Star Odyssey Chapter 1512: Human Hope

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Lu Yin said solemnly, “I will give it a try no matter whether it can be repaired or not. I repaired the original cone in the second formation before, but everyone thought it was impossible, including Master Zan and even Master Dengguo. But in the end I fixed it, Hongmang, I also want to give it a try, the original treasure formation was repaired once before during the second formation of the original battle.”

“Are you the original formation master?” Mr. Guo was surprised, and Zhoutang and others did not expect that Lu Yin’s combat prowess was enough to defy the heavens, but no one expected that he was actually the original formation master.

“By the way, the way you moved in the previous battle with the Corpse King seems to be the original treasure formation,” Lu Yin asked in surprise as Cha Zhan was the closest.

Lu Yin nodded.

“We, can we really go back alive?” someone asked, full of hope. No one wanted to wait for death. This feeling was really difficult, although they could face it calmly.

Lu Yin’s eyes were firm, “I don’t know, but I have to give it a try.”

Mr. Guo hesitated, “Master Song and the others repaired the original treasure formation before the second formation was abandoned, but it was destroyed again. Now that the second formation has been dropped, the damage to the original treasure formation is even more serious, and it is even possible that Even the original treasures arranged are lost.”

“I want to give it a try” Lu Yin said firmly.

“Yes, Brother Long Qi, give it a try.”

“Brother Long Qi, please, it’s better than waiting to die.”

“Brother Long Qi, if you can go back alive, I will repay your kindness and kindness in this life.”

“Long Qi, go try it. Leave it to us here.” Brother Hong spoke and looked at Mr. Guo and others.

Mr. Guo nodded, “Let’s try it.”

Che Zhan smiled and said, “Why didn’t you think of it earlier? Brother Long Qi, go ahead. The original treasure formation is not far from here.”

Lu Yin took out a small knife and rare treasure from the Ningkong Ring, and threw the cosmic armor to Che Zhan, who took it in surprise.

“Don’t die before I come back,” Lu Yin said. After finishing speaking, he walked in another direction.

The car battle was followed by two foreign objects in a daze, with complicated eyes. The value of these two foreign objects is so huge. More importantly, here, in this new continent, they represent life.

Che Zhan looked at Zhoutang.

The corners of Zhoutang’s mouth curled up, “Do as he said.”

Mr. Guo praised, “This son has courage, righteousness, structure, and immortal will. If he survives this calamity, he will surely shake the stars in the future. If he can come back alive, I will definitely see his power.” A day filled with stars.”

Although others didn’t say it, they could see through their eyes that they all thought the same thing. Lu Yin gave them a huge shock, and all of their lives depended on Lu Yin. The kindness is too heavy.

Lu Yin is in a very relaxed mood. This new continent is just his back garden for now. Protected by the Witch Spirit God, who dares to touch him?

Looking around, Lu Yin confirmed a direction. It was full of chaotic original treasure murderous intentions. It was exactly where the original treasure formation was. Is it red light? Another new original treasure formation, I don’t know to what extent Wulingshen has repaired it.

Red light, red sky light, once this original treasure formation is activated, the earth, sky, and nothingness will be enveloped in the red light. If you touch it, you will die. For those monsters, the red light makes them hate them deeply, and they sacrifice themselves in the red light. There are countless corpse kings under the light. If possible, the Witch Spirit God naturally does not want to repair the red light, but if they don’t repair the red light, why should Lu Yin and the others be alive to join the human army in the new continent?

If we don’t meet up, how can we escape back? Hongmang is their only hope.

Lu Yin observed the red light and approached cautiously. What he saw in his eyes was not the broken original treasure formation, but just the unactivated original treasure formation. Wu Lingshen actually repaired it and left it to him.

Although it has been repaired, if you want to start it and operate it freely, you still need to do some research. Research takes time, so the dice are useful. Now he only needs to remember the rules of the Red Mansions Original Treasure’s killing intent, and then Just enter the time-stationary space to study.

In the distance, Qingzhuhou watched Lu Yin studying the red light, his scarlet vertical eyes with a hint of green showing a little helplessness. On this new continent, a human being could be so carefree and still have time to study the original treasure formation, and the researched The original treasure formation is specially designed to deal with them. This feeling is really disgusting.

And the original treasure formation was actually repaired by Qishentian. No one believed it when he told it. He couldn’t help but think that if someone wanted to accuse Long Qi based on this, the entire Tree Starry Sky wouldn’t believe it. !

The more he thought about it, the more unhappy he became. Qingzhuhou moved his fingers, and a star-level corpse king rushed out and continued to attack.

The only thing that resists the Corpse King is the chariot battle.

Lu Yin raised his head and looked at the underground entrance, has it started again? It’s really non-stop. If he doesn’t take action, they will be in danger in the car battle. The Witch Spirit God doesn’t care about their life or death, but the cosmic armor and the knife are left behind. With their abilities, they should be able to hold on.

He continued to stare at Hongmang for several days, finally memorizing the murderous arrangement of the Hongmang original treasure. It was really very complicated. Fortunately, he had mastered several original treasure formations and had studied the original cone before. Otherwise you will be confused.

Sitting cross-legged, Lu Yin distorted the surrounding void, raised his hand, and the general-pointing platform appeared. Then, inside the general-pointing platform, the dice appeared. In this way, Wu Ling Shen couldn’t see it. Although he didn’t know whether Wu Ling God had it. Not staring, it’s always good to be on guard.

Wulin Shen did not stare at Lu Yin, but Qingzhu Hou kept staring at him.

Seeing Lu Yin take out the general platform, Qingzhuhou was shocked. Are they from the Lu family? A flash of lightning flashed across his face, and he figured it out. So, this son was from the Lu family. No wonder Wu Lingshen said that this man was enough to stir up the starry sky in the tree. How could the Sifang Balance give up when a direct descendant of the Lu family appeared? How could the survivors of the Lu family give up?

Qingzhuhou exclaimed, “I didn’t expect anyone from the Lu family to survive. The entire Lu family is a threat, but a direct descendant of the Lu family is just more talented. With you stirring up the starry sky of the tree, you really made a good plan.”

He did not see the dice, which were hidden under the general’s platform.

Lu Yin pointed out the dice, and the dice slowly rotated. He pursed his lips, and without seeing what came out, he directly put the dice into the Ningkong Ring, and then continued to click.

This time it went smoothly, at four o’clock, time stopped in space.

The scene in front of Lu Yin changed, entering a gray space, and he formally studied the red light.

As the scene in front of him changed, Lu Yin appeared in the New World, and only one second passed. Qingzhuhou didn’t notice anything strange.

For the powerful Half-Ancestor, one second is very long, but if you don’t observe it carefully, one second is also very short. His attention is focused on thinking about Lu Yin’s identity and the future of disrupting the starry sky of the tree. Didn’t care for that second.

But even if he notices it, Lu Yin is not afraid. His talent is incredible to say, but it is almost impossible to understand it. At the beginning of the decisive battle with Qingyu on Earth, he also used the dice to enter the timeless space to recover from his injuries. Mira saw it and thought it was a healing talent.

The gap between him and Mira at that time was similar to the gap between him and Qingzhuhou now, both of which were irreparable.

The car battle was very hard. He was no match. If it weren’t for the strong defense of the cosmic armor, he would have died. Halfway through the battle, the players were replaced. Brother Hong came up, then Dongshan Mother, Mr. Guo, took turns to resist, and finally He held on for several days until Lu Yin returned.

As soon as Lu Yin came back, the corpse king actually turned around and walked away, leaving Cha Zhan and the others stunned for a moment.

“Can monsters be afraid?” Some people were surprised. Everyone looked at Lu Yin with strange eyes. The appearance of this man subverted their three views.

“Long Qi, how is Hongmang doing?” Brother Hong asked.

Everyone stared at Lu Yin nervously, having difficulty breathing. Life and death depended on the next sentence.

Lu Yin took a deep breath, then smiled, “It’s done.”

Everyone was stunned, a little in disbelief, and became extremely quiet.

Zhoutang stared at Lu Yin, “You repaired Hongmang in just a few days?”.

Lu Yin said, “It’s not me, it’s Master Song and the others. The original treasure formation has been repaired successfully, but it was damaged some more. When the second formation fell, Master Song and the others had to give up and continue repairing it. Fortunately, The original fall in the second round did not damage Hongmang, I just repaired it a little, good luck.”

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, which was reasonable. Then, they became excited. Each of them looked like they had been reborn. They looked at Lu Yin with eyes filled with gratitude and reverence.

“We can use the red light to find the ever-victorious army,” Mr. Guo said with emotion.

The Ever Victorious Army is the only force of mankind in the New World. They know that it is just a group of cultivators. In the legend of Tree Starry Sky, there is a city for mankind in the New World, which represents the hope of mankind. The name of the city is – New City, and the army stationed in the New City is called the Ever-Victorious Army. In fact, anyone who knows the Ever-Victorious Army will only call them – the Forgotten Army. They are the Forgotten Army.

No one wants to be trapped in the New World and wait for death here. The remnants, like the Star Alliance, are all sent here, few of them are voluntary, and most of them have offended the Four Directions Balance.

“In which direction is the victorious army?” Brother Hong asked, looking at Mr. Guo.

“Let me think about it” Mr. Guo said.

Zhoutang raised his hand and pointed to the east, “that direction.”

“How do you know?” Che Zhan was surprised.

Zhou Tang raised his eyes and said, “If I don’t die in the Star Alliance, I will get there one day.”

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed, “Where will the remaining members of the Lu family be sent?”.

Zhoutang and Lu Yin looked at each other, “Part of it”.

Uncontrollable anger surged in Lu Yin’s heart. The Lu family was exiled, and the remaining members of the Lu family were either in the Star Alliance or the remaining army, and some might be directly executed. The Four Directions Balance’s methods were too ruthless. How can he not take revenge?

However, no one could see this mood. Lu Yin looked calm and said, “Let’s go, let’s go find the Ever Victorious Army, Hong Mang, I can use it.”

Everyone was excited, it was better to fight to the death than wait to die.

In the distance, Qingzhuhou was silent. Lu Yin and his group walked out of the underground and headed towards Hongmang. Knowing what was about to happen, he immediately ordered, “Destroy those people.”

After the words fell, the endless corpse kings rushed towards Lu Yin and others.

Lu Yin looked solemn and said, “Let’s go into the red light.”


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