Star Odyssey Chapter 1515: Xiang Cheng and the Remaining Army

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Lu Yin and others used the red light to approach the remaining army and destroyed one city, but they did not attract the attention of the commanders above the formation. They destroyed the second city, but still did not attract the attention, because at that time, the five major The formation base faced a large-scale war. However, more than ten days later, when Lu Yin and others approached the third city, both the Twelve Eternals and the commander-in-chief above the formation base had to pay attention.

Because the third city is not only huge in scale, it is a place that the five major formations must pay attention to. It is also the city closest to the remaining army of the Eternals. It is the most eye-catching place in the entire New World.

On the second formation base, Xia Yan returned to the headquarters with a look of disbelief on his face, “What did you say? Long Qi and the others are still alive?”.

On the opposite side, Liu Jing said excitedly, “Yes, Commander-in-Chief, the spirit mirror reported that Hongmang was found.”

Xia Yan’s eyes flickered. The red light was the original treasure formation of the second formation. Only Master Song could repair it. But when the second formation was abandoned, Master Song followed him to the headquarters and did not lose it at all. Fall, then who can repair Hongmang?

Only Long Qi, Long Qi has repaired the original cone. Now it is not impossible to repair the red light.

“How many of them are alive?” Xia Yan asked.

Liu Jing shook his head, “I’m not sure exactly, but it’s no less than millions of people.”

“Impossible. How many people fell into the New World? Where did the millions come from?” Xia Yan denied.

Liu Jingdao, “Lingjian reported that Hongmang is now located not far from Xiangcheng. Judging from the original location of the second formation, Long Qi and others will definitely pass through two cities, and those two cities should exist. Someone who has not been transformed into a corpse king.”

Xia Yan pondered.

Liu Jing was anxious, “Commander, do we need rescue?”.

Xia Yan raised his eyes and said in a low tone, “How to save? Now the five major formations are swept by war. Even if they are not swept by war, it is impossible to save people from the New World.”

“But” before Liu Jing finished speaking, the old monster Long arrived, looking a little embarrassed, and he obviously encountered a strong enemy, “Xia Yan, Long Qi is still alive, isn’t he?”.

Xia Yan said, “The red light is still there, protecting millions of people moving in the direction of the remaining army. As for whether Long Qi is still alive, it is not certain.”

Old Monster Long said in a deep voice, “Who else can repair Hongmang except Long Qi? He must be rescued.”

Xia Yan has a headache. It’s not that he doesn’t want to save him, but that he can’t save him. However, the news that Long Qi is still alive has spread. Old Monster Long is here, and Qingchen is not far away.

Just when he thought of Qingchen, the Yuntong Stone on his wrist vibrated. Xia Yan sighed and connected.

“Commander Xia, if you can, please save Long Qi. If you really can’t do it, I won’t force it. The war situation is the most important thing,” Qingchen said, not embarrassing Xia Yan.

This is the difference between the Han Clan and the White Dragon Clan. The old monster Long hopes to use Lu Yin to deepen the relationship with Master Dengguo, which will be beneficial to the White Dragon Clan. For this reason, he will not hesitate to change his attitude. Qingchen definitely cares about Lu more than the old monster Long. Hidden, but not in vain for the sake of Long Qi.

” Once it is known that they are not going to rescue, it will be a blow to everyone, but it is the most troublesome to save someone even if they want to but cannot.

“Commander, Long Qi and the others are close to Xiangcheng” Liu Jing hurriedly spoke after receiving the report from the spirit mirror.

Xia Yan’s eyes were sharp, “Contact the remaining army, attack Xiangcheng, and respond to Long Qi and his party.” After speaking, he raised his hand and used the Yuntong Stone to contact the other four formation commanders, “Everyone, I believe you. We already know what happened in the New World, it’s time for us to hold them back for twelve weeks.”

Xiangcheng is the northernmost city of the Eternal Clan, and north of Xiangcheng is where the remaining army is located.

Xiangcheng is a rare large city of the Eternal Clan. There are countless corpse kings living in it. The strongest among them is Xianghou, one of the twelve candidates. Xiangcheng is named after Xianghou.

The existence of Xiangcheng is to deal with the remaining army, and the reason why the remaining army cannot penetrate deeply into the New World is also because of Xiangcheng.

Between Xiangcheng and the remaining army is the most intense battlefield in the New World.

In the knowledge of many people in Tree Starry Sky, including records in books, there is a human city in the New World called New City. There is an ever-victorious army in the New City, which is invincible and is a sharp blade for mankind to attack the New World. But the real situation completely different.

There is no ever-victorious army, and there is no new city. What is left is just the remaining army trapped on the Folding Mountains.

The Folding Mountain Range where the Relic Army is located is connected to the Mother Tree and is much higher than the New World. Precisely because it is a Folding Mountain Range, the closer it is to the Mother Tree, the higher it becomes, making it easier to defend and harder to attack. Therefore, the Relic Army can exist.

Now, in the Folding Mountains, a pair of eyes opened and looked towards Xiangcheng, “Response? It seems that some big shot fell down. He is not dead and can still reach Xiangcheng. He is really lucky, Liuhua, let’s go together Take action?”

“I won’t go. All the twelve candidates have gone to the five formation bases and been held back. There are no semi-ancestral masters in Xiangcheng. You alone are enough.” came a voice.

“Xiangcheng has the original treasure formation, which is not that easy to deal with. You have to think clearly. This mission comes directly from the commander-in-chief. There must be a big shot inside, and it must be someone from Sifang Tianping. If something happens to that person, you can stay The time here may be extended.”

After a pause, the voice said helplessly, “Okay, I didn’t expect that my Half-Ancestor Liuhua would one day **** those big shots. It’s really ridiculous.”

“Being able to come here from the distant Second Formation and face Xiangcheng directly, these people are worthy of our rescue.”

After the words fell, many people walked out of the Folding Mountains and headed towards Xiangcheng.

In the south of Xiangcheng, the red light is getting closer and closer.

Looking at the huge city in the distance, Lu Yin looked solemn and said, “There should be an original treasure formation here.”

The city in front of him was more than ten times larger than the two cities he had encountered before, and he would not believe it without the original treasure formation.

Mr. Guo said in a deep voice, “This is Xiangcheng. As long as we pass through, we will reach the Folding Mountains where the remaining army is located. We will succeed.”

Many people are excited. From a desperate situation to hope for life, and now they really see the hope of life, they have come through.

“However, this is also the biggest difficulty. Xiangcheng exists to resist the remnants of the army. Here, one of the twelve candidates is sitting, who is a strong man at the semi-ancestral level,” Mr. Guo said solemnly.

Everyone was horrified when they heard this, Half Ancestor? That was an absolutely supreme power, and it was impossible for them to deal with it.

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes, “The scale of the war above is so huge, Xianghou should not be in Xiangcheng.”

“I hope so,” Mr. Guo said.

In front, countless corpse kings have already surrounded and killed them, and were wiped out by the red light.

If possible, Lu Yin and the others would also like to bypass Xiangcheng. However, Xiangcheng is under the Folding Mountains and is the only way to pass, otherwise they would not be able to join the remaining army.

Through the geographical location of Xiangcheng, Lu Yin could see that the remaining army had no place in the New World. Xiangcheng was equivalent to blocking their way to the New World, otherwise this layout would not be possible.

The red light approached Xiangcheng, the earth shook, and a huge corpse king straightened up and rushed towards Lu Yin and others.

Lu Yin clenched his fist, and behind him, Zhoutang walked out. Baili Warring States spread across the void, causing the void to burn. He jumped out and rushed towards the giant corpse king.

“Mr. Guo, step back a thousand meters, fight with the car, come forward…” Lu Yin commanded, and the red light shot towards the earth, piercing through the ground in a blink of an eye. Sure enough, someone below was also being transformed.

In the surrounding area, millions of people followed the red light and rushed toward Xiangcheng.

Suddenly, a change occurred in Xiangcheng. A cone-shaped original treasure slammed into Zhoutang’s body. Zhoutang vomited blood and was thrown away, without even getting close to the giant corpse king.

Lu Yin and others looked in shock, is that a protocone?

As expected, there is an original treasure formation in Xiangcheng, and it is exactly the same as the original treasure formation at the second formation base.

Mr. Guo’s face was ugly, “After countless years of war, these monsters learned from the original cone and placed it in Xiangcheng.”

The giant corpse king rushed toward them step by step. There was a primitive cone blocking the way in front of them. Even with the red light, Lu Yin and others could not rush through. Under the ground, even though some people tried to climb out, they were also blocked by the cone-shaped primitive treasure. Kill.

When they arrived at Xiangcheng, they were in a desperate situation.

Lu Yin secretly scolded Wu Lingshen for being unreliable, so he couldn’t turn off the original treasure formation?

With the original cone blocking the road, how could they rush through?

In the midst of despair, the void in the distance twisted, and an indescribable feeling came, as if entering another world. The cone-shaped original treasure was severely pressed into the ground, and then, a strange force suppressed the cone-shaped original treasure. Not only one Cone-shaped primitive treasures, all cone-shaped primitive treasures were suppressed. An old man walked out of the void and looked at Lu Yin and others with admiration.

When Lu Yin and others saw the old man, they immediately thought of the Half-Ancestor. Only the Half-Ancestor possesses that terrifying power that can isolate a whole world.

“I have a secret seal and am here to **** you all to where the remaining troops are.” The old man spoke. Behind him was the **** mouth of the huge corpse king.

The old man did not see any movement. The body of the giant corpse king suddenly stopped, and then a strange sound came from the body. The body suddenly exploded and fell to the ground.

Countless people cheered, Half Ancestor came, they were saved.

In the north of Xiangcheng, cultivators rushed into the city one by one and fought with the Corpse King. These people were all from the remaining army.

The Yi army has never had any advantage in fighting Xiangcheng. However, now that Xianghou is away, there is no strong Half-Ancestor in Xiangcheng. However, the Yi army has two Half-Ancestors, one of whom can deal with the original treasure formation. , a man slaughtered Xiangcheng wantonly, causing the corpse king in Xiangcheng to quickly collapse.

Only the Half-Ancestor can resist. Without the Half-Ancestor, Xiangcheng has no power to fight back.

Seeing the rapid defeat of Xiangcheng, the remaining army did not have the passion to pursue the victory. Instead, they slowly withdrew from Xiangcheng under the leadership of the two half-ancestors.

Lu Yin was puzzled. He was sure that no too strong enemy would appear, but the remaining army did not attack Xiangcheng. It was as if they had an agreement with each other. It seemed very strange.

However, the defeat of Xiangcheng also caused a large number of underground cultivators who had not been transformed into corpse kings to escape. Xiangcheng was too big, and there were many cultivators arrested. It was estimated that there were more than six million, and Hongmang was not allowed to do so. Without further expansion, fortunately with the **** of the Half-Ancestor, nearly ten million cultivators finally crossed Xiangcheng and came to the Folding Mountains. They followed the remaining army and fled to the legendary new city in the Starry Sky of Trees.


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