Star Odyssey Chapter 1479: Big-faced tree

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“Some things don’t need to be big, just an introduction is enough. Do you know how many people are staring at my farm? Sifang Balance, no one is easy to mess with, especially the Hanxian Sect, they always want to do something to my farm. These Over the past few years, my farm has done its best to self-examine, just because I don’t want to give Hanxian Sect an excuse or give outsiders an excuse to intervene in my farm,” Nong Ya said seriously.

Lu Yin was surprised, “The situation of the farm family can’t be like this, let alone the Liu family and Yixian Academy. If the Hanxian Sect insists on doing anything to the farm family, won’t they be afraid of other families resisting? And it will also make the Bailong family, Wang family, etc. Shenwu Tian is afraid.”

Nong Ya looked at Lu Yin, a little surprised, “I thought you were focused on catching Anzi, but after what you said just now, you saw the situation in this starry sky very clearly.”

Long Qi secretly said that he said too much, “It’s just hearsay.”

“Have you ever heard of a saying? Warm water boils a frog. Hanxian Sect is boiling this starry sky with warm water. No one can escape. No matter how small an excuse is, it is an excuse. As a farmer, we try to avoid such excuses.” Nong Ya road.

Lu Yin sighed, “But this junior is in a dilemma, how to explain to the fourteenth gate?”.

Nong Ya said, “When it came to Liu Ke, the Fourteenth Sect didn’t say that you hadn’t completed it, right? The same goes for my Nong family. Of course, as compensation, you can put forward conditions.”

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed and he said, “Senior, in addition to Master Shi and Chishui, there are two hidden men in the farm family.”

Nong Ya was furious, “Are you sure?”

Lu Yin nodded and looked at Nong Ya, “Senior, this family is not easy to manage.”

Nong Yachang exhaled, “Farmers accept all races, and it is normal for some hidden elements to sneak in. We have never slackened off, but we can never eliminate them.”

Lu Yin remained silent and did not name the other two secret disciples.

Nong Ya is not stupid, “Master Longmen, cultivation is difficult. If you need any help from my family, just ask. As long as we can do it, my family will be obliged to do it.”

“Senior, it’s time to show off,” Lu Yin said politely.

Nong Ya said, “Master Longmen is one of the few outstanding elites I have ever met. Providing resources to you is equivalent to training experts for us humans. In the future, we will be more able to resist foreign enemies. If you need anything, Master Longmen, just ask. You’re welcome. “.

Lu Yin coughed and said, “In that case, this junior has said it.”

Nong Ya breathed a sigh of relief. He was not afraid of Lu Yin’s conditions, but he was afraid that this person was determined and insisted on capturing Anzi, which would be troublesome. “Just raise it.”

When Lu Yin and Nong Ya appeared in front of everyone again, Fatty Bai noticed that Nong Ya’s face was not very good, but Lu Yin was very happy.

Of course Lu Yin is happy. The four dark men brought him 600 million cubic meters of star energy crystal marrow resources. That is 600 million cubic meters, although it may not be much for a farmer, especially compared to Shao Zuxing. It’s pitiful, but that’s also from a relative perspective. Sixty million cubic star energy crystal marrow is actually a lot.

“Lie’er, you entertain Master Longmen,” Nong Ya said solemnly. Before leaving, he glanced at Lu Yin, his eyes revealing something strange.

It was rare for a poor sect leader and a member of the Sifang Tianping branch to care so much about money. He really couldn’t figure out what Lu Yin would do with so much money, and whether he could make it out of it?

Nong Lie was not so interested because of Master Shi’s incident, and he did not mention taking Lu Yin to the botanical garden for planting, but the ten thousand species was not taken back.

The next visit to the seed garden seemed much more mundane, and Lu Yin didn’t care. He had achieved his purpose here, and it could even be said that he had overfulfilled it, because after learning about the grass, he had a goal next. Try your best to find out the information about the grower of that little grass, and also find out what happened to the Lu family back then.

“Hey, Sanniang?” Fatty Bai exclaimed.

Everyone turned around and saw Nong Sanniang and a woman walking in the sky in the distance, heading in one direction.

Seeing the woman with Nong Sanniang, Lu Yin’s eyes were shocked, Bai Xue?

He never dreamed that he would meet Bai Xue in the seed garden.

When Bai Xue and Zhang Dingtian disappeared in Jupiter, he later met Zhang Dingtian at Jianbei Liu’s house. Zhang Dingtian said that Bai Xue should have gone to the Dingshang Realm, and was probably in Hanxian Sect. How could he be here? this?

Bai Xue didn’t see Lu Yin, and walked in the same direction with Nong Sanniang, and disappeared soon after.

“Brother Nong Lie, where are Sanniang and the others going?” Lu Yin asked curiously.

Nong Lie said, “Let’s go see the big-faced tree.”

“Big-faced tree?”, several people were confused.

Nonglie explained, “There is a tree that existed a long time ago in the seed garden. It has a fat face. We all call it the big-faced tree. The ancestral precepts record that every farmer’s descendants must visit the big-faced tree frequently. Face the tree, accompany it and have a chat.”

“Can we go take a look?” Lu Yin asked.

Nonglie nodded, “Okay, let’s go.”

The area where the big-faced tree is located is far away, spanning almost half of the seed garden. Half an hour later, Lu Yin and others saw the so-called big-faced tree, which really had a fat face.

There is a forest in the seed garden. There is a moist cliff bottom in the forest, which meets the water flow. The big-faced tree is at the bottom of the cliff, and Nong Sanniang and Bai Xue are also there, with their backs to everyone.

The big-faced tree is not big, just like an ordinary tree, nothing surprising.

Nonglie stopped a few kilometers away from the big-faced tree with a strange expression, “You guys go and see it. If you can’t stand it, you can leave. It’s okay.”

A few people were startled, and Fatty Bai was worried, “Why can’t you stand it? Will it hit us?”.

Nong Lie said, “Of course not, it’s just that the big-faced tree may have lived too long, and some, how should I say, nagging.”

Fatty Bai breathed a sigh of relief, “What do I mean? It’s just nagging. My brother is best at chatting with the elderly.” After speaking, he took the lead and walked away.

Lu Yin followed closely, followed by Shangqing and Liu Tianmu.

Nong Lie watched several people walking towards the big-faced tree, with a hint of expectation and gloating in his eyes.

When Lu Yin and others approached the big-faced tree, Nong Sanniang turned around with a pained expression. She was surprised when she saw Lu Yin and others, but said nothing and hurriedly walked out.

Fatty Bai said hello, “Sanniang, what are you doing?”.

Nong Sanniang’s expression was pale, as if she had been through a battle, and it was the kind of battle where she was crushed.

Seeing Nong Sanniang like this, Fatty Bai became furious. He stopped walking towards the big-faced tree and looked at Lu Yin subconsciously. His intention was very clear, let Lu Yin go first.

Lu Yin pursed his lips, came behind Fatty Bai, and said, “Go.”

“You go ahead, brother,” Fatty Bai said with a smile.

Lu Yin smiled, very kindly, and then pushed the white fat man towards the big-faced tree.

At this moment, Bai Xue seemed to be unable to bear some kind of torture. She turned to leave and almost bumped into Fatty Bai. She was as anxious to leave as Nong Sanniang, but suddenly she saw Lu Yin with a shocked expression. Zhang Dingtian, Liu Tianmu and others were shocked to see Lu Yin in this starry sky, let alone her.

However, some unknown torture made her quickly wake up from her surprise, and she followed Nong Sanniang’s footsteps and flew outward.

The white fat man was pushed directly in front of the big-faced tree. He saw two eyes, a nose, and a mouth growing on a tree. Especially, there were two cheeks, which were bulging. He looked very fat at first glance. , is this the big-faced tree?

“Hey, there’s a new guy here, hello, little guy.” The big-faced tree spoke, his mouth moving constantly, but Lu Yin and others couldn’t hear the sound, only Fatty Bai heard it.

When the big-faced tree opened its mouth to speak, Fatty White’s brain was like being hit hard by a hammer. Every word exploded in his mind. Just one sentence almost knocked Fatty White out. That’s not even counting. Face Tree continued to speak, “The little guy looks bad. Are you feeling unwell? Come on, Uncle Tree will teach you how to exercise. You.” As soon as he said this, Fatty Bai fainted and started bleeding from all his orifices.

Lu Yin was shocked, grabbed Fatty Bai and threw him out. Behind him, Shangqing and Liu Tianmu retreated as fast as possible, leaving Lu Yin alone.

The big-faced tree looked at Lu Yin with both eyes, and Lu Yin happened to look at it as well. Looking at each other, the big-faced tree smiled and said, “Here we go again.”

Lu Yin was just about to leave when he heard these three words and stopped immediately. He looked at the big-faced tree in surprise, “Do you know me?”.

The big-faced tree grinned, and he actually had teeth, although they were very yellow, and the big yellow teeth were cracked, “Don’t underestimate Uncle Tree. Although Uncle Tree lives a long time, he has a good memory. He remembers the last time you came here. It’s not like this.”

Lu Yin felt what Fatty Bai was feeling. The big-faced tree was destroying his brain when he spoke. Every word was like thunder. No wonder Fatty Bai fainted. No wonder Nong Sanniang and Bai Xue were like that. This kind of No one can bear the power.

According to his estimation, Nong Sanniang would only hear a few words at most, while Bai Xue would probably only hear one or two. The same goes for Fatty Bai, but he could bear a few more.

“Then do you remember my name?” Lu Yin asked.

The big-faced tree rolled his eyes and thought hard.

Lu Yin stared at it closely.

It raised its eyes, grinned, and said, “Call little guy.”

Lu Yin was speechless.

“Little guy, Uncle Shu still misses Uncle Shu a little bit after we said goodbye last time. You are one of the few people who can chat with Uncle Shu, and so did the girl who came with you that time. Where is that girl? We haven’t seen each other for a long time. , That’s really watery…” The big-faced tree started, and couldn’t finish talking.

Lu Yin wanted to stop him, but just listening to it made him use up all his strength, and even used the Kaiyuan Formation. However, this was not a spiritual attack at all, and the Kaiyuan Formation was useless.

“Let’s get back to business. We were talking about the Third Continent War, right? I remember talking about a little guy named Ce Wangtian. That little guy was incredible. He was simply a model among scoundrels. He could become a master. Accompany me. Not only do you like to regret your moves when playing chess, but you actually created the secret technique of regretting your moves. That’s really…”

“The old monster who destroyed the Third Continent probably didn’t notice that Ce Wangtian escaped. No one else knew where that little kid was going. How could Uncle Shu not know? He must have gone to Taikoo City. Everyone tried their best…” .

From the moment he mentioned the words “Third Continent”, Lu Yin didn’t hear what Big Face Tree said next. He just focused on not letting himself faint and staying awake. The reason why he was able to hold on later was because he recited the full text of Shibi Now, no matter what bad things happen, it is always right to recite the full text of Shibi.


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