Xiaoqian replied.

Lu Yin knew that she had a good relationship with Long Xi, so he said something specifically, but then he said nothing.

After a while, Xiaoqian suddenly said, “Do you have any plans to leave Qianlong Lake recently?”.

Lu Yin was surprised, “There shouldn’t be any before worshiping ancestors. Why do you ask this?”

Xiaoqian whispered, “Before I came, I saw people from the branch gathering. Among them were Young Master Longzhang, Longju, and a group of children from the branch. They seemed to want to lure my uncle away from Qianlong Lake and take the opportunity to cause trouble.”

Lu Yin was funny, “Did you hear that?”.

Xiaoqian said respectfully, “Yes.”

Lu Yin turned around and looked outside Qianlong Lake. Those branch tribesmen could not enter here. If they wanted to cause trouble, they could only lead him out. However, even if Xiaoqian didn’t say anything, he had forgotten what Qingchen had told him. , The governor-general doesn’t like impulsive people, and likes people who don’t express their emotions and anger.

Wouldn’t those people in Long Zhang give him a chance to reveal some of his true nature when they cause trouble?

If the governor-general is Mr. Mu, he is already his master and knows himself very well. If it is not Mr. Mu, he happens to find a way without becoming a disciple, otherwise he cannot explain to Mr. Mu, which is just right.

“Xiao Qian, how do you think Long Zhang and those people will use to lure me out?” Lu Yin asked.

Xiaoqian shook her head, “I don’t know.”

Lu Yin looked outside Qianlong Lake and murmured to himself, “I hope I have some brains, otherwise, it won’t be fun.” Suddenly, he said loudly, “Xiaoqian, do you have a fishing rod?”.

The stars in Qianlong Lake are swaying. It looks like a starry sky, but there is lake water, but each star is separated by invisible forces and is not submerged by the lake water.

In Longshan, whether it is Qianlong Lake or other lakes, only ordinary people can fish. Lu Yin can do it now.

As a strange fish the size of a mountain vacated the lake, Lu Yin laughed and threw the strange fish out, falling from the other side of the lake and smashing into the water, causing the island to shake.

The next day, someone challenged Lu Yin outside Qianlong Lake.

“Uncle, the young master from the Wulong branch has come to challenge.” A maid arrived and reported respectfully.

“Okay” Lu Yin shouted, startling the maid, Xiaoqian not far away, and the young master from the Wulong branch beside Qianlong Lake. Even Qianlong Lake was boiling with momentum. vast.

Master Wu Long Branch is a cultivator in the Cruise Realm, which is pretty good for this age group, but because he comes from Sifang Tianping, he is not conspicuous and is not as good as Long Di.


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