Star Odyssey Chapter 1483: Authority

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Lu Yin raised his head and looked at the top world. If the plan goes well, he will go there. The top world is where only the people with the highest power in the starry sky can live. He doesn’t know what it will be like.

After waiting for more than half an hour, the Yuntong Stone shook, and the image of Qingchen appeared with a serious expression, “I will take you to the Red Garden and look for the hidden object based on your judgment. I will accompany you throughout the search and search together.”

Lu Yin nodded, “Okay.”

“I’ll be there soon and take you to the top world.” After saying that, the image disappeared.

Lu Yin said calmly, “Supervisor Qingchen is here, are you sure he won’t find you?”.

The old man walked out, “Of course not, he is no better than me. As long as he stays here safely, he won’t be found.”

Lu Yin walked out.

“Little guy, look carefully at everyone in the red garden, don’t let anyone go,” the strange old man said seriously.

Lu Yin turned around and looked at him teasingly, “Old man, your behavior now is completely different from before. Can I think that you care about this matter?”

The old man smiled strangely, “Old man, I also know that you little guy is smart. So, can you answer me, is the abandoned land fun?”.

Lu Yin’s face changed slightly. The old guy really knew that they came from the abandoned land.

“This is a deal, you and I know it well. As long as you help me complete it seriously, I will never mention your business,” the old man said seriously.

Lu Yin frowned, “The person you are looking for may not be in the Red Garden. Don’t blame me if you can’t find it.”

“How many people are there in Red Garden and what are the characteristics of some of them? Old man, I know very well. You must answer a few questions for me when you come back. If you answer them correctly, it proves that you are serious about helping me, old man. If you don’t answer correctly, that guy Qingchen will be disappointed. Who would have thought that the most brilliant genius of the Han Clan and the acting sect leader would actually be a stowaway from the Abandoned Land? I remember correctly, you went to the Dominion Realm with the Fourth Young Ancestor, and a group of people were missing. Do you think Sifang Balance will Do you believe that the missing people have nothing to do with you? Do you believe that the Fourth Young Master has nothing to do with you?” The old man smiled strangely.

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes. The old guy really dared to guess that the missing people were all in his Ningkong Ring. “Don’t worry, senior, I will complete this matter seriously.”

“Don’t worry, little guy, I promised you that Red Back will give it to you, and you will become one of the most important people in this starry sky,” the old man also said.

Lu Yin didn’t believe what he said, but now he had to do what he said. At least so far, he had found no reason for this old guy to harm him, and he also wanted to know the identity of the old man from Tuofu Xing.

Although most people in Fang Xingkong are certainly hostile to stowaways, there are some who don’t care, such as Wu Taibai. The old guy in front of him acts in a secretive manner. He is obviously not on the same side as the mainstream forces in Fang Xingkong. Lu Yin would rather believe him. He doesn’t care about his status as a stowaway.

The worst thing about it is the Master Summoning Technique. He is quite looking forward to what kind of strength Mr. Mu is.

As soon as he said goodbye to Luoshen and walked out of the Huaiyuan Hanmen headquarters, Qingchen had already arrived. He rushed over as quickly as possible, and then took Lu Yin to Yunti.

Lu Yin has not been to Yunti since Yun Mubai was arrested. This appearance immediately attracted the attention of the Yanyun Sect. The people of the Yanyun Sect looked at him with quite complicated eyes. They didn’t know whether they were filled with hatred or gratitude.

The Land of Clouds lifted off towards the top world. Looking at the increasingly smaller ground, Lu Yin raised his head and looked towards the top world.

Let’s go to the top realm for the first time,” Qingchen said.

Lu Yin said with grace, “Yes, as a member of the White Dragon tribe, it is your first time to go to the top world. Isn’t it a bit embarrassing?”.

Qingchen laughed, “How humble I used to be, but once I have the opportunity, I will become extremely arrogant. Sifang Tianping is the most typical example. They once belonged to the Zhongping world.”

Lu Yin said, “I heard that the Four Balances teamed up to exile the Lu family and replaced the Lu family as the ruler of this starry sky.”

Qingchen said, “Don’t think about the Lu family, otherwise, the restriction in your mind will be activated. This is the original treasure formation arranged by the four ancestors of Sifang Tianping for the entire tree starry sky. It cannot be recalled under the star envoy. Even if you reach the level of a star envoy, you can’t mention too much about the Lu family.”

“I know,” Lu Yin replied. He finally understood why the head of the person he merged with exploded. It turned out to be the original treasure formation jointly arranged by the four ancestors of Sifang Tianping, just to put an end to everything in the Lu family. Take over this starry sky.

“You don’t care about Sifang Tianping, is it because of your origin?” Qingchen asked.

Lu Yin said, “Maybe, they are aloof, but to them, I am no different from an ordinary person.”

Qingchen sighed, “As the head of the White Dragon Clan, Long Ke’s attitude is normal, but you are a branch and the son-in-law of the main line. This is an unchangeable fact. Don’t get angry with him. Wait for the Red Garden.” Anzi has been found, and I will personally accompany you to Longshan to apologize to him. After all, your roots are in the White Dragon Clan, and you will also need the support of the White Dragon Clan in the future.”

Lu Yin understood. No wonder Qingchen told him this. Long Ke must have been unable to contact him and contacted Qingchen.

“Thank you Lord Governor, I just want to stay in the humble family. Once I go to Longshan, it may be difficult to come out,” Lu Yin said.

Qingchen smiled lightly, “You underestimate my humble family too much. As the acting sect leader of Huaiyuan, I have made many achievements and have entered the eyes of the Governor-General. Although the White Dragon Clan is the balance of the four directions, it is the master to others. However, the real master of this starry sky is always the strong one in the ancestral realm, and the governor-general is the strong one in the ancestral realm. He said, even the ancestor of the White Dragon tribe will not deny his face. For a mere son-in-law like you, it is not worth two. An ancestor releases his qi.”

“To the White Dragon Clan, you are just a son-in-law, but to my humble family, you are a person of great merit. For your sake, the Governor-General will come forward. The White Dragon Clan also knows the stakes and will not embarrass you.”

Lu Yin was helpless. He really didn’t want to go to Longshan because he was afraid that it would be troublesome if he had to verify his bloodline again, but seeing Qingchen’s appearance, he would definitely take him there.

Qingchen is doing it for his own good. He understands that even if he stays in a poor family in the future, he cannot openly be an enemy of his family. Qingchen is helping him resolve the gap with the main lineage of the White Dragon clan, but Lu Yin is sure, and Long Ke is sure He didn’t tell Qingchen about wrongly accusing Elder Longquan.

Just thinking about it, shadows shrouded the sky above, and the top boundary was getting closer and closer.

The closer to the top boundary, the greater the suffocating pressure. This is the pressure from the entire top boundary.

It seems to be telling him that the difficulty of the ants’ climb seems to represent some kind of authority, suppression, and supremacy.

Lu Yin raised his head and looked at the endless and far-reaching underground of the upper realm. He suddenly had a strange idea. What would it be like to break this continent into pieces?

With a roar, a strong wind passed by. It was so powerful that even those in the hunting realm might not be able to stand firm, but it had no effect on Lu Yin and Qingchen.

Their eyes became dark

In the dark, all he could see were the underground rock formations of the upper land. Soon, beyond the rock formations, a ray of light entered his eyes.

Lu Yin finally reached the top realm.

Unexpectedly, the upper world is not bright, but dim. There is no sun, and the light shining on the earth comes from endless distance.

“There is no light source in the top world, and the top of the head is blocked by the branches of the **** world. There are no stars between the top world and the branches. The four-square balance does not allow stars to cover the top of the head. The only thing they can accept is the **** world. , so this distant light comes from the Sifang Balance. In the entire upper realm, only the Sifang Balance can have light, and other places are not allowed to have light,” Qingchen introduced.

Lu Yin is funny, this is taking his authority to the extreme.

The land of clouds stopped, and Qingchen brought Lu Yin to the land of the upper realm. In the distance, star sources swept across, and immediately receded after feeling the breath of Qingchen.

Because he was from a poor family and followed Qingchen, Lu Yin was not inspected for the Ningkong Ring. Otherwise, anyone entering the upper realm would be inspected for the Ningkong Ring and would not be allowed to carry weapons.

Putting a hand on Lu Yin’s shoulder, Qingchen led him to tear through the void and head towards the Red Garden.

While traveling through the void, Lu Yin could not even ask.

The top boundary is very large, a considerable part of it is occupied by Sifang Balance, and there are not many public areas.

As Qingchen Belt Lu Yin shuttled through the void, no fewer than five star source fluctuations swept across, one of which even forced Qingchen to stop and say something to someone.

“You can actually withstand the oppression of the Star Source Universe, which is beyond my expectation,” Qingchen suddenly said.

Lu Yin’s heart skipped a beat and he forgot that Qingchen took him through the void in the Star Source Universe. As a person in the enlightenment realm, it is generally impossible to touch the Star Source Universe. Even the Fourth Young Ancestor only had a brief contact with it. , he actually didn’t respond for such a long time.

“The physical fitness of the White Dragon people is really good,” Qingchen said with emotion and didn’t ask any more questions.

One day later, the two stopped. “Qingchen, the governor of the nine sects in Zhongpingjie of Hanmen, brought Long Qi, the master of Hanmen sect in Huaiyuan, to apply to enter the Red Garden.” Qingchen opened his mouth and said to the blank space in front of him.

Lu Yin looked ahead, seeing a blank space with nothing. Is this the Red Garden? In other words, there is a hidden world here, just like the three thousand worlds on Mount Glory.

In the sky, a coquettish and beautiful flower tore through the void and appeared out of thin air.

Lu Yin looked at the bright red and beautiful flower and was surprised. It was the red flower that appeared in the last scene of the Lu family’s memory in the mind of the fused person. It was also the red flower in Bai Shaohong’s Ningkong Ring. This Is it the Red Garden?

Qingchen watched the birth of the red flower, fear flashed in his eyes, he raised his hand and touched the red flower with one finger. The two of them suddenly disappeared. In the same place, the red flower also disappeared, as if it had never existed.

Lu Yin was used to sudden changes in scenes. When he stabilized, he immediately looked around with a look of shock. This was the Red Garden.

I saw alluring flowers falling from the sky, like a rain of red flowers, endless. Just like the picture recalled in the mind of the person who merged at the beginning, the red flowers covered the sky, alluring and beautiful.

More red flowers are blooming on the earth, streams are flowing into the distance, petals are floating on the river, bamboo forest paths are secluded and quiet, the mountains in the distance are all red, the whole world is red, here , is the Red Garden.

There was no one around, it was empty.


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