Star Odyssey Chapter 1495: White frame

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“Meet the Commander-in-Chief” When she saw Xia Yan arriving, the old woman hurriedly saluted.

Xia Yan said, “Exchange Yunlu Yi for him.”

The old woman did not hesitate, “Yes, Commander-in-Chief.”

Lu Yin breathed a sigh of relief. He was also the commander-in-chief. As long as it did not violate the principles, Bai Chi and Xia Yan were at the same level. These people could be ordered by Bai Chi to keep Yunlu Yi, and naturally they could be ordered by Xia Yan to take away Yunluyi. Lu Yi, as long as there is meritorious service.

As the old woman redeemed it successfully, she said respectfully, “Go back to the commander-in-chief. Yunlu Yi has been successfully redeemed. It will be delivered to you in a day at most.”

Xia Yan said favorably and looked at Lu Yin, “Just wait for one day, and I will ask Liu Jing to delay his detachment for one day.”

“Thank you, Commander” Lu Yin was grateful.

Xia Yan smiled and said, “I am very grateful to you. Without you, those people like Master Zan have higher eyesight. I really think that without them there would be no capable people.”

It was related to the conflict between the Interpreter and the General Headquarters, and it was not convenient for Lu Yin to speak.

“Master Deng Guo is a master of the original formation. Even if you look at the headquarters of the Interpreter, he is a very powerful master of the original formation, second only to the heavenly master of the original formation. If you can become his disciple, you will be the best in your family. You can also have a good say. After all, powerful interpreters are very scarce, especially the White Dragon Clan, and this starry sky also lacks interpreters.” Xia Yan said seemingly casually on the way to take Lu Yin away from the old woman. He said something and then left.

Lu Yin looked at Xia Yan’s leaving figure and was truly grateful. The commander-in-chief did not treat him differently because he was from the White Dragon tribe. Sifang Tianping was not that friendly. Lu Yin could feel that Xia Yan cared more. Second formation base.

There is never a shortage of people who are firm in racial justice on the battlefield, and most of these people will only appear on the battlefield. No matter how arrogant or even unscrupulous the commentators of Master Zan are, after all, they stick to the Lu Yin respects the battlefield behind him, so he doesn’t have much ill feelings toward Master Zan.

Now just wait for Yun Luyi to arrive. Lu Yin raised his head and looked outside with some expectation.

Each formation base is a vertical triangle with huge slopes. If the endless corpse kings want to attack the starry sky of the tree, they must either directly tear the void and attack the headquarters, or they must climb up these slopes. The **** is equivalent to a piece of land that hangs upside down, and the inside of this land is the center of the formation base, which can release endless blows and kill the corpse king.

It is precisely because of the existence of the formation base and this peculiar geographical feature that those monsters have been unable to attack the Starry Sky of Trees for so many years.

Under the distant sloping land of the First Formation, several corpse kings climbed up, and above their heads was the endless and distant sloping land.

Suddenly, a giant gear descended from the inclined land and tore a corpse king into pieces. This corpse king had hunting-level combat power, and the other corpse kings were similarly torn apart by the gears that followed. This scene is all too common here.

The formation base can release countless gears, some are large and some are small. The small ones can tear apart these corpse kings in the cruising realm and the hunting realm, while the large ones can even tear apart the zombie kings in the enlightenment realm and even the star envoys.

After tearing apart several corpse queens, not far away, under the hanging cliff, a pair of eyes opened with calm eyes. If you look carefully, you will find that there is a trace of cruelty and excitement, “It’s almost done. As long as you kill another Star Envoy-level Corpse King, it will be enough to exchange for Yunlu Yi. As long as you get it

Yun Luyi, my chance of surviving on this battlefield will be increased by more than ten times. If I am lucky, I will definitely be able to complete his test, truly inherit the combat skills of that clan, and get rid of my past identity. , since the rise of Hanxian Sect, it will become famous in the starry sky, soon, soon.”

A few hours passed quickly, and from time to time, people passed by, and the Corpse King appeared from time to time. They were quickly smashed into pieces by the gears, leaving no room for White Frame to take action.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes. In the distance, a pair of scarlet vertical eyes opened at the same time. They approached at a very fast speed, and the gear appeared and slammed into it. However, the corpse king who was approaching at a very fast speed raised his hand and smashed it into pieces.

Bai Jian’s eyes lit up. He was a master of the Star Envoy level. He jumped out and raised his hand with a palm. It was Xian Fanyao of the Hanxian Sect.

However, unlike the Xian Fanyao used by the Hanxian Sect, his palm contained an inexplicable meaning, causing the surrounding void to wither. Following the palm print, a crack in the void appeared, and then suddenly expanded.

The Corpse King roared, waved his hand, and lowered his claws. The nails were pitch black, and they looked very poisonous.

With a bang, the void tore apart, and Bai Frame and the Corpse King retreated at the same time. The Corpse King’s arm was broken and twisted unnaturally, while black spots appeared on Bai Frame’s palm, indicating that he was poisoned.

He snorted coldly, stretched out one hand, palm facing down, above his head, a vortex appeared on the sloping land, and then expanded. In front, the Corpse King rushed out again, and the twisted arm had actually recovered, while the center of the vortex on the sloping land slowly It gathered into a gray needle-like object, and then shot out, piercing Bai Jian’s palm. The moment it was pierced from the palm, the poison spread on Bai Jian’s palm was actually drawn out and shot into the void.

Bai Jian waved his hand, and another needle appeared and shot towards the Corpse King.

The pupils of the Corpse King changed, and he swung his hands in an attempt to suppress the needle, but it was in vain. The needle pierced his forehead. At this time, a huge gear appeared above his head, crushing directly towards the Corpse King, and directly smashed half of the Corpse King’s body. , Bai Jian took action at the same time, and struck out with one palm, smashing the corpse king’s head into pieces.

He raised his head and panted heavily. He succeeded. The merit points accumulated by killing this corpse king were enough for him to exchange for Yunlu Yi.

Looking up at the land vortex, he was thankful countless times that he had tried his best to learn this combat skill. If it weren’t for this combat skill, he would never be alive now.

It was time to go back. Looking back, he saw a group of corpse kings climbing up. He had no interest in taking action. All he wanted was to survive on this battlefield and pass that person’s test. As for the racial war, he didn’t care. .

Thinking about it, he moved his body closer to the sloping land, and then slowly blended into it. There was a teleportation device inside that could lead directly to the General Headquarters. Only humans could enter. It was like a millstone to the Corpse King.

In the first formation headquarters, Bai Jian was extremely angry, “What did you say? Yun Lu’s clothes are gone? Where are they?”.

In front of him was a young-looking woman, who was a little scared and said, “Being, being exchanged.”

“Who? The commander-in-chief said it was for me, who can redeem it?” Bai Jian roared.

The woman replied, “Yes, it was Mr. Xia Yan, the commander-in-chief of the Second Formation, who spoke and exchanged his merit points for Yunlu Yi.”

Bai Jian gritted his teeth, and the veins on his forehead popped out. He had fought for Yunlu Yi on the sloping land for so long, and gave Bai Chi a promise, but in the end he didn’t get it.

“Just yesterday” the woman muttered in a low voice. This sentence completely ignited Bai Jian’s anger, and he went directly to Commander Bai Chi.

Bai Chi comes from the Hanxian Sect and is the commander-in-chief of the first formation. Compared with Xia Yan, he is a little more agile, but also a little more gloomy, “Yunlu Yi was exchanged by Xia Yan? Impossible, he doesn’t have that many merit points, so those interpreters have exhausted him, don’t worry, I’ll check.”

On the opposite side, Bai Zhan stood respectfully and waited.

After a while, Bai Chi put down the Yuntong Stone and fell into deep thought.

Bai Jian couldn’t help but said, “Sir.”

Bai Chi looked at him and said, “Yunluyi was exchanged by Long Qi and taken away.”

“Long Qi? A member of the Bailong tribe?” Bai Jian frowned.

Bai Chi said, “Not only is he a member of the White Dragon tribe, he is also the leader of the Hanmen Zhongpingjie Sect. Yesterday, he was favored by Master Dengguo, the master of the Jieyuan Formation. In the future, he will be a disciple of Master Dengguo. He helped Xia Yan repair the first The Second Formation of the Basic Treasure Formation Original Cone, Xia Yan then spoke and asked someone to exchange Yunlu Yi for him. This son has a special status. If I hadn’t asked, even the Lord wouldn’t have been able to ask anything.”

Bai Jian said solemnly, “Even if I repair the original cone, I am still the leader of a poor family, and I don’t have so much merit points to exchange for Yunlu Yi. Most of my merit points are from back then.” Bai Chi raised his hand to stop After hearing what he wanted to say, he said sternly, “What happened back then must not be mentioned again. That matter is taboo, have you forgotten it?”.

Bai Jian’s face changed slightly, “Yes, I know.”

Bai Chi said, “Long Qi’s meritorious service value comes from Qingchen, which is an overdraft meritorious service. This son’s identity is extremely special, and he is valued by the governor of the poor family.”

As the commander-in-chief Bai Chi, I can already explain this to Bai Jian very patiently.

Bai Jian was unwilling to give up and said, “Sir, you promised me that I have fought on the battlefield all these years just for this Yunlu Yi.”

Bai Chi asked seriously, “What is the biggest obstacle before you can complete that person’s test?”.

Bai Jian gritted his teeth and said, “Survive on the sloped land of this battlefield for twenty years.”

“How long?” Bai Chi asked.

Bai Jian said, “Eleven years.”

Bai Chi exclaimed, “It’s pretty good to be able to survive for nine years. Even I’m not sure that I can survive on the sloped land for nine years. There are many masters among those monsters.”

The more he said this, the more painful Bai Zhen’s heart became. There were still eleven years left, how could he get through it? For the past nine years, he has been hiding like a mouse. While hiding, he was afraid of attracting the attention of those powerful corpse kings, and at the same time, he had to accumulate merit points. He believed that no one had a harder life than him.

“Sir, can I contact Long Qi? I want to talk to him,” Bai Jian said in a deep voice.

Bai Chi shook his head, “You know the relationship between our Hanxian Sect and the White Dragon Clan. If possible, I certainly hope that Yunlu Yi will be given to you, but this Long Qi has attracted the attention of the Governor-General of the Han Clan. Now Xia Yan and Old Monster Long both Staring at him, it is impossible to get Yunlu Yi from him. He exchanged it after knowing that I had reserved Yunlu Yi, and he didn’t care about me.”

“Then me” Bai Jian was angry and didn’t know what to say for a moment.

Bai Chi’s eyes flashed, “Well, I have another foreign object here. Although it’s not as good as Yunlu Yi, it’s not much different.” As he spoke, he took out a flower, a coquettish and beautiful red flower.

Seeing that flower, Bai Zhen was shocked, and his whole body trembled, as if he had seen the scene of red flowers all over the sky again. That scene was beautiful and deadly. It was in that dreamlike beauty that the one who dominated everything The family disappeared.


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