Star Odyssey Chapter 1445: Return

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When they came, they encountered too many dry creatures. When they returned, everyone decided to join forces and even discussed a formation to rush back to Shaozu Planet as quickly as possible.

The four young ancestors being trapped is a disaster for this starry sky, which is equivalent to a fault, which is not allowed.

Lu Yin fought off a withered creature with a hard palm. Not only was the withered creature not destroyed, it became stronger and stronger. Behind him, Xia Taili was unhappy, “Why are you so useless?”

Lu Yin retorted, “I’m injured, seriously injured.”

“Get out of the way and stay out of the way” Xia Taili was particularly irritable now and shouted at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin returned to the center leisurely, feeling at ease and being protected by everyone.

Xia Taili gritted her teeth. If she didn’t need this guy to confirm her, in case the White Dragon Clan didn’t believe it, she wouldn’t have brought this **** with her.

Suddenly, Lu Yin exclaimed, “Feather”.

Xia Taili was surprised and looked along the sound. In the distance, dry creatures were also besieging a person. That person was the feathered Mavis.

“Stowaway” Xia Taili shouted sharply, raised his hand, and smacked his palm. The divine martial energy pushed away many dry creatures and landed in front of the feathered Mebis.

Feathered Mebis frowned and punched out. The huge force collided with Shenwu Gangqi, disintegrating the Shenwu Gangqi, and then fled in another direction.

Xia Taili hurriedly chased after him. At the same time, Bu Jianguang, Yaoxuan, Lu Yin and Shangqing also chased after him.

Feathering Mebis did not expect that in order to deal with him, five people would come at once.

Xia Taili didn’t even want to take it with him. He looked at Lu Yin in surprise, “What are you doing here?”

Lu Yin looked solemn and whispered something to Xia Taili. Xia Taili was shocked and didn’t seem to believe it.

Seeing Feathered Mavis flee further and further away, she raised her hand, and a lock-shaped mark trapped Feathered Mavis, the secret technique of Shenwu Tian – Lock.

Feathered Mavis couldn’t break free for a while. Xia Taili and Wang Yi were almost on the same level. It was a bit difficult for Feathered Mavis to break free from the secret technique used by such a person.

Xia Taili dropped his palm without hesitation, and the divine martial energy hit the feathered Mavis’ head.

Suddenly, a ball appeared in front of me, “God exploded”.

Xia Taili immediately retreated, the void shook, and the majestic energy swept across all directions, causing her brain to faint.

She looked up and saw that the feathered Mavis had been rescued by the invisible light.

“You are indeed stowaways,” Xia Taili shouted sharply.

Shangqing took action, and three air currents entangled towards Yaoxuan and Bujiangguang.

The three of Bu Jian Guang took action at the same time to repel the air flow. Lu Yin took action, and Kong Kong’s palm wounded Bu Jian Guang. Yao Xuan said in a cold voice, “You don’t need to send me off, I’ll never see you again.” After saying that, he left the Ning Kong Ring. Whatever is taken out, thrown out.

Lu Yin, Xia Taili and Shangqing retreated hurriedly, the void was torn apart, and the strange treasure that exceeded the strength of the Star Envoy exploded, forming a huge strong wind that swept away all the people, and at the same time connected the sky and the earth, causing the ground to There were cracks in the branches.

When calm returned, the three feathered Mavis had disappeared.

Xia Taili frowned, looked into the distance, and actually ran away. Is that power a strange treasure?

Lu Yin heard the sound of coughing, and when he saw Xia Taili, he said, “I didn’t expect that he was really a stowaway.”

Xia Taili glared at him, “Do you know why you didn’t tell me earlier?”.

Lu Yin was helpless, “I’m not sure. I just accidentally saw the invisible light in Lingxu Palace and didn’t take action against Yuhua, so I made a guess.”

“You and Bu Jianguang are old friends. This may be one of the reasons,” Xia Taili said.

Lu Yin sighed, “These stowaways are so powerful. Now that I think about it, they must have befriended me on purpose in order to hide their identity.”

Shangqing arrived, “Let’s go”.

Xia Taili glanced around again and returned helplessly.

Looking at Xia Taili’s back, Lu Yin and Shangqing looked at each other and passed by.

This is a countermeasure they have long thought of. Feathered Mebis has been exposed. Since there has been a stowaway, it is generally unlikely that there will be only one. Once they return to the Young Ancestor Planet, even if the four Young Ancestors are trapped, the four Young Ancestors will be trapped. The scales pay little attention to them, and investigations into them will not be quiet.

Among the people, the origins of Bijiangguang and Yaoxuan could not be explained, so they were simply allowed to hide in Lu Yin’s Supreme Mountain with Feathered Mebis.

Lu Yin is the son-in-law of the White Dragon clan and passed the blood test.

Shangqing came from the nest. In his words, no one knew who was in the nest. Some people were even born there, and there was no way to find out.

Wu Taibai himself is one of the two great masters of Shenwu Tian.

As for Liu Tianmu, she is really a member of the Liu family. The Liu family of the Fifth Continent originated from the Liu family in this starry sky. Even the Thirteen Swords were passed down from here. She has already passed the blood test. Lu Yin still remembers Liu Tianmu. In a rare move, he mocked him, “Otherwise, do you think the Liu family are idiots?” Can you join if you have the last name Liu? ’.

The exposure of Bijiangguang and Yaoxuan not only makes it easier for everyone to get rid of their identities as stowaways, but also allows them to be taken away safely, killing two birds with one stone.

After all, the stowaways know each other and want to go together. Who would have thought that the others are all stowaways.

In previous explorations of the Dominion Realm, Lu Yin heard Long Xi say that stowaways would die in all likelihood. Even if one or two escaped, they would be extremely lucky. No one thought that this time because of Lu Yin’s existence, he could be killed. They were all taken away safely, which no one in the ancestral realm could have imagined.

Their biggest reliance is on the remaining people. There are four balances in all directions. It is impossible to unite, otherwise it will not be so easy to hide from those old guys.

It was much faster to go back than when we came. It was already a few days later when everyone saw Shao Zuxing.

Xia Taili breathed a sigh of relief and shouted, “Senior Jun.”

“We are not allowed to set foot in the Dominion Realm, please return to the Young Ancestor Star” a voice came out.

Xia Taili panted heavily and led everyone onto the Shenwu Shaozu Planet.

As everyone boarded the Shenwu Young Ancestor Star, the void was twisted in front of them, and an old man with a solemn expression walked out of the void, “Tai Li, what happened? Where is the Young Ancestor?”.

Xia Taili quickly told the old man everything he saw.

The old man was shocked and immediately contacted Shen Wutian.

At the same time, three more people appeared in front of the group.

There are three men and one woman in total, all of whom are quite old. They are the four super strong people on the Young Ancestor Planet who have survived six origin tribulations. By the fifth continent’s standard, their combat power exceeds one million, which is comparable to that of the Yuan Dynasty. Teacher level.

Because they are old and have no hope of taking another step forward, they can only rely on the young ancestor, hoping that the young ancestor will become an ancestor and can take them one step forward.

Although these people are old, their ambitions remain unchanged.

After hearing that Young Ancestor was trapped in the ruins of Zuowang, several people panicked.

Lu Yin looked towards the Dominion Realm. At this moment, it was hard to say what their fate would be. He recalled the place that Bishenguang had mentioned. Only after going there could someone take them back to the Fifth Continent, but he could You can’t go there and say nothing.

In the history of the Fifth Continent, many people have been sent to sneak into this starry sky to compete for the origin and the chance to become an ancestor. However, in the end, very few succeeded. Those who can come to this starry sky are the most outstanding ones from the Fifth Continent. The genius is no worse than Feathered Mavis and the others.

If you want to survive, luck is more important than strength.

Then it’s up to fate.

A little while later, a terrifying wave came. Lu Yin and others looked up at the same time, feeling unfathomable power entering the **** realm. This should be the power of the half-ancestor.

Not long afterward, terrifying auras entered one after another.

Lu Yin’s scalp was numb. No one knew what these old guys could do. He prayed again, hoping that those monsters would give him some strength. Although it was wrong to think so, he didn’t want to die yet.

One day passed, two days passed, and then five days passed. On the Shenwu Shaozu Planet, everyone was still waiting, and no one spoke, including the four old men.

Finally, when ten days passed, Sifang Tianping responded to everyone. The first thing he did was to disperse everyone and ask about everything that happened in the Dominion Realm.

And everyone had already discussed these during the two days when Xia Taili and Nong Sanniang arrived at the empty place guided by the map.

Without the two shortcomings of invisible light and Yaoxuan, the identities and origins of the rest of the people are clear, except for Shangqing, who may suffer some setbacks, but it won’t be too big.

Sifang Tianping was only investigating whether there would be stowaways among them. As for the four young ancestors being trapped, it had nothing to do with Lu Yin and the others. They also had no ability to arrange the ruins of Zuowang. That was obviously done by those monsters. .

As for the traces of Long Xi and others, they don’t know anything about it. If they can find it, it will be useless no matter how they cover it up. If they can’t find it, there is no need for them to say more.

“Have you seen it clearly? It is indeed the Ruins of Zuowang, and it is not an ordinary Ruins of Zuowang. There must be something hidden. Once they are taken away by force, they may be exposed to something.”

“Old Ghost Bai, if you want to talk nonsense, talk to your disciples and grandchildren.”

“Old Monster Long, what do you have to say?”.

“Humph, no”.

“If not, then stop talking nonsense. Your sons and grandsons are also trapped in there. Think of something useful.”

“Okay, stop talking nonsense!” A sharp voice came from an old woman.

The other two people really stopped talking.

“This Ruins of Zuowang is very old and should have been left behind during the First World War in ancient times. Even when this trap was set, Kuzu was still alive.”

“Yes, if you can set up such a trap, you won’t be afraid of our rescue. Let’s wait until the ancestor comes out of seclusion. It shouldn’t take long.”

“So cowardly, it’s not like what you Xia Yingxiong said.” Bai Laogui laughed strangely.

Old Monster Long also smiled strangely, “You are a hero.”

“Shut up, you two, put this aside for now, how are those little guys? Mr. Long, I heard that you have lost another dragon son and grandson.”

“Hmph, there are no immortals in the Dominion Realm exploration.”

“You are not a human being,” Bai Laogui said.

Old Monster Long was extremely angry, “Old Ghost Bai, do you want to have a fight?”.

“That’s enough.” The old woman shouted again, and immediately lost her voice, “Except for me, Sifang Tianping, Yixian Academy, Guiyuan, Yun family, and Liu family, there are people missing. Those monsters can lay a trap. The second one is probably more dangerous than the other, so you should think about how to explain to them.”

“No need to explain. I expected this result when exploring the Dominion Realm. The four young ancestors are all trapped. What can they say?” Bai Laogui said.

“Three ants from the abandoned land have sneaked in. We need to continue to check whether there are any remaining ones,” the old woman said.

“It’s not very likely. It’s pretty good to have three ants sneaking in,” Xia Yingxiong said.

“Ahem, the ruins of Zuowang belong to your Wang family, don’t you have any great ideas?” Bai Laogui asked.

The old woman said, “You don’t know what happened to my Wang family back then.”

A few people stopped talking.


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