Star Odyssey Chapter 1400: Jie Jingzhu

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After a night of silence, the next day, the middle-aged bearded man who blocked them last night found Lu Yin and said respectfully, “My subordinates have informed the military leader, and the military leader has come to invite Master Long to the military leader’s mansion. “.

Lu Yin said, “I know.”

The middle-aged bearded man left.

Lu Yin pondered, it seemed that Long Xian already knew what happened to Long Ding last night, what did it mean to invite him at this time?

The meeting with Long Xian involved the internal dispute of the White Dragon Clan. Lu Yin thought for a while and contacted Long Xi to prevent him from doing something wrong and irritating the woman to death. She had a bad temper.

Soon, the image of Long Xi appeared, her amber eyes were beautiful, but her eyes were a little worried, “What did you do again?”.

Lu Yin was stunned, “What did you do?”.

Long Xi narrowed his eyes, “I did nothing wrong, you won’t contact me.”

Lu Yin was speechless, his image in her heart was really bad, “Long Ding attacked me last night.”

Long Xi raised his eyebrows, “Long Ding? Long Xian’s son?”.

Lu Yin nodded.

“Are you not injured?” Long Xi asked.

Lu Yin said, “It’s okay, I hurt him.”

Long Xi’s eyes flashed, “With the inheritance obtained from the sword tablet?”

Lu Yin nodded, “Long Xian just invited me to a gathering at the Military Lord’s Mansion. Do you think I should go?”.

Long Xi said, “Wait,” and ended the call.

Soon after, the Yuntong Stone shook, and Long Xi’s image appeared, “Go, I have contacted Elder Long Kui, he is at the Military Lord’s Mansion.”

Lu Yin nodded, “Long Xian won’t do anything to me.”

Long Xi said, “No, by the way, take that Guo Shan with you.”

This is to involve the Fourteenth Sect. Lu Yin nodded in agreement and watched Long Xi’s image disappear.

It is impossible for the Han family to participate in the struggle of Sifang Tianping, but its own temperament of protecting shortcomings is valued by many people. For this reason, even the Sifang Tianping are scrambling to arrange for their descendants to enter the Han family. Among them, the four young ancestors are the most obvious example of.

The fourteenth sect is the most defensive among the poor sects.

Take Guo Shan to the Military Lord’s Mansion. Even if Long Xian wants to do something to Lu Yin, you can ignore Long Kui, but you can’t ignore the 14th Gate. This is a hornet’s nest. If you poke it, no one will be cured. The personality of the ancestral realm powerhouse behind the Han Clan gave everyone a headache, and it was precisely because of his unreasonable defense that the entire Han Clan was able to unite and develop many masters.

It is not easy to involve Guo Shan. He is not stupid. He was attacked just yesterday and went to the military chief’s mansion today. It was obviously involved in the internal struggle of the White Dragon clan.

But when Lu Yin invited him, Guo Shan agreed without any hesitation. He was not willing to help Lu Yin. In his words, Long Xian was not that stupid. He dared to do anything to Lu Yin. The failure of yesterday’s attack , everyone knows who the attackers are, and now they dare to invite them to the military commander’s mansion, either to apologize or to be sure to save face.

The only way to save face is for Long Ding and Lu Yin to fight again openly and win, and the prerequisite for being absolutely sure of winning is a breakthrough, either a breakthrough to the enlightenment realm or a breakthrough to the next level. Breakthrough.

“I haven’t seen anyone break through and rush through the barrier. I just want to see it this time,” Guo Shandao said.

Lu Yin was also curious. He had never seen anyone break through the Xiachong Pass.

The Military Lord’s Mansion of the Flying Jia Army is located in the center of Feijia Pass, covering an extremely large area. It is surrounded by groups of Flying Jia Army patrols, guarding the entire Military Lord’s Mansion like an iron barrel.

Lu Yin and Guo Shan arrived, and Long Xian personally greeted them. Behind them stood a young man, staring at Lu Yin with a sinister look. He tried to disguise himself as much as possible, but failed to do so. He was Long Ding.

“Guo Shan of the fourteenth sect, Long Qi of the fourteenth sect, have met the military leader Long Xian.”

Listening to Lu Yin’s introduction, a trace of dissatisfaction flashed in Long Xian’s eyes, but it quickly disappeared and he said with a smile, “Mr. Guo, please come in.”

Guo Shan smiled and nodded.

Long Xian looked at Lu Yin and laughed, “You are Long Qi, the son-in-law of the legendary main lineage of my White Dragon clan.”

Lu Yin said politely, “The military leader is overly complimentary.”

Long Xian said, “You are more capable than Bai Xian’er, and you have become the person who has inherited the Sword Monument for the longest time. This is not something that can be covered by a single praise. Your reputation has already spread throughout the top world, and has spread to the entire tree. starry sky”.

The inheritance of the sword tablet has indeed transformed Lu Yin’s reputation, and his strength has gradually been accepted by others. Otherwise, Long Kui would have doubted him after last night’s battle, and Long Xi and Long Tian would have doubted him even more.

Now due to the inheritance of the Sword Monument, no matter how much his strength improves, no one will say anything and will only be envious and jealous.

Lu Yin said modestly, “I have inherited several ancient fighting methods, how can I compare with the young master of Army Commander Long Xian? This must be Brother Long Ding.”

After Long Xian, Long Ding walked out, tried his best to be kind, and said with a forced smile, “I have long admired your name, Brother Long Qi.”

Lu Yin said, “Those reputations are all exaggerated. How can someone as solid as Brother Long Ding, who has experienced in the army?” When he said this, his expression was very serious. If it hadn’t happened last night, he would still have been There was really no trace of sarcasm.

Murderous intent flashed deep in Long Ding’s eyes.

Long Xian smiled and led Lu Yin and Guo Shan in. None of them mentioned what happened last night, they just chatted casually, and the atmosphere was relatively harmonious.

After half a day, someone reported, “Military leader, you are ready.”

Lu Yin and Guo Shan looked at each other, ready?

Long Xian laughed and said, “Immediately invite Elder Long Kui to come and watch the ceremony.”

“Yes, military lord”.

Long Ding’s eyes were excited and he glanced at Lu Yin proudly, with excitement and impatience in his eyes.

Long Xian smiled and faced Lu Yin and Guo Shan, “It’s a coincidence that you two came here today. It coincides with the time when the child is preparing to break through the Xiachong Pass. How about going to watch the ceremony together?”

Guo Shan pretended to be surprised, “Breaking through the Xiachong Pass? The military leader means that he has enough calamity crystals for Young Master Long Ding to break through the Xiachong Pass?”.

Long Xian smiled and said, “I accidentally discovered the inheritance left by my predecessors and obtained the Jie Jing. It just happened to help Xiao’er break through. It’s just luck. It’s just luck.”

Only ghosts believe it, Lu Yin and Guo Shan secretly said.

“Military Lord, you are really lucky. Since ancient times, there are only a handful of people who can break through the lower rush barrier. In every era, even the Sifang Balance can only have one or two who can break through the lower rush barrier. I didn’t expect that today, I, Lao Guo Fortunately, I can see Mr. Ling making a breakthrough, which is really gratifying,” Guo Shan said with a smile.

Long Xian laughed and looked at Lu Yin, “Long Qi, you are the husband-in-law of Princess Long Xi. The clan will definitely find a way for you to break through the lower pass. Before that, let’s take a look at Long Ding first. A breakthrough is also a good way to gain experience.”

Lu Yin stood up and said politely, “That’s very good.” After saying that, he looked at Long Ding and said with envy, “Congratulations to brother Long Ding for breaking through the barrier.”

Long Ding waved his hand quickly, “We haven’t broken through yet, Brother Long Qi, please.”


In the central courtyard of the Military Lord’s Mansion, many experts from the Flying Armor Army gathered together, staring closely at the high platform in the middle. On the high platform, a ten-meter-high cylindrical object was covered by a curtain.

As Long Xian arrived, with a wave of his hand, the curtain opened, revealing the robbery crystal inside.

Although he was well prepared, Guo Shan was also startled by these calamity crystals.

Normally, the tribulation crystal they can see is only a tiny bit, which is not visible to ordinary people’s naked eyes. Even that tiny bit is enough for a person to have enough food and clothing for his whole life, which is rare. Someone can see a calamity crystal as big as a small pebble, let alone the ten-meter-high and one-meter-wide calamity crystal pillar in front of them, which simply subverts all three views.

Lu Yin was shocked, is this the calamity crystal needed to break through the lower level? Too many.

The guy who used them for advertising before dug out a small amount of almost invisible tribulation crystals, enough to last a lifetime, but how many times is the tribulation crystal pillar in front of him? There is no comparison at all.

Tribulation crystals can only be produced by a Star Envoy crossing the Source Tribulation. How many Tribulation Crystals can a Star Envoy cross the Origin Tribulation to produce? Very few, and some Star Envoys cannot even produce tribulation crystals when they cross the source of tribulation. How many years of accumulation can they have so many tribulation crystals?

How many Star Envoys do so many calamity crystals represent? Lu Yin couldn’t even figure it out.

Long Ding looked at the Jie Jingzhu, breathing rapidly and his eyes were extremely hot. This was it. He had seen it once, and then his father stopped showing it to him. Now, he finally saw it again.

So many calamity crystals are enough to drive Sifang Tianping crazy.

How many calamity crystals can Sifang Balance obtain in each era? These calamity crystals are enough to start a war.

The Tribulation Crystal Pillar is made up of countless Tribulation Crystals. On the surface, it looks like an ore with strange light flowing through it. From time to time, thunder and other forms of scenes appear inside. It is like another world. When placed there, it distorts the void and makes the sky fly. The sky in Jia Pass has changed. The endless sky above my head seems to be pulling me to something. That is the real universe.

Long Xian’s palms were sweating and he glanced around. Many masters in the Flying Armor Army were looking wildly, and some were even crazy. If he hadn’t already activated the Flying Armor Formation, these people might have done something crazy. Come.

Long Kui arrived and looked at the Jie Jingzhu in shock. “This”, he didn’t know that Long Xian had so many Jie Jingzhu. He had just received the invitation to watch the ceremony. He didn’t expect that it was Long Ding who broke through and passed the level. Watching the ceremony, even with his identity, he was shocked at this moment.

Long Xian was proud and winked at Long Ding.

Long Ding jumped up and appeared on the high platform, approaching the Tribulation Crystal Pillar step by step. Then the star energy on his body boiled and he leaned on the Tribulation Crystal Pillar with his hands.

The first step to break through the Lower Chong Pass is to refine the Tribulation Crystal Pillar, and refining the Tribulation Crystal Pillar into its smallest form and inhaling it into the body to form a support for breaking through the Lower Chong Pass portal. The human body itself cannot support the opening of the three levels. , only with the help of the power of the tribulation crystal, as long as the lower rush gate is opened, and according to each person’s different physique, and the tribulation crystal is completely absorbed, the lower rush gate can be fixed and the breakthrough is completely completed.

Opening the lower charge barrier is equivalent to perfecting the circulation of the human body, which can nearly double the strength. This is very scary.

The human body has endless mysteries, and breaking through the three levels is the most perfect way of cultivation in the world of cultivation today, and it is also a step that must be taken to become an ancestor.

Before Long Kui could react from the shock, Long Ding had already started refining the Tribulation Crystal Pillar.

“Brother Xian, what is this?” Long Kui was confused.

Long Xian smiled and said, “Isn’t the elder curious why the Fourteenth Sect is eyeing Feijia Pass? I can tell the elder, just because of this calamity crystal pillar.”


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