Star Odyssey Chapter 1424: The survivors

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“Let’s go there.” When he heard that it was Lingxu Palace, Xia Taili was very excited. After saying that, he glanced at the three of them warily, “Listen to me, your lives are given by me, no. You must fight with me, you know?”

Wen Qiqi pursed his lips.

Lu Yin looked into the distance.

Oni Qian Taizi just snorted, and Xia Taili was so angry that he almost wanted to kick him out.

Just in front of the four of them, outside the Lingxu Palace, the Feathered Mebis has arrived. She was thrown nearby. She was lucky and did not encounter the dry creatures. It is also possible that the dry creatures were killed by Lu Yin and the others. Guided away, she arrived here smoothly.

The Feathered Mebis doesn’t know what the Lingxu Palace is, but it’s obviously not normal for such a building to appear in this **** world.

Looking up and looking at the Lingxu Palace in front of him, Yuhua Mebis was quite amazed. He was not amazed at this building, but at the cultivators who had turned into withered bones around him. They were almost the same as those he had seen on the battlefield before. The building is also in dilapidated condition, with no trace of its former grandeur.

Feathered Mavis raised his feet and walked towards Lingxu Palace. Coincidentally, two people arrived in front of him, it was Long Tian and Long Xi. They were thrown nearby like Feathered Mavis.

Long Xi’s face was pale. She wanted to look for Lu Yin, but where could she look for him in the vast Dominion Realm?

The only hope is the Lingxu Palace. Anyone who sees this building will definitely come.

Feathering Mebis did not expect to meet Long Tian and Long Xi. Long Tian and Long Tian were also surprised when they saw her. Then, Long Tian’s eyes exuded murderous intent, “The helpers of the Wang family have been solved.” After saying this , the figure disappeared in a flash, and the speed was so fast that Feathered Mavis could not see clearly.

Long Xi had told Lu Yin at the beginning that the Bailongyou of the White Dragon Clan could reach its limit, allowing them to briefly touch the star source universe that only Star Envoys could touch. At this moment, Long Tian Xiang Yuhua Mabius showed what speed is, far exceeding Wang Yi’s speed.

The moment Feathered Mebis saw Wang Su, she had already judged the terrifying strength of Young Ancestor. Now faced with Long Tian’s unprecedented murderous intention, this suffocating pressure suddenly came, just like facing the transformation of the God of Death. Lu Yin later.

She raised her hand without hesitation and fired dozens of punches in a row. It didn’t matter if she couldn’t see the opponent, as long as she couldn’t get close to him.

Long Tian knew that Feathered Mebis could enter the Dominion Realm and that her strength would definitely be recognized by Wang Su, but he did not expect that a woman would be so powerful that he thought she had used the Wang Family’s Four Ultimate Sanshou.

Long Tian appeared, and one of Yuhua Mabis’s punches hit him head-on. He didn’t catch it hard at all, and twisted his body in an incredible arc. The star energy turned into a gun, and the gun handle bent, and then released it, directly hitting Yuhua. Mebis.

Feathered Mebis raised his leg and kicked out. With a loud bang, huge power swept across all directions, turning all the ancient debris around Lingxu Palace into dust.

In terms of strength, apart from Lu Yin, almost no one of his generation can compete with Feathered Mebis unless he can use the Four Jue Sanshou like Wang Yi. However, Long Tian’s strength is different from Wang Yi. Breaking through the **** barrier, it is considered to be two levels beyond Feathered Mavis. The difference in levels makes up for the lack of strength, and one blow knocks Feathered Mavis back.

Feathering Mebis was shocked. She did not underestimate Long Tian. The kick just now was definitely the most powerful, but it was still knocked back.

Long Tian thrust out his spear, his pupils fixed on Feathered Mebis. He was equally surprised by the blow just now. This woman’s power was even higher than he expected.


If there are people from the New Universe of the Fifth Continent here, they must remind Long Tian not to look at the Mavis family.

The moment Long Tian looked at Feathered Mebis, it was destined that he would not be able to kill this woman.

The emerald green light shone, and Long Tian fell into confusion for a moment. Feathered Mavis did not take the opportunity to take action. Whether it was the competition for the Five Stars or the Supreme Competition, some people quickly woke up from the rhythm of life. Long Tian would only be faster, She rushed towards Lingxu Palace without even thinking about it.

As soon as she walked away, Long Tian woke up and looked at Feathered Mebis in surprise, “You can still control it. You can’t run away.” He said, waving his hand, “White Dragon Patrol Guide.”

Five token-like things trapped Feathered Mebis. Longtian’s spear rotated and stabbed out. The tip of the spear twisted the void and almost tore it apart. He had reached the limit of power that could be exerted in the Enlightenment Realm. He had to hurry up Deal with this woman, lest Wang Su arrives.

A person who can control him in an instant must not stay, even if the control lasts only for an instant.

In the distance, Long Xi stood quietly without moving. She was being targeted by her elder brother. Unless they were both young ancestors, no one could save her. It was over.

That shot represented the fate of the feathered Mavis. He could neither catch nor dodge.

Feathered Mebis stared at Long Tian and stabbed him with a spear, opened his mouth, and swallowed a fruit. The next moment, a terrifying aura spread out, and a green leaf symbol appeared on his forehead. He waved his hand, broke open the White Dragon Sky Patrol, and even tore it apart. Split the void.

Long Tian’s shot was blocked by Feathered Mebis, “Star Envoy level power?”.

Feathered Mavis grabbed the tip of the spear and exerted force. The tip of the spear shattered and spread out, causing the entire spear to shatter. Then she punched out. The huge power caused a giant tree to appear behind her. Like a print.

Long Tian saw the shadow of the giant tree behind Feathered Mavis, then looked at the green leaf symbol on her forehead, his pupils shrank sharply, and he blurted out, “Mebis, you are a member of the Mavis clan in the First Continent.” .


The Feathered Mebis punched Long Tian away. The huge power shattered the void and pressed Long Tian into the ground.

In the distance, Long Xi was surprised, but still didn’t move.

Feathered Mebis stared at the ground, jumped up, punched out again, staring at Long Tian, ​​Long Tian opened his eyes, his eyes were red from too much surprise, and his figure flashed, this time , Feathered Mavis saw it, she saw the Star Source Universe, saw Long Tian rushing towards her, retracted his right arm, and punched out.

The soles of Long Tian’s feet suddenly stopped, and fine dragon patterns appeared on his body. His majestic aura rose into the sky, lighting up the land, and he transformed into a white dragon.

With a loud bang, Long Tian was pushed back again. The feathered Mabis swallowed the fruit of the Mabis family, briefly raising his strength to the level of a star envoy. It was the same as when Mabis fought against Yan Sheng in the border war. Same.

Faced with the power of the Star Envoy level, even if Long Tian used the White Dragon Transformation, it was still impossible to win. A trace of blood showed at the corner of his mouth, he wiped it and suddenly smiled, “Mebis clan, you ancients There are so many good things from the survivors, but is it useful? How long can you sustain this power?”

Feathered Mebis coughed, blood flowed down the corner of his mouth, and his face turned pale. Even if he overdrafted the power of the Star Envoy level, he still couldn’t kill this Long Tian. As expected of the young ancestor, he could actually resist the Star Envoy, and This person was definitely not too serious, at least he didn’t use exotic treasures.

“How long can you hold on?” Long Tian took out the real spear and it shone brightly. It was obviously an exotic treasure. He was serious. As the spear was thrust out, the spear came with its own exotic treasure

The power of Feathered Mebis was frightening. The power was above that of the Star Envoy. She turned around and rushed towards the Lingxu Palace without hesitation. She could not win if she did not fight.

Long Tian shouted, “You can’t escape.”

Feathered Mebis borrows the power of the Star Envoy level, even Long Tian cannot catch up.

Long Xi came behind Long Tian and asked, “Mebis family?”.

Long Tian snorted coldly, “When the First Continent collapsed, only the Mebis clan remained. This clan is very good at protecting themselves.”

“We here in Xingkong have never heard of the Mavis family?” Long Xi was surprised.

Long Tian sneered, “Stowaway.”

“Abandoned place?” Long Xi was surprised.

Long Tian said in a low tone, “The Mavis family did not choose to come to the Tree Starry Sky, but stayed in the abandoned land. Only in the abandoned land can there be people from the Mavis family. Those stowaways are here again. , this woman is not called Yuhua, she should be called Yuhua – Mebis.”

“When a Feathered Mebis came, there must be others. I saw which rats had sneaked over.”

At this point, Long Tian suddenly remembered something and turned to look at Long Xi, “Is this woman the one who helped Long Qi find out where the three brothers of the Guan family hid the red-backed evidence?”.

Long Xi also thought of this and nodded.

“What’s the relationship between Long Qi and her?” Long Tian’s tone was wrong and a little cold.

Long Xi looked at him and said, “You don’t think that I, a member of the White Dragon tribe, are stowaways, do you?”

Long Tian looked back at Lingxu Palace, “Even if it’s not the case, there is still a connection. Find that woman immediately and silence her. Otherwise, no one can tell if Long Qi is involved.”

“Don’t worry, Long Qi and this woman don’t know each other. It was the woman who couldn’t bear to expose the three Guan brothers in the first place and told Long Qi their location instead of contacting Long Qi,” Long Xi said.

Long Tian breathed a sigh of relief, “That’s good. We, the White Dragon Clan, will never give Hanxian Sect any excuses.” After saying that, he headed towards Lingxu Palace.

Long Xi’s eyes flickered. Long Tian did not doubt Long Qi because he really believed that Long Qi was a branch of the White Dragon clan. But she was the only one who knew that it was false. That person was not the real Long Qi at all. I have forgotten to ask his name. What is his relationship with Feathered Mavis?

Reminiscent of a series of things Lu Yin has done recently, the more I think about it, the more wrong it becomes. How could a branch of the White Dragon clan have the courage to disobey the order of the main clan? What secret does this Long Qi have?

Long Xi’s mood was complicated, and she didn’t want to think about it anymore because of the relationship she had been having. But the more this happened, the more her suspicions were proven to be right.

“Hurry up and catch up with that Mebis tribesman” Long Tian urged from the front.

Long Xi hurriedly followed and took a deep breath. Regardless of whether Long Qi had a problem or not, she could not tell others about this matter. It was only for them to know that if Long Qi really had a problem, she would solve it herself.

The gate of Lingxu Palace is ajar. The hundred-meter-high gate is made of unknown materials. Even after so many years, it has not been completely damaged, just like this building.

A strong person in the ancestral realm can destroy the sun, moon and stars with one glance, and destroy all the heavens and realms. A building that can carry a strong person in the ancestral realm is naturally unusual.

The feathered Mavis rushed into the Lingxu Palace and saw thick dust. As soon as she entered, the strong wind swept the dust and spread it all over the Lingxu Palace, like throwing huge rocks on a calm lake.

He just glanced at it and then headed in a certain direction, attacking from all directions at the same time to hide his whereabouts.


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