Star Odyssey Chapter 1498: Track

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Lu Yin narrowed his eyes and looked around. The Anzi destroyed this group of people and must have taken away some of the Terror Ants. This Anzi was a hidden danger. Moreover, his field slowly spread and he felt the void. This kind of shuddering aura can suppress the star energy. This is the star messenger.

This Anzi turned out to be the Star Envoy.

This is no longer An Zi, it may even be Red Back.

Chen Hai shrank his hand, bloodshot eyes appeared on his fingertips, and said quickly, “No one should touch the wounds of the corpse. The power left behind is very strong.”

He stood up, with a solemn expression on his face, and looked at Lu Yin, “It is a power at the level of a star envoy.”

Lu Yin nodded and stared diagonally upward to the right, “Go in that direction, chase.”

Chen Hai frowned, “Chasing? Brother Qi, that’s the Star Envoy.”

Lu Yin said, “I know that as long as we find his traces and confirm his identity, we will report it to the General Headquarters immediately. We don’t need to arrest him.”

Chen Hai shook his head, “How could the Star Envoy be easily identified by you? Before you confirmed his identity, he had already noticed you and couldn’t chase you. The situation here needs to be reported, but the other party is the Star Envoy and has exceeded us. The range can be fought, and our task is only to clean up the ants.”

Lu Yin thought for a moment and said, “That’s right. Then you guys keep walking and I’ll go find him.”

Chen Hai’s expression changed, and everyone around him looked ugly, “Ah Qi, the General Command appointed me as the captain, and you are not allowed to leave without permission.”

Seeing the miserable situation of the people around them, how could Shen Hai and others let Lu Yin leave?

“Yes, Brother Ah Qi, we also want to capture Anzi, but our task is to clean up the Anzi. Catching Anzi is Hanmen’s task and has nothing to do with us. Maybe someone from Hanmen has already gone after them.” Someone said.

Everyone else agreed, no one wanted Lu Yin to leave.

Lu Yin said firmly, “I must go.”

Chen Hai clenched his fist and said, “Ah Qi, I am the captain appointed by the General Headquarters. If you dare to leave without authorization, I will report to the General Headquarters.”

Lu Yin’s face darkened and he stared at Chen Hai.

Chen Hai and Lu Yin looked at each other, softened their tone, and advised, “People should see clearly the bottom line of their abilities. You are only in the Enlightenment state, and the other party is a Star Messenger. No one will blame you if you don’t chase them. Go It’s more likely to be a waste of time, so why bother, the higher ups have already planned to deal with these hidden enemies, it has nothing to do with us, we just need to clean up the ants, and we can go back in a year at most.”

“Yeah, don’t go.”


Lu Yin said calmly, “How do you know that I am not part of the superiors’ plan to deal with Anzi?”.

Chen Hai’s expression changed, “What did you say?”.

Lu Yin looked around and said, “I’m leaving, everyone, take care.”

“Wait a minute” Chen Hai hurriedly stopped Lu Yin, and then said to the people around him, “I decided to chase him, what about you?”.

The people around looked at each other, hesitantly.

Lu Yin was surprised, “Why did you change your mind?”.

Chen Hai was helpless, “I have been practicing all my life and know that increasing strength is more important than being with the right person. I may have a way to survive by following you. Without you, maybe we would have all died when we encountered the Corpse King last time. In this case, we can only I can follow you all the way until dark.”

People around me also thought it made sense.

Half an hour later, Lu Yin and his group walked diagonally upward to the right following the sense of oppression they felt from the star energy, and encountered a group of people being surrounded by ants.

They are here to clean up the ants, but it is not unusual to be surrounded and devoured by ants.

Chen Hai led a group of people to take action, and it took him more than half an hour to deal with the ants.

The leader of that team was named Cheng Ji. He was a strong man with a cultivation level similar to that of Chen Hai. His weapon was a strange-shaped cicada-wing knife. Before Lu Yin and others arrived, that team had already lost nearly Half of it was eaten by the ants, not even the bones were left, and the rest were still immersed in fear and numbness.

“Thank you Captain Shen for your help,” Cheng Ji said gratefully.

Chen Hai said, “That’s right. How long has Captain Cheng been trapped here?” As he spoke, his eyes fell on the Cicada Wing Knife, and he found that it did not match the wounds of the group of people who died before.

Cheng Ji sighed, “For two hours, if Captain Shen hadn’t arrived, we would have been doomed.”

Lu Yin glanced at Cheng Ji and his party. It wasn’t them. They just happened to be in the way of pursuing Anzi. Did the Anzi deliberately bypass them? They were really cautious, fearing that someone would follow them, so they deliberately found a group of people to block them in the middle. Perhaps the Ant Terror was also attracted by the hidden man, just to delay their time, even if no one was following them.

This is Anzi, who acts cunningly and secretly. There is a reason why humans have been unable to eliminate Hongbei and Anzi for so many years. They are too shrewd and cautious.

Cheng Ji and others fought against the Ant Terror, which disrupted the sense of oppression of star energy left in the void, making Lu Yin unable to continue tracking and had to give up.

Shen Haisong said in a relaxed tone, if he could, he certainly wouldn’t want to chase a star envoy, and he would have to thank Cheng Ji and the others. Thinking about this, his eyes became more and more friendly when he saw Cheng Ji.

Cheng Ji lost nearly half of his team and had no choice but to join Shen Hai’s team. Shen Hai did not refuse and the team grew.

Lu Yin was unwilling to give in and suggested to continue walking in the previous direction, but Shen Hai did not refuse.

Cheng Ji glanced at Lu Yin in surprise, and was keenly aware that the people in this group seemed to respect this person.

Continuing to walk in that direction, two days later, they encountered another group of people surrounded by fear ants. Shen Hai and others took action immediately.

Lu Yin also took action. Before joining Cheng Ji’s team, he had told everyone not to expose his strength. At this moment, he deliberately hid his clumsiness, and Chen Hai was still the strongest.

Not long after, the team was rescued. The captain had died, and there were only less than five members left. Everyone felt happy about surviving the disaster.

One day later, a group of people discovered that another team was surrounded by ants.

This is not right. They are cleaning up the antphobes, not escaping. It is normal for one or two teams to be unlucky enough to encounter large-scale antphobes and be surrounded and devoured. However, three teams were surrounded in a row. Something is definitely wrong.

“We were chased from below. There are too many ants below. If there are less than a thousand people, we can’t fight head-on.” The captain of the third team said. He was also an old man, but a cultivator. Age cannot be judged by appearance. Although Cheng Ji looks middle-aged, he is not much younger than Shen Hai and is the same generation as Chen Hai.

Some people even deliberately become mature in appearance so as not to be looked down upon by others.

“Are there a lot of ants down there?” Shen Hai had a bad feeling.

Someone in the second team said, “We encountered the ants from directly above and then chased them all the way down.”

Lu Yin thought of the dead people he met at the beginning, and the direction of the Dread Ant’s movement seemed to be upwards. He looked at Shen Hai, and Shen Hai’s heart sank, “Go, diagonally to the left and up.”

Cheng Ji also thought of something and agreed with the captain of the third team, a group of more than 30 people

Go diagonally upward to the left.

Three days later, countless Terror Ants appeared densely ahead.

Seeing this scene, Shen Hai said with a bitter tone, “You guessed it right, we are surrounded by ants. They have built a huge surrounding network, and all of us are inside.”

Cheng Ji gritted his teeth, “There must be a queen ant, otherwise the ants would not be able to surround us consciously.”

“It would be great if we could find the queen ant. Without the queen ant, the fear ants will disperse. But in this situation, who can find the queen ant?” Shen Hai said in a deep voice. As he spoke, he subconsciously looked at Lu hidden.

Lu Yin stared ahead, “Retreat first to avoid contact with the ants, ask for help from the General Headquarters, and discuss a solution at the same time. Maybe there are still people who can join us. If there are more people, we can rush out.”

Chen Hai had no choice but to do this. Thinking of this, everyone backed away with pale faces.

They know that even this will not be safe for long, and the encirclement of antphobes will only get smaller and smaller. When the time comes, they will not encounter antphobes in one direction, but endless antphobes. The only scope they can withdraw from is the antphobia. The limit distance for ants to converge, and the earlier they break out, the fewer number of ants they will encounter.

Looking at the black line approaching in the distance, everyone will despair.

This is not something you can rush through with speed. If the Terror Ant is so easy to deal with, it is impossible to destroy the mother tree.

In the field, Lu Yin noticed someone. He turned around and saw a panic-stricken man about his age running towards him quickly.

In this back battlefield, Lu Yin rarely met his peers. Generally, those who could come here were either out of necessity or for training.

Others also saw the man and were not surprised. Perhaps he was a survivor from other teams.

Chen Hai stared at the man closely and found that he was not a star envoy, not even an enlightenment state. He breathed a sigh of relief. He was still worried about the star envoy Anzi.

“What a pity, I finally met a living person. It’s great. I’m saved.” The man was ecstatic, his face was excited, and his eyes were red.

One person in the team said unhappily, “We are all going to die, you are so excited.”

The man ran over and blinked when he heard this, “No way, how can so many people still die?”.

Cheng Ji was impatient, “Stop talking nonsense, are you alone?”.

The man nodded and lamented, “Everyone in the team is dead. There are too many Terror Ants. If I hadn’t had some ability, I wouldn’t have survived.”

Soon after, everyone retreated some distance, and some people didn’t want to retreat.

“Continue to retreat, maybe more people can join up,” Shen Hai said.

Cheng Ji frowned, “We can’t retreat. The further we push back, the smaller the encirclement will be, and the greater the number of ants that will gather.”

“It’s a pity that the queen ant can’t be found, otherwise it would be better to fight to the death than wait for death” someone said angrily.

The more desperate they are, the more restless some people will be. The calmest among them all is Lu Yin. Even if he is thrown into a pile of ants, the ants cannot hurt him.

“Well, are you looking for the queen ant? I know where it is.” The man who joined last was hiding in the crowd at the moment, raising his hands and saying carefully.

The people around looked at him in surprise.

Lu Yin looked at the man, his eyes flickering.

Cheng Ji dragged the man out and said, “Do you know where the ant queen is?”.

The man nodded and was grabbed by Cheng Ji, who strangled his neck in pain. “Let go, let go, I’m about to be strangled to death by you.” Cheng Ji quickly let go of his hand, and the man gasped for breath.

Everyone looked at him.


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