Star Odyssey Chapter 1423: Rogue

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Although the attack range of the giant’s right arm is wide, its power is never as powerful as Xia Taili’s water plants and Wen Yiyi’s fan. After one attack, they can at most increase the strength of one or two dry creatures, while he can make four Five dry creatures increase strength.

With a bang, Wen Yiyi avoided it. On the spot, a huge withered creature roared, its strength reached the enlightenment level. He raised his hand and fanned out, and the bone-eroding wind swept past, causing the flesh and blood of the creature to dissipate.

“Brother Long Qi, don’t use that kind of rare treasure. Just fight one by one. At least it won’t cause trouble.” Wen Yiyi reminded loudly, and from time to time he fanned out strong winds and aimed them high in the sky to prevent the bats from approaching.

Lu Yin calmly put away the giant’s right arm, one palm at a time. Although the efficiency was slow, it would not allow too many dry creatures to increase their strength.

After half a day, the three of them were tired, and there were many huge dry creatures around them. Above their heads, the bats suddenly hugged tightly, as if they were fused together, forming a huge bat that pressed against the three. people.

Wen first was startled and raised his hand. Golden ancient characters formed a prison of words, trapping the bat. Then, a second round of prison of words appeared, followed by the third, fourth, and until the seventh round.

“The Seventh Level of Literary Prison”, Xia Taili was surprised, “You have actually reached the seventh level of cultivation.”

Lu Yin was surprised, does the Literary Prison still have such a hand?

Wen Qiyi looked very tired and gasped, “I’ve surpassed my level, now it’s your turn.”

Xia Taili was confused.

The first line of the article says, “Use exotic treasures to protect us first, otherwise these creatures will be endless and we won’t be able to kill them all.”

Xia Taili was right to think about it, and then wrapped himself with water plants and rare treasures to protect himself tightly, and smiled at Wen Yiyi, “Thank you for reminding me, I will call you a member of Yixian Academy The smartest.”

Looking at Xia Taili’s smile, Lu Yin had a bad feeling.

Wen Yiyi was stunned, “Where are we?”.

Xia Taili shrugged, “You wish for your own blessings. This is the Dominion Realm, and we are already competitors.” At this point, she smiled even brighter, “You don’t think I will help you, do you?” .

After saying that, he turned to look at Lu Yin and smiled, “Brother-in-law, show off the momentum you had when you stabbed me. These monsters are enough for you to play with for a while.”

Lu Yin rolled his eyes and stabbed? This word was not nice to hear. He looked at Wen Qiyi, and Wen Qiyi also looked at him, feeling helpless.

“Goodbye, two brothers.” Xia Taili smiled and waved his hands. The protective power of the aquatic plants and rare treasures was enough to protect her from breaking out of the siege, as long as she did not encounter too powerful creatures.

The first article said, “Princess Taili, our Yixian Academy is willing to accept people from the Xia family to study. I wonder if this condition can be exchanged for the protection of exotic treasures?”

Xia Taili looked at Wen Yiyi with bright eyes, and the water plants opened a little, “Come in, you are just joking, is there any need to exchange interests? By the way, how many places?”

Wen Yiyi sighed, “With my status, I have three quotas.”

“Five” Xia Taili opened his hands.

Wen first thought about it and agreed.

Just as he was about to enter the water plants, Lu Yin rushed in first. Xia Taili didn’t even react. At that moment, Lu Yin was extremely fast, but Xia Taili didn’t care about that. She stared at Lu Yin blankly, angrily. “Who let you in, get out, get out.”

Lu Yin said seriously, “You call me brother-in-law, and I should protect you. The Dominion Realm is too dangerous.”

The same thing was said when the two of them just fell here. At that time, Xia Taili wanted to get rid of Lu Yin because she had a guide map. Lu Yin also saw through it and followed her shamelessly. But now, the same The scene happened again.

Xia Taili was angry, his face turned red with anger, “You scoundrel, get out, you get out.”

Lu Yin looked serious, “I won’t leave you alone.”

“If you don’t go out, I will attack you” Xia Taili screamed.

Lu Yin silently took out the circle and the giant’s right arm, “Don’t worry, I won’t leave you alone.”

Xia Taili is speechless, is there such a thick-skinned person? She is confident that she can deal with this man. She is one of the only two masters in the Shenwu Tentai generation, but this Long Qi is qualified to dominate the world. It is said that he broke through the lower level some time ago, and his strength is not weak. Now we are fighting , might damage the protection of exotic treasures. This guy seemed to have a lot of exotic treasures, so she was a little worried.

At this time, Wen Yiyi came in silently and glanced at Lu Yin speechlessly. Why hadn’t he noticed before that this guy was so thick-skinned? He sighed a little and seemed to have lost the five places he had promised.

“Can you please stop being shameless?”

Lu Yin’s expression was still so serious, “Sister Taili, don’t worry, since you call me brother-in-law, my brother-in-law will never abandon you.”

Xia Taili regrets extremely now. Why did he call this guy brother-in-law when he went to Baishan to give gifts? It was obviously a mockery, but this **** still heard it.

And this guy was not polite to her back then! Shameless, she deeply realized what a **** is. Inexplicably, she thought of her elder brother Xia Shenfei. These two guys would definitely talk to each other when they met, and they would all talk serious nonsense.

“A person like you is not worthy of Sister Long Xi at all. Others died for the sake of justice and paved the road of passion with their lives. But you, you are shameless.” Xia Taili mocked without giving up, hoping to awaken the legend. He had the dignity of a man, but Lu Yin didn’t have that at all. He looked into the distance seriously and said, “Don’t worry, my brother-in-law will protect you.”

Wen Qiyi wanted to give him a break.

Xia Taili gave up, and while controlling the aquatic plants and exotic treasures to lead them away slowly, he wanted to win something, “I can take you, but what can you give?”.

Lu Yin didn’t even look at her, “Don’t worry, my brother-in-law will protect you.”

“You, bastard” Xia Taili finally couldn’t bear it anymore, cursed angrily and stopped looking at him.

Wen Yiyi glanced at Xia Taili sympathetically, and was suddenly attracted by a black spot in the distance. What was that? Ghost Thousand Prince?

Not only Wen No. 1, but Lu Yin had also discovered it a long time ago, so he kept staring in that direction. The more he looked, the more serious his expression became, and there was deep surprise in his eyes. That was, the evil family’s bone-breaking body strengthening ?

In the distance, Oni Sentaizi was shrouded in black energy. The bones on his body spread and turned into weapons like spider legs. He crazily slaughtered the dry creatures around him. From time to time, black energy wrapped around the bones, constantly Consumption, constant replenishment, the whole person is like a ghost.

Prince Ghost Qian also saw Lu Yin and the others, their bones lifted up from the ground, jumped up suddenly, crossed the void, and hit them hard in front of Lu Yin and the others.

The moment the Ghost Thousand Prince appeared, black and white mist rolled in Lu Yin’s heart. He immediately lowered his head to hide the shock in his eyes. The black energy on the surface of the Ghost Thousand Prince was exactly the energy of death. This person was Dead people.

There are also people from the Death Race in this starry sky? Also, the combat technique just now is clearly the bone splitting technique used by Xie Xiaoxian to strengthen the body. The death energy wraps around the bones and strengthens the body. Isn’t this the trick Xie Xiaoxian used in the past? This Ghost Thousand Prince uses exactly the same one.

In the fifth continent, the Death Clan and the Xie Family were fighting for both sides, and they had no choice but to seek refuge in the New Human Alliance. Since Fang Xingkong, the Ghost Thousand Prince, could use the Xie Family’s combat skills, either he was a member of the Xie Family, but the Evil Family It is impossible for the family to use the death energy. At first, Xie Xiaoxian was trained with the bones of the Death Clan, so he was not affected by the death energy. However, Prince Guiqian can directly use the death energy. There is only one possibility. He will only be a Death Clan member. As for the evil family, there may be bad luck in this starry sky.

“Take me with you,” Ghost Thousand Prince said, his tone was terrifyingly low.

Xia Taili was unhappy, “Why? Are you so shameless?”.

Oni Qian Taizi stared at Xia Taili, without saying a word, and stabbed directly at the bones behind him.

The water plants in front of Xia Taili quickly blocked it, and she shouted angrily, “Are you crazy? Why are you attacking us?”

Oni Qian Taizi’s eyes were red, “If you don’t take me, you will die together.” As he said this, he took out a dark bone from the Ningkong Ring and inserted it into his body. Blood flowed along the body surface, and the bones The death energy rolled over him, making the whole world turn black. “Choose for yourself, or you can kill me first and then leave.”

“Madman” Xia Taili was so angry that he stared at Wen No. 1 and “took action”.

Wen Shiyi was helpless, “It’s not easy to dominate the world. It’s not worth fighting to the death with him.”

Xia Taili was extremely angry, “Are you threatened by him?”

Lu Yin said, “It’s better than dying here.”

“Shut up, you have no right to speak, scoundrel.”

Oni Qian Taizi did not hesitate to enter the protected area of ​​​​the water plants, and then said two words lightly, “Thank you.”

Xia Taili was extremely unhappy. He should have taken the initiative with his own exotic treasure, why did it become like this?

Wen Qiyi felt that he was at a loss again. Why didn’t he have to pay the price when he came in? I am still too naive.

In this way, under the protection of the aquatic plants and rare treasures, the four of them walked hard into the distance. They walked very slowly. There were really too many dry creatures outside. The aquatic plants had to push them forward step by step. From time to time, there were powerful dry waves. When the creature takes action, Wen takes first place, and Prince Gui Qian takes turns to clean up.

After a day, the number of dry creatures around him decreased.

“It finally came out” Lu Yin sighed with emotion.

Xia Taili gave him a stern look, “Useless man. Three grown men expect me to be protected by a woman. It’s really useless. It’s useless.”

Lu Yin pretended not to hear.

Wen No. 1 was helpless, “I paid the price.”

“So it’s useful?” Xia Taili was rude and unhappy with everyone.

Wen Qi didn’t speak anymore.

Not long after, the outline of a building appeared in the distance.

Xia Taili’s eyes lit up, “Where is that place?”.

Wen Shiyi looked over and said solemnly, “It should be Lingxu Palace.”

Xia Taili was surprised, “The Lingxu Palace where Kuzu once lived?”.

Wen Yiyi nodded, “It is rumored that there is a legacy left by Kuzu in Lingxu Palace, but according to ancient records, when Kuzu died there was no time to leave a legacy, so no one knows what is in Lingxu Palace.” .


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