Star Odyssey Chapter 1422: Brother-in-law’s obligations

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On the other side, someone was also implicated, it was Xia Taili.

Looking at Liu Hao and Yaoxuan outside the invisible power, and Xia Shenfei who was still drunk and suspended in the void, Xia Taili was at a loss, what the hell? She took action immediately, but she couldn’t break the power.

Yao Xuan, Liu Hao and Wu Taibai immediately took action to rescue Xia Taili, but it was still useless. They could only watch as Xia Taili was forced to the center of the battlefield by this force.

Bai Shaohong and his party were also approaching the battlefield, but Bai Shaohong was cautious by nature. The moment he realized that there was a battlefield in front of him, he immediately retreated, so that he was not involved in it.

“I don’t know which unlucky guy entered the center of the battlefield and touched the mechanism that will lead to death,” the graceful woman said with a smile.

Bai Shaohong looked towards the center of the battlefield. It was best for the other three parties to get involved.

In the center of the battlefield, Long Tian and his party saw the invisible force sweeping towards them in the distance, and their expressions changed drastically.

“It should be that power that makes this battlefield empty of living people, and everyone in the battlefield will die,” Wen Yiyi said solemnly.

“Take action”, Long Tian shouted sharply, a spear appeared in his hand, and he swung a strange arc to stab at the force. At the same time, Long Xi also drew out his spear and stabbed it out.

At this time, Lu Yin felt it. Although Long Xi and Long Tian both used spears, there were subtle differences. This difference could be felt from the moment they held the spears. He had seen swords in the sword monument. Skills, gun skills, etc., Long Tian’s feeling of holding a gun essentially surpassed Long Xi’s.

On the side, Liu Tianmu took action, directly with the eleventh sword.

Wen Qiyi took action at the same time, and superimposed words appeared in his palm, blasting towards the power.

Lu Yin wasn’t idle either, he just kept his palm empty.

Five people, five attacks landed at the same time. The attacks were directed at one point, but were directly melted by the force.

Long Xi grabbed Lu Yin and retreated.

Long Tian’s face was ugly, and in front of his eyes, the force rushed towards them quickly.

“Back off first” Long Tian said in a deep voice, turned around and headed towards the center of the battlefield.

“Everyone, at this point, there is no need to hide our strength. Let’s take action together. If we don’t break this power, none of us will survive,” Long Tian continued.

Lu Yin suddenly said, “Someone”, his field was always open, and he just felt a powerful force on the edge of the field.

At this time, someone came to help, and Long Tian immediately led everyone in the direction pointed by Lu Yin.

On the edge of Lu Yin’s field, Wang Su and his party were also running towards them.

Bu Jianguang said, “The field just now belonged to Long Qi, and those who touched the mechanism were the White Dragon clan’s group.”

Nong Sanniang gritted her teeth, “a bunch of idiots.”

Wang Su looked calm, and not long after, he met Long Tian and his party.

Lu Yin and Bu Jianguang looked in another direction at the same time, “There is someone else.”

Everyone’s expressions are wonderful. It’s unlikely that everyone who entered the Dominion Realm will be implicated. This is really unlucky.

Nong Sanniang gloated, “I hope it’s those guys from the Hanxian Sect.”

Although he is unwilling to admit it, he has to admit that the Hanxian Sect is the leader of the four directions, and the strength of Bai Shaohong and his party is also the most powerful among the four directions.

It would be perfect if Bai Shaohong and others could be involved, and the chance of survival would be greatly increased.

Unfortunately, only Xia Taili came.

“Which idiot brought this girl into this?” Xia Taili looked indignant and very angry.

Lu Yin rolled his eyes and blamed him. He didn’t know about this situation. They came out of the underground and were in the middle of the battlefield. They didn’t take the usual route.

“Hey, it’s you, your eyes are wrong.”

Bu Jian Guang said calmly, “I’ve always been like this, and this has caused some misunderstandings.”

“Okay, don’t talk nonsense. The eleven people present are all attacking with exotic treasures. I don’t believe that this power can’t be broken,” Wang Su said.

Long Tian said in a deep voice, “Stop hiding it, use the strongest rare treasure.”

“This power once destroyed a battlefield. At that time, no matter how we tried, we could not break this power. However, time has decayed too many things, and the strength of this power has also weakened to the extreme. If we take action together, we will definitely It can be broken,” Wen Yiyi said firmly.

Xia Taili rolled his eyes, “Thank you, I need you to explain, you are so smart.”

The first text is speechless.

Lu Yin glanced at Xia Taili. This girl had such a vicious mouth, which reminded him of Hai Qiqi.

“Here we go, take action” Long Tian shouted and took out a large seal from the Ningkong Ring. The moment the large seal appeared, it stirred the void and made everyone feel as if they had been hit by a heavy hammer.

It is a rare treasure that definitely surpasses the power of the Star Envoy. I don’t know how much combat power it has.

Wang Su also took out a rare treasure, causing ripples in the world.

Long Xi, Wen Yiyi, Xia Taili, etc. all took out the rare treasures. Lu Yin took out the circle given by Long Xi and planned to throw it out.

“That’s for defense,” Long Xi shouted.

There was no time to think too much, all the exotic treasures were thrown out at once, attacking one point.

The next moment, the entire void was torn to pieces, and an indescribable shock erupted from the Withering Realm, turning into an unparalleled storm that swept across all directions.

Lu Yin was blown away without even seeing what was going on. He subconsciously put on the cosmic armor. This thing can withstand nearly 700,000 combat attacks, and its defensive capabilities are still above the circle.

With the protection of the cosmic armor, he reluctantly opened his eyes, and all he saw were cracks in the void, like the birth of huge monsters, spreading in all directions.

His body was flying so fast that he didn’t even know where he was blown by the storm. It took him a while to land, and he hit the ground hard. If it weren’t for the space armor, he would definitely be injured this time.

A black dot landed above his head. Lu Yin’s expression changed. It was a woman. He thought of Long Xi first and immediately put away his cosmic armor.


With a scream, Xia Taili fell down and hit him. Lu Yin quickly avoided it. Xia Taili was covered in water-weed-like exotic treasures and hit the ground hard. The huge force caused the trunk of the mother tree to tumble. The piles of debris were blown away.

The exotic treasure, which is like a water plant, is very tough and saved Xia Taili from the fate of being smashed.

Xia Taili rubbed his head, “It hurts, it hurts.” After saying that, he looked up and saw Lu Yin. The two looked at each other and said, “Pull me up.”

Lu Yin stretched out his hand, and Xia Taili took hold of it, stood up, put away the exotic treasure, and gave Lu Yin a big roll of his eyes, “Are you a man? I don’t even know what to do next. He pointed a gun at me. Where has the prestige gone?”

Lu Yin was helpless, “The force of the fall was too great, I couldn’t catch it.”

Xia Taili snorted coldly, patted his clothes and looked around, “Where is this?”.

Lu Yin also looked around, “It shouldn’t be far from the battlefield. We were separated from the others.”

“Thank you for reminding me.” Xia Taili blurted out a sarcastic sentence.

Lu Yin finally understood Wen No. 1’s feelings and stopped talking.

“Okay, since we are separated, let’s find each other and cherish each other.” Xia Taili said, looked in the direction, “See you later”, and left after saying that.

Lu Yin said, “The Dominion Realm is very dangerous. After the Yuan Lun Festival, many people who explore the Dominion Realm will die. You are not safe alone. I will be with you.”

“No, I’ll find my elder brother” Xia Taili said.

Lu Yin insisted, “We are both Sifang Tianping, but you are still a girl. It is not safe to be alone. I will protect you.”

Xia Taili’s face twitched and he stared at Lu Yin, “I said, no need.”

“Call me brother-in-law” Lu Yin said seriously, his eyes sincere.

Xia Taili gritted his teeth, “If you don’t use it, you don’t need it. Don’t you understand human language?”.

At this time, there was a vibration in the distance. The two people looked and their expressions changed. They saw a group of strange dry creatures rushing towards them. At the front, there was a figure. Wen No. 1?

When Wen Shiyi saw Lu Yin and the two of them, he shouted loudly, “Run quickly, it’s dangerous.”

Without his nonsense, Lu Yin and Xia Taili subconsciously ran away in the opposite direction. However, not only the direction Wen Yi was in, there were also many dry creatures in the direction they were escaping from, and they were found in all directions. They were surrounded.

“I fell into the trap” Xia Taili looked ugly.

Lu Yin’s field was completely released, detecting all directions, and then pointed to the right, “Less here, charge.” After saying that, he raised his hand and struck the air with his palm, facing the dry ones that were surrounding them. biology.

Kongkong’s palm severely smashed a withered creature, but when it attacked the second creature, the withered body surface of that creature recovered a lot, and its size became much larger. These creatures are the most troublesome. That’s it, any attack must be above the critical point they can withstand, otherwise it will only help them improve their strength.

The waterweed-like exotic treasure appeared on Xia Taili’s body again, and he whipped it forward fiercely, beating a group of dry creatures to death. The last one was not beaten to death, and its size became much larger, and its aura also surged. The enlightenment state roared.

In the distance, more dry creatures rushed towards me, including those dry bats above my head.

Lu Yin frowned, he was in big trouble.

Wen Shiyi arrived and brought with him a large group of withered creatures, “Hurry, run quickly, you will die from exhaustion sooner or later against these things.” There are more terrifying things to come.

Xia Taili was extremely angry, “I realize that seeing you will bring bad things to you, can you stop talking?”.

Wen Qi was helpless, “I don’t want to either.”

Countless withered creatures surrounded it from all directions. A huge strange creature raised its claws. Above its head, various bats were circling, and its tail was as big as a head. It was terrifying and ferocious.

Xia Taili’s water plants swept away in all directions, but they often caused some creatures to increase their strength. Wen No. 1’s rare treasure was the fan. Every time he fanned it, he would blow up a bone-eroding wind, which was far more powerful than Lu Yin. The cursed wind that we had fought against in the past could often blow away a piece of dry flesh and blood with a fan, but it could also cause the strength of some dry creatures to skyrocket.

Lu Yin also took out a rare treasure, the giant’s right arm, which had been upgraded six times and consumed more than one million cubic star energy crystal marrow to increase its power to a level close to that of a star envoy.

The giant’s right arm is actually of no use to him. His own strength is enough to threaten the Star Envoy, beyond the limit of what the giant’s right arm can help. However, the combat power he can exert now is around 400,000, which is Comparable to the level of Dragon Dig, using the giant’s right arm can be regarded as an improvement. Moreover, the giant’s right arm is large and can cover a large area in one sweep.


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