Star Odyssey Chapter 1482: Red Garden

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Lu Yin’s pupils changed, and he was indescribably shocked. The old man Tuofuxing was actually involved with Fang Xingkong, and it was also done by a semi-ancestor. What’s going on? How are you connected? At first, Lu Yin thought that the old man came from the new universe. After all, he originally wanted him to take the full text and numbers of Shibi to the new universe and give them to someone.

But how could it be involved with Fang Xingkong?

The old man turned around and said, “Did you remember this? This is the person.”

Lu Yin lowered his head when the old man turned around and said, “Remember.”

The old man frowned and said in a deep voice, “Have you read it? Look more clearly, it is very important.”

Lu Yin said, “Remember”. After speaking, he raised his head and returned to normal, “Who is this person?”.

The old man said nonchalantly, “You don’t need to know. If you see this person in the Red Garden, don’t say anything, don’t ask anything, just come back and tell me.”

“Where is Anzi?” Lu Yin asked.

The old man rolled his eyes, “How is it possible that I can successfully find the hidden child every time I take action? Qingchen also understands.”

Lu Yin nodded, the void image gradually dissipated, and the old man confirmed again, “Do you remember it clearly?”

Lu Yin said, “It’s clear”

“Show me the picture,” the old man said seriously.

Lu Yin had a feeling that the reason why this old guy asked him to make meritorious deeds was to do what he wanted to do now. If the person he drew was someone else, Lu Yin might not do what he said, but What he drew was the old man Tuofuxing, which was different. Even Lu Yin himself wanted to uncover these layers of secrets and wanted to know the identity of the old man Tuofuxing.

He has been able to practice to this day, or in other words, live to this day, all thanks to the old man Tuo Fuxing. Without the life and death mystical skills he taught him, and the full text of Shibi that he asked him to recite, he would have died long ago.

The old man obviously didn’t trust Lu Yin, but he didn’t say anything more because he was worried that Lu Yin would be suspicious.

“When will we contact Lord Qingchen?” Lu Yin asked.

The old man said, “Let’s wait until you stay with that girl for a few days before we talk.”

The next day, Luo Shen felt better. There was no shortage of medicine in the poor family, and there was no shortage of some food to replenish energy and health. Lu Yin prepared a lot for Luo Shen, and she only took a few bites.

Seeing Luo Shen lower his head and eat with a smile, looking very happy, Lu Yin felt guilty.

To be honest, Luo Shen is very beautiful. After all, she is the most popular star in the outer universe and is qualified to become the external brand of the Dongjiang Alliance. However, the most indispensable thing in the universe is beauties. It is impossible for Lu Yin to see a beauty. Just like one.

He can’t have much feelings for Luo Shen, but it’s hard to let go. This woman has sacrificed a lot for him, even sacrificing her life for him.

“Palace”, Luo Shen was about to shout out, then he remembered something, “Brother Long, can you stop looking at me?”.

Lu Yin was startled and said, “I’m sorry.” He was just thinking about something, so he kept staring at Luo Shen without even realizing it. A girl would always feel embarrassed if someone stared at her while eating.

Luo Shen smiled slightly and said, “Thank you.”

Lu Yin turned around and looked outside.

Not long after, Luo Shen said, “I’ve finished eating.”

Lu Yin looked around and saw that there were still a lot of delicacies on the table, and said, “Eat more, your body needs to replenish it.”

Luo Shen said graciously, “Okay”, and after saying that, he continued to sit down.

Half a day has passed since Luo Shen finished eating a table of delicious food. She ate slowly and gracefully.

“I’ll take you for a walk,” Lu Yin said.

Luo Shen nodded, seemingly not resisting any of Lu Yin’s requests.

Take her with you, just like a little tail, without any resistance, she will follow Lu Yin wherever he goes.

“How long have you been on Jupiter?” Lu Yin asked.

Luoshen thought for a while and said, “I went there after you disappeared.”

Lu Yin sighed secretly, “When did you come to this starry sky?”.

“A few days ago, I was arrested as soon as I arrived.” Luo Shen was still a little scared.

“Are you not hurt?” Lu Yin asked.

Luo Shen shook his head, “It’s just that he is weak and didn’t suffer much damage.”

The atmosphere was a bit silent. Lu Yin was not used to walking with a woman like this. If it was Ming Yan, he would be very happy. After all, they are lovers. Even if it was Nalan Fairy, he would be comfortable and feel different. But Luo Shen, with the The emotions that came were too heavy.

“Brother Long, I really don’t have any requirements, I just want to see you live well” Luo Shen whispered, his voice was small but firm.

“Thank you” Lu Yin was silent for a moment and just said.

At this time, in the distance, a group of people came, led by Fatty Bai, who was like a tyrant in Huaiyuan’s humble family.

When Fatty Bai saw Lu Yin and Luo Shen, he trotted over in a hurry, “Brother, I caught a hidden man.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “Anzi? Where?”.

Fat Bai pointed at the team in the distance. In the middle of the team, a man was dejected and was being grabbed.

“That kid was trying to sneak into the headquarters, but I saw through it at a glance,” Fatty Bai said.

The man wailed, “I’m wronged. I just wanted to take a shortcut to join a poor family, not an undercover child.”

“Shut up, why don’t you take the exam if you want to join a poor family? You are sneaky, and you are not a good person at first glance.” Fatty Bai shouted, then looked at Luo Shen, licking his face and smiling, “Who is this? My younger brother and sister?”.

Luo Shen’s face suddenly turned red.

Lu Yin gritted his teeth, the atmosphere was awkward, and this **** still did this, “Do your thing, don’t make trouble.”

“I understand, I understand, haha” Fatty Bai laughed, and then left with a group of people majestically.

After a while, Blind Chen found Lu Yin and reported to Lu Yin the lack of resources at the headquarters. Lu Yin remembered that the resources of the poor families in Huaiyuan had always been higher than those of other poor families before, all because of Yun Mubai’s contribution, and now Yun Mubai was arrested. Resource treatment has plummeted.

Feeling very frustrated, Lu Yin gave Blind Chen 20 million cubic star energy crystal marrow, and Blind Chen left with satisfaction.

Lu Yin’s heart is bleeding, but it doesn’t matter. If you want to be a good leader of the sect, you can’t do it without giving.

Then, the two of them met Liu Tianmu practicing his sword. Liu Tianmu also saw Lu Yin and Luo Shen, his eyes fixed on Luo Shen, and then continued practicing his sword.

Luo Shen looked at Liu Tianmu with envy, “This sister is so awesome.”

“You must have heard her name, Liu Tianmu,” Lu Yin said.

Luo Shen was confused at first, and then suddenly remembered, her face turned pale, “Ten Jue Liu Tianmu?”

Lu Yin nodded.

Luo Shen was surprised, “Why is she here too?”.

Lu Yin said, “I will tell you this later. Apart from me, the only person you can trust here is that she also has a man named Shangqing. I will take you to see Shangqing.”

No need to look for it, Shangqing found it on its own initiative.

“He is Shangqing. You should have seen it, the Supreme Competition,” Lu Yin said.

Luo Shen looked at Shangqing and said, “I seem to remember.”

Shangqing didn’t care what the two said, but asked, “Is there any way to contact that Bai Xue?”.

Lu Yin was surprised, Bai Xue?

Luo Shen exclaimed, “Snow?”.

Shangqing looked at Luo Shen in confusion, “Do you know him?”

Luo Shen was startled, glanced at Lu Yin, and shook his head hastily.

Shangqing’s eyes flashed and he looked at Lu Yin, “It seems that I feel right. You know that Bai Xue.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “Why do you want to contact Bai Xue?”.

Shangqing was very honest, “I seem to like her, let’s take her back.”

Lu Yin found that things surprised him one after another in the past few days, so much so that he no longer felt anything when Shangqing said such words.

“Why are Sister Bai Xue here?” Luo Shen asked in surprise, and she was a little happy. After all, she had a good relationship with Bai Xue.

Lu Yin said, “Just like you, I was sucked in.”

“No wonder I haven’t been able to contact Sister Bai Xue.” As she said this, she looked at Shang Qing, “Do you like Sister Bai Xue?” Luo Shen asked, with a very novel look. Girls are always interested in this kind of thing.

Shangqing looked at Luo Shen, “Are you familiar with Bai Xue?”

Luo Shen pursed his lips and smiled, “Very familiar.”

Shangqing said seriously, “Introduce it to me.”

Lu Yin was speechless, “Let’s find a chance. We are all in danger now. Whether we can go back alive or not is one thing.”

Shangqing frowned, “I have met many women, and I have also experienced the test set up by the Hall of Glory. No woman has the feeling that Bai Xue gave me, pure and natural.”

“That’s your illusion,” Lu Yin said angrily.

Shangqing was very serious and serious, “I’m not kidding, and of course I don’t mean to force it. If possible, remember this, I hope to take Bai Xue back to the Fifth Continent.” After saying that, he turned and left. .

Lu Yin has a headache, everyone has such a personality.

“Brother Long, this guy looks good and reliable. Sister Bai Xue should like him,” Luo Shen said with a low laugh.

Lu Yin rolled his eyes, “I don’t have the time to help them match up. I will take him away if I can, but it is unlikely that he will take Bai Xue away.”

Luo Shen said sadly, “Brother Yilong, can’t you do anything with your abilities?”.

“What do you think of me?” Lu Yin said. With Shangqing’s involvement, the atmosphere of silence between him and Luo Shen was broken. The conversation gradually became more casual, which made Lu Yin feel relieved.

After spending two days with Luo Shen, he took her around and saw Luo Shen’s happy smile, which relieved his guilt. On the third day, Lu Yin took the initiative to contact Qingchen, “There is something hidden in the red garden.”

Qingchen was originally in a good mood, occasionally drinking tea leisurely, but when he heard these words, his face changed drastically, and he almost spit out the tea in his mouth, “What did you say? Say it again?”.

Lu Yin’s eyes widened. The Red Garden was indeed very important. Qingchen was not so nervous when he first heard that Yun Mubai was Anzi. Obviously, the importance there was no less important than the ladder.

“There is something hidden in the Red Garden,” Lu Yin said again solemnly.

Qingchen’s face was solemn, “Unbounded intelligence?”.

Lu Yin neither admitted nor denied it.

Qingchen frowned, “name”.

Lu Yin said, “There is no name. The intelligence only knows that there is someone behind the scenes, but I can only find out who it is specifically.”

Qingchen was not surprised, “That’s right, even if there is no boundary, it is impossible to understand the Red Garden. Knowing that there are hidden objects in it is already the limit.” As he said that, he looked at Lu Yin, “How do you want to check?”

Lu Yin said seriously, “I really have the ability to see people at their subtleties, but I just need auxiliary information. Now that the information is available, if there is really something hidden in Red Garden, I will definitely be able to tell it.”

Qingchen obviously didn’t believe it. As the half-ancestor, his ability to search for hidden objects was quite good, but this matter was too important. “Wait a minute,” he said, and hung up the communication.


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